Monday, May 09, 2022

Rude Awokening for an Empire of Lies

The Empire of Lies - meaning the axis of evil linking Hollywood, Silicon Valley and the Corporate Media - is collapsing faster than anyone dared dream. Well, anyone except for diehard Secret Sunners.

The news reports assiduously avoid the topic, but anyone with more than two brain cells to rub together knows exactly what is now carpet-bombing the Empire of Lies: Woke. 

Woke - a manufactured pseudo-Leftism embraced almost exclusively by the hyper-privileged and mentally-sick - has been bankrolled to the tune of hundreds of billions by the intelligence agencies and the corporate elite. 

The plan was to poison the body politic, drive susceptible young people clinically insane, and divide the citizenry with "social justice" brainwash to the point that there would be no united front to demand economic justice from the rapacious Globocap junta.

Unfortunately, the Woke psyop has summoned a worldwide demonic infestation, the likes of which hasn't been seen in living memory. And as with all such summonings, the demons dredged up by Woke spellcraft are now turning on the sorcerers who summoned them.

See, a lot of people in the so-called Truth community think the Elites are all Lex Luthors and Braniacs, not realizing the System itself is the Egregore, and its component members are not only not that smart or forward-thinking, they're all eminently replaceable.


A lot of people have described Woke as a Virus, as your humble host did back in 2019:


What if Woke isn't some spontaneous eruption of revolutionary fervor or even some insidious plan by secret Sorosoids to color-revolutionize America?

What if Woke is a kind of virus, concocted, purified and unleashed by parties unknown who wish to collapse all the opinion-forming institutions in America? 

Consider that while some Americans might see these institutions as bastions of liberalism, many other people around the world see them as nothing more than propaganda arms for the brutal US war- and debt-making machines.

So what if Woke was really engineered to destroy Hollywood, the news media, the universities and Silicon Valley from within? 

Sounds crazy, right? 
Well, it only sounds crazy until you look at the K2 of corpses Woke has left in its wake.

Considering the players and the timeline, I'd say it's more than probable that Woke was originally nothing less than the "Active Measures" described in exhaustive detail by KGB defector Yuri Bezmenov. Which is ironic, given how genocidally anti-Russian so many of the war-lusting Woke are these days: they're all - every single one of them - marching to the KGBs tune in one way or the other, like the mindless little spoiled brats they are.

I can't help but wonder if the mystics in Putin's circle took the Active Measures template and turbocharged it with satanic and demonic spellcraft, especially given how many Woke parasites are drifting inexorably towards black magic and devil worship. It might explain why the overlap between Wokeness, "minor attraction", Satanism and autogynephilia is nearing totality, at least if you go looking at the anime-avatar set on social media.

Overpaid imbeciles in Tinseltown - all assuredly acting on the marching orders of the Plutocracy - have sucked long and hard on the Woke crack-pipe. And like any junkie or cultist, Hollywood is now paying a terrible price for its submission to Woke Fascism.

The entire industry in its present form may eventually need to be razed and salted over, but this will do for now:

Fear and loathing are on the rise in Hollywood as top execs and rank-and-file employees grapple with growing uncertainty about their place in a rapidly changing entertainment industry. One pervasive concern: that the streaming-fueled content bubble has finally burst, with more consolidation on the way.

Go ahead and soak in the schadenfreude. You deserve it: 

Wall Street darling Netflix lost $54 billion in market value in one day last month amid concerns about a slide in subscriber numbers and promptly reorganized its marketing department once again, axing writers on its fledgling Tudum fan site five months after launch. And the fallout from the Warner Bros. Discovery merger and Amazon’s acquisition of MGM has just gotten underway, with top exec Michael De Luca exiting the latter April 27 and squashed initiatives at the former. Neither the disrupted nor the disruptors are feeling too good these days.

