Monday, September 06, 2021

No One's Going Anywhere

The latest Melt-A-Thon rant session is now up on The Melt. Two and a half hours of tilting at electronic windmills and screaming into the NatSecState's technocratic void, all leavened with generous dollops of gallows humor. 

Chris puts it all thusly: 

I speak with dot-connector and prolific blogger, Chris Knowles, about his most recent book “The Endless American Midnight: Dispatches from the Secret Sun”, the inversal, the pretend resistance, going through the looking glass into the funhouse, all the lonely people, narcissism and the occult, inevitable system collapse, the Secret Sun origin story, the intrinsic relationship between spirituality and nature, mental illness and the well-to-do, technology being mostly lies, public rituals, the OA, the cyclical nature of everything, and temporality. And then we sing The Partridge Family.

We also go in the QAnon pacification program and the disinfo fever swamps from whence it all sprang, the pathetic absurdity of the Biden pretend presidency, the Conjurocracy and sorcerous mass rituals, the absurdity of space colonization and the cyclopean vastness of our own biosphere, the phenomenal economic injustice of Ancient Rome and the emerging slave-state of California, media gaslighting, Epstein's scientism networks, the mathematical impossibility of Darwinism, and the need for the Transcendent to make a society work.

Tell me where you're not going in The Den of Intrigue.