Monday, October 10, 2022

WatchTober: Talking Vril, Watcher Cults & Pulp Magic on Rune Soup

Our Gordon and I planned a while back to do a show on the pulp heroes and the occult, using the unjustly-obscure 1994 film version of The Shadow as a starting point.  But by the time we got it on the air I had a whole new body of background information to explore, specifically dealing with Vril, elite Watcher cults and their incalculable influence on the modern pop culture we take for granted today. 

What followed was a free-form and wide-ranging dialogue on empires and esotericism, power fantasies and pop culture, occult UFOlogy, Woke as New Coke, the inevitable suicide of the superheroes and the final self-immolation of geek culture under the unholy marriage of corporate vampirism and useless cultural-studies lampreys.

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You can also read an overview on Vril excerpted from Our Gods Wear Spandex for free there.