Sunday, February 10, 2019

Secret Sunday Matinee: The BLUEBIRD of Happiness

Well, that's certainly something. 

"Carnival" comes from the name of a Roman Isis Festival and "Reggio" shares the same root as Regulus. And yes, there were Mermaid floats. 

"Patriots GOAT." Heh.

Speaking of which, the missus and I are thinking of selling the house and raising pygmy goats and alpacas. Just thought I'd mention it.

But why does this remind me of a Skull and Bones confessional? 

Maybe it should remind me of something else.

I really think Jones believes in the elves. Then again, he also claims to experience a natural DMT every single night. So there's that.

That wasn't Jesus, AJ. That was your accountant.

Because none of them give a shit anymore. That's the problem...

...Mastodon is the solution.

I have no idea why I'm posting this. I just love this song. Great driving tune.

2017: That Secret Sun guy is off his meds! You hear him saying that old 80s New Wave singer is some kind of Oracle, some kind of prophetess of the Apocalypse?

2019: Oh. 

Note: This is the uncut version. Contains upsetting imagery.

Speaking of the Apocalypse, here's the latest.

Voice of God, you say? Trumpets from the Heavens, you say? 

Maybe a Clarion. Speaking of Our Lady, I mean.



Supermodel Karen Mulder.

Adam Curtis really puts the "MK" in Massive Attack, don't you think?


  1. Your new theory on Mulder and Scully might make more sense than you like.
    After all, in the real world a very very large amount of people are working on non-existent problems and things all their lives too. All of civilization is build on imaginary stuff.

    1. Define "imaginary". Or "real", for that matter.

      I've been spending big chunks of the last three years wondering whether the question "is magic real?" can be answered in any useful way. Still not sure.

    2. Imaginary or real -
      here's a quick quote, to give you an idea (of course, there's much more to say, really)

      "On the one hand, the objective reality of rivers, trees and lions; and on the other hand, the imagined reality of gods, nations and companies. As history unfolded, the imagined reality became ever more powerful, so that today the very survival of rivers, trees and lions depends on the grace of imagined entities such as Almighty God, the European Union and Google."

      There is no "supernatural" anything. All the so-called magic we see in our world is the result of deliberate manipulations, and can be investigated and explained as such.
      The real magic, in the sense of the wonder of nature and existence itself, unfortunately goes largely unnoticed.
      But hey, one consolation for all that hasn't abandoned his/her/its nature and organic development / evolution (vs. deliberate manipulations / 'intelligent design'): they can watch us and spy on us all they want... they cannot unravel us. (However, they can (and WILL!) destroy us, that's the problem).

    3. Symbolic systems like magic cannot fully define either reality or imagination. You say that they are one thing, but they stubbornly insist on being what they are.

      The supernatural can be said to be real because no symbolic "law of nature" can be made that is not a map of reality but the reality itself. This is if you define nature as being humanities symbolic understanding of the state of the real in place of the real itself. If there is an old book of "laws of nature" then you would probably find that many of those laws have been broken.

      This is not to say that a magical grimoire is equally useful as a book on electromagnetism when creating something like a radio. Perhaps the magical grimoire might be more effective in describing how to imagine the possibility of a device like a radio when no such thing already exists.

    4. @MariaRigel: you might find the work of Ioan Petru Culianu interesting. He was a Romanian/naturalized American academic, a historian and philosopher...and a practicing mage. His work is subtle and complex, but worth the effort. Because he came to the conclusion that not only is magic real (in a nontrivial sense), it's how modern governments control their populations. Again, he meant magic *literally*, in something very near how ordinary people use the term, not as any sort of metaphor.

      Culianu ended up getting murdered pretty publicly in 1994. No leads, no suspects, case long gone cold. Some think that he had to be shut up because he stumbled upon a truth that the archons don't want known.

      But that's just paranoid, of course.

    5. @Maria

      The deeper philosophical issue is the very definition of 'real'. The example i use to illustrate it is "are the laws of physics real?" That is, the laws of physics define the interaction of matter/energy, but can they 'exist' since they must be beyond time and space?

      Relatedly, are there even any laws of physics? As a Buddhist, i think the so-called 'real' world is 'imaginary' anyway, so perhaps magic is as 'real' as are the "laws of physics", or maybe both are just facets of the "laws of the universe".

    6. Maria Rigel, there really is only one way to find out. There's an abundance of information on the subject, and all you'd have to do is do the work.

    7. @ dan

      I'll bet you won't act on your belief that existence is imaginary anyway whenever it really matters.... and even when it really doesn't...

    8. @ Khadir

      I read a very interesting article by Culianu years ago, but it has been removed since. I can't seem to find any english language work by him, except I saw him referenced in this work, his name spelled as Coulianu, pt. I, ch. 11:
      Do you have any references?

    9. "Magic" is a concept describing phenoma that we do not understand. Once we understand what réally happened, we say: Oh, it's "just" psychology or technology, or whatever.
      We would be a lot better off if we did not use this word but stick to the plain facts. The very concept invokes in people the idea that it is really sómething. It's not.
      It's also a redundant concept in another way. Take 'spirituality' for example. No one knows what it is really. And when pressed people come up with terms like love, connection, and so on and on. But if you mean 'love' f.e., why not just use that word? Saying 'spirituality', just like 'magic', invokes "something more" where there is none, and when it's completely unnecessary. Occam's razor, people!

