Friday, September 07, 2018

Keep Rollin', Rollin', Rollin' (Down the River Styx)

Well, that Old Devil Time strikes again and takes another giant away off the boards. Burt Reynolds had what you might call a checkered career but when I was a kid he was nothing less than what nearly every red-blooded American male aspired to become. 

Burt Reynolds was the alpha-male's alpha male. He was a boss's boss.

So why then shouldn't he find himself pulled feet-first into the vortex of the most confounding enigma of our times? I'd expect nothing less.

This has certainly been the week for it...

Now, I've just posted a short tribute to Burt on The Solar Satellite entitled "Requiem for the Alpha-Male." Do check it out since our Burt quite literally played no small role in exposing the benighted masses to some 200 proof Synchromystic enlightenment.

I probably could've written a lot more but there's just way too much apocalypse to sort through. This week has been utterly and completely insane and it's not even over yet. 

A few programming notes: barring any unforeseen ruptures in the fabric of reality, this week's PseudoScience Friday will be moved to PseudoScience Sunday. Make note in your day planners.

Also, for some reason I can't begin to imagine, I've been locked out of my daddynolz@AOL email and any attempts to contact them about it have gotten me the electro-runaround. Weirdly enough the missus has had the same experience. 

My best guess is that it was marked as a spam account by some bot. Which is weird but that's incipient totalitarianism for you.

Thirdly, some SuperSunners need to be thanked but since I've been locked out of my blog email I have not done so. In fact, I'm woefully delinquent in my SuperSunner lovin' and I am deeply sorry for that. I'll make amends as soon as I get a new addy up and running.

Where do I even start? I'm kind of feeling like you do when you've been waiting for half an hour to get on the latest, most hellish roller coaster at Six Flags. You kind of try to imagine what it will be like as you inch forward in line until you're finally strapped in and all of a sudden it's "G*DD*MN MOTHER OF F**K! GET ME OFF THIS F**KING DEATH-TRAP!!!"

I imagine a lot of folks on Hokkaido thought the same when a bracing 6.6'er literally rocked their world. 

Now, some of you might remember that I'm working off the prophetic psalmody (unveiled to the world again this past March) that the Earth will "toss and tumble" and that the Heavens will "curtsy and bow," the latter of which sounds like the skies being darkened by a volcanic eruption or God forbid, some kind of asteroid or meteor slamming us.

Now since these riddles are presented in the context of sugar (which actually derives from an ancient word for gravel, which itself means rocky ground) I wasn't struck by waves of optimism to discover that Hokkaido is Japan's primary producer of sugar beets, meaning sugar that's grown in the ground rather than on top of it.

There's also the fact that pork is by far the most popular meat in Japan and that the third riddle of the prophecy is that pigs will "soar and swoon."

It all that didn't happen this week, a day after the Super-Typhoon, it wouldn't rattle me all that much. But it is what it is.

Does all this sound utterly insane? Of course it does. It's bonkers as all hell, Skippy. But have you looked at the news lately? Insanity is the new normal. Think I'm exaggerating?

Have a look...

Oddly enough, that's pretty much how I'd imagine extreme sexual abusers of animals might look. Vile.

This is mass murder, pure and simple. Insane and horrible.

A teaser-trailer of the coming genderwars.

We're rapidly heading back to the old Tzompantli days here--they actually found 166 skulls

Like I keep saying, Honest-to-God Paganism is nothing like what you've been told it is by RenFaire not-o-pagans with names like Faire-Fox Bladderhawk or Hekate Moon Crystalcrow. 

This headline should read "CIA surveillance platform manipulated into lending radio host the martyr-cred his business model relies on."

In a related story, several accused Catholic priests insisted they aren't pedophiles, they just like to rape and sodomize very young children.

Then there's this mass psychotic break that's playing out in the political realm. Y'know, all those customs and traditions governing political behavior-- the ones that everyone seems so keen to shatter-- didn't arise in a vacuum. They were developed over time to minimize political violence, which was a real and constant problem in earlier days. 

What we're seeing now is the equivalent of a Formula One driver looking at his car and thinking, "do we really need those brakes? What about those lug nuts on the wheels there? What would happen if we loosened them, I mean, really? Personally, I think it might help the car go faster. So would punching holes in the gas tank and attaching sparklers to it. C'mon, let's be progressive about this."

Ya think? 

This year's election cycle is going to be a million times worse than the 2016 trainwreck, if the past two weeks are any indication. All these people in Washington and the news media have gone completely insane and very many could well be diagnosed as full-blown psychotics. 

How do I know this? I go straight to the source; I read their tweets. Brrr.

You think Trump's tweets are cringe-inducing? Well, yeah, of course they are. I avoid them as best I can. But they're practically inert compared to the arrogant, insane, paranoid rantings that constitute everyday conversation on Twitter, especially among the Blue-Checks.

Trump might be blamed for starting all this but his enemies intercepted his pass and ran straight down the field with it. And straight out the door, right down the highway and straight through the gates of Arkham Asylum. 

You know what they all remind me of, more than anything? The Fundamentalist maniacs on the AOL Christianity boards back in the early 90s. It's a case of deja vu I could do without.

And this is where it's all headed, for starters at least. This is not a place anyone should want to go. Because toothpaste has an annoying habit of not going quietly back into its tube.

But let's sync this one up, since that's what we're really all about here.

I know this is going to shock some people, but a "known wolf" with a well-documented history of serious mental illness went on a rampage in an office building in downtown Cincinnati Thursday, reportedly at 9:11 AM. He shot a number of people and then himself, fatally.

I know, I know. It sounds so utterly impossible, like some kind of Ed Wood sci-fi movie or something. 

