Friday, September 07, 2018

Keep Rollin', Rollin', Rollin' (Down the River Styx)

Well, that Old Devil Time strikes again and takes another giant away off the boards. Burt Reynolds had what you might call a checkered career but when I was a kid he was nothing less than what nearly every red-blooded American male aspired to become. 

Burt Reynolds was the alpha-male's alpha male. He was a boss's boss.

So why then shouldn't he find himself pulled feet-first into the vortex of the most confounding enigma of our times? I'd expect nothing less.

This has certainly been the week for it...

Now, I've just posted a short tribute to Burt on The Solar Satellite entitled "Requiem for the Alpha-Male." Do check it out since our Burt quite literally played no small role in exposing the benighted masses to some 200 proof Synchromystic enlightenment.

I probably could've written a lot more but there's just way too much apocalypse to sort through. This week has been utterly and completely insane and it's not even over yet. 

A few programming notes: barring any unforeseen ruptures in the fabric of reality, this week's PseudoScience Friday will be moved to PseudoScience Sunday. Make note in your day planners.

Also, for some reason I can't begin to imagine, I've been locked out of my daddynolz@AOL email and any attempts to contact them about it have gotten me the electro-runaround. Weirdly enough the missus has had the same experience. 

My best guess is that it was marked as a spam account by some bot. Which is weird but that's incipient totalitarianism for you.

Thirdly, some SuperSunners need to be thanked but since I've been locked out of my blog email I have not done so. In fact, I'm woefully delinquent in my SuperSunner lovin' and I am deeply sorry for that. I'll make amends as soon as I get a new addy up and running.

Where do I even start? I'm kind of feeling like you do when you've been waiting for half an hour to get on the latest, most hellish roller coaster at Six Flags. You kind of try to imagine what it will be like as you inch forward in line until you're finally strapped in and all of a sudden it's "G*DD*MN MOTHER OF F**K! GET ME OFF THIS F**KING DEATH-TRAP!!!"

I imagine a lot of folks on Hokkaido thought the same when a bracing 6.6'er literally rocked their world. 

Now, some of you might remember that I'm working off the prophetic psalmody (unveiled to the world again this past March) that the Earth will "toss and tumble" and that the Heavens will "curtsy and bow," the latter of which sounds like the skies being darkened by a volcanic eruption or God forbid, some kind of asteroid or meteor slamming us.

Now since these riddles are presented in the context of sugar (which actually derives from an ancient word for gravel, which itself means rocky ground) I wasn't struck by waves of optimism to discover that Hokkaido is Japan's primary producer of sugar beets, meaning sugar that's grown in the ground rather than on top of it.

There's also the fact that pork is by far the most popular meat in Japan and that the third riddle of the prophecy is that pigs will "soar and swoon."

It all that didn't happen this week, a day after the Super-Typhoon, it wouldn't rattle me all that much. But it is what it is.

Does all this sound utterly insane? Of course it does. It's bonkers as all hell, Skippy. But have you looked at the news lately? Insanity is the new normal. Think I'm exaggerating?

Have a look...

Oddly enough, that's pretty much how I'd imagine extreme sexual abusers of animals might look. Vile.

This is mass murder, pure and simple. Insane and horrible.

A teaser-trailer of the coming genderwars.

We're rapidly heading back to the old Tzompantli days here--they actually found 166 skulls

Like I keep saying, Honest-to-God Paganism is nothing like what you've been told it is by RenFaire not-o-pagans with names like Faire-Fox Bladderhawk or Hekate Moon Crystalcrow. 

This headline should read "CIA surveillance platform manipulated into lending radio host the martyr-cred his business model relies on."

In a related story, several accused Catholic priests insisted they aren't pedophiles, they just like to rape and sodomize very young children.

Then there's this mass psychotic break that's playing out in the political realm. Y'know, all those customs and traditions governing political behavior-- the ones that everyone seems so keen to shatter-- didn't arise in a vacuum. They were developed over time to minimize political violence, which was a real and constant problem in earlier days. 

What we're seeing now is the equivalent of a Formula One driver looking at his car and thinking, "do we really need those brakes? What about those lug nuts on the wheels there? What would happen if we loosened them, I mean, really? Personally, I think it might help the car go faster. So would punching holes in the gas tank and attaching sparklers to it. C'mon, let's be progressive about this."

Ya think? 

This year's election cycle is going to be a million times worse than the 2016 trainwreck, if the past two weeks are any indication. All these people in Washington and the news media have gone completely insane and very many could well be diagnosed as full-blown psychotics. 

How do I know this? I go straight to the source; I read their tweets. Brrr.

You think Trump's tweets are cringe-inducing? Well, yeah, of course they are. I avoid them as best I can. But they're practically inert compared to the arrogant, insane, paranoid rantings that constitute everyday conversation on Twitter, especially among the Blue-Checks.

Trump might be blamed for starting all this but his enemies intercepted his pass and ran straight down the field with it. And straight out the door, right down the highway and straight through the gates of Arkham Asylum. 

You know what they all remind me of, more than anything? The Fundamentalist maniacs on the AOL Christianity boards back in the early 90s. It's a case of deja vu I could do without.

And this is where it's all headed, for starters at least. This is not a place anyone should want to go. Because toothpaste has an annoying habit of not going quietly back into its tube.

But let's sync this one up, since that's what we're really all about here.

I know this is going to shock some people, but a "known wolf" with a well-documented history of serious mental illness went on a rampage in an office building in downtown Cincinnati Thursday, reportedly at 9:11 AM. He shot a number of people and then himself, fatally.

I know, I know. It sounds so utterly impossible, like some kind of Ed Wood sci-fi movie or something. 

It happened at the city's renowned "Fountain Square," named for the Tyler Davidson (no, seriously--Davidson) Fountain, originally called "The Genius of Water" in honor of the Ohio River. 

Yeah, I know. 

Believe me, I know.

And something about the water symbolism here and the fire at the Brazil National Museum seemed to mirror each other as well, particularly with all the antiquities.

Anyway, something else struck me about this story and that was the pose of the "The Lady." And what struck me about that is that it reminded very, very much of the famous statue of Christ in Brazil. But something about the streaks of water in "The" Lady there reminded me of something else.

And that's the serpents wielded by the original snakehandlers, the Minoan priestesses of Crete. Who in turn were the direct forerunners of the Pythia, the serpent-priestess of Delphi who became the Oracles of Apollo.

Well, lo and behold, here's a little master class in Secret Sun Scrabble: the powerful president of the powerful tech giant Oracle announced he's stepping down for a spell. His name is Thomas ("Twin") which is a bit amusing because...

...he has an equally prominent Twin brother. And their surname?

Quiricus? Kuriakose? 

Let's just say that you should keep an eye on these fellows and any namesakes. Why? 

I think you know why. 