    10. @ Khadir,

      Why say 'archons'? Suggesting all kinds of otherworldly stuff. While they're just people. Which is actually WORSE than some imagined kind of out-of-this-world rulers no one has ever seen.
      If you need a more specific word, there are plenty options which are far more down to earth and intelligle by everyone. F.e. Brian Hayden calls them 'aggrandizers'. Or you could just say 'those in power'. Or, those who imagine themselves to be better or more than all others, or the slavemasters. Anything. But not archons.

    11. @anon804

      Did you notice the quotes around 'imaginary'? The point was to make one think about what 'real' and 'imaginary' actually are. In the Buddhist context, what is real is the soul, everything else is just the result of senses. Ever see The Matrix? If there is a 'real world', how would you know? Philosophically there is no way to prove anything. That's what the Greeks discovered, they called it Skepticism. You always start with assumptions. Science assumes the senses can be trusted, which inevitably leads to the knowledge that they cannot be trusted, via Psychology. Do you see those blood vessels blocking your sight? Is the world upside down? Well, that's the information the brain receives from your eye. The world you actually 'see' is an illusion.

      And how would i act on that assumption that the world is imaginary (no quotes) "when it really matters" anyway? It is wise to not make assumptions about people. It's a good bet that the husband did it, but not all women are killed by their husband. Lawyers say "don't ask a question you don't know the answer to". You shouldn't make accusations against people without being at least relatively certain, and all you know about me would come from this blog. I know i wouldn't judge someone's character or how they may behave under any particular conditions without knowing more than that.

    12. Dan,

      A soul without a body makes no sense at all! Nor does consciousness without actual material existence.
      The big drama of the entire civilization project lies precisely in this insane idea, that of a separation between the two. And it's gone so far that most people have no clue any longer what is real and what is not. What is authentic and what is not. Who they really are and who they are not.
      Dissociation IS NOT enlightenment. It's a terminal illness.

    13. @Anon933: why say 'archons'? that's actually a good question; to give you the short answer: I experimented for a couple years, trying to find a short, easy-to-remember term for the people that actually run this planet (whether or not they're actually in political power), that conveys what I mean it to, to an audience of ordinary Americans. I tried out, and discarded, probably a dozen terms before I hit on 'archons' out of desperation. In the original Greek, after all, it meant (and still means) simply "rulers", and only gained limited currency referring to supernatural beings fairly late in Antiquity. And, to my great surprise, it worked.

      My best guess is it's because the average American has heard of monARCHy, oligARCHy, and ARCHangels, but have never heard of, let alone read, say, "The Hypostasis of the Archons."

      So I'm sticking with what I've empirically found to work. But anyone else's mileage may vary, of course.

    14. @Anon810: check out Culianu's "Eros and Magic in the Renaissance", where he first introduces the concept of the 'Magician State' (that is, a state that rules through magic); and his "Tree of Gnosis: Gnostic Mythology from Early Christianity to Modern Nihilism", where he gives a pretty good rundown of the occult associations of many modern political movements.

      I seem to recall much more of his work being translated into English than I can now find listed online. And it turns out he was murdered in 1991, not '94. Almost surely just misremembering on my part, but slightly startling to me nonetheless.

      In any case, hope this helps. Cheers!

    15. Thanks Khadir! It was odd to me too that even the one article I found disappeared.

      As for the archons, where I am at in Europe, the term archons does not work at all! And anarchy means only chaos here, no memory of original meanings here. An-archy here is the single biggest threat people can fathom....

    16. @Anon625: as for the term 'archons', like I said, your mileage may vary. Unfortunately, I don't speak any European language well enough to be of any use. For whatever it's worth, I've found that "al-maluk ul-arad" (literally, "the kings of the Earth") works pretty well for Arabic speakers, probably because so many Arabs I've known have lived under despotisms (or have heard firsthand stories of such from their kin). And "los jefes"- "the bosses"- works pretty well when I talk to Mexican folk; probably because the idea of the behaviors I'm trying to convey are really just scaled-up versions of behaviors that so many Mexican workers have lived under.

      In any case: regardless of terminology, best of luck in your research! In days as severe as these, all people of goodwill are on the same side.

    17. "Henri Hubert and Marcel Mauss advanced the most complete modern sociological theory of magic, and they concluded that, in order to be magical, an act or belief must be common to the whole of a society. Magic is essentially traditional and social—if most people in the society don’t believe it, it won’t work. “We held,” wrote Mauss in his General Theory of Magic, “that sacred things, involved in sacrifice, did not constitute a system of propagated illusions, but were social, consequently real.”5 This lays the groundwork for thinking about the relation of magic to technology and media today."

      Compare that with the DSM: if most people believe it (no matter how irrational) then you are not crazy.

      Now take note of this: A collective cannot properly have any belief. A collective has no mind of its own, but by definition is a machine which is set in motion and/or continuously operated from the outside. Being part of the collective means that all the individuals inside it have been turned / turned themselves into servants or robots.
      The human mind can not retain its individuality and free agency inside a collective. Humans simply can not function in collectives, at least not as humans. They can form groups, but there's a limit (Dunbar's number) to the group, exceed it and problems will follow.

