Monday, October 17, 2022

You Should Be Having More X

Medical and psychological experts agree: people aren't having nearly enough X these days. Perhaps it's chemicals in our food or just the stress of living under the ever-present threat of a global slave state. We at The Secret Sun are here to help, so come have intense and passionate X with us.


You get not only one but two epic discussions on X: one concerning the eighth season - the last great emanation of X - and another on the fifth season potboiler "Emily." Come bask in the fecund glory of a young GillAlien Anderson's pouty, glistening, pillowy lips and cheer on DNA Scully's stolid consorts.

Perhaps one day you'll learn the mind-shredding connections all of this has to a certain Queen Dowager of Sibyls. It will be on that day you will speak the arcane, forbidden and barbarous name: Gillizabeth Anderfrase. 

Then - and only then - will you see the full face of the Divine. Then - and only then - will you achieve inner peace, bliss and tranquility.

If your lust for more and more X is not fully satiated, check out my epic rant on Season Eight, which just celebrated its tenth anniversary.


And don't you dare forget this little gem aired during the eighth season...