Well, part of the reason why, at least. Here's St. Quisquose here and here... Mithras. Yeah, Mithras and the upper echelons of the corporate elite, yet again.


This came out today. No surprise, sadly.

Another fellow researcher pointed this out to me. The K-pop superstar with that new "Siren" chartbuster? The one that was released at the same time that Typhoon with the Koran name pummeled Japan? 

The video that starts with her crawling out a bathtub?

Yeah, Pearls too.

And Cincinnati apparently has a women's soccer team called the Sirens. Should have mentioned that earlier.

Oh, Princess Pearly says The Little Mermaid is her favorite move.

And her father-in-law likes to troll Fundamentalists, of which there must be at least several dozen of in the UK. 

So does this guy. Reminds me; I'm old enough to remember when Radiohead actually wrote songs with melodies.

I enjoyed listening to them while I hunted wooly mammoths and sabertooth tigers.

But if the fact that Yorke played "But I'm Not" when he DJ'd on the BBC shows he might actually know a thing or two about spellcraft.

Speaking of which, I got quite the scare when I saw this tweet earlier. 

Not to worry, though. Different Elizabeth Fraser. But boy, what timing, eh? 

They tell me it's everything.  

Well, anyway, this Elizabeth Fraser's first big role was playing a wee lassie named Cynthia AKA Phoebe AKA Artemis AKA Diana AKA The Twin of Apollo. Interesting.

What was Burt Reynold's first big role? Why, it was costarring on a show with Darren McGavin called...

...Riverboat. Not Kissed-Out Red Floatboat, mind you. That was another series, I think.

The guy who co-starred on that was called Jeff something or other. I can look it up.

What the name of the character on Burt Reynolds' first big starring role?

Oh. OK. Of course.

The series' premise was interesting. Holden, Frazer and the lads steaming around American's great rivers on a paddlewheel boat. 

But it's the strangest thing. Liz Fraser-- Our Liz, Queen Dowager of Sibyls-- sang some interesting songs on Monday night. 

Here's Ben Watt-- not Ben Frazer-- of Everything But the Girl reporting in a tweet. 

Sadly I don't think "Willow Song" was "Willow's Song" from The Wicker Man. I'd pull a devil of a lot of heads off to hear that interpretation.

Anyway, "Shenandoah." What's that one about?

Oh. It's about boatmen riding on the same major rivers Burt Reynolds did... playing Ben Frazer.

Huh. What an odd song for the Sibyl to sing. 

Man, if I don't know better I'd almost say it was death omen for a major cultural figure. 

You know, like the pile of her other death omens. The one that's currently stacking halfway up to the Moon by now.

Wow, one short set of traditional folk ballads at a secret gig in a tiny club in London and blammo!  Super-typhoons, major earthquakes, quarantines, celebrity deaths in less than 72 hours? Sounds like powerful thirsty work for a diminutive, middle-aged Scottish lady, don't you think? 

I guess that's why they usually set up oracles and Sibyls near springs and oases and so on. 

Yeah, seems like water was a vital part of ancient prophecy for some reason. Hey, I'm reading all this great stuff on ancient oracles and you know what else played a vital part in the work of the oracles?


Plus, lyres. Which are essentially Ancient Greek guitars. Because starting with a certain personage named Herophile, many prophetesses would sing their oracles.

Isn't that just too much? Weird.

Oh, by the way; despite all those saucy depictions of Oracles as young nubiles, the Greeks actually preferred the Pythia to be a respectable woman in her 50s. 

Their 50s! Can you imagine? Old as the hills. They should have just sent them off to the glue factory.

By the way, I mentioned the exact location of that club where Our Lady seems she might have got back into the synchro-prophecy business. House on Dean Street, was belonged to one of the founders of Fortnum&Mason...

...whose first location outside Babilondon was in --remember, now--Dubai.

A house on Dean. Not to be confused with Dean House. 

And then Vanilla Ice, who seems to have reappeared simply to complete the circuit on this Sync here.

And want to hear something really wacky and zany? 

There was another quarantine situation at an airport involving flights from the Persian Gulf today. Wanna guess where?

Why, in Philae-DELPHI, of course. 

I don't know about you guys, but I'm getting the feeling some joker is pulling a gag on us.

Oh, wait, wait-- I got another knee-slapper for you; the Persian Sibyl aka the Hebrew Sibyl aka the Babylonian Sibyl? Guess what her name was? 

"Sibylla-Sambeth." Did she speak in the Persian language Farsi? 

Because then her name would be "Sibylla-Sambeth Farsiyeh." Say it out loud.

PS: I'm not sure but I think the M is silent.

And I apologize in advance for this but I couldn't help myself. You'll see why.


  1. Sick aeroplane passengers?
    Given the 99% air recirculation I'm not surprised.
    Could be mundane. could be a psyop. Could be cosmogenic.
    We'll see.
    If Ebola crops up in the US, then it's cosmogenic.

    1. I got the sickest I can remember getting after a flight to LA. But that's business as usual. If quarantines are being enforced here then there might be something else at play.

    2. You may assume that 'quarantine=potential contagion', BUT, that is because even if it is cosmogenic (incursion of radiation due to magnetic field disruption), as is predicted to be likely, then they still need to have been seen to have done something to establish consideration for contagious diseases such as (the fictious) Ebola.

      Ebola is comforting.

      Cosmogenic radiation sickness is not.

      Thus, if the latter, the former will be deemed the cause.

    3. Not really sure what you are talking about but it's an open secret that the radiation dosage you get when flying is much higher than would be considered safe on the ground. And then the defense that the Earth provides is more patchy than you might hope for combined with even less predictable flare ups from the sun and other stars. But then again stars don't exist so there is no real reason to worry about radiation from them is there?

      A common criticism of space opera fiction is that they have unrealistic methods of faster than light travel but how much of "hard" science fiction spends time dealing with damage to ships and crew by cosmic radiation?

    4. Anon5:12, stars do exist, but NASA has to maintain the Apollo findings that they are not visible from space - if anyone's looking.

      The Van Allen radiation belts are the clue, both to the lack of radiation reaching aircraft, and to the lack of any full-disk photos of Earth (not including low orbit composites/artistic impressions).

      Unfortunately, when the Earth's magnetic field is disrupted, who knows what may happen with regard to radiation reaching the surface?

      Ask Steve.

    5. Just a few science notes, for anyone that's interested...

      Check out the Planetary Society website: they have a very extensive gallery of non-composite photos of Earth taken from space. There's one image, taken by the Kepler Space Telescope, showing the Earth in a field of stars, that's especially impressive.

      Numerous studies have been done showing the increase of radiation with altitude. Hell, as a mountaineer, I can personally testify that every climber I've ever met knows, at least, that UV radiation exposure increases greatly with altitude. And the effects of long-term radiation exposure on aircraft crews is actually a pretty hot topic, within the industry, these days.

