Monday, December 02, 2019

Gaslight à Go-Go

Gaslighter-Supreme Elon Musk never rests. 

Mr. Retweet-Bait threw some red-meat to the conspiratainment crowd with this provocative post of a robotic owl against a field of black. 

The two-finger typing tyros tore themselves away from Fortnite just long enough to unleash a torrent of "MUSK WORSHIPS MOLOCH" posts, proving exactly how useless the Internet actually is when it comes to disseminating factual information. Algorithms take note.

Secret Sun readers know that Moloch was a goddamned BULL and not a goddamned OWL, but they are a rarer, finer breed. They realize that if you still think Molech was an owl after that little recent event up there you should stick to fantasy football and leave the symbolism to the experts.

Is it elections time in the High Temple of Frase? 

Musk's on-again/off-again lady-love Grimes (AKA Lady Gressica of House Musktreides) got into her own kerfuffle when fellow Bene Frasserite witch Zola Jesus took her to the woodshed for talking bollocks about live musicians all being replaced by robots or some such Muskite nonsense. 

It started a big Twitter war with various sides lobbing the latest Weirding Way moves at each other, and hopefully got the very worthy Lady Zola some much-deserved publicity.

All I could think of was this scene, with the diminutive Zola standing in nicely for the Betty Fraser-Eyed Alia. But that's only because I am severely wrong in the head.

Let's not forget that the worthy Sister Danilova wrote the theme song of our age as a kind of "What if Wagner did a mash-up of 'Kashmir' and 'The Spangle Maker'" anthem. 

I spent the past year discovering exactly how lawless these times indeed are, so this song rings truer than ever before.

Lady Gressica is no stranger to all that corny Victorian smoking-parlor symbolism, which I've come to realize is all just an expression of hereditary power and privilege (those laudanum-addicted pederastic toffs we discussed in the past).

Getting trapped in all these old memes is just a way of staying trapped in long-dead fantasies and has nothing to do with the Shimmering reality we're faced with now.

I must admit liking Lady Gressica's previous single but the new one? Not so much. Maybe it will grow on me. The single art is interesting, though...

...given Gressica's longstanding 4AD fixation. Not too crazy about this album seeing how it was released during DCD's tiresome rich-hippie-world-music phase.

All I can say to Ms Boucher is resist the Siren Song of the Cylons, my lady. It's all based on lies and leads to ruin.


To Catch A Predator's Chris Hansen knows which way the wind is blowing so he's establishing an online beachhead for his pedo-catching. His latest target-- Greg "Onision" Jackson -- might be a total nonentity to you fine folks but he had millions of followers at one point. I could never figure out the appeal myself but I'm old. Everything is a conundrum to me anymore.

Onision identifies as a "male feminist" which is essentially Wokeish for "I'm a brutally-abusive sexual predator." And just like nearly every other of his breed, the truth is now being unveiled in the most painfully-public fashion.

I think most women know to head for the fucking hills when a Wokester comes around waving his pussy hat, but in case you didn't get the memo: RUN.

I don't know if Onision's master-Bates-ing self-outing-as-a-sociopath meltdown videos are still online, but here's a fair-usey take if you're at all curious.

Here's a particularly ugly leak showing what people like Onision really are. It reminded me that a woman I used to know who was active in the whole nonprofit community in New York. She had a friend who worked for a time as Betty Freidan's assistant and said the feminist icon was a raging psychotic who absolutely hated and abused other women, especially those who worked for her.

The Joker-Juggalo makeup reminded me of another famous op, David Berg's international honey-trapping and sex-trafficking empire known as the Family also known as the CIAldren of God.

I find it fascinating that Rose McGowan and Joaquin Phoenix were raised in this cult, given that they so strongly resonate the Sibyl and Jaz Coleman, respectively. The Shimmering may well be an age of blowback, when all the old grifts are dragged into the light and retribution is unleashed.


I don't know what to say what hasn't been said already. This is just painful. Someone tell this poor man to go enjoy his retirement-- he has served the Sith well and long. 

And I'm not the first one to immediately think of this classic scene when watching that train wreck. It is interesting to note the line about all children under 16 are now 16, in light of subsequent revelations. 

I was a huge Woody Allen fan back in the day- this movie nearly stroked me out I laughed so hard. But comics are usually more damaged than most performers, so I can't say I'm overly surprised.

Given the multiplicity of Fraserisms in Annihilation you know I'll be studying this future Shimmer Cinema classic frame by frame. 

We've already got the appearance of BFE'd X-Files actress Madeleine Arthur (or in Secret Sunnish, 'Magdalene Ausur') who has been cast as--wait for it-- Marjorie in an upcoming TV series, so the augurs are promising.

I was going to post about how I keep feeling like I'm inside my dreams when I take my pooch out for long walks at night, but I wasn't quite sure how to frame all that without sounding more insane than you think I am already.

Let me work on that.


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