Monday, March 12, 2018

Snapshots from the Apocalypse: Drilling for Doomsday

Did you miss me? Oh, you did? That's so sweet, thank you.

In case you were wondering, I was at APOCALARP-CON 2018, drilling the breakdown of the Grid when the poles flip, or the Sun burps, or Russia launches Coldbringer, or whatever. The great thing is that we didn't even have to leave the house! 

In fact, we couldn't have left the house even if we wanted to!

Yeah, this time around we rolled the old twenty-sider and got "You are cut off by more than a foot of wet, heavy snow and fallen trees on either side of your property! Plows are nowhere in sight."  Luck be my lady!

I knew we rolled for "No heat, no power, no internet" but this was a real treat. We did have a kerosene heater on hand so we didn't exactly get the full ride-- meaning we got the downstairs nice and toasty so we didn't all die in our sleep of hypothermia-- but you know how it goes with drills. 

But my car did get stuck in a ditch and had to be towed out, so that was totally boss. And we lost the old mulberry tree but nothing came down on the house, knock on wood. 

Same goes for the nor'easter right before this one. You know, the one with the tropical gale-force winds. We got the power back last night but the cable is still out so I'm using my phone as a modem. 

And just to make it interesting I got a bad cold and still had to go out and drag ginornous branches off the street and shovel countless hundreds of pounds of slushy ice as well. Man, you really get the immersive experience at APOCALARP-CON. Worth every penny.

The view from my driveway- 
That's supposed to be a street

I mean, this year wasn't quite the tour de force with Sandy, what with the opened-gates of Hell hurricane-force winds, ball lightning flying down the street like those little lighty-looking UFOs in Close Encounters and the Fall of Berlin destruction everywhere you looked the next day. 

My favorite were the 70 foot-tall oaks knocked down all in a row like dominoes (or Donimos) and the trees with eight foot-tall root bases ripped out of the ground like Kleenex. Or all the downed utility poles and live power wires electrifying the wet earth. 

We did get some of that this go-around; lots of live wires dancing around. I heard one burned a five-foot wide hole in the pavement. Zappy!

I was going to update earlier but using Blogger on a mobile device is like playing guitar with hockey mitts on. I mean, who'd expect Blogger to be compatible with Chrome, right? It's not like they're owned the same comp... never mind.

So yeah, we'll be investing in a proper generator so we'll be ready for the next 
APOCALARP-CON. Though I'll probably stay off the iMac then, too.

The thing with APOCALARP-CON is that it's kind of like those old Monty Python episodes where they'd run the end credits even though there'd still be boffo yuks and zany hijinks to come. (Or for you younger readers, kind of like the teasers at the end of the Marvel movies). 

For example, a few weeks after the 2012 Superstorm I was driving my daughter home from school and an massive tree just pearly dew-dropped onto the street in front of us like an old dog flopping onto a plush carpet. 

Had we been on that street just a few short seconds earlier my car would have been instantly pancaked with my daughter and I in it. I'd be blogging to you from the Pearly Dewdrop Gates.

How big was this tree? See all that there? That's what they cut it up into. "Huge-ass," is what the kids would call it.

But the great thing about Apocalypse LARPing is that it's everywhere all the time now, it's just a question of degree. Everyone can play now! 

For instance, there's the Edward ALEXAnder Crowley surveillance device that's been "malfunctioning" and responding to prisoner user requests with maniacal laughter.  Don't worry, Lex Luthor's team of experts are on it like Blue Bonnet:

How serious are Amazon taking this? So serious that Worshipful Master Bro. Jimmy Kimmel (Hollywood Lodge no. 2044) was tasked with whitewashing the whole episode with his trademark "humor." 

Plus, veiled threats.

Secret Sun readers, on the other hand, aren't surprised by any of this. 

You all remember the Lucifer and Terminator action figures in the Alexa Echo Super Bowl ads, right? You think they were there for decoration?

Them and the Ubaid-vintage Reptilian? If so, hit the archives- stat!

Speaking of the Mark without Which No Man Can Buy or Sell, there is a veritable army of "ex" CIA, NSA, etc etc agents running for Congress as "Democrats" this year. I can see the wisdom in this; why carry on with the illusion that votes count and politicians are anything but puppets who dance to the same tune no matter what party they're in?  

Masterful. That's why we pay these folks the big bucks.

And did you happen to catch this little trial balloon thrown up using the Hogg siblings? Yeah, armbands. 