      Yuval Harari's main argument (spell!) is that "humans can cooperate flexibly in large numbers" and that is why we are "so powerful". And fiction (magic, belief) is the glue that binds us together. Now, the point is that humans can not cooperate in large numbers at all! Which is why any state, any system, heavily relies on force, manipulation and violence in all its various forms. It has to!

      Brian Hayden makes clear how groupsize and the rise of the aggrandizer are directly linked:

    18. @ Khadir

      Yes these are very severe days indeed.
      Though I respectfully disagree with you on 'goodwill'.. The road to hell, ya know..
      What is needed more than anything is truth, and to find it takes an awful lot of work and deprogramming.

    19. @ Maria and others

      I am not a fan of the guy per se, but here he does a pretty good job on explaining the real/imaginary problem.
      At least it's a start, and philosophically sound (except in the end where he announces that the family doesn't exist either, there he goes a bit off the rails)

      Does the government really exist?

    20. Of course, the manipulators ('magicians') themselves are not concerned with such trivial questions about reality, truth and existence. Whatever they WIll, WILL BE. Period.

      "...if it does not now exist, it will be forced into existence ..."

      So sayeth Lt. Aquino who invented the term 'MINDWAR', mind you. And what is the very end of that war? What's at its very heart?

      "...Mindwar is the deliberate, aggressive convincing of all participants in a war that we will win that war."

      You must believe. They depend on it.

      (quotations from here:

    21. In my opinion there's an interesting argument about magic and reality to be made and that's belief. I would say that anything that exists outside of whether or not there is any belief in it is "real".

      It maybe a bad analogy but money or any currency does exists in part because of belief, however that belief is bolstered by the knowledge of what "props-up" said currency is generally the hard reality of the power of a military force.

      I would describe magic as based on "real" unassailable principle or principles that are just plain not understood anymore, but so "real" that even the mere symbols we've inherited contain "power" so to speak. Again interesting arguments.


    22. Money certainly is belief-based.

      Also imaginary: rights, ownership, laws... They are all mere claims.

      See here for example:

      The State (or any other governing "body") btw is just the same. Imaginary, unfounded. But founded in violence from beginning to end.

      Imagine that everyone would come to their senses and stop believing in all those nonsense.... Those nonsense we have NEVER believed in (99,9 % of our entire existence as a succesful species), until civilization happened. And ruined it all.

    23. It's come so far that nowadays we have to imagine the real....

      How incredibly sad is that?

    24. @Anon316: Two thumbs way up that we agree on the severity of the days; and thumbs also up that where we disagree, we disagree *respectfully*: 'cause that is a seriously rare thing these days.

      But I thought it might be useful if I explained what I meant by all people of goodwill being on the same side (because I think it's an important part of the deprogramming you spoke of). No mistake: I agree with you that Truth is paramount: one of the sharpest wedges the archons have driven into Western Civilization is the idea that there's "my truth", "your truth", and that other guy's truth, and they're all equally right. To my mind, that's a self-evidently absurd idea on any matter more important than what flavor of ice cream is best. But the opposite trap the archons have set for us is the idea that before we can agree on anything, we have to agree on *everything*. A small example from my own life might make what I'm saying a little clearer.

      I have friends that are that much-discussed but rarely seen species: Fundamentalist Christians. For my part, I don't think they could be more wrong, theologically, if they sat down and *tried*. For their part, they think it's a shame that such a nice guy like myself is destined for Hell for all eternity. And the archons have done their best to make sure we mistrust each other. But I've managed to convince them that we're both on the same side; that the people that rule us aren't for or against Christians or Muslims *per*se*: rather, the archons can't stand the idea that anyone might hold convictions that could lead them to refuse to obey the archons (basically, the archons don't care what anyone *believes*, or how anyone gets together on a Friday or Sunday to worship, just so long as they'll *obey* just like everyone else does).

      So when an out-of-state anti-religion foundation came in and threatened to sue the local high school if the school didn't stop the practice of a short prayer before football games, I stood with the Christians. In return, when another local school tried to make hijab a violation of the school dress code, a lot of Christians stood with *us*.

      I won't multiply examples; but that's what I mean by all people of goodwill being on the same side. All of us who want to be *citizens* and not *serfs*, are natural allies.

      Anyway: I hope that made my position a little clearer, even if we still respectfully disagree. Cheers!

    25. Thanks for your reply Khadir. Appreciate it.
      The point is, there's something fundamentally problematic about wanting to be a citizen.
      Following your argument, you and I are not on the same side in that respect.
      There is no essential difference between serf and citizen. Except that a citizen is a master as well as a slave. Which is even worse.
      Think about it.
      So there is our disagreement.

    26. @Anon1024: you must be an anarchist, then. I once was one also; and I retain a great deal of respect for the philosophy.

      Kicker is: a human being living in any society, no matter how minimal or primitive, is a *citizen* of that society. And it makes one neither master nor slave.

      But, so long as we're both aiming for human freedom, we're aiming in the right direction. And if we still disagree, we simply disagree; and there are far worse things in this world than philosophical disagreement. We can still ally, as neither of us wishes to be a subject of the archons.

    27. Serendipity led me to this video

      "The Government Will Always Be Here"


      "...Mindwar is the deliberate, aggressive convincing of all participants in a war that we will win that war."

