Sunday, November 17, 2019

The Secret Sun Media Blitz Spins Out of Control!

How many times a day do you ask yourself, "where-oh-where can I find a deep dive into the collision between occult black magic, UFOlogy, hallucinogens and high-ranking intelligence agents and their blue-blooded patrons?"

Well, this is your lucky day, Pilgrim. Part 3 of the epic meeting of the minds between Frank Zero, Recluse and the Secret Sun is live now! We got dives so deep you'll get the bends just listening to them.

We go in for the kill in this one, looking at the who's, when's, why's and how's of the weird and unsettling world of interdimensional entities, channeling, fringe politics and shadowy power players, a world that has existed alongside your own for a very, very, very long time. Doubt it at your own peril.


Reader KTV pointed us to this story of a Banksy mural being threatened by the rising tides of Venice.  This is germane to the overall Secret Sun Exegesis, given that Banksy is widely assumed to be Robert Del Naja of Massive Attack and this mural popped up while the band were off the road.

What's more, the mural appeared near the Campo San Margherita, giving us the requisite pearl symbolism. And Venice is not only famed for its stonemasonry, but also its fine linens and high fashion boutiques.

And you know what that all means....

Flaxen, dress is bone
Crush a crushing stone
Tides touching walls
Wake takes a lonely one

I've always said the prophetic cantos have multiple applications, and given the direct connection to this story-- which seems to have been of great interest to a number of outlets-- it only goes to show.   

Synchronistically, an uninitiated friend and I were recently discussing that particular prophecy, in reference to a jackhammering live performance he described as "apocalyptic."

The MOSE Project was supposed to prevent all this flooding, but apparently is not working. Need I remind you whose only officially released solo single is entitled "Moses?" 

I don't? Good.

Our Pal Grimes seems to be getting back in touch with her Bene Frasserit roots with this seductive new single. Her new album is apparently a concept thing about space demons coming to invade the Earth, leading me to believe she's either been reading her Lovecraft or just catching up on her Secret Sun. 

I wasn't overly captivated by her previous single on account of it sounded a bit too mainstream, but this one is hitting the sweet spot.

Awesome cover art, too.

Grimesey's ex (?) Elon Oomingmak is getting busy digging DUMBs tunnels in Heaven or Las Vegas. Whether or not this has some connection to high weirdness is not known at press-time. 

Or at least an explicit connection. We all know about the implicit ones.

Speaking of echoey dreampop, I'm obsessed with this song. These Icelanders may look like high school freshmen, but they are incredibly talented. Bonus: they make clarinet sound cool.

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