No, seriously.

Interesting look, eh?  Oddly, no one in the mainstream media seemed to notice this rather audacious bit of symbolism, despite the obvious parallelisms at work here. Must be one of those glitches in the Matrix you hear about.

Oh, well. Kids these days, right? Armbands, rallies, slogans, witchhunts, loyalty oaths, no-platforming, gang-beatings of dissenters. Whatever. At least they're not acting like a bunch of fasci... oh.

Hey, Look! Charmander! 

Gotta catch 'em all!

Hey, now here's an interesting little item; a former member of the Children of God (that is, the intelligence community's honeytrap for Third World businessmen and politicians) has a new book detailing her just-like-Rose-McGowan experiences in the "apocalyptic sex cult."

And you wanna know what's really wacky about her new tome there?

This Spooky little sexcult used to hold shooter drills in their compound in Thailand. Ain't that the living end? Where did they ever get a kooky, mixed-up idea like that? Man, truth is stranger than fiction.

Nutty, eh? What a lollapalooza.

I found this shot interesting, of the author and her twin sister in Thailand as children. Looks vaguely familiar, no? Whatever could I be thinking of?

Damn, it's on the tip of my tongue. Can someone lend me a hand here?

Whoa. I saw this story and my heart sank. Are the Microbes indeed Ready? "Disease X"; now that sounds ominous, doesn't it? What do we know about this existential threat to all human life on Earth?

Oh, wait. We don't know anything. Because Disease X doesn't actually exist. 

That gul'darn UN! Stop scaring us, will ya? 

Don't you lot over there on the East River have anything better to do with your time? 

Wait; don't answer that. I've seen what your Blue Helmets like to do for kicks in their off-hours.

I mean, it's getting so you can't trust any Bond-villain Globalists any more! Take Blofeldo Bono, for instance- his ONE (as in "One World Government") "charity" has been up to the very same shenanigans all the other Bond-Villain Globalist charities are guilty of! 

And now you tell me that ONE is also a Bond-Villain Globalist honey-pot operation? 

Oh, the humanity! Is there nothing left to believe in? 

How can an organization that boasts David "Man-Pig Love" Cameron, Sheryl "Panopticon" Sandberg and a minor league Kennedy-to-be-named-later on its board (and worse still, besides) be anything but as pure as the driven snow? 

I can hardly see the screen through the tears of despondency and disillusionment. 

I am literally shaking, literally. 

Very, very shaky here.

Speaking of trial balloons, good ol' Dickie Dawk is waving the flag for cannibalism as of late. Because why wouldn't he?

After all, this is the same Dickie Dawk who waved the flag for "mild pedophilia" as well. I'm assuming "mild pedophilia" is the kind that doesn't involve cannibalism. But don't quote me on that, though. 

Maybe just mild cannibalism.

Or no cannibalism, but maybe a little light Satanism. Yeah, that's from Dickie Dawk's website. Dickey LOVES the Temple of Satan (sic). 

Go look for yourself.  

Maybe Dickie Dawk is just trolling the Voatniks and the 4Chansters. Only he's clairvoyant and got to trolling 'em several years ago. 

Or, D::Wave.

Speaking of mild cannibalism and a little light Satanism, Katy PerryKing is in the news yet again. In this case, her and the elderly nuns whose convent Katy LukePerry wants to rededicate in the service of Mystery Ruddycups the Great. Allegedly.

Well, all I can say is that you'd best take on some heavy-duty warding if you ever go head to toe with Katy PerryRhodan in a court of law because Katy ParryThrust's conjuring kung-fu will drop your ass --but cold -- just like she did with the poor, naive, cloistered soul who thought her puny saints were any match for the Scarlet One Who Serves the Beast Who Shall Make War with the Saints, and Overcome Them. 


Tonight, it is truly dew-dropping on the Angels of the City. Did anyone prophesy these people?

Only Hamill. Come in, Hamill. 

That's Mark Hamill-- aka Obi-Luke You're Our Only Hope-- who received his sacred Venusian pentangle on the Holy-Wood Walk of Renown. Hamill was joined by his wife and children. Plus, their dog. Plus, R2D2.

Plus, R-LA-T, who was there in spirit. Pray for us, R-LA-T!


