Sunday, December 20, 2020

72 Hours of Midnight (Updated)

Lots of action and adventure here at Secret Sun Central. First off, I'm due to get my shipments of the Endless American Midnight paperbacks this week, two weeks ahead of schedule. Allowing for the expected Christmas delays, we will be getting copies out to you wonderful people throughout the week.

And since things are a bit tight in the budget department for all of us these days, I've got The Endless American Midnight: Special Electronic Edition ready for readers who want to experience some Midnight Sun, but can't swing a print copy right now. And it's a very special Special Electronic Edition indeed.

I've been working all week on this ePub format edition and I am very, very proud of how it came out. It's fully reflowable so you can read it on any device: desktop, laptop, tablet or phone.

UPDATE: I now also have a PDF formatted for smaller screens and a special ePub for shareware readers (for Android and Windows).

Thank you to everyone who's ordered thus far. Your e-books will be going out later tonight.

You can read it in a one-page or two-page format as well.  

If you don't have an ePub reader on your device, you can download one from the Android store here or the Windows store here

The Books app on your Mac device is fully ePub compatible.
Since I wasn't limited by print, I also created new section headers with full-color photographs, most of which were not used in the paperback version. I have to admit it really lends a lot of mood and atmosphere to the book and gives the text a bit more oomph. If you know what I'm saying. 
The photos are fully reflowable as well, so people reading on their phones won't miss out on all the dark and spooky goodness. 

The opportunity to use color got me thinking about what other advantages the ePub format might offer. That got me to thinking about the huge stash of material I'd collected for the book but had to cut in order to keep it to a manageable 300 pages.

Some of those cuts were very painful and regrettable. So seeing as how I wouldn't be hemmed in by a page-count for the electronic version, I raided the vaults for a whopping sixty pages of material exclusive to the ePub. 

 I am so fired up about this, I can't even tell you. 

A lot of the bonus material leans very heavy into the High Strange and mystical corners of my work, and includes some of my more bracing broadsides and rousing rants. It's kind of like my Hosannas from the Basements of Hell to the more 2003 self-titled material I'd selected during the peak of the American Maidan gaslighting, if you get my meaning. 

The bonus material really suits the headspace I'm currently operating in, as well as taps into some of the energies I feel welling up in reaction to the disorienting and disturbing fugue state we all find ourselves in. It's a tonic for the troops headed to the frontlines of the spiritual-magickal war looming on the horizon.

But wait: there's more!

I not only have an ePub of The Endless American Midnight, I also have an ePub of He Will Live Up in the Sky!

The two books are most definitely companion pieces. I had forgotten just how much so before I'd read the ePub bonus material. 

But wait: there's more!

From now until 12 Noon Wednesday, you NAME YOUR PRICE for the ePubs.

Whatever the books are worth to you, whatever you can afford, you tell me.

You can order by clicking on the Donate button on the desktop version of The Secret Sun, or just PayPal me a donation at

If you want to use Venmo I'm @Christopher-Knowles-14. Venmo is my premium choice, as they don't skim off the top.

I'll start sending the ePubs on Sunday night.

PDFs available upon request. 

Now crack one open, spark one up, take a load off your dogs and chat up your fellow Sunsters at the all-new Den of Intrigue..