Saturday, October 30, 2021

Trick or Treat, Mithraic Elite, Your VR Schemes are a Crock of Sheet


Ever see the movie Layer Cake with Daniel Craig? It’s about a British gangster who goes through all manner of trials and tribulations for a crime boss by the name of Eddie Temple (*Guard of the Templar Gold” essentially) and is rewarded not with the money he was promised but with an invitation to an exclusive club where the big boys meet.

I can’t help but think of that movie when I see that Facebook is the latest institution to apparently get an invitation to the Mithras Cult, where the biggest boys meet.

I’ve been talking about the Mithras Cult since I started this blog, but I always got the feeling no one quite believed me. But at this point you have to be either completely clueless or incredibly stubborn to deny its existence and its place at the top of the power pyramid. I guess some folks are slow learners, but luckily I’m a patient teacher.

I mean, I get it: you conspiracy types were all getting all worked up about the Illuminati and the Luciferians. But I got some bad news for you, sunshine; Pink isn’t well, he… wait. Wrong bad news.

The bad news I actually have is that the Illuminati (who were militant rationalists) and “Luciferians” (who are imaginary figments) were probably both being used to steer you away from the real “enlightened ones” and their literal “Iightbringer,” Mithras.* 

But the good news is that you weren’t that far off: one of the main icons of Mithraism is that of Phanes, AKA Mithras-Phanes. And the Latin translation of Phanes - “Bringer of Light” - is obviously Lucifer.  It's like they say: a truth is best wrapped within two lies.

The Lucifer stories are extrabiblical and noncanonical, but given the very late timeline in which they appear they may in fact have been aimed at Mithras and by extension, his very powerful Roman cult. Perhaps the pridefulness of the Archangel Lucifer was in fact a reference to the unwillingness of the Mithraists to join with the Christians. Makes sense to me. 

I've argued that Milton's Lucifer was in fact Giordano Bruno, so it's possible that the earlier Lucifer was Julian the Apostate. But that's a discussion for another time.

In case you need a refresher, very ancient and established icons of Mithraism have been adopted by all kinds of heavy-hitters, including…

… the Rockefellers...

… the Federal Government
(that’s TransMithras AKA the Bride of Venus) ...

... ExxonMobil ...

... Bloomberg ...

... and arguably, the Strughold Mining Company.

Phanes/Lucifer/Mithras Phanes/etc is also the official symbol of AT&T, so maybe you should go re-read the Lucifer's Technologies series when you're done here.

It seems the Jesuits are in on the gag as well, given that we have TransPhanes at the gates of their Saint Louis University. Phanes was androgynous and identified with some female deities, so this is pretty much some Orthodox Mithraism you're looking at.

And Sir Ridley Scott is initiating the masses into the faith with Raised by Wolves, which serves up Space Mithraism along with its tiresome transhumanist spibbledy-spoo.

And then there's Facebook, now known as "Meta." 

Of all the names they could have chosen, they picked that groaner. It's like what a late-90s high school math-rock band would pick when trying to sound high-brow. But maybe religious obligations supercede effective branding:

Another hypothesis proposes that the name may be associated with the Persian Mithras. Odeberg lists a number of parallels between Metatron and Mithras, highlighting their similar celestial functions. 

He suggests that the depiction of Mithras as the Guardian of the World, the Mediator for the Earth, the Prince of the World, and the Witness of all thoughts, words, and deeds recall similar titles and activities of Metatron.

I'm working on a fourth Knowles' Law: Whenever historians disagree on the origin or meaning of a name or a symbol it's because they don't want to acknowledge the obvious ones.

Like it? I know, I know; it's needs a polish.

You may be sitting there thinking: "Here we go again, that Secret Sun flying off the handle and jumping to conclusions."  Well, people who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. Keep reading....

As much as it looks like a pair of severed testicles, the logo is meant to represent Infinity. 

(Reader JB reminds us that Saturn became Lord of the Skies when he snipped Uranus's Twins off, so the mystery deepens. Especially since Aphrodite/Venus arose from the, uh, foam of the, uh, family jewels).

