Monday, April 25, 2022

Midnight Rites


I had a hoot, a holler and a hoedown with my pals Michael and Stephanie Black on their paranormal/true crime podcast The Spookies. What was supposed to be a little chat about the sad state of X-Files fandom turned in a three hour free-for-all folding in excerpts from The Endless American Midnight and a whole host of arcane topics we Secret Sunners tend to obsess on.

We front-loaded all the X-Files inside baseball before pulling up anchor and embarking on a wild talking tour through our permanent midnight reality. 

Here's just a sample of the topics covered:
•  The toxicity of online fandom

• How studios manipulate fans as free advertising

•  Fandom's fixation on porno takes of their heroes

•  Spirit possession and music

•  MKULTRA and triggered killers

•  Amy Bishop as Manchurian Candidate assassin

•  The mind-staggering absurdity of the official Las Vegas narrative

•  The essential talentlessness of Jon Stewart laid bare

•  Late night TV hosts as sellout court jesters for the ruling class

•  The Satanic Panic and the grubby reality of Satanic crime

•  Astroworld and the reality of Watcher worship

•  Jeffrey Epstein and the corruption of science

•  Why is Ghislaine still alive?

•  Elite sex predation

•  Serial killers and slasher movies

•  The corporate co-option of Hip-Hop

•  Braintree, Mass as Twin Peaks meets Sin City

•  Tom DeLonge and the To the Stars clusterfuck

•  The somnolence of superhero movies 

•  The depression of Dune

•  The genius of Joker 

And so much more, as the kids all say. 

If you haven't picked up the 2022 edition of The Endless American Midnight yet then WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU WAITING FOR? Don't you want to be informed and inspired?

Don't you want to dive into 400 pages packed with information presented in an accessible and highly-readable fashion?

Of course you do. 

So don't wait another minute - pick up your copy today.

And don't forget my TEAM talk with William Ramsey: it's a downright scorcher. I've been getting a lot of really positive feedback on this one, so do check it out.

Here's something I think a lot of you will be inspired by - my epic rant on the 2000s, the last decade of Rock and GenX's last hurrah. Lots of killer cuts, some you know, some you don't, some you may have forgotten. 

Music is the language of the spirits, so come commune with them.

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