Thursday, April 28, 2022

Memes versus the Hive-Mind

It's amazing how much of a Hivemind the legions of mediocre soulless vessels have become. The one-two punch of Woke struggle sessions and manipulated social media have conjured an impressive battalion of rapid-response stormtroopers, unquestioningly marching to whatever tune is called that day, regardless of whether it's even remotely consistent with the tune they marched to the day before.

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My feelings on this Twitter thing are complicated. I don't buy the story that someone as notoriously autocratic as Musk gives a shit about free speech. I could be wrong but I sense a larger agenda at work here.

Since at least 2016, extremely-online sickos - pitiable beings that are little more than lumps of protoplasm, resentment and hair dye - have dominated our politics and terrorized our polity. With major imperial houses like Netflix and Disney now paying a very terrible financial price for marching to the Woke tune, and having no way to extricate themselves from the briar patch they once thought was their ticket to full spectrum dominance, something needed to be done to stop the Idiots' Crusade dead in its tracks.

Enter Tony Stark.

The people freaking out the hardest over Musk are the corporate media and their political overlords. Why? Because their entire empire is an empire of lies and the fraudulent metrics at Twitter have been the driving force behind nearly every Woke psyop rolled out in the past several years. 

Without Twitter? Game over.

What Musk really did that terrified them so completely was come out and say he was going after the 'bots that every Bluecheck relies on to inflate their engagement stats. 

I think it's much, much worse than that. 

I think a very small but highly-motivated and well-organized cabal of tech insiders - whose insane, extreme politics are primarily driven by their intense longing to have their appetites destigmatized - have been deliberately inflating the metrics of those who they support or those who they find useful in their quest. As a follower of mine asked, does anyone really think Robert Reich legitimately has a million followers? Ridiculous.

I've thought this for a very long time, seeing writers whose blogs had absolute zero engagement suddenly rack up a hundred thousand followers as soon as they fell in line with the Agenda. The more they spouted the party line the more they were rewarded. Without this phenomenon, none of the extremist movements that have rent our society apart would ever have been possible.

And lo and behold, it turns out I was right. 

Not only have many accounts on the Right and Real Left suddenly gained followers and increased engagement - while the Empire's bootlickers have experienced noticeable decreases in same - Twitter came out and admitted they've been over-reporting metrics since 2019.

Whenever a corporation comes out and admits something like that, you can be cosmically certain the problem is actually infinitely worse by several orders of magnitude. This is just a very hasty exercise in ass-covering. I think we'll also see a lot of Bluechecks make a big show of quitting the platform before it's discovered that the vast majority of their followers don't actually exist.

Do I see this all as Musk's doing? 

It's possible. But it's also possible that he's a hatchet-man for a much larger group of interests who want all these Woke mutants silenced and sent back to their ratholes. They found the mutants were useful in destabilizing the Trump Administration for them, but now the monsters are attacking their makers, as Golems inevitably do. 

And that shall not stand.

Yes, walk a mile in their shoes. Then judge the fuck out of them because they knowingly and willingly serve evil.


That crap just looks lamer and sillier every single day, doesn't it? How does anyone with a shred of discernment look at that and not see a prop on a soundstage? SMDH

A message to all the Space Brothers people. Think upon it.

You live in Paradise. There's more than enough for everyone on this planet. There's nothing outside Paradise but murderous radiation and a subzero void.


Some of us have more than one.

The Seventies were an enchanted time of wonders, whimsy and really stupid appliances.

Damn straight. And we appreciated it a lot more than anyone appreciates their streaming services today,


You can say that again.

Smart Cities may or may not ever be installed, but one thing is for certain: they will fail, spectacularly. Don't ever go near one.

The chemical neurosis and status anxieties of upper middle-class neoliberal white women have ripped the social fabric to shreds. And they're nowhere near done yet, believe it.

I'm starting to see Neolibs starting to wake up and realize that the Wokenstein Monster they created is burning down their castles. Look for a major propaganda campaign against the Woke as we near the election. Also look for a major counteroffensive from the Woke. 

It's going to get messy this summer, count on it.


Take these words to heart, brothers and sisters.

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•  Spirit possession and music

•  MKULTRA and triggered killers

•  Amy Bishop as Manchurian Candidate assassin


•  The mind-staggering absurdity of the official Las Vegas narrative

•  The essential talentlessness of Jon Stewart laid bare

•  Late night TV hosts as sellout court jesters for the ruling class

•  The Satanic Panic and the grubby reality of Satanic crime

•  Astroworld and the reality of Watcher worship

•  Jeffrey Epstein and the corruption of science

•  Why is Ghislaine still alive?

•  Elite sex predation

•  Serial killers and slasher movies

•  The corporate co-option of Hip-Hop

•  Braintree, Mass as Twin Peaks meets Sin City

•  Tom DeLonge and the To the Stars clusterfuck

•  The somnolence of superhero movies 

•  The depression of Dune

•  The genius of Joker 

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