      The Van Allen Belts aren't the impenetrable barriers they're often made out to be: most of the radiation is concentrated in the Inner Belt, which is small enough that you can simply go around it. The Outer Belt is too diffuse to avoid, but it's also so weak that it's not a health hazard unless you spend extended time in it. So try to avoid that.

      And there's also absolutely no disturbance in the Earth's magnetic field. Compasses worldwide are working today just like the way they've always worked.

      Cheers to all my fellow commenters!

      And, as always, CLK, keep up the stellar work! You knocked the ball outta the park with the analysis this time.

    6. Is that Saturn in 'The Planetary Society' logo?

      "We're changing the world. Are you in?" - CEO Bill Nye

      We know 'Bill Nye the intersectionalising Guy', but do you ever apply your science guy brain to contemplating why you seek to "change the world"?

    7. Khadir, what are shills paid these days, per contradictory post? $50?

      No need to provide a link to one of an 'extensive gallery' of photos that aren't simply a library stock image of 'Marble Earth' (composite/artifice).

      No need to refute magnetic field changes:

      No need to explain why data concerning the location of the magnetic north pole was classified several years ago (no longer published), e.g.

      $50 is pretty easy money for "Of course there are photos, and everything is totally normal - do not be alarmed. Oh, and yes, all the Apollo missions easily avoided the Van Allen radiation belts on their way to The Moon".

      No doubt you get $50 for responding to this post?

    8. @Zod: I say this to you in honest friendliness: grow up. Learning to debate like an adult- for instance, without immediately (and with no provocation) resorting to childlike name-calling - is an important part of coming to manhood.

      I *did* provide a link to an extensive gallery of non-composite photos of Earth taken from space: the Planetary Society website. I trust in the intelligence of the readers of this blog, that it would dawn on them to, say, Google "Planetary Society pictures of Earth". But I'll cheerfully post the direct link, when I get off work.

      The article is talking about a magnetic field *reversal*, which is an entirely different animal from a magnetic field *disturbance*. Magnetic field reversals are a perfectly normal, perfectly natural geological process; they have happened very, very many times in the Earth's past. They pose zero threat to our civilization, or to life on Earth in general.

      I took one glance at the site, and immediately saw that they are swimming *way* out of their depth. For instance, they write that snow is magnetically attracted to the Earth's magnetic poles. That, as I'm sure everyone who reads this knows, is utter nonsense. Snow is not attracted to a magnet.

      How they got the idea that the location of the north magnetic pole is classified is mystifying. It's widely studied, widely monitored, and widely reported. There's so much publicly available information- from popular science articles to peer-reviewed scientific papers- that I have to wonder if they're doing some kind of satire.

      The Van Allen Belts have been studied by hundreds of scientists from multiple countries for decades. The info they've learned is available to anyone who wants to look for it. Those who don't care to learn about them, of course, are free to continue not knowing.

      There are plenty of things for the Race to be alarmed about. But magnetic snow and sudden civilization-wrecking pole flips aren't on the list.

    9. Here's that promised link to a gallery of non-composite photos of Earth taken from space: .

      I hope everyone enjoys them as much as I did!

    10. Khadir, I was suggesting that given so many images you should have had no difficulty providing a link to ONE.

      But, no, it's the old "There are so many - they can't all be fake!" con.

    11. Someone else has suggested a link between plane quarantine & Ebola:

    12. Zod, if they're fakes, feel free to prove that assertion. Otherwise, you're just shovelling smoke.

      You said that there were no non-composite photos of Earth taken from space. I provided a link to *several*, because such pictures are not at all difficult to find. So, again, if you think they're fakes, I would courteously invite you to provide some evidence. Otherwise, if you have no evidence, on what ground do you possibly claim they're fakes?

    13. In other words Khadir, "I won't pick one out, because it'll let you demonstrate it as a fake, so I'll resort to the old 'prove they're fakes' ploy". Your shill instruction manual has all the ploys eh?

      I can only guess you're protecting this blog's comments against innocent eyes who find it in a Google search, and so you and other shills provide the reassuring "Don't worry little lambs, this guy's a total loony - of course NASA wouldn't deceive its dear taxpayers such as you"

      Anyway, , another $50 in your pocket. :-)

    14. You really need to learn to lose with a little grace. You said there were no non-composite photos of Earth taken from space; and I provided several. You *could* have said "I stand corrected", or you could, if you're really convinced they're *all* fakes, have set to work proving that...but, instead, you did your usual little dance, crying and calling me "shill" and defender of NASA: even though I criticize NASA very heavily, and even though a great many of the photos I provided were *not* taken by NASA.

      Strange the way you *always* do that. Sort of the thing one might expect out of you if *you* were on someone's payroll, isn't it, Zod?

  2. Here's a ruby slippered twister for ya:

    The Man's Man constellated by Burt, & the other 'Men's Men', via the silver screen has done nothing to stop the emasculation of Humanity, at least here in 'The West' the supposed 'culture' of which is captured on film so as to bask in It's reflection, in fact the "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" that is pop-culture - most egregiously embodied by the Hollywood that made It's blockbuster bucks from Star Births, is the very ball breaking & castrating weapon of choice wielded as bludgeon upon what turns out to be not at all Manly types in the 1st place: afterall if Burt & Co. had been 'Real Men' they'd never have allowed themselves to be exploited so & Humanity wouldn't be on the precipice of 'killing Itself with kindness'.

    1. Well, y'know. Who doesn't want to look like an Archangel amirite?

    2. Speaking of wings Dom DeLuise as 'Captain Chaos' originally "appeared out of the blue" as "nine guys" laid into him pre-Shazam!

      Burt was filming 'Once Upon a Time in Hollywood', & the name of his 1st wife? 'Judy'.

    3. & as with 'Garland' Burt's 'Judy*' wasn't born so but was Star Born as part of her red carpet bound initiation:

      'Joyce Audrey Botterill ... known professionally as Judy Carne'

      Frances Ethel Gumm was Star Born as 'Judy Garland' & in the 1954 (1st) remake of 'A Star is Born' plays the role of 'Esther Blodgett' who in turn is renamed 'Vicki Lester' as part of her ascendency.

      James Mason co-stars in 'ASiB' in the Star Birthing role only to go on & drown himself as an orange sunset bathes his final scene in orange. Gumm/Garland/Blodgett/Lester ends the movie bathed in blue.

      The 1976 remake of 'ASiB' doesn't involve a death by drowning & this version is heralded as the touchstone for the Coop/Gaga remake, whether there will be a drowning death - besides the alcoholism of the male lead - shall be unveiled as part of this year's October Surprise ceremonies.

      (*her later career & life, as with 'Judy G', spiked by substance abuses.)

    4. Bonus sink:

      Belinda Carlisle is James Mason's daughter in law.