And here comes our next blast from the Mithraic past:

The first principle or highest God was according to Mithraism "Infinite Time"; this was called Aion or Saeculum, Kronos or Saturnus.

Happen to notice which gas giant the people are gazing adoringly at in the screencap? 

This personified Time, ineffable, sexless, passionless, was represented by a human monster, with the head of a lion and a serpent coiled about his body.  

"Ineffable, sexless, passionless?" Sounds just like Mark Zuckerberg, don't you think? Well, just without the lion head and boa constrictor. 

I'm assuming.

There's also the Métis flag to consider. Y'know, Meta, Metis?

The Métis flag was first used by Métis resistance fighters in Rupert's Land before the 1816 Battle of Seven Oaks. According to only one contemporary account, the flag was "said to be" a gift from the North West Company in 1815.

Oh, I'm sure it was. I'm also assuming the North West Company were the Soros Group of their time.

Métis is the French term for "person of mixed parentage" and derives from the Latin word mixticus, "of mixed race."

Well, maybe. But considering the symbology of the flag and from whence it came (answer: Freemies), perhaps we should consider an alternate definition. Because you know sometimes words have two meanings:

The Orphics equated Phanes with the elder Eros (Desire) of Hesiod's Theogony. Phanes also incorporated aspects of other primordial beings described by various ancient writers such as Thesis, Physis and Ophion. 

Phanes also echoes the figures of Metis (i.e. Thesis, Creation), the goddess devoured by Zeus, and Tethys, nurse of all.

Aside from the rainbow sphincter there, there's also the name the new company will trade under on the stock exchanges: MVRS

I'm the first to admit there's something seriously wrong with my brains, but I'm smelling a bit of pidgin-Hebrew pseudo-Kaballah shenanigansº here. 

Look here:


Mithras in the Greek is spelled with a theta, which in Cyrillic becomes a fita. And as you know, Fs and Vs are liguistically interchangeable (life-lives, knife-knives, etc). So etymologically speaking, you're not even crossing the street to render Mithras as "Mivras." 

Drop the vowels and voila! Instant Mithraic sigil!

All of this ostentatious devotion will probably be for naught, because this Metaverse thing is the cringest cringe that ever crunged. This thing is going over like a weather balloon during a Roswell thunderstorm.

I realize Mark Zuckerberg thinks very highly of himself but you couldn't have possibly picked a worse pitchman for this New Coke-level boondoggle. It's like Data without the emotion chip trying to do standup, only more embarrassing

No one wants this, no one asked for this. It's the same old Silicylon Valley VR dream, only it's worse because it looks like the technology hasn't been updated since the Clinton Era. Even with an infinite variety of transman and transwoman skins to wear. This just looks like a public service cartoon for hormone replacement therapy, not something anyone would ever want to conduct business in.

In fact, the whole thing kept reminding me of this: the ultimate parable for terrible creation-by-committee concepts.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, the World Economic Forum is totally on board with all of this. As you'd naturally expect.

And then there's this problem, which is still very much with us. I hear they have ways to delay the nausea, but nausea delayed is definitely not nausea denied.

If you get one thing from this blog I hope it's this: these people are rich and unscrupulous and extremely clever at very limited things, but they're definitely not gods and some of them don't even have a lick of common sense. It may seem like we're living in an endless Revenge of the Nerds sequel, but the end is most definitely coming for the current crop of micro-archons. Some of the smartest ones realize that, but I don't think any of them know what to do about it. Hence the desperate flailing of the past 18 months.

Mark my words: none of these technocratic schemes are going to fly, at least for long. The question becomes what to do when their blimp goes down.

*And I hear all you in the back there going on about Satanists, but aside from a few rich perverts, Satanists are all either dumpy sex-pests or FBI informants. Plus, LuCIAn Greeves.

ºWe have had some solid Knowles' First Law action with the stories circulating that Meta is the feminine rendering of "dead" in Hebrew. I'm not paying it any mind for now.  
There's also the "new North Star" signal that ties into my stellar stuff, but that's for another day.


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