Thursday, December 03, 2020

We Can't Rewind, We've Gone Too Far

 It's been very hectic here at Secret Sun Central. Syncs have been popping up in Sibyl City like mushrooms after a monsoon and I finally got a project I've been wrestling with for ages wrapped up. I have a half-dozen other projects in various states of completion and my brain's bandwidth is being pushed to the limit by some psionic signal that's seemingly been solving semiotic ciphers I've been struggling with for what feels like centuries. It's the weirdest damn thing.

And then there's the whole Secret Sun II issue to contend with. Let's talk about that.

Several hundred people have written to me asking to be part of Secret Sun 2.0. Honestly, the level of interest has really blown me away. Now, I've been quiet on the topic, but I haven't been idle. I have thousands of pages of archived and unpublished material, not to mention hours and hours video and audio, that I've been poring through. 

I have a whole raft of new material in progress, so much that I can't keep track of it all. 

Then there's the whole issue of the Biden Bunch showing every indication they'll be as ritually-obsessed as the Clinton/Bush/Obama Administration, so I have a feeling things are only going to get more hectic in 2021.

Now, I've also been working on researching different hosting providers. That hasn't been as encouraging:

  • My first hosting choice has major access issues
  • My second hosting choice has major bandwidth issues
  • My third choice has major interface issues 

But you know the old saw about crises and opportunities. While I was struggling to get a grip on the gigabytes of material I have in the can, a revelation hit me like a bolt from the blue: Secret Sun 2.0 has to be a video platform. 

Since most people are accessing the Internet through their phones, throwing huge walls at text into the ecosphere just doesn't make a lot of sense anymore. And series like Lucifer's Technologies and Secret Star Trek really cry out for the video format. And if it's not next-level in some capacity it's not really V.2, right? 

But here's where I ran into a whole set of problems.

  • YouTube is ruthlessly flushing out any creators who aren't 1000% allied with the Technocratic agenda.
  • IP holders are getting increasingly aggressive about blocking and flagging any use of their content, even in ways that are the actual definition of "fair use."
  • Alt.Tech sites like Bitchute are under concerted attack by Big Tech and their toadies.
  • I still want to put the "Secret" in Secret Sun

So what this leaves me with is using a platform like Vimeo and embedding encrypted video into a subscription-based platform. Or using a platform that can host video and big audio files. 

I think I can handle doing simple slideshow-type video, but I'd like to work with someone on more elaborate presentations, someone who A., has experience and interest in the material, and B., lives in my general vicinity, so we can work together in a studio setting. I'm not super comfortable doing the work remotely. Tall order, I realize, but I'm putting the call out either way. 

So there you have it.

In the meantime, I'm continuing with the work. Which means I'm struggling to get all these insane connections constantly bursting inside my head on paper, all too painfully aware that A Beautiful Mind was set in New Jersey. 

I've also been futzing around with SubscribeStar, but so far they leave a lot to be desired. I do have a Patreon account that's been idle for quite some time, so I'm going to see what's what with that after I finished talking with you. I don't trust them, but I don't plan on moving in, if you get my meaning. And I figure if they're cool with Isaac Weishaupt (yo, Izzie!) I figure it might be OK as a stop-gap.

So, the long and short of it is that is all going to cost me some cabbage, and here's where you lot can pitch in...

... one way to help is to preorder my new book, The Endless American Midnight.

This is a 300 page volume of new and revised material, including some of my most popular essays. And you can judge this book by its cover: it's a dark rumination around the theme of "where we are and how we got here." 

2020 didn't happen in a vacuum, and a lot of the essays included chart the trends that led us here as they happened. I argue that American society's longstanding spiritual impoverishment has provided a rich mission field for all kinds of spell-casters, like the wizards and warlocks of MK-ULTRA and MK-OFTEN. 

One of the chapters - "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood Babylon" - is on the Manson phenomenon, which feels more and more like a decisive turning point in the direction of the culture. I've included a ten-page, previously-unpublished interview I conducted with Bobby Beausoleil (AKA Cupid AKA Bobby Snofox), that offers you a front-row seat on exactly how the Sixties counterculture went sour.

I also took the opportunity to talk about my own experiences with the reality of paranormal phenomena and the power of the occult. It's very much a companion to He Will Live Up in the Sky, and covers quite a lot of the real-life inspiration for some of the events in that novel.

The basic message I am trying to convey is that there is a spiritual and magical war taking place right here and now, only one side of it has unilaterally disarmed. These elite weirdos aren't constantly pulling off all these deranged rituals for shits and giggles, they're performing them because they work. That's just a fact we need to accept. 

And it's not your imagination: our reality really is being warped because of this.  

So working on this book has been immensely clarifying, since I see now that I need to dedicate The Secret Sun to the art of spell-breaking, for lack of a better term. 

I'm taking preorders for The Endless American Midnight now. 

I'll send you a personalized copy for $25 postpaid in the US. 

I'm also offering a personalized package deal with The Endless American Midnight and He Will Live Up in the Sky for $40, postpaid in the US. Overseas readers should contact me so I can calculate postage.

Don't delay because I need to get my copies before I can send them to you.

You can order by clicking on the Donate button on the desktop version of The Secret Sun, or just PayPal me at

If you want to use Venmo I'm @Christopher-Knowles-14. Venmo is my premium choice, as they don't skim off the top.