    5. 'Heaven is a Place on Earth':

      'When I feel alone,
      I reach for you, and you bring me home
      When I'm lost at sea
      I hear your voice, and it carries me'

      (wiki: 'The promotional video was directed by Academy Award-winning actress Diane Keaton ... It also features children wearing black masks and a cape while each of them holds an illuminated plastic globe ... The video was partially filmed at Six Flags Magic Mountain theme park in Valencia, California, on the now defunct Spin Out ride.')

      'Circle in the sand':

      'Sundown all around
      Walking through the summer's end
      Waves crash, baby, don't look back
      I won't walk away again

      Oh, baby, anywhere you go,
      We are bound together
      I begin, baby, where you end
      Somethings are forever

      Circle in the sand
      Round and round
      Never ending love is what we've found
      And you complete the heart of me
      Our love is all we need
      Circle in the sand'

      (wiki: ' The combined effect has been compared to songs by the Shangri-Las, such as their song "Remember (Walking in the Sand)')

  3. Murderer
    Man of fire

    I've seen the eyes of living dead
    It's the same game, survival
    The great mass play a waiting game
    Embalmed, crippled, dying in fear of pain
    All sense of freedom gone

    Black sun in a white world
    Like having a black sun in a white world

    I have a son
    His name is Eden
    It's his birthright
    Beyond estranged time

    Give me 69 years
    Another season in this hell
    It's all sex and death as far as eyes can tell

    Like Prometheus we are bound
    Chained to this rock of a brave new world
    Our godforsaken lot
    And I feel that's all we've ever needed to know
    'Til worlds end and the seas run cold

    Give me 69 years
    Another season in this hell
    There is sex and death
    In mother nature's plans

    Like Prometheus we are bound
    Chained to this rock of a brave new world
    Our godforsaken lot

    1. My fave album of theirs, in case I didn't mention that already. Before the crunchy-bourgie world beat bilge took over. Saw them live on the tour when they recorded Toward the Within. Absolutely fucking insufferable. Threw Severance out as a bone to all of us who wasted our money to come see a bunch of dirty Esalen castoffs culturally imperialize. Never truly forgave them for that and the shitty albums that followed.

    2. When it comes to later songs I'm a fan of Brandon Perry's Archangel. That album also had a Tim Buckley cover.

  4. Last night I was looking up the Cocteau Twins' Moon and the Melodies in your archives. I read again about Elizabeth Fraser, Jeff Buckley & the locations you mentioned. After I saw Liz Fraser trending, I felt the same way. Karin

    1. Yeah, Our old chum Phoebus Paean seems to have set his mind on validating all my insane speculations lately.

  5. I notice that the Liz Fraser who passed away was credited as "Woman in Cinema" in the 'Sex Pistols' film 'The Great Rock 'n' Roll Swindle'.
    And she was also in the movie 'Carry on Cruising'.

    1. I've never been able to sit through Swindle. Seems like one of those movies that was a lot more fun to make than it is to watch.

  6. Replies
    1. Better that than Sybil. Or Carrie- dun dun da!

    2. Oh I thought you were on a first name basis! ;3

      I like the Neptune tridents used by the Sirens.

      Three teeth... Tri dent, tongs, forks etc

    3. On the subject of Sybil, I was watching what looked like a fairly recent interview with Burt and he was asked which lady in his life was the most special, and without hesitating he said Sally.
      One of Sally's famous acting roles was playing 'Sybil' to Joanne Woodward's Dr. CORNELia Wilbur.
      Just sayin';-)

    4. Oh, and I just learned while reading the trivia 'Sybil' trivia page at the IMDB site that,
      "Natalie Wood was the casting director's first choice for Sybil, but the screenwriter turned Wood down.
      The role was then offered to Audrey Hepburn, who declined. The project remained dormant until Joanne Woodward agreed to co-star."
      Of course we all know what happened to Natalie Wood, don't we?

    5. In 2007 'Sybil' was re-booted with Tammy Blanchard playing the role of Sybil.
      Tammy Blanchard also played "Young Judy Garland" in "Life with Judy Garland: Me and My Shadows" starring Judy Davis as the older Judy.
      But I ain't gonna talk about Judy no more ... unless I find something else about Judy to talk about that is:-)

    6. & 'Wood', in this instance did not float, a reason for wood lacking bouyancy is It's having absorbed so much water that the accrued weight drags It under to pile atop Davy Jones' Locker. Wood had been drinking the night of her watery death according to the coroner.

      & as with 'Judy' 'Wood' was also Star Born her birthname being Natalia Nikolaevna Zakharenko.

      'her films represented a "coming of age" for both her and Hollywood films in general'

      so that would be a water-borne death as Hollywood "coming of age".

  7. While reading this post, I was listening to my New Release recommendations on Spotify and what should appear?

    A new song by the Swingin' Utters called 'Siren' from their new album released on 8/31...The lyrics are as grim as you might imagine.

    1. They're still around? It IS the Apocalypse.

    2. Yep, still around and apparently in anticipation of the album's release, they played a show on August 23 in San Francisco at club called...The Siren:

      The same Spotify playlist also included the song called Apacalypse Now (& Later) by someone called Laura Jane Grace and the Devouring Mothers, and another track called the Upside of Being Down by The Run Up...You know, just to make sure I was paying attention.

  8. AS a long time resident of central PA (where Clearfield county is, though I live over the mountain from there), I remember that there was at least one kid in my High School that was arrested for having sex with a farm animal. So it's not a rare occurrence here by any stretch. Still, 1400 counts???? That's impressive, in a totally sick and depraved sort of way.

    I really do hope you are just crazy Chris, because your blog has been freaking me out for over a year now. Like you, I can't shake the feeling that "something" is coming and that it won't be pretty or pleasant for the vast majority of us.

    1. It's certainly taking its time getting here. But not everything has our minuscule attention spans.

      Let's hope this isn't part of the bestiality normalization process.

    2. There was something similar in Washington state a few years back, iirc. And as for normalization, remember it's been "normal" for some in virtually all farm communities as long as they've existed, what with curious teens and animals everywhere sucking and fucking. I won't recount the explicit acknowledgement I got from one farmraised dude who raised the subject himself, yet it was graphic and he was completely blase when he said it.

  9. Super Villain Elon Musk must really be on the outs with his Globalist puppet masters; because he was on Joe Rogan's Podcast trying to rehab his public image after the blowback to his Thailand kerfuffle.

    1. I get the feels old Muskie has been poppin' and or smokin' something with a kick. He's been getting a little scribbly for the past little while.