  1. Glad to hear that you and your family are OK Chris.
    But, did you have to go and mention the East River?-)
    "Five dead after helicopter crashes in New York City's East River"

    1. Yeah Chris, all this bullshit aside I'm glad you and your family are okay.
      I'm sure you already know this but your blog has become a catalyst of sorts; many minds converging here.
      That's awesome mate.
      We need to understand that our own thoughts and especially the will and action of such thoughts carry power.
      Your a better QB than Brady dude!

  2. Oh come on... you photoshopped in the t on the guy the far right, right? ;-)

    1. nope... official press photo

    2. That Cocteau-Shirt looks like something that he (or somebody else) printed/painted himself. It´s most likely not any official merchandise.

  3. Whoaa!! Glad to have you back Chris. I figured you finally had enough and were vacationing in some exotic location with some tropical drinks. Or at least in a backyard treehouse-fort with 20 packs of cigarettes and an mp3 full of Cocteau Twins.

    Really though, glad your house didnt get squashed. I didnt even see that there was a blizzard happening. Its been like 80 in Austin.

  4. We're due for another 18" of snow tomorrow, how about you? It never ends. March in New England, such a joy. Stay safe!

  5. Like a big wet snowball to the face! It can't be real, it can't be real, it can't be real. Dude, I'm hungry, you got any mystery meat hanging around?

  6. Re-posted, since I consider it the best answer so far:

    The color orange is the color of the SACRAL CHAKRA, the chakra linked to the testicles and ovaries, and to the element of WATER. Think about it: these "Vegas" are actually fallen angels, they are "mermaids" of sorts in a very Lovecraftian/Innsmouth way, so that's WATER right there, not to mention that they are obsessed with REPRODUCTION, mating with human females in order to create an abhorrent hybrid race, so what better chakra to stimulate within our souls than the ORANGE "sacral" one?

    Also, this is the chakra associated with the sephira YESOD on the Kaballistic Tree of Life, the "lunar" sephira the WATCHERS of the Book of Enoch originally came from before their fall. The "little grey men" DO look a hell of a lot like the Watcher from Marvel Comics, don't they? That particular Watcher also lived on the Moon (remember, Yesod is astrotheologically sacred a LUNAR realm, meaning it is literally the DREAM WORLD wanting to become real here on Earth), and he was also sworn never to interfere with human affairs, until one day, the big "G" showed up...

    1. OK, JB, I'll have a think about that one.

      That whole "watcher" thing reminds me of when I used to hang out with the editorial team of Interzone, before they got absorbed by the kings of slipstream, not that they weren't rather slipstream before. One of them was obsessed with some obscure story written in the 30s or thereabouts, involving the Earth on its last days, the Sun going out, everybody living inside a giant pyramid, and four Watchers around the pyramid. The guy wanted to publish short stories based on that Universe, and I wrote a story for him that he accepted and bought. He liked that in my story the Watchers were children. Nowadays, I can see the blatant Masonic symbolism, but I didn't know the first thing about it then. Funny thing is, I simply took the weird premises of the story, took them to their logical conclusion, and wrote a story about that, and the guy just loved it.

    2. Since you seem to know it all about chakras: why don't they start at the feet? Aren't feet significant in many spiritual traditions, and that's why you ought to enter some temples barefoot? Does it matter much if you are wearing socks?

    3. Watcher, keeper, guardian, protector. There is some ambiguity there. You could assume that the modern term would be guardian angel. If Christian culture was consistent enough to describe such a possible creature as something to scare children with instead of comfort them. Conceptually they would be more like the chimeric gargoyle or lion headed statues protecting cities. You could call the sphinx a watcher, standing in front of the great pyramids. Why not, I mean, nobody really knows for sure.

    4. Maria - they do.

      Naked feet help with grounding those who haven't learnt to do it themselves. That root chakra and the foot chakras are ... Like roots.

  7. Culture death culture death ! Let the death eaters loose so we can grow a new culture body!!! Cycles cycles! No one is in control because we see cycles and then plan but what happens to chicken and cows or cannabis grown inside with those weird pink LEDs, all that weirdness that breaks the life cycles or takes the cycle inside a closed artificial system to feed the high can happen to us but we dream it in all which ways and the babble tower and its technology based on the power of abstraction and extraction of self from reality always falls. I thought you were Down under but then I remembered that's the rune soup guy. Glad you're ok. The only internet I consum is you, Jordan Peterson psychology lectures(not so much political) and the thunderboltsproject(.info). So if you get taken out by a hail ball I lose at least 69% of my celebrity and pedophile entertainment entrainment. I'm not sure this stuff is really healthy to think about but it's like better than really good orange cheesy nachos. I think with enough exercise, centering, and we're going to die anyway, it's probably fine.

