Sunday, August 02, 2020

I Think the Sky is Screaming

So it's Friday night -- well, actually it's Saturday morning at this point-- and I'm out stalking the streets with my spirit animal on the leash and my psychopomp on the headphones and we're all having a jolly old time.

It's a little warmer than I usually like it, but the night is bright and the stars are throwing light on Billy and Davy dancing in the moonlight. And me,  I'm out communing with the spirits in the night, Killer Joe's gone passed out on the lawn, and all is generally well with the world.

Not only is the Moon getting near full but Jupiter and Saturn are doing their little dance up there as well. It's all rather spooky and mystical and magical, so much so that I should have expected what came next.

So the three of us are crossing over the highway and we spot this weird tableau of some very strange clouds surrounding the moon and forming what look like right angles. Clouds can do a lot of things, but as far as I know they don't usually go for geometry. Me being long in the tooth and fucked in the head, the first thing I thing of is a lazy, unambitious and kind of low-budget version of...

...this. Remember the Norway Spiral? Sure you do.

Well, a lot of folks think the Norway Spiral was formed by the plume of a malfunctioning rocket. They would, wouldn't they? Of course, it could also have been the opening of a dimensional portal or any number of things. 

Maybe it never happened at all and we dreamed it into existence together. 

Then I was wondering if this little display was the opening of some kind of portal. Probably not, but seeing how 2+2=5 now, who's to say, right? Nothing will surprise me at this point in the timeline. Seek your own truth.

But then this little display emerged out of the not-stargate: a cloud that looks kind of like Munch's The Scream.

Just in case you forgot.

And then it kind of sat there for quite some time, looking all creepy and screamy. I mean, we're soaking in a milkbath of pure pareidolia here, but I have to say it was kind of odd how it grew out of that weird paperclip-looking portal thing around the Moon. 

If I were a Lovecraft narrator I might say it was some kind of Old One, freeing its spirit-essence from the damnable gravity of the cursed lunar orb and shrieking through the skies searching for unsuspecting hosts to incarnate within and usher in a unending new aeon of agony, madness and carnage so unbearable and exquisitely blasphemous even Time itself would beg for the sweet release of total annihilation.

I kid, of course. But at the same time I still can't figure how this thing formed out of nowhere in the time it took to round the corner from the bridge. 

So if anyone thinks this was some interdimensional being trying to incarnate into physicality in our realm through a portal and tragically incarnating as a cloud due to a minuscule but fatal error in his calculations, I won't think any less of you.

The wind began to stretch it apart, like Zephyr himself tormenting some poor Ionian shepherd boy who spurned the wind god's advances and was turned into a cloud for his impudence. 

But did I mention I'm fucked in the head? Because you know the first thing I thought of then..

Sure you do.

Anyway, enjoy some of these recent mementos from Liz, Linda's and my midnight ramblings. I don't know if you'll feel the presences swirling around through these images, but you certainly would if you came out with us. Linda is like a fuzzy antenna to the etheric realms. 

You have no choice but to sense subtle personae hovering around you like fireflies in the endless midnight.

Do note the blatant and unapologetic David Lynch influence I proudly bear like Garlands of glory.

Finally, let's all shut the damned and dying world outside our windows and bask in the warm, rejuvenating glow of 1990 nostalgia... 

PS: I have to say the new Blogger is even shittier, stupider and more arbitrary than the last shitfuck version, so I'll be looking for a new home soon.

Opineth hereth, gentleth commenteriths.