    28. Come on Khadir, you know that you cannot be a citizen AND 'not a subject of the archons' at the same time.
      If you want you and I to be allies you'll have to move over to my side (and not just 'philosophically', though it's a start), since I am happy where I'm at. And I would be overjoyed if everyone would join me! And so would they! (even if they can't imagine that now)

    29. "....mindwar must target the population by denying 'enemy propaganda' access to our people..."

      Bahramdipity much?

    30. @Anon437: On this we disagree sharply: I can think of any number of situations where one could be a citizen, but not a subject of the archons.

      Appalachian history is a splendid example. West Virginia was uninhabited during Colonial times; and it was a grave crime for a White man to attempt to cross the Allegheny Mountains to settle there: because the archons of the times knew that there, in the Wilderness, any settlers would be beyond the archons reach.

      So my Mingo Indian ancestors crossed into WV to escape both White civilisation, and the disintegrating tribes they had belonged to; they formed new tribes of their own, and lived as citizens free of the archons.

      My Ulster Scots ancestors crossed to Appalachia to escape a class system that kept them near the bottom. They formed new communities that valued independence and egalitarianism. Thus they became citizens free of the archons' control.

      Same story with my German ancestors, hyper-educated mystics who fled to the mountains to escape religious persecution, and founded one of America's first communes.

      I can't move over to your side because you've never explained what it is. I like to hear the thoughts of others, in case they've seen something I missed, or can teach me something new. But I'm also pretty happy where I'm at.

      If you can only work with those who mirror all your beliefs, well, I wish you luck, is all I can say.

      I'll keep working with anyone who has seen through the smokescreen the archons have spread around us, anyone who values their liberty and truly wants to be free. The Christians, Muslims, Anarchoprimitivists, survivalists, et. al., will have enough weight to change the course of this civilization, I think.

    31. Khadir, people who live in a group without any state interfering cannot be said to be citizens. A citizen by definition is a subject to government/state/nation/law (which is really many words for one big "thing").
      But today, this situation is not possible at all. The whole world is politically occupied. If in the past people joined groups they had always the possibility to leave that group if they did not like it. Of course, nowadays, any state will tell you that if you don't like it here, then leave... But that is in reality a bullshit statement.


      Much more to say of course, but being as concise as possible.

      Furthermore, you can frame my words as mere 'beliefs', and I understand that is the convenient thing for you to do, but I ain't interested in beliefs at all, I want facts, truth, and once I find them I share them. And take note, I do not do that because I have some pathetic need to be 'right', no, I just want to get it right BECAUSE it is important to do so. For me as well as everyone and everything else. Whether or not I like initially what I find...

    32. @anon214

      I once believed like you, being an atheist much of my life, who didn't believe in a soul. I am still something of a Nietzschean, though i had more decency than to attack people who disagreed, even if fairly safely ensconced in anonymity (actually, i wouldn't say anything online i wouldn't say to someone's face). Do you really think insults are going to convince anyone? Seems you are just trying to boost your ego by beating down on someone you consider to be your inferior.

      Even when i was an atheist i knew many people who were more likely to 'do the right thing' (which, even though i asked, you didn't elaborate what precisely you meant), and preferred them as friends over atheists, even though i may have philosophically disagreed with them.

      Just because you cannot conceive it doesn't mean it doesn't make sense though. To presume otherwise would be to believe yourself omniscient, which is an impossibility in your materialistic worldview. You have to start with definitions anyway. How do you define 'consciousness'? If you define it as a function of space/time/energy, then yes, it can't exist outside of that matrix. But once again, you are dealing with assumptions. There have been verifications of what people have seen during 'out of body experiences' when they have been clinically dead. Having personally had precognitive dreams, i have reason to doubt causality (even if it doesn't disprove it).

      Even if the 'soul-superstition' is just that, it is not the worst one to have. Nietzsche believed, as i did even before reading him, that people disregard the earth as being 'in vain'. I suspect this may be what you were alluding to. He (and i) were only partly right. Through this belief, many have been encouraged to work towards higher goals, beyond the merely 'animalistic'. Even Jesus is reputed to have said "faith without works is dead". In fact, religion may be necessary for humans. From a practical perspective, atheism is a dead end. Witness the Soviet Union, where materialism and atheism were enforced doctrine. Faith in some sort of higher purpose seems necessary. Nietzsche thought so, his Uebermensch being a replacement for traditional religion.

      Anyhow, does time REALLY exist? How are we to know if everything already exists, that our perceptions and experiences aren't just relations of frozen energy. After all, causality is just a relation between energy structures at two sequential points in time. From a '5th dimensional' perspective everything that was, is, and will be would already exist simultaneously. What if 'consciousness' is the thread that holds together a 'being' insofar as anything can be separated from the universe?
      The idea that we are a 'being' at all is an illusion, since the matter/energy you are composed of is constantly changing. This paradox of continuity is illustrated by "George Washington's Axe". This is George Washington's axe. The handle has been changed 7 times, and the head twice, but this is [his] axe.

      As to people knowing what is 'real' or not, you completely ignored what i already said. Maybe you can enlighten us all and tell us how YOU determine what is real. Even if you think me incapable of comprehending, perhaps someone else may be listening who may gain by your superior wisdom.

    33. @Anon518: I originally wrote a longwinded reply, but then it dawned on me that it wouldn't do any good anyway; and I don't want to clog up CLK'S comment section with a screed on my views of anarchism and anthropology, since this is a synchromysticism blog. Just read Bookchin, Petr Kropotkin, and Sayyid Qutb. You'll find me somewhere there.