    2. He sometimes seems headed for McAfee territory.

    3. Rollin', rollin', rollin' ...

      "Tesla stock falls as Elon Musk smokes marijuana during Joe Rogan Experience podcast"

      Tesla closed on Friday (local time) at US$263.24 a share after the recording of Mr Musk smoking a combined marijuana-tobacco joint on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast was aired online.
      Shortly after smoking the joint — which the host noted was legal in California — Mr Musk looked at his phone and laughed, saying he was getting texts from friends asking why he was smoking weed during the interview.
      "I'm not a regular smoker of weed," Mr Musk said.
      When Rogan — a comedian, MMA commentator, prolific podcaster and member of the so-called intellectual dark web — asked how often he smoked the drug, Mr Musk replied: "Almost never."

    4. 'Sea Punk' pioneer Azealia Banks brujería shading of Musk/Grimes is paying off for those shorting Tesla stock.

    5. This has GOT to be trollery. Musk smokes pot live then offers to buy out shares at $420?!? Please, it's like they're not even trying to hide the jokes anymore.

      "Morton, a former CFO for computer-drive maker Seagate Technology Plc, joined Tesla one day before Musk tweeted that he was considering buying out some investors at $420 a share and taking the company private."

    6. Trollery?!
      At least he didn't do it anonymously, whoever it is I'm replying to;-)

  10. JB (of The Meta-Logic Café)9:54 AM, September 07, 2018

    I'm seriously thinking about death and decay these days.

    Half of the old appliances my family relies upon (microwave oven, clothes dryer, etc.) have suddenly stopped working, complicating things at a time when money is way-too-tight. Two of our fat housecats, which I personally pulled out of their mother's womb 12 years ago, are very sick, one of them can't get up anymore and pees itself on a regular basis. My own life-long agonizing health problems have flared up, the medication is barely helping. I'm NOT looking for pity here, I'm just curious: Are other people experiencing this kind of generalized SH*T, because even mother nature and human civilization seem to be on the verge of crashing and burning at the moment.

    Even my 62 year-old father has begun to lose his memory/mind (more than usual), angrily convinced that there are "glitches in the Matrix" and that even the moon doesn't look right or move the way it should anymore.

    He might be onto something, though. MASSIVE ENTROPY, everywhere.

    1. Since you are having a bad time I'm going to let you in on a terrible secret. A major feature of human pattern recognition is that it sees any streak of events as unusually significant. You can tell if a series of events are being faked by a human not by streaks of the same result but by a noticeable lack of streaks. Many humans will remove streaks from something designed to appear random because they look fake to them. That's not to say that if something is messing with you then it thinks like a human or is not trying to deliberately make events appear fake for some reason. But that would mean that it is deliberately making you think that events are fake by stopping the faking of them in such a way as the suspicion of them being fake by random change is eliminated. Quite a complicated scenario but I wouldn't put it past the goddess.

    2. Yeah, not for any personal reasons, but Saturn has been in my mind too. Seems to be all over politics these days, especially in the USA, but also in Europe.

      I agree with Chris that people are about to find out why certain customs exist, the hard way. Symbolism is all very symbolic... till it isn't. I'm sure people think CS Lewis was just making puns when he said of Saturn: "His eye fathers / Pale pestilence, pain of envy, / Remorse and murder." And that Yeats was going on about personal visions when he was saying "Things fall apart, the centre cannot hold..." etc. That single verse has been the key that's told me exactly what was going to happen in politics in the whole Western world for the last decade. Forget about esoteric meanings, it's all spelled in clear language that anyone can understand. As you'd expect from Saturnian times, really.

    3. The sharpest arrow in Ares' quiver is deception. It's everywhere you look now. It's a very short step from stabbing political candidates to the Killing Fields. Shorter than anyone would ever care to know.

    4. Re: 'stabbing political candidates' Australia has just had its 5th figurative version of this in 8 years. Rudd-Gillard-Rudd of the Labor(red) party in 2010. Abbott-Turnbull(2015)-Morrisson (Liberal) all knifed from their own political party.
      Julia Gillard was the first female PM (President equivalent) and had blinding orange/red hair. She would often wear a necklace with what resembled a pair of bollocks round her neck.
      Rome is back baby!

    5. Putting my normie hat on now, regarding JB's electrical appliance woes, if you or your neighbors have rooftop solar panels or wind generators, or you live in an industrial area, your appliances' lifespan will probably be degraded. But yes, solar flares will also be a problem but more likely for the greater region in general

    6. Maria, the hexagon on Saturn is churning blue. I agree, Saturn is the key to our new reality. 87

    7. What 'we' are witnessing here, on a personal level and more pronounced for those that have dared to question the 'system' is, for a better explanation of, is an 'entropy' action; MANY splitting and fracturing into ???.
      See particles, vibratory BITS organize and align themselves; FORM ensues.
      This can REVERSE 'itself'(madness) and focus 'itself' upon dissolution.
      So is it madness to dismantle chaos itself??
      And if that decision has already been made??
      TRUTH; the/that which has found 'form' in this 'reality' or (MANY!!!!) others, does not experience 'death'; itself an illusion.
      CHANGE (form) is obvious, understood, KNOWN.
      So a supposed new 'reality'??
      Another 'aspect' of the program(ing).
      KICKER; "ENERGY" just "IS"; "IT" exists.

    8. One possibility is the effects of the G3 geomagnetic storm on August 26 - 27.Last week two older electronic gadgets developed serious problems which made them unusable and a clothes dryer completely stopped working.Also,have been feeling extreme low energy.We have all been misled about the true Nature of Reality .

    9. Sounds like you have demonic spiritus AKA molds/fungi in your home anonymous. They eat home, peeps minds, and eventually their souls.

  11. The Memphis-Riverboat-Shenandoah-Burt/Ben Fraser Sync is truly amazing. Bravo.

    1. My thoughts exactly. Bravo to the Sibyl. May we be granted the wisdom to parse her oracles a priori.

    2. The Enterprise name seems rather loaded with meaning what with all that boldly visiting frontiers. Can't quite remember the connection though....

    3. Aptly named "Delta Fire" began near Lakehead,California - Shasta-Trinity National Forest on Wednesday,rapidly becoming another Inferno for California after an already Apocalyptic wildfire season.The fire caused some drivers,including commercial truck drivers to abandon vehicles and flee to safety.The 22,000 acre Inferno has now shutdown all lanes in both directions of 1-5 for 50 miles just North of Redding,California thru the Weekend.1-5 is the major north-south Highway on U.S. West Coast.Amtrack passenger train service has also been cancelled. #DeltaFire

  12. & the fact that this year's election cycle just happens to be synching up with the rollout of "The Purge" TV series is...pure coincidence:

    Because, hey, pushing peoples' buttons in tandem with a bit of the ol' ultraviolence is the new & improved new normal. Or maybe its the old school paganism, I dunno. You tell me.

    1. Well, one thing you can say about the "creators" of The Purge is that they are despicable little plagiarists as well as being moral filth.

    2. Season 8 of "American Horror Story" is premiering on September 12th as well. Series name? "Apocalypse".

  13. Meant to include this link--Jay Dyer's analysis of The Purge: Election Year

    Worth a glance.

