Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Fake Convention, Fake Election

The Democrats held the first night of the first "virtual convention" and it was even worse than the most jaded cynic dared dream. It looked cheap, shoddy, cultish and archaic, like someone found an old VHS of a bunch of old promotional videos produced by some weird Amway kind of pyramid-scheme sect. With a healthy dose of Scientology auditor tutorials, circa 1993, thrown in.

If the GOP were smart, they'd just shit-can the whole convention thing entirely. Especially since there's not going to be an election, at least not this year.

Don't take my word for how creepy, depressing and low-rent it all was, watch the whole thing here. 

Or read these tweets from prominent Democratic partisans and activists...

David Sirota asks the right question: For a party that has had its boot-heel pinned to the throat of the entire mass media and entertainment industry infrastructure for a century now, this shitshow is almost inexplicable. 

How can the DNC foist this nonsense -- which hardly anyone is watching-- off as their Big Show in the Sacred Crusade to dethrone King Drumpf?

There are a few reasons for this, in my view.

First, as I said, I don't believe there is going to be an election this year.

You might have heard the latest from the Democrats (formerly known as Rockefeller Republicans), which is this whole "Mailgate" thing. The Hivemind is all abuzz about mailboxes disappearing from city streets, sorting machines being put out of commission and whole lot of the usual drama-queenery.

For some-- your usual hysteria-prone halfwits on Twitter and in the news media-- this may seem like a real thing, but the way I see it this is all setting up a pretext-- or an alibi-- for the inevitable "postponement' (no pun intended) of the 2020 Elections. 

Which is why I believe the Dems have been screaming about vote-by-mail since the lockdowns began and Trump and his people have been screaming about fraud and fake voting rolls all the rest of it.

For its part, the USPS will cry uncle and protest it's not equipped to handle the volume of national election ballots. The usual suspects will show up to riot and protest and burn down post offices, rinse and repeat..

I don't think this is the sum of it, I still believe we are looking down the barrel of a national declaration of emergency sometime in the autumn. But I think you'll see some kind of compromise made by the White House and Congress that will be used to pacify anyone who will still care at that point.

The second reason the DNC looks so cruddy and cheap is the fact that Hollywood has far more pressing problems than a sham election to contend with; it's currently fighting for its very survival.

For nearly a century, Hollywood has always been there to shovel billions into Democratic coffers, as well as to lend star-power and production expertise. But Hollywood's cupboards are finally bare and the bloodbaths have begun. Men who woke up a few weeks ago seeing themselves as kingmakers and Masters of the Universe are waking up today seeing themselves as mere content producers for telecom giants. If they're lucky.

This is no joke, as anyone even tangentially connected to the entertainment racket will tell you.

Hollywood ghouls like Rob Reiner and Ron Perlman and late night hosts like Steven Colbert must really be in the same bind that MSNBC and The New York Times are vis a vis Trump. Meaning that once he's no longer in office, they all go back to either being ignored or watching their audiences dwindle to cancelation levels. 

So I think you can guess who they already mail-in voted for.

New York City is another reliable piggy-bank for Democrats, but a whole lot of industries there are having their own existential crisis, especially real estate. 

It's not just New York; leaders of many other major Democrat city-states -- which only a few months ago looked like the unconquerable overlords of a new Techno-Feudal America-- are staring into the same abyss that Detroit, Baltimore and many other onetime great metropolises fell into forever. 

This is no joke, either. Seattle, Portland, Minneapolis, Los Angeles and Chicago may not realize it yet, but they're currently living on death row. If things don't turn around--and turn around very, very soon-- they're over. Some are saying they're over now.

And tell me the truth; do you really think the Democrats would foist up this tired, senile old man if they were serious about this election? Don't give me any flack about polls-- if you don't know they're bullshit then you probably landed here by mistake. 

I'm old enough to remember when Michael Dukakis was leading George Bush by anywhere from 10 to 20 points in the polls around this time of year and we all know how that turned out. So let's drop that old saw already.

And as if that weren't enough, Biden's handlers tap Kamala Harris-- a candidate primary voters thoroughly vetted and kicked to the curb-- as their VP. 

Which means the Dems are running the two major candidates who garnered the least amount of excitement or enthusiasm among their base. 


Never mind that the party used Biden to derail the chosen candidate of the Party's activist core, a move that I believe has much to do with the Blue-on-Blue civil war still raging in some cities. 

Those skirmishes may get hotter in the weeks to come, so keep an eye out.

Aside from no one wants to waste the money, I think a major impetus behind this virtual convention with its prerecord blarney is the fact that Biden is in terrible shape, cognitively-speaking, and getting worse. 

Even in this very oddly-timed chat with Cardi B-- CARDI B!-- it's clear that Biden is reading his policy answers off a teleprompter or computer screen.

No wonder the Party and its media assets are all so adamant about canceling the Presidential Debates.

Seriously; it's no skin off my nose if someone hates Trump; I've never cared for him myself. But anyone defending this farce has lost any possible shred of credibility with me. It's just pathetic.

Commenters have been talking about this little bit of Cardi B softcore pornography, just to give you some context. I don't see a moral panic in the offing here but I think everyone who is paying attention is scratching their heads over the choice of interviewer and the timing of it all. 

But just more evidence to me that none of this matters and no one really gives a shit. Call it confirmation bias if you like but I've yet to see anything that disproves my suspicion that we're not going to have an election this year.

Folks were grilling me about all this the other night on Twitter. 

And as the Gods of Sync would will it, this news item popped up six minutes after I explained myself.

I don't think this-- or the draconian lockdowns in Australia-- is sudden or arbitrary. I think this is all part of a run-up to a major, major crisis unfolding this autumn that they'll be in the firing lines of. It may well be that everything that's gone down this entire year is as well.

This is how these things work: you beta-test them in colonial territories like New Zealand...

...and Puerto Rico. Don't forget that Trump himself floated the election postponement trial balloon as short while back as well.

This deal pretty much nailed it for me. As anyone familiar with governmental newspeak is aware, "not directed at Iran" actually means "Iranians better head for the fucking hills."

If you've been paying attention to the news the MSM buries while they stoke the paranoia and unresolved daddy-issues of their aging-Boomer liberal demographic, you might well get the feeling that 2020 is looking an awful lot like 1914.

The West is decoupling from China at a clip people might find alarming if they weren't so brainwashed by partisan tomfoolery. If the Houston embassy shutdown didn't catch their attention, then absolutely nothing ever will.

And Iran is going to be the front lines for this new existential struggle between East and West for quite some time to come. Doubt it not. And I think all of this is going to get very hot very, very soon.

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