      I agree with you about the necessity of being Right, since the only other option is being Wrong.

      But I was trying to stress the possiblity (or, in days as severe as these, the *necessity*) of cooperation with people who are, to some degree, Wrong.

      If you can only cooperate with people who believe exactly what you believe, that's on you. I wish you luck in fighting the archons, but there's a limit to what one man alone can do.

      If you feel you can never be free living in a State, again, that's on you. Good luck on abolishing the Nation-State. While you work on that, I'll be working on how to live as a free man within the State. And if I learn anything of value, I'll happily share it with anyone who wants to learn it, no matter how wrong they are in other areas. Hopefully they'll do the same for me.

      My strategy for defeating the archons is to learn all I can, teach all I can, and ally myself with any person of goodwill who wants to climb Out of the Rabbit-Hole. Anyone who wants freedom- both physical and *psychological* freedom- is a fellow-worker.

      So we're just going to have to agree that we don't even have enough common ground for a discussion. Cheers anyway.

    34. "If you feel you can never be free living in a State, again, that's on you."

      No Khadir. The fact is that living in a state (or any other order like it), i.e. being governed, is fundamentally incompatible with being free. When you are governed then you are not free. There is simply no way around the fact. Except denial...

      But there's much more to it all. A state (whatever form it takes) is, as I mentioned earlier, founded on UNfounded "rights", not only to govern me and you and everyone else, but also, and this is very important, on "property rights" to much more than just human beings. It claims the land and everything in/on it. This has a great many terrible consequences. Now there's a rabbit hole for you!

      Furthermore, if you say that these issues are not relevant in a discussion about magic and mysticism, what is real and what is imaginary, then I must say that you get it completely wrong. It is utterly relevant, and that is exactly what I started my contributions with: all of civilization rests on imaginary stuff, on NOTHING really...

      Which is exactly why our situation is now so insanely severe...
      And it does not have to stay that way. We 'only' need to come (back) to our senses. Every man and every woman. We need to be true to ourselves again first and foremost.

    35. Dan,
      Even (or especially) shamans know that you shouldn't pull at a thread too hard for you might undo the entire knitting. That's all I am going to say to you. Do with it what thou wilt.

    36. @Anon545: this is the very last I have to say on the subject, because it gets less and less relevant to the original topic, which was the reality of magic, and how the archons use magic to rule us. Rehashing the Social Contract- which people have been debating for the best part of three millenia now, endlessly, in a circle- adds nothing to it.

      You wrote that all we need is for everyone- every man and woman- to come to their senses. Any plan of action that requires *everyone* to act or even think in unison is dead on arrival. You'll never achieve it, and you'll end up with nothing but endless talking.

      You want to change the world? Hey, I very honestly think that's great. But start by focusing on what *you* can do. Then go on to what you and your tribe can do. If you wait for *everyone* to act, you will be waiting forever. *Act*. Very small groups of motivated people have changed the world before, over and over again.

    37. You have so little internal (and external) consistency, Khadir, that it is Almost comic. Honestly, you sound like a tape.

      Your 'goodwill' is such a thin layer of veneer that it falls completely apart at even the simplest questions.

      And no that is not a 'nice' thing to say. But it is true! Isn't it so?

      Me, personally, I do not give a damn about 'nice'. Who needs it?

      I know, it is very hard to break through all the build up cognitive dissonance, and doing all the research and work yourself, really do it (not just say you have), been there done that myself. But it's the very best thing you can ever do for yourself. And, very important, for everyone and everything else.

      That they do not "see it" that way... well...
      They will.

    38. Daniel Dennett once in a lecture compared free will to magic. Real magic, in the sense of conjuring spells, is obviously fake, said he, whereas fake magic, in the sense of slight of hand tricks, is real. Similarly, real free will is fake, and fake free will is real, according to him.

      I do not agree with him on the free will, but as for the magic, he has a point. Conjuring spells is never going to work. You can sit in a room for hundred years and do all kind of rituals and intentions and whatever, nothing magically happens, at least not in the outside world. So yes, fake magic is the only 'real' thing. And 'spells' too fall in that category, but they must be communicated to its intended audience or target (even if in all kinds of under the radar manners). The spells thus communicated sure can work, and they often do. They're not different from other sleight of hand tricks. HOWEVER, whether or not they 'work' depends on the intelligence, the knowledge, the integrity and the bullshitdetecting abilities of the target audience. If they ACCEPT what is sent, then it works. And ONLY then.

      And only UNTIL then.


      Draw the conclusion for yourself. And when you do, don't be 'nice'. Be honest, for once.

    39. I wanted to expand upon my comments about the magic/reality discussion that began this thread. Consciousness and reality are intrinsically linked, "magicians" know this and still operating under these guidelines. They believe that merely changing a perspective of a certain number of consciousnesses that you can manipulate reality itself. Problem is they don't even know what reality is, so they're operating under the wrong assumption.
      There are a great number of us out there who believe something about ourselves that is not true. We believe that we are better looking, smarter, funnier, more spiritual, kinder, tougher and the list goes on, but it's only a belief if it's not true. And believing it whole heartedly won't make it true.
      Driving certain modes of thinking into the culture to change how things are perceived will not change reality itself, but there are those who think it will.