  8. About the freezing cold, back in '97 if I remember correctly there was a catastrophic ICESTORM here in the Province of Québec. No electricity for 3 weeks in the big cities, none for over 2 MONTHS in rural areas. Two lessons I learned the hard way:

    Don't let people find out you have a generator, or they WILL be envious and try to break it/steal it.

    Being a vegetarian (as I was at age 16) is in no way or form compatible with going into SURVIVAL mode, especially when the grocery stores are empty.

    The lowest quality of canned meats are DELICIOUS at some point, so cannibalism can't be that far behind.

    1. Vegetarianism and survival mode are perfectly compatible in places where vegetarians are common. Where they aren't, well, being vegetarian is much harder in all circumstances. Whenever I go back to Spain, I resign myself to simply being as vegetarian as realistically possible.

  9. A Cocteau Twins t-shirt at Hamill's ceremony? Seriously (or Siriusly as the dog was also present)?

  10. Hi Chris,

    Good to know you’re okay.

    Totally unrelated but just rewatched Batman: The Dark Knight Rises and started to wonder if it wasn’t some form of predictive programming concerning the rise in Trump (and Bane would be the exact aesthetic opposite of Trump, in that his mouth is covered and he has no hair whatsoever - tell me if I’m going too far with this connection), put forth all the way back in 2012.

    I did little bit of googling, looking for anyone who might have started down this track and didn’t find anything but found a blogger who argued the strong Christian symbolism in the film: Batman/BW as the Christ figure, John Blake (the cop played by JG Levitt) as John the Baptist, Catwoman/Selina Kyle as Mary Magdalene (Catholic interpretation of her as the whore redeemed), Marion Cotillard’s character as the Whore of Babylon (her first appearance she’s wearing red), and Gotham representing Zion.

    Here’s the link:

    I knew there was something deeper to the movie but I don’t think I went deep enough. The first act of the movie is full of comments that reference all sorts of tangential connections (e.g. one off-hand comment paralleling Bruce Wayne to Howard Hughes with his fingernails and hair grown out).

    But what got me were the murals throughout Wayne Manor - they looked like they could have been Egyptian or Sumerian but I didn’t get a good enough look.

    I suspect that there is a deeper message within that film (as well as the other two C Nolan Batman films) but I haven’t quite figured out what it is. Would you know of any blogs that might have tackled this topic? Or maybe you have and I just haven’t looked hard enough in your archives?



    1. The take of that movie in Jay's Analysis may be more the sort of thing you are looking for. Personally, I find the Christian symbolism quite telling. After all, if you want to understand demons, a Christian priest is probably a good place to start.

    2. The interior shots were done at Osterley Park, apparently:
      Or search Google images for Osterley Park interiors.

      Seems to be a lot of Greek Revival and some Etruscan, although I don't recall that particular room from the movie.

  11. Always darkest before the dawn. Like any good story. Ishtar may yet reclaim her insignia and emerge triumphant from the dark realm. Maybe the post millennial generation can pull their shit together. Just maybe. Or we can join Taylor on the beach, cursing mankind.
    Obviously all those people who laughed off McKennas 2012 shtick are wiping the egg off. The descent into novelty was in all his little talk presented as something bright. Instead it's been a headlong descent into madness. It certainly doesn't have to end in utter doom. We could squeak through where the Atlanteans perished, victims of the denizens of the outer void they themselves had invoked to secure their mastery.
    Hey! Can you tell I read a lot of Kirby-Lee stuff as a kid?
    The Q thing is great fun. I think it's just some guy asking the same questions we are. Who are these nut jobs and maniacs running the world and why do they never face any consequences for their mendacity.

  12. Glad all is well-ish. Yeah we've been having an *interesting* winter here too; from record warm days in Feb. to one noreaster after another in March. Speaking of which, we're getting another 6-10" tomm. We lucked out with snowfall amounts last time around. although those at living at the higher elevations got nailed. A friend's parents who live up in N. Adams (NW corner of MA) got over 32". & today what I did I spy with my little eye? A great big "X" chemtrail right over the downtown area, so I have a feeling we're in for it.