Even CAA - the Belly of the Hollywood Hellbeast - is reeling. Unfortunately, you can't kill the Devil, so don't get your hopes up:

In the agency world, two of the biggest outfits — CAA and ICM — are merging, with one insider saying that the level of nervousness among those agents who “don’t have a strong book of business” is at fever pitch.

“It’s inevitable when you have consolidation that people are feeling vulnerable,” says a top entertainment lawyer.

 And the unkindest cut of all:

Now Wall Street has serious questions about Hollywood’s long-term financial viability 

"We think the industry is facing a point of no return in which the economics of the old models look increasingly frail while the potential of the brave new world now appears overly hyped,” wrote Robert Fishman, an analyst with MoffettNathanson, on May 2.

Hope all the Woke entities out there held on to their pussyhats. Sounds like they're going to need them to panhandle with. Or eat.


Of course, no one sucked harder on the Woke-pipe than Netflix, so much so that their fanatical devotion to Woke dogma has launched millions of memes. Elon Musk - who seems to have transitioned from angel investor to Avenging Angel - felt obliged to comment on the bilge-hose of brainwash the streaming giant has used to coat the entire world in a fetid film of Woke.

How's Woke been working out for Netflix?

Golly-gosh-gee-willickers! Not so great. I guess Netflix aren't "on the right side of history" after all.

This is why you don't summon demons, kids: they will always turn on you. Sooner or later, one way or the other, they will fuck your shit up with a pile-driver. 

No exceptions, ever.

Animation was supposed to be the crown jewel in Netflix's portfolio, so much so that animation producers - all hyper-Woke crusaders to a one - felt free to slug it out with fans on the regular. Even Kevin Smith - who built his fortune waving his junk at political correctness - was pod-peopled by the Woke cabal.

How did that work out for everyone?

Exactly as you'd expect.

Even Harry Hewitt's beard got her vanity projects shit-canned. Oh, the humanity!


Mickey's Magic Masonic Kingdom

The Mouse House has been drunk with power for some time now, racking up cosmic levels of debt vacuuming up the competition. The near-monopoly power they seemed to have attracted the usual suspects, particularly the fanatical devotees of the Autogynephile/MAP cults.

The "Don't Say Gay" rebranding effort was wildly successful to partisan Democrats, but all but the most extreme Autogynephile/MAP cultists (and the lunatic Munchausen-by-Proxy Karens who stan for them) realized that groomers have used the gay rights movement as human shields for their eternal quest to get their hands on other people's children. Exactly as the Satanic Temple has been doing for years now.

Child molesters (the term "pedophile" is a horrifically Orwellian misnomer) will never, ever stop trying to get their hands on younger and younger children. It's an integral part of their sickness. Or their religion, if you prefer. And you have to be a total imbecile not to see the classic hallmarks of grooming at work in many of these school programs, all flying under the false flag of inclusion.

Has the issue been weaponized politically? Of course. That's 2022 reality for you. Deal with it.

Should Disney have kept their big, fat mouths the fuck shut and stuck to back-channel influencing? 

Let's have a look:

I think so.

What's next, you ask?

Oblivion is next.


Hollywoke has been living on 1000% fake funny money for quite some time, but even that runs out after a while. The new regime at WarnerMedia had apparently been looking at the numbers and the salaries and wondering why a company running so deep into the red pays its executives so damn much. Their solution? Kick their overpaid asses to the curb. 

Every single one of them, it seems.

Yeah, the new regime definitely ain't playing. The free ride is over, Squeaky. Maybe Jeff Zucker needs a new poolboy.

Comics and superheroes have been infested with Woke devilry for several years now, and the money-flushing CW Network has been the pitchfork-tip of the campaign to degrade and debase pop-culture mythology. 

We've gone over the auto-immolation that's resulted from this moronic insanity before, but the bloodletting is not quite finished.

The only plausible explanation to keep a show with ratings as humiliating as Legends of Tomorrow is to advance an agenda. That agenda may be copyright-freshening, but in light of all the other Woke refuse CW has aired, I'd say the agenda is social engineering. Or more precisely, cult propaganda. 