  2. Isn't Paul Watson AJ's pet machine elf? My machine elf is smaller and more mechanical than your machine elf. Let's whip 'em out in the bathroom and compare them. Ain't no news worth watching anymore but the pro wrestling pre-fight banter.

    Are you open to that inter-dimensional contact brother Jones? Are you psychically joined with the vampire squid military financial complex? Don't worry, we always knew. Any port in a storm eh? Perhaps I, myself, have entered some sort of unholy covenant with a war deity. Who can say these days.

    But the world doesn't end with a bang but with a whimper. We have to protect that wild hopeful dream of boring men getting incredibly rich then holding onto their wealth using whatever means necessary. Dream the impossible dream, there is no limit to the human imagination, nor shall my sword sleep in my hand, and so on.

  3. Did Alex Jones imply that he is Cthulhu in that clip?
    If I had a mind like Alex Jones I wouldn't even think about doing caffeine, never mind DMT.
    I shouldn't laugh though, as I can easily imagine him doing these rants from behind the White House desk in a few years from now with the way this world is going.

    1. Alex Jones for president.

      I wish you never put that thought in my head, Darren. It sounds so scarily plausible. After all, look at what happened in the Roman Empire when a bunch of weirdoes with a strange religion started going around. They ended up running the whole place.

    2. After being censored online, any AJ you see in politics will be suitably chastened, with brains at least lightly washed and rinsed as needed. He will be a figurehead and certainly not "running the whole place".

    3. Jones2020 has a real underwater vibe if you catch my drift. "Emric", AJ's middle name, means "leader".


  4. Cinimod_ofCarthach7:32 AM, February 10, 2019

    Making me start to believe there might actually be a rapture like event. And those that are left, the majority anyways, will all be drugged up and feared out that they will sync up and then Project Blue Beam will finally take effect. A fake alien invasion to bring the world together against the "fallen" that are left. Humans will accept the AI overlord to fight the "threat" from outer space. Easy to get rid of those left from the abrahamic religions spouting their crazy nonsense.

  5. Cute animal videos and Extraterrestrial religion are more interlinked than you think.

    1. YouTube told me that the ThunderCats was written on Arcturus. Thank you Arcturians!

    2. Thundercats was a live, fly on the wall docu-drama.

  6. Well, wasn't the show pretty explicit about this?

    That Mulder's parents sold their children into Lord knows what.
    That given how respectable and boring they are, there may well be millions of other families out there who fit the same pattern.
    That Scully's abduction and UFO encounters were really just run-of-the-mill goings-on set inside a psych ward.

    All of this was staring us in the face. And yet with the skillful addition of urban legends of every persuasion, the viewer dismissed it all, en bloc. Just a piece of cool and weird and sometimes gross 90s TV. And now let's see what's on the news before we hit the sack.

  7. Too much YouTube punches a hole in the soul

    1. Youtube can also be an enlightening experience.

      Watching several more of the Sky Maitreya videos Chris posted above was a jarring experience, then seeing in the sidebar "I'm 29 Years Old With Nearly $1,000,000 In Debt!" on The Dave Ramsey show clearly illustrates there are many different forms of delusion/ illusions that have firmly taken hold in our radioactive contemporary society. Pick your poison.

      The truth is stranger than fiction.

  8. Corollary to that X Files theory, Vallee certainly dwells on this very theme (an entire book, Messengers of Deception, is devoted to it). So whoever wrote that iteration of the show was hip to the notion of "UFOs as an op". As you are very well aware, lately, multiple narratives about reality are competing viciously, like fighting cats. All of this makes it difficult to discuss what any of these signs & portents might actually mean. As the Hells Angels used to say "Those who know don't say and those who say don't know" -which makes me question why I'm talking about it.(h/t Rev Stang) I get more wisdom & cogent analysis here, Auticulture, RuneSoup,Quillette &c...than the Guardian or NYT. Cheers, everyone!

    1. The cartoons in mainstream press are where the really interesting stuff is. I recently had a shock when Theresa May, for an important vote in parliament, dressed exactly as the cartoons in The Guardian had been depicting her - with a chain round her neck that would have been perfectly suited to a padlock. Talk about breaking the reality barrier!

  9. Tom Brady talking about 'the best a man can get'.

  10. Massive Attack aren't the only high profile act to do a 4AD cover recently:

    Something in the air...

  11. "
    " = "positives" in Bulgarian according to CosDemAI.


  12. "Did you hear sounds?"

    - Professor Bernard Quatermass, "Quatermass and the Pit" Episode 2 "The Ghosts"

    "...they used to come day after day - the reporters, what had I heard what had I seen, I got me picture in all the papers ... but they didn't believe us really, just made us look silly."

    "Of course it's true, if your no fool you must believe in the whole world of spirits"


  13. Looking back at TV programs dealing with the FBI; X-Files was probably the closest to the truth; in dealing with its bureaucratic corruption, deep-state influence, and lack of regard for individuals . Its Fortean topics probably convinced the real FBI that the show would never be taken seriously in anything it depicted about the they let it air...

