Wednesday, November 06, 2019

Secret Sun Media Blitz: How I Became Invisible

I know what you're thinking. How do I know? I can hear your thoughts. 

Your brain is screaming, "where can I find several hours of Secret Sun-centric podcasty goodness?" 

Where can I hear 3-hour podcasts on Alan Moore's magnum opus Providence and Grant Morrison's chaos magic treatise The Invisibles, with piercing interludes on H.P. Lovecraft's secret life, art as magic, Crypto-Masonic sorcery and the war against Time?

Well, I got what you need right here. Read this:
This week, the one and only Christopher Knowles returns to the show for amazing mega-discussion around the macro subject of writing about magic, how writing is magic and generally 'magic and this thing we call fiction'. 

The principal texts we use to frame this chat are Grant Morrison's legendary series, The Invisibles, and Alan Moore's Providence. 

And if you call now we'll throw in this bonus three-hour free-form flow on every synchronistic, paranormal, occult, conspiracy and mystical topic you can shake a stick at!

Nate and I hit every base you can think of including the Mandela Effect, Flat Earth, the Council of Nine, Cosmicism, Numerology, Synchronicity, Lucifer's Technologies, the Trickster Spirit, Pentecostalism, the Royal Road of Compassion, the spiritual power of weather and so much, much more.

Includes your recommended daily allowance of spiritual autonomy and rebel gnosis.

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