Tuesday, December 10, 2019

He Will Live Up on the Air: The Aeon Byte Extravaganza

This is the one I've been waiting for. You've been waiting for it too, only you didn't realize it. You were waiting for it in your heart.

Only a storyteller like podcasting legend Miguel Conner could get to the crux of the matter and we dig very, very deep into the genesis and themes of He Will Live Up in the Sky without those pesky spoilers. 

Interesting backstory here: we were just about to record this show via Skype when my power went out, as per usual due to the wind blowing more than five miles an hour. Or maybe it was drizzling. Or both. 

Either way, I recorded this show in the powerless pitch blackness, which I found really helped my sometimes creaky brain gears move along. I think this is one of my best interviews, thanks in no small part to the efforts of a seasoned master interviewer.

If you've been hesitating about dropping your hard-earned cash on my new book, this will all allay your fears and anxieties. Getting a lot of good feedback on the book here, at Amazon and on Twitter, so believe me: this is the real deal. 

Don't forget my appearance on another legendary podcast with the legendary Freeman Fly. We don't really get into the book per se, but needless to mention we cover the same kinds of issues that it does. 

The first hour and change is available for you here at FreemanTV.

As always, talk it out over at the comments page.

Here's where you can get the book: order soon if you want to give someone on your Xmas list a copy of the paperback.

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