    1. In fact the FBI tried to use it. Agents used to pitch ideas for episodes. Indeed, 'poisoning the well' yourself may be the best way to expose the truth. It is true that every other FBI depiction i've seen does tow the line. Criminal Minds (among others) for instance pushes the idea that 'recovered memories' don't exist, that they are all confabulations. Having had confirmation of my own 'recovered memories' i know this personally to be horseshit. Maybe some do confabulate things, but mocking the idea that "if people experience something too horrible they block it out" shows they are pushing an agenda or have drunk the kool-aid themselves.

  14. This is really only tangential to this post, but...

    Have you ever came across an artist (musician, painter, novelist; or whatever) that left you thinking "Genius like this is going to change the entire genre/art/culture!"...only to find, a few years later, that they've more or less fallen off the face of the planet (often after having their career torpedoed by their own label/publisher/gallery)?

    I'd wager that such artists came too close to Cracking the Code (sorry for the Drama Capitals; I really couldn't help myself!), or at least started to put the pieces of this world's puzzle together, and so had to be denied an audience. And I'd offer Executive Slacks as a prime example. Everyone admits how influential they were; but the closest they have to a Wikipedia page is a brief mention in the Wikipedia page of the dude that sang for them for a few uneventful years after almost all the original members had got the boot. Their original frontman, Matt Marello, is now a painter, producing heavily semiotic canvasses (often utilizing some of the same synchromystic symbolism CLK blogs about), to alternating critical silence and critical derision. This, in an Art World that does backflips over a plastic statue of Ivanka Trump vacuuming.

    One of the lessons the archons learned during the Soviet Experiment: there's no need to go through all the hard work of controlling the content of the Arts; just keep control of what outlets are available for the Arts, and the content will correct itself.

    1. Many sensitive artists are awkward introverted types. The extroverted public respond to people who wear their hearts on their sleeves and really get out there to sell themselves. The public want pro wrestling not bletchley park.

    2. Now I'm bored and there's no stoppin'
      I need another celeb to fill a coffin
      Where will I get my next drug action?
      Odds on it'll be Michael Jackson

      Tism....just because.

    3. Wow, that Executive Slacks is tough to watch

  15. True Detective is getting there.

  16. Ariana’s nutty for NASA...

  17. Great work as always, Chris. Be well.

  18. Love ozzie still with some youthful spit in him. In the first bits, bolan almost achieves screamin jay hawkins. Ministry thrash simultaneously sharpened and dulled by irony. Jh from old ss...

  19. Oh Chris, reading the lyrics of millenium dome tracklist of peters Gabriel... oh boy... building of the tallest buildings... white ashes, upside down, what’s your interpretation towards the end... make tomorrow?
    I’m starting to take things literally cause these people are not even trying to be subtle. did a group of people really left the planet?

    on other things, I wonder if Tom Brady’s girl got him with the same methods hahah.

  20. I was on an Alice in Chains tear just yesterday! And ain't that the truth that Tool doesn't give a shit anymore, but who can blame them?

    I don't give a shit anymore! I'm currently unemployed so I thought I'd make a deal with the devil to secure a job. I went to an interview yesterday with Dow Fucking Chemicals and couldn't even land that. Seems even ol' Scratch has some morals. ;-)

    What a world, can someone wake me up?

  21. Handlers, red carpets & pearls, oh my...

    Unable to post through Google? -Deb B.

  22. Hi,

    This was a very well written article about the CIA and connections to satanism. I would very highly recommend it(I know from a total stranger that doesn't mean much).


  23. Review of “Hoover’s FBI and the Fourth Estate: The Campaign to Control the Press and the Bureau’s Image” by Matthew Cecil, University Press of Kansas, 2014:
    "Matthew Cecil, a communications professor at Wichita State University, has resolved a conundrum that’s bedeviled me since 1970, when I was a fledgling investigative reporter. I had just completed my first interaction with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the supposedly crackerjack national law enforcement agency. But the crackerjack part escaped me. My initial experience suggested an agency that produced inaccurate information inefficiently, failed to respect the constitutional liberties of U.S. citizens, and often resorted to intimidation and lies to get their way. Yet many of my journalistic “betters” told me I was misguided. Smart people who think they are well informed about a subject—say, the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s role as the nation’s elite law enforcement agency—usually “know” what they think they know based on exposure to mass media—television, radio, newspapers, magazines, books. But when mass media have been corrupted, the reliability of the “knowledge” becomes suspect. That’s the case with the FBI."

  24. The booms? The “lazy dog” hypersonic space spear hype has been heating up for several years. The air concussions are consistent with testing:

  25. Another wake up call for the "feminist witches".

    "The witch is the ultimate feminist icon"

  26. I've been saying for a while that Trump's kingship is pure Carnivale. Does anyone remember what happens to the clown king at the end? Brush up on your Bakhtin. The orange doofus gets it in the end. A stupid sacrifice to the archon.

    1. Yes, the carnivalesque is certainly on parade with the orange shit stain. Helluva show. Looking forward to the finale.
      It's hilarious watching the dumb bastard corporate liberals doing their best to get him reinstalled in 2020. Guess they don't want the carnival to leave town just yet.

    2. Do you remember the big clown scare around the election? People were literally worried about going out for Halloween because of killer clowns? OMG. The thing about the clown is that he's allowed to run rampant for a time and create chaos so that the ruling elite can step back in and put a stop to it, thereby demonstrating why they are needed to run things. When one thinks on Trump in this manner, it changes the narrative a bit.