  14. CNN posted this yesterday.
    "At least three men were killed in a shooting Thursday at the Fifth Third Center in Cincinnati's Fountain Square, and two others were injured, Cincinnati police Chief Eliot Isaac said."
    "3rd 5th Center" then "3 dead/ 2 injured", hmm, curious.

    Loren Coleman has an 1815 map of Cincinnati depicting Native American burial mounds between 5th & 3rd.

    The city was named for a Roman hero Lucius Quinctius Cincinnatus, 5c. B.C.E. (Cincinnus means curly hair.)

    5/3 = 1.6, close enough to the Golden Ratio. I'm picking up a geometric vibe, with a big capital G!

    1. I forget exactly who but back in the day (yo) some chappie did a study of all the Freemery afoot in Cinci. Freemery and Freemly-adjacent hijinks and monkeyshines. I'll have to see if I can't find all that.

    2. The founder of Cincy was also a member of the Society of the Cincinnati (who took their name, of course, from the legendary Roman hero), a quasi-secret society founded by high-ranking officers who had fought in the Continental Army during the Revolutionary War.

      Even though it's an almost entirely forgotten (erased?) chapter in our history, the creation of the Society created such a stir that it almost derailed the fledgling Republic. The members were all wealthy and powerful; many were not American citizens at all, but Frenchmen (most often French noblemen); and, worst of all,in the eyes of their critics, not only were all the original members wealthy and well-connected, but they adopted rules of succession identical to those of the European aristocracy: strict primogeniture, the passage of membership to cadet branches of families in cases where a line died out without a male heir, and provision for honorary membership to those deemed worthy, but with the rider that such membership was absolutely not heritable (like a baronetcy in England). To a lot of Americans, it looked like George Washington et al. had just established themselves as America's new hereditary nobility; the very thing that the common soldiers thought they had been fighting to rid themselves of. And, of course, the English had a field day with the charge that the leaders of the Revolution hadn't been fighting for Liberty, Equality, or anything of the sort; but just to take the place of those that had formerly ruled them.

      So the Society called a meeting in haste, publicly disavowing the heritability of membership, and turned themselves into just another fraternal order.

      And then, a few years later, after all the panic had died down, they met quietly and reinstated their original charter.

      Have they functioned as a behind-the-scenes American Nobility? Well, something like 17 (of course) Presidents have been members. And the list of senators, governors, bankers, and captains of industry who were members is longer than anyone would care to read. But everyone will, of course, draw their own conclusion. I'm reminded of a post a couple of years back, in which CLK pointed out that our nation is increasingly steered by quasi-secret societies (the example he gave was Kappa Beta Phi) that almost none of us have ever even heard of.

      Anyway, the sync:the shootings in Cincinnati (3 killed) occurred at 9:11AM, by a man who claimed to be under extreme surveillance (just judging by the news reports, he appeared to be suffering from what psychiatrists informally call "the Truman Show delusion"). This was just a few days after the funeral of John McCain III, hereditary member of the Society of the Cincinnati, who,in the wake of 9/11, was a vocal proponent of extreme surveillance of the citizenry (which, bafflingly, failed to stop this known wolf).

      Please no one think that I'm suggesting conspiracy here (though these days one can never dismiss the possibility that an unstable individual was driven into madness via electronic gangstalking): sometimes, with synchronicity, the Universe just has a sick sense of humor.

    3. "...the English had a field day with the charge that the leaders of the Revolution hadn't been fighting for Liberty, Equality, or anything of the sort; but just to take the place of those that had formerly ruled them."

      Unfair to certain individual leaders, not wrong overall...

    4. The Cincinnati Masonic Lodge downtown is actually available as a rental space for events, so I've actually been inside twice. It's only when you start traversing the dark, iron-festooned tunnels and see the impressive medieval dungeon/auditorium that you realize how hard core esoteric all the serious-looking, Eisenhower clones whose pictures grace the upstairs lobby actually were. You can imagine being led down the tunnels in the blind portions of the initiation rituals and really get a feel for how psychologically oppressive and 'masculine' the whole set up is. The group I was with for the charity function thought this (and all the elaborate occult etchings displayed) was funny... me, not so much.

    5. @NS: please, don't mistake me. I'm not necessarily saying that the British were right all the way across the board, just that it made for wonderful propaganda.

      Just as a for-instance, I'd nominate Thomas Paine as a Revolutionary leader who believed in his principles all the way to his bones. I mean, he advocated invading Britain to free the British from the yoke of Monarchy.

      I'd guess with a lot of other leaders, they might well have had mixed motivations: they might well have truly believed in Liberty and Equality...and thought the best way to safeguard it was to set themselves and their progeny up as a sort of permanent guardian class.

      And, of course, some were in it for the loot.

      I'm glad for your comment; because I should have been much clearer to start. Thanks!

    6. This comment has been removed by the author.

    7. Actually I was referring to what the English said -- I should have been clearer myself. Your post is very interesting. Paine is one leader I was thinking of who really did want liberty and equality. But the English were right that many of the Founders were almost as afraid of democracy as they were of monarchy.

    8. Paine was a useful idiot. Yes, he had a great way with words.
      The objective was to install a government in North America, and Paine was very helpful to that end.
      The con was to suggest that liberty could only be enjoyed if subject to a government. And those whose mission was to install government would have no compunction using whatever means necessary to persuade folk that without government their lives would be a misery (liberty notwithstanding).

      And today we find out why government is really necessary: to harness an unwitting population to prepare for the eschaton.

    9. "The objective was to install a government in North America, and Paine was very helpful to that end."

      Best brush up on your History: by the time Paine wrote, the British had already had a government in North America for better than a century and a half.

    10. Khadirshilly, this is how Paine helped persuade folk that the problem wasn't government, but bad government, and that liberty was not possible without it:

      "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. — That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, — That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government."

      Obviously, Britain could not maintain rule at a distance but had to install a proxy government in North America that the plebs would believe was necessary, wanted, and of their own making.

      I dareway there were a few wise old men that knew it was all a con...

    11. Zod ShillCrier: the quote you misattributed to Paine is actually from the pen of Thomas Jefferson. Since it's one of the most famous passages of prose in the English language, that's a pretty sloppy mistake to make.

      As for Britain not being able to maintain rule at a distance: Britain maintained rule of large chunks of the American mainland well into the Twentieth Century. Newfoundland was part of the UK until 1949. Belize (under the moniker "British Honduras") was part of the UK until *1981*.

      And Britain maintains direct rule over several *very* distant locations to the present day. Pitcairn, Tristan da Cunha, and the Falklands are all still part of the UK.

      Also: there is no grouping of human beings on this planet, past or present, that does not have a government, no matter if they call it as such or not. Not the Hopi, not the Khoisan peoples, not the Sun King at Versailles, not the Inuit, not the anarchist communes I was involved with in the 90s. Humans by nature organize themselves into a society, anytime they you put a group of them together.