Batwoman has been an absolute embarrassment since day one, despite Twitter editorial staff trying to shove it down everyone's throat every week. The character was always garbage in the first place: it was "created" (sic) by a ridiculous, hyper-Woke cuck who's written some of the absolute worst comic stories I've read in mainstream comics. And that's saying a lot.

Submission won't save him, though. I don't pay attention to clown-orgy/hobo-toilet that is the husk of a once-proud industry anymore, so I don't know if he's been canceled or shit-canned yet. If not, it's just a matter of time. Every single middle-aged Woke suck-up unwilling to slave for poverty wages is a dead cuck walking in that moribund industry.


One of the most militant Woke extremists in Hollywood has been this Romulan-looking bag of sick. I can't understand his appeal for the life of me: he's as homely and talent-free as he is criminally-insane. This video is priceless: the POS reciting Woke dogma to Gal Gadot, who in her charming little way refuses to take the bait.

So how are things going for Hollywood's Clown Prince of Woke?

Nightmarishly bad. 

Romulan Boy is clearly a violent psychopath and his inability to stop assaulting other human beings is going to sink The Flash and whatever other projects he's stinking up like the Titanic. Given the crippling cost of these movies, you can bet a lot of execs there are sweating blood every time they see his name trend.


Well, that's showbiz for you. How is the enforcement wing of the Woke Empire faring these days?


 A pullback has been in the cards for months. It first impacted public tech companies and then slowly trickled down to late-stage deals and even their well funded early-stage counterparts. In February, Hopin cut 12% of staff, citing a goal of more sustainable growth, while April included Workrise cutting staff and verticals despite a $2.9 billion valuation. 

Now feels like an inflection point, in which tech unicorns are realizing that they may have overpromised a growth trajectory, over-hired or overestimated their ability to raise that next round. They aren’t alluding to the market changing, they’re blaming it. The irony here is tough: The same workforces that helped companies meet a boom in pandemic demand are the same workforces on the chopping block when trends change.

As expected. 

Sow the Woke, Reap the Woke-Wind, Cylons. No one at all to blame but yourselves.

Hint to any Cylons who might be reading: spending all day on Twitter letting your customers know how much you hate them and want them dead probably isn't a great business strategy. 

Just one man's opinion.


Gosh: they all look rather shocked and stunned. What do you reckon they're all looking at that's making them so?

Ouch. Yeah, I can't say I blame them.

I told you the Metaverse is a pipe dream, didn't I? Don't you go saying I didn't.

What about the Pravda of Woke AKA Vice? How are they doing?

Not so hot, it seems.


The whole point of Woke as promulgated by the Plutocracy is to shred the social fabric, smash wages to shit and break the back of the middle and working classes. That's it. Anyone who tells you otherwise is brain-dead. 

So let's have a brief look at how our Woke overlords fare when it comes to economic justice...

Exactly as expected by sane adults.

So appreciate the irony here: the Globo-Capitalist heirarchy saw Wokeness - again, an old KGB psychological warfare program - as a way to smash workers' and creators' rights and to drive wages as close to absolute-zero as possible. But these are people who were all raised in levels of wealth and comfort that Renaissance princes could only dream of, and as such they're not exactly what you might call street-smart. And like Wile E. Coyote they've all shot themselves with the gun they were aiming at the rest of us.

So if you have any friends or family who have been infected by the Woke contagion, you should try to reach out and let them know that if things do indeed start getting bad here, their puppet-masters will literally carve them up and throw them to the wolves without even breaking a sweat. Hungry people generally don't like being lectured about their "privilege" and we may well be looking at a bloodbath of a backlash to Woke fascism the likes of which hasn't been seen in civilized societies in a very, very long time. 

It might be a good time for the LARPers to quit the cult and deal with reality.

Just one man's opinion.