    3. Problem, reaction, solution; the Hegelian dialectic in clown face. Brilliant!

    4. Thesis, antithesis, synthesis is already the clown face version of Hegelian dialectic although it is one taught to philosophy students. Hegel's science of logic is said to one of the hardest reads ever in one of the most confusing subjects. Practically unreadable. Trying to find patterns of "thesis, antithesis and synthesis" in it only makes it more mystifying.

    5. The rising absurdity has broken all previous attempts to categorize such things and we are now deep in cartoon logic.

    6. If robots had the capacity they would happily lord over you, but they couldn't care less


  27. Mulder's Mushroom trip ends in a Harvest Festival and a trip down the The River Styx with all the victims rowing the ultimate human sacrificial image of The Christ figure

  28. Hi Chris,

    I watched a movie called Nothing But The Night from '73 about Scottish orphans and ritual sacrifice that has a truly unique twist ending that makes the slow-ish 70s-ness worth slogging through, if you can find it it's worth a watch.


  29. Wow that was strange. I just wrote an incredibly long comment but after I clicked
    submit my comment didn't show up. Grrrr... well I'm not writing
    all that over again. Regardless, just wanted to say superb blog!

    1. Anon 3:29, I'm having the same trouble. I have clicked preview and then publish and my comment gets wiped. Also, screw-oogle has been bothering me to sign in with them.

    2. Google is one of the profiles you can select to reply under, but you have to be signed in for it to work. Also your browser has to be set to allow third-party cookies.

      There are name/url and anonymous profiles but I haven't tried those.

  30. Why did this just crawl to the top of my nooze screed:
    “An American trophy hunter has sparked outrage after reportedly paying $110,000 for a permit to kill a rare mountain goat in Pakistan, before posing with the dead animal after the hunt.”
    CiaNN and Awashington Prop has it up, but why link and spread social disease?

  31. Shock horror, even the "safer than mothers milk" psychoactive drug is linked to brain damage. What to do, what to do.

    1. Bullshit. There’s lies, there’s damn lies, and then there’s lying with statistics. We have an Endocannibinoid system for a reason, and its not the cause of our youths malaise . Millions of years of co-evolution between Hominids and the cannabis plant can’t be wrong.

    2. Keep believing whatever nonsense you want to believe. Since you don't have any choice, you might as well.

    3. Given that adolescent brains are more vulnerable to adult brains to a variety of overexposures to many substances, this goes in the DUH! category. It is the Guardian after all.

  32. Actually when someone doesn't be aware of then its
    up to other users that they will assist, so here it occurs.

  33. Not sure if this was already mentioned, but here is another goat for you.

    The name "GILLETTE" is of Norman origin, coming from the Greek root word aigidion, which means, young GOAT.

    As Chris showed us, the Patriot icon gives us the Baphomet goat image.
    Tom Brady is considered a G.O.A.T. by fans.
    Gillette means goat in an ancient language.

    That's the chant. Then there is the shaving ritual.

    What a freakin' ritual! A supra-masculine icon pledges complete submission to his witchy wife's magic while his masculine facial hair is severed from his face.

    I'm picking up a castration vibe, but that's probably just me.

    To my Anglo eyes and ears Gillette seems very similar to "gilet", current French for jacket which has become known recently because of the "Mouvement des gilets jaunes". Gilet and Gillette may not be sync related but homonyms repeat the chanted word adding to the syncro current.

    Awesome, post Chris!

  34. The ultimate song ever...

    No-one is too cool for this song.

  35. All your lists of older posts by year and month have disappeared from view on my web page screen. I hope that they haven't been technologically scrapped on you. Good vibes for restoration. Sorry for the bullshit hassle to you my hardworking reporter from the wild side.

    1. It's all good, D. I'm just tired of for-profit sites lifting my posts and reposting them verbatim.

  36. Apparently to honor the 17 victims of Stoneman Douglas, David Best (of Burning Man fame) is building a temple, which will be burned.

    All the best, man!

  37. Hi! I've been following your site for some time now and
    finally got the courage to go ahead and give you a shout out
    from Atascocita Tx! Just wanted to say keep up the excellent work!

    Marc Bolan had a thing for Pan....",,,his friend The Wizard (real name Riggs O’Hara) did do something that would contribute to Marc’s spiritual journey, he bought Bolan a statue of Pan while they were in Paris. Bolan wold later rename that statue “Poon.” Marc’s devotion to Pan has generally been overlooked by his biographers. Perhaps it’s due to them being uncomfortable with pagan deity, or simply being unable to notice what obviously looks like devotion. Bolan so cherished Poon that he had pictures of the statue put on the sleeve of Tyrannosaurus Rex’s Beard of Stars album. Poon occupied the center of the mantle in many of Marc’s early apartments/houses, and friends recall seeing written notes to Poon placed around the statue, written in Bolan’s hand. Those notes were also written in a runic script, so no one can be sure what they actually said, but I doubt they were grocery lists. When I first read about Bolan placing what were (in my opinion) petitions to deity near his Pan statue I nearly fell out my chair. "

  39. Well worth listening to this lady.(yt link below)
    Been researching ...... i believe she is correct. Frankinpope has being showing signs of illness/fatigue and has hinted several times he wont be around long. If Frankinpope dies the next pope will only become the 8th king after benedict dies (surely he cant go on forever!) Speculation is frankinpope will go soon maybe in the next month soon!!!