It happened at the city's renowned "Fountain Square," named for the Tyler Davidson (no, seriously--Davidson) Fountain, originally called "The Genius of Water" in honor of the Ohio River. 

Yeah, I know. 

Believe me, I know.

And something about the water symbolism here and the fire at the Brazil National Museum seemed to mirror each other as well, particularly with all the antiquities.

Anyway, something else struck me about this story and that was the pose of the "The Lady." And what struck me about that is that it reminded very, very much of the famous statue of Christ in Brazil. But something about the streaks of water in "The" Lady there reminded me of something else.

And that's the serpents wielded by the original snakehandlers, the Minoan priestesses of Crete. Who in turn were the direct forerunners of the Pythia, the serpent-priestess of Delphi who became the Oracles of Apollo.

Well, lo and behold, here's a little master class in Secret Sun Scrabble: the powerful president of the powerful tech giant Oracle announced he's stepping down for a spell. His name is Thomas ("Twin") which is a bit amusing because...

...he has an equally prominent Twin brother. And their surname?

Quiricus? Kuriakose? 

Let's just say that you should keep an eye on these fellows and any namesakes. Why? 

I think you know why. 

Well, part of the reason why, at least. Here's St. Quisquose here and here... Mithras. Yeah, Mithras and the upper echelons of the corporate elite, yet again.


This came out today. No surprise, sadly.

Another fellow researcher pointed this out to me. The K-pop superstar with that new "Siren" chartbuster? The one that was released at the same time that Typhoon with the Koran name pummeled Japan? 

The video that starts with her crawling out a bathtub?

Yeah, Pearls too.

And Cincinnati apparently has a women's soccer team called the Sirens. Should have mentioned that earlier.

Oh, Princess Pearly says The Little Mermaid is her favorite move.

And her father-in-law likes to troll Fundamentalists, of which there must be at least several dozen of in the UK. 

So does this guy. Reminds me; I'm old enough to remember when Radiohead actually wrote songs with melodies.

I enjoyed listening to them while I hunted wooly mammoths and sabertooth tigers.

But if the fact that Yorke played "But I'm Not" when he DJ'd on the BBC shows he might actually know a thing or two about spellcraft.

Speaking of which, I got quite the scare when I saw this tweet earlier. 

Not to worry, though. Different Elizabeth Fraser. But boy, what timing, eh? 

They tell me it's everything.  

Well, anyway, this Elizabeth Fraser's first big role was playing a wee lassie named Cynthia AKA Phoebe AKA Artemis AKA Diana AKA The Twin of Apollo. Interesting.

What was Burt Reynold's first big role? Why, it was costarring on a show with Darren McGavin called...

...Riverboat. Not Kissed-Out Red Floatboat, mind you. That was another series, I think.

The guy who co-starred on that was called Jeff something or other. I can look it up.

What the name of the character on Burt Reynolds' first big starring role?

Oh. OK. Of course.

The series' premise was interesting. Holden, Frazer and the lads steaming around American's great rivers on a paddlewheel boat. 

But it's the strangest thing. Liz Fraser-- Our Liz, Queen Dowager of Sibyls-- sang some interesting songs on Monday night. 

Here's Ben Watt-- not Ben Frazer-- of Everything But the Girl reporting in a tweet. 

Sadly I don't think "Willow Song" was "Willow's Song" from The Wicker Man. I'd pull a devil of a lot of heads off to hear that interpretation.

Anyway, "Shenandoah." What's that one about?

Oh. It's about boatmen riding on the same major rivers Burt Reynolds did... playing Ben Frazer.

Huh. What an odd song for the Sibyl to sing. 

Man, if I don't know better I'd almost say it was death omen for a major cultural figure. 

You know, like the pile of her other death omens. The one that's currently stacking halfway up to the Moon by now.

Wow, one short set of traditional folk ballads at a secret gig in a tiny club in London and blammo!  Super-typhoons, major earthquakes, quarantines, celebrity deaths in less than 72 hours? Sounds like powerful thirsty work for a diminutive, middle-aged Scottish lady, don't you think? 

I guess that's why they usually set up oracles and Sibyls near springs and oases and so on. 

Yeah, seems like water was a vital part of ancient prophecy for some reason. Hey, I'm reading all this great stuff on ancient oracles and you know what else played a vital part in the work of the oracles?


Plus, lyres. Which are essentially Ancient Greek guitars. Because starting with a certain personage named Herophile, many prophetesses would sing their oracles.

Isn't that just too much? Weird.

Oh, by the way; despite all those saucy depictions of Oracles as young nubiles, the Greeks actually preferred the Pythia to be a respectable woman in her 50s. 

Their 50s! Can you imagine? Old as the hills. They should have just sent them off to the glue factory.

By the way, I mentioned the exact location of that club where Our Lady seems she might have got back into the synchro-prophecy business. House on Dean Street, was belonged to one of the founders of Fortnum&Mason...

...whose first location outside Babilondon was in --remember, now--Dubai.

A house on Dean. Not to be confused with Dean House. 

And then Vanilla Ice, who seems to have reappeared simply to complete the circuit on this Sync here.

And want to hear something really wacky and zany? 

There was another quarantine situation at an airport involving flights from the Persian Gulf today. Wanna guess where?

Why, in Philae-DELPHI, of course. 

I don't know about you guys, but I'm getting the feeling some joker is pulling a gag on us.

Oh, wait, wait-- I got another knee-slapper for you; the Persian Sibyl aka the Hebrew Sibyl aka the Babylonian Sibyl? Guess what her name was? 

"Sibylla-Sambeth." Did she speak in the Persian language Farsi? 

Because then her name would be "Sibylla-Sambeth Farsiyeh." Say it out loud.

PS: I'm not sure but I think the M is silent.

And I apologize in advance for this but I couldn't help myself. You'll see why.