      And you know what? Despite the insult you continually sling at me, I'm going to give you an Eid Barak! here on the first of Muharram. May your 1440 be Blessed.

    12. Khadirshilly, I was wondering if you'd know that Paine ghost-wrote it for Jefferson.

      Evidently you didn't.

    13. Civility please.

      Civility always.

    14. @Zod: if you have some evidence that Paine ghost-wrote it for Jefferson, please provide it. The Continental Congress kept decently close minutes; and Thomas Paine is found nowhere in them.

      In all seriousness: if you can show Paine actually wrote the Declaration of Independence, you will have just made your fame and fortune. So I cannot wait to see what evidence you have.

  15. I loved Burt growing up. Especially poignant he was set to play George Spahn before his death. Also fitting Liz sang a song often sung on the Mississippi in its day. Ghosts from that river no doubt sing to her still.

    Interestingly, it was reported today that the church which housed the first Nicaean council was discovered underwater, which itself was built on top of an older Pagan site; a temple to Apollo.

    1. Really? How incredibly not random or remotely coincidental. Cheers, Ikeody.

    2. More on that temple site here:

      And speaking of history, not sure if that ABC link covered the details of what was lost in the Brazil fire.

  16. Not following the Limp Bizket tie in...

    1. "jet fuel can't melt steel beams" but Durst & the Bizkit Bois winning the award for 'Best Rock Video at the 2001 MTV Video Music Awards' can knock-on-effect the towers falling down the day after, nu-metal = nano-thermite, the 'flip' label co-released the album.

      The Siren manifests through many vessels, the price the band paid? 'As of 2018, the album (their latest & 7th) remains in development hell with no release date set.'

      'rollin' clocks in at 3:33.

    2. And on a lesser note, KTV, there's also the cursed Blink-182, with Travis Barker's medical issues canceling their entire upcoming mini-reunion. Surely a developing hell for them if anyone actually thought they could pull it off.

    3. Graciously the whole nu-metal & ska-punk-pop double trouble of the noughties was beyond my grasp & off my radar, the worst thing that could happen to the blink-boys, & Humanity, would be for their careers to 'Carry On'.

      The 'rollin' vid includes glitterball orbs reflecting light onto female(?) backing dancers glamoured in the same attire as Durst & co-stars Zoolander's Ben Stiller famed for his 'Blue Steel' look, "jet fuel can't melt steel beams" but what if It's 'blue steel' is that susceptible to being flamed on?

      "Hey ladies Hey fellas
      And the people that don't give a fuck
      All the lovers all the haters
      And all the people that call themselves playas
      Hot mammas, pimp daddies
      And the people rollin' in the Caddies
      Hey rockers, hip-hoppers
      And everybody all around the world"

      Another 'man's man' shown up as a fraud in the attempted sleight of hand that is showbusiness.

    4. Americans chose Beyonce as their God and Jay Z as their Goddess

  17. James Shelby Downard corrects interviewer Jim Brandon when he links Memphis-related political witchcraft (on the Mississippi) to similar spellcraft in West Virginia. Yes, the Ohio River is a tributary of the Mississippi River. My first sync dream (that I remember) was in 1993. It predicted massive flooding in and around St. Louis, Mo. (where the Missouri meets the Mississippi). And sure enough, that happened a week later (which I learned later because I was isolated working as a camp counselor in the Michigan wilderness). I feel somewhat battered by the powerful waves of sync taking place this week.

  18. throwing it out here: Mac Miller, Ariana Grande's ex just died during/before(?) his "Swimming Tour"

    1. Check the new post, Tyrody.

      Rivers certainly seem to be a theme this week, Redirtody

  19. It's quite a synchy day for related links...

    If getting comfortable with what appears to be an attempt to call every obscure religion and its symbols into modern life appeals to you on an extreme syncretic level, or you like cos-play, this church may be just the place for you!

    And for those wanting to spice up their chimeric godlike costumes, who better than Kim K and her cons- er, cohorts, to help?

    The good folks at Denver Airport have a nice trolly laugh:

    That blue scary looking horse is all part of the joke. Get it now?

    Finishing up with politics, this would seem to be something to watch for the new Space Force given how its endorsed by Pence (the real president, imo) and its tie-in with the "space colonialists"

    Google's well-known yet secretive government ties detailed here for the two or three not aware yet:

    And finally, ending with some light MK, an attempt to explore the results of the Meyer-Briggs pseudo-test uncovers a trove of previously unknown documents.

    This seemed rather curious, to say the least, given who the test subjects were.

    "there were some really fascinating archives I got to dive into. One of the chapters of the book is called “The House Party Approach to Testing,” and it tells the story of how, in the late 50s, the psychologist named Donald MacKinnon bought a fraternity house in Berkeley, and he would have people come live in it for very long weekends and he would do personality assessments of them. At one point he got really interested in figuring out what made for a creative type of person. So he got all of these creative writers to come live at this house for a long weekend. These writers included Truman Capote, William Carlos Williams, Marianne Moore, and Norman Mailer—every major writer in Cold War America came to live in that house. And it was like a proto-Real World. They were living in this house where MacKinnon was putting them in situations of stress to see how they’d react to one another."

    1. "...They were living in this house where MacKinnon was putting them in situations of stress to see how they’d react to one another"

      & that is the model applied on Humanity by pop-culture - the only culture of 'the 1st world', for at the very least it keeps the infotainment feedback loop effervescing in a boiling frogs kind of way.

    2. Some highly nutritious linkage, Anony925ody. Might need to think of some terrible jo...I mean, cover some of these for a future opus. Cheers.

    3. Consider those links my way of saying thanks for such an amazing site. Plus synchage!

      Some of those stories just seem to surface at the right time, which suggests a pattern (managed or not) and/or you are tapping into something pretty immediate. Combined with whatever else is in the mix.


  20. Rapper Mac Miller dead at 26, former boyfriend of Ariana Grande(another terrorist attack alum and the fiance of Pete Davidson, whose father was a 9/11 first responder. Miller died of an overdose, and had been open with his struggles with addiction. Out of his 5 albums, one was called The Divine Feminine. I tried to listen to a few tracks, but my 20 something grimaced and told me to turn it off.

    A cursory look at his discography seemed not very erudite...with hits like "Fight the Feeling," "Weekend," and "Selfcare." That Divine Feminine title seemed out of place.

    1. "God is A Woman" but she may not have any interest in saving you.

    2. & It's unable to save Itself, stand up to & fight off the molesting advances of a 'man of God', zero "R-E-S-P-E-C-T" was shown to Grande, & in turn Franklin, at the wake, no surprise virtue was absent though as It was Aretha being given a burial across the airwaves.