    & speaking of "X", that "Disease X" you mentioned really reminded me of a major plot point in the show "Counterpart". (Spoilery): the parallel earth was decimated by a runaway flu strain in the early 90s, killing off a significant percentage of its population. All outdoor scenes set on this parallel world show very few people out & about, no crowds whatsover, & billboards all over the place stating that "Personal health is public business" (Something to that effect), & warning that failure to report any changes in one's health to the authorities is a crime. Also, the parallel earth blames our world for the pandemic:

    Check this show out sometime, its worth it.

    1. Skies here in Austin were beautiful today. Then I see a plane spraying chemtrails, and say goddammit, why you gotta spray chemtrails on this gorgeous day. 30 minutes later, total haze. How does anyone deny chemtrails? Its the most obvious thing. Right in front of everyone. Broad daylight. Ticks me off. The air was actually nice for a change.

    2. Sorry about your loss of a beautiful day Brian.

      I first became aware of the spraying program in 1998 because, unlike almost everyone, I've always observed the sky. I had no computer then; direct observation and common sense revealed what was happening.

      The appalling lack of public recognition is at least as much of a demoralizing factor for me as my complete impotence to do anything about it.

  13. I love a good apocalypse. In the Catskills it's been a benign winter wonderland, and law enforcement's open season on most every Irish tough I know, practically. We may have to just say "no" for a while... I do envy your ball lightning and downed power lines. Nothing screams "end of the world" more than twisted metal structures and high-voltage electric sparks. Hope the dry, CO-rich atmosphere of kerosene heat has not been injurious to you or your loved ones.

  14. Talk about close to home. I’m glad you and the rest of the Knowles fam survived this volley of the Apocalarp-Con!

    1. Richard Dawkins who some remember dying a year ago or ago is "back" and promoting Cannibalism! The deep state #pegodate Obama Democrats are CIA Agents? Shock.Not!

    2. Christopher Hitchens died in 2011.

  15. >>And now you tell me that ONE is also a Bond-Villain Globalist honey-pot operation?

    Hmm...just making my way down the post...what was I saying before about law enforcement arresting Irish toughs in the neighborhood...if it's any consolation, you're not the only bleary-eyed, literally shaky blogger on the block.

  16. amazing how living in SOUTHERN NJ we seem to be bypassed more often than not. I'm not great at 'adding to the conversation' but I should say I got quite a thrill as a secret sun follower to see that headline on yahoo news about Katy fighting the nuns.... could it get any stranger...? oh right.

  17. Chris,

    First off, you were in the punk/hardcore scene. Playing guitar with hockey mitts on should be old hat to you. Tell everyone you're in a No Wave band.

    Second - ouch! Truly sorry to hear of your exploits. Real Blizzard of '78 stuff there. And glad to hear you and yours are faring well, despite the sniffles. Y'all sure got socked. All I got was a leak over the front door and some light flickering. Of course, Storm #3 is rolling in tomorrow (Tuesday), so Boston may yet get its share.

    Arm bands - I can't even. Oh, sure I can. Aside from the fascist overtones (and so stylish on a white shirt with a black tie) there's the now-abandoned custom of wearing a black arm band when one is in mourning. And it's Mourning In America (again!), isn't it? Much like the contents of the GMP or the dangers of texting while crossing the street, just because the hoi polloi are unaware of its implications doesn't mean it no longer counts.

    Alexa - I could envision Mr. Crowley entertaining its prattle for about thirty seconds before dropping his scarf-stuffed top hat onto it.

  18. Probably someone mentioned this already, but I just saw the Black Panther movie yesterday, and was struck by the amiable CIA agent character who opines at length about the bad Wakandan man having been a JSOC operative, and how that bad JSOC operatives destabilize governments and murder and assassinate political leaders, etc. I guess this civil war between factions in the CIA, et. al, and factions in JSOC,, is now being immortalized in Hollywood feature films.

    1. It's a typical Hollywood inversion, in reality it's about JSOC against the CIA. People in the military have finally gotten sick to death of the CIAs descent into 100% pure, unmitigated, Baby-raping, treasonous Satanic Evil. Not even an exaggerating.


      This been going on since Capra was making movies (if not before).

    3. I agree but What or WHOM is the CIA doing this shit for, and WHY?
      The real question.
      THAT is what needs to be addressed, the source of the 'fire', not the fucking 'smoke'.
      Sick ass fucking evil shit is an understatement.