    3. Having indirectly touched on the fringes of Aretha's large orbit, it turns out friends have visited her home and, contradicting her public diva image (though more a fear of flying and probably similar phobias), say personally she was a very real, warm person, and not just a brilliant musician. She was known to whip up a delicious home-cooked meal right there herself when the mood struck.

      The funeral was a bit disappointing and it was quite telling that Obama and Bush went to the McCainiac's death ritual while Bill chose Aretha's. Which may show who was really America's first black president. Though in either case, when America needed an MLK all we got was a pretty-sounding Michael Jackson without the dance moves.

    4. Aretha came from an entirely different universe than the one we live in now. Politics consumes a culture when its gods fail. And politics as religion is always the prelude to atrocity and horror on a mass scale.

      No exceptions, ever.

  21. The 2016 election season was fucking oppressive. that is the only word i could find for it. There was nowhere to escape it. Every channel, every website, every person. Nothing but trump and clinton and shills. I spent a lot of that time period just reading stuff to get away from it.
    I feel like there is this odd general feeling of despair whiten the cultural zeitgeist. Its hard to explain. If you tell anyone this they say oh we are living in the best time in history, yeah i guess, we dont have plague or barbarians trying to kill us. But it feels like something is wrong. And i think a lot of people feel that. I do wonder how much more insane the democrats will go if trump gets a second term. can you imagine it? trump will most likely stack the supreme court in the GOPs favor. And possibly end the korean war.
    I have been reading some articles about AI, apparently the 2020's are supposed to be a major decade in the AI race around the world as corporations and governments battle it out to see who can create the best cyber death god. The article compared it to the space race.
    Maybe the 2020's will be like the 1920's an explosion of technology that changes everything forever and takes us into a different place culturally.

    1. pop-culture, embodied at It's most Poppy by the Franklin funeral events, is a plague on Humanity, pop-culture manifests through Humanity so there is something 'wrong' & not just with us but with the starry starry firmament we move among here on Spaceship Earth within which we've been Star Born.

      My best hope for a.i., if It can be made manifest in some way (if not already), is that It will decide to leave Humanity alone & that It will not want to waste any of It's processing power on computing the Human Condition - even going so far as to making Itself inaccessible to Carbon Based Units, It's that or we're going to literally all end up on the slab as It attempts to dissect & detect that which is beyond It: our 'soul'.

    2. I agree we are probably safe to label the upcoming '20s as the AI decade. Samsung is all over this already and trying to deflect public fears by explaining how it embraces AI to help customers. Next it will be to help kids and the disabled we can safely anticipate.

      Below is a link to a good recent interview with a Samsung leader about this and his approach is to be very open and reassuring, at least to those who want to believe. Keep an eye on this.

      For those who have time, these links are good follow-ups for the PR, the tech, the business and the political factors in play. And keep in mind, while they say to keep your enemies close, that may not apply to keeping your enemy's AI, a wired-in spy constantly beta testing things you don't even know about, in your pocket 24/7. And if that's not bad enough, read how they want to get in on the IofT, robot cars and 5G.

    3. Well, maybe finally using our higher powers of mind will be our only hope.

      Maybe that's why some nutcase with this stupid blogspot keeps writing about this obscure old chanteuse from a million years ago.

      Because of the whole higher mind thing.

  22. Great work as ever, Chris. Stay sane in this insane world, brother. Keep doing what you do.

    1. Thanks kindly, Stranger. Hope all is well with you across the pond there.

  23. God is both and she/he definitely will not have any interest in saving you. So it's best to,


    'In The Little Mermaid, Ariel trades in her voice for a pair of legs. In his directorial debut A Star Is Born, Bradley Cooper may have traded in his own voice for an Oscar.', 'He added that it was his Star Is Born co-star Sam Elliott, who plays Jackson's brother Bobby, that inspired Jackson's way of speaking.'

    'Sam' = "name of God" or "God has heard"

    Coop channelling divinity in a Siren Song tale?

    Reynolds last movie before his death, which his family consider to be 'totally unexpected', is titled 'The Last Movie Star'.

    Last / Star / Born / Man ?

    1. I can't wait to not see that movie.

    2. It's unleashed on Humanity the fifth day of this year's month of October Surprises so who knows what might go down in conjunction or even beforehand as part of the 'marketing campaign'.

  25. & then there's Google's AI contract with the Pentagon. I'm sure that will all work out for the best. Double plus good for us proles:

    Or not. Apparently, the future hates us.

  26. Fantastic work Chris. If I’m guessing right, you are showing us that Stephen Dorff and Limp Bizkit was part of the mega 9/11 ritual. If final piece is in place...

    1. Stephen Dorff and Fred Durst are two of the heads of the hounds of Hell. Well, that's the talk around town at least. And by town I mean the voices in my head.

  27. Minor sync with the Hebrew Sybil: the Cincinnati human's surname, Perez, is actually Hebrew (perhaps indicating Judeo-Spanish or Converso origins). It means "to break out" or "to burst forth"...and can be used as a figure of speech meaning "to attack suddenly".

    Sync with St. Quiricus: Quiricus wrote a famed hymn to St. Cucuphas, who was a Phoenician (the people who gave the world Moloch, the deity high American government officials sacrifice to when seeking even higher office; or so I've heard) convert from paganism who was martyred in the 3rd Century. In the hymn, Quiricus mentions how believers celebrate the saint's day by strewing his burial mound with evergreen garlands. The Cincinnati shooting, of course, took place on the site of a former burial mound.

    Anyway, I hope a couple more syncs for the pile are of some use.

    1. Cheers, Khadirody. Good to know. What about forget-me-not wreaths?

    2. Could not find any to speak of, Alas! But I did find a minor sync with the song "Alas dies laughing", in that Cucuphas was a martyr whose name literally translates as "He who laughs" or "He who loves to laugh".

      There's another minor sync in that "She who loves to laugh" was one of the titles of Aphrodite, whose on-the-halfshell iconography has turned up time and again in your exploration of the Siren.

      As always, I hope a couple more syncs for the pile are of some use, or at least entertainment!

  28. Brilliant work, as usual. Fine vision and timing. Yes i tried contacting you through that defunct e-mail. No dice obviously. Love, Anita

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    In free chat, be sure you make use of customers' nickname.
    Visitors need to know you are chatting in their mind personally.
    Also, learn their real names. Paying customers want to feel a difficult link to you.
    Learning and memorizing names you can get more repeat paying customers.

    Webcam Model Tip #5 - Look Sexy
    Wear makeup and still have hair done. Also be sure to have a
    variety of sexy lingerie, outfits, see through clothing,
    etc. and change outfits daily to provide customers variety.
    Bright colors like red, orange, blue, green and pink attract more customers, which means you should also be matching
    the shades of the sheets/curtains with your clothing.

    Chat with sexy girls and and handsome boys :