    4. Rumor has it the secret Lookout Mountain movie studio is the place to start looking for the who and why.

      The not so sanitized version:

  19. Greetings Chris - I came across this recently and thought you'd have an interesting take.

    So Kirkman has a new comic coming out, this follows his other recent title "Outcast" which is about possession, as I'm sure you know. This new one is called "Oblivion Song". Couple of things jumped out to me, and I would appreciate your thoughts:

    1) Both titles have very stylized letters "O"'s in their titles:
    In the case of the newer title they are even intersecting/overlapping

    2) in the brief synopsis of issue #1 for Oblivion Song we read that it is a story about another dimension popping up in PHILADELPHIA and find the following: " Why can't he (main character we presume) resist the siren call of the Oblivion Song? ". Siren eh....

  20. Everything is just so messed up and freaky right now. I don't know what the hell to say. I'm just glad that you and your loved ones are ok, Chris. Don't lose that fighting spirit or that sense of humour, my man. You continue to be an inspiration. A hero in a world of liars, mercenaries and opportunists.

  21. K paydo vato!
    As my children and I watched cirque day Soleil’s Orange-a-pacolypse on Ice Spectacular
    “CRYSTAL” in the valley of the sun you and yours face the real thing. Glad to hear all is well.

  22. So Dawkie boy is trying hard for relevancy with a push for soylent green...well, he never was able to get his timing right...or his thinking...but atheism is still good, yes yes, or serving Brand Name Dark Lord (TM), Ah, I remember the good ol' 90's, where all of us cynical jerks would hang around discussing various flavours of doom...D.O.A. even did an album back then, 13 Flavours of Doom...although it might be more than 13 choices now, what with the whole multiverse of possibilities infinitely branching out into every possible Elder God orifice. But whadda I know, I'm just a peasant made of several kinds of wonderbread, a po' lil cracker with no hope of ever understanding it all.

    Well, everything outside the purview of this universe, anyways. That watered down dark ritual pablum on tv is just so...whatever. If maybe a tad obvious. Really, my people, they went into the hills and shadowy vales and sacrificed someone to Mithra around Christmas and I tells ya, no nonsense, no time for some haf arsed half bowl dancing, or gossiping in every village about how good the guy with the knife was, nosirree. All business.

    Well, there you have it. Will tomorrow be a bright and shiny new wonder, or all doomsy and nasty? Will anyone know the difference? Tune in next week for no answer at all.

    1. My quick take has generally been rather than reality the PTB prefer to serve us their own specially-curated UNiVerse.

    2. My take on this all along; we are existing in a 'highjacked reality'.
      The analogy of being stuck inside a large aquarium which is existing in a larger ocean is a good example; you can't see the 'walls' of the aquarium, and 'see' the larger ocean, so you think it's all good!

  23. Noticed the child's name in the Satan class is Damian... ha ha..geez. I love that you said Dickie Dawk cause I used to say, Dick Dawk Dick Dawk your time is almost up.

  24. Apocalypse, revelation, epiphany, disclosure: these words all mean the same thing - the big reveal, the denouement of the eschaton.

    What few realise, is that what is revealed, is not necessarily revealed to all.

    Yes, revelations are broadcast to all, but this is on an 'ability to perceive' basis, which means only the percipient few enjoy the enlightenment of revelation.

    This is, of course, all a matter of eugenics.

    1. Zod I have at least 15 new words in my vocabulary since reading/responding to your posts.
      I agree with what you are saying but is this not a conundrum?
      I can tell you in SWAHILI that I am going to rob you blind, and in doing so I have fulfilled my obligation to inform you of my intentions, but since you don't speak SWAHILI you can't even begin to comprehend what I have communicated to you, how does this have any significance?
      I might have said NOTHING in the first place; same RESULT.
      But what does this have to do with eugenics?

    2. If by some drug you could increase the intelligence of a cow long enough to explain its predicament, the limitations of its physiology, the perspective of its situation on Earth, and its imminent demise as fast-food for its farmers, then, if the drug lasted long enough for comprehension to sink in, it would probably go apeshit/zombie.

      The Swahili analogy doesn't work. This is a matter of comprehension/understanding in the sense of intelligence, not in the sense of linguistics.

      Everything is being revealed to those with sufficient intelligence to realise this, as they are the only ones who won't tend to go apeshit/zombie when they epiphanically shift their paradigm.

      The trauma of this shift is allegorised in the Matrix as Neo's response to the red pill.

      Intelligent people all over the world are going through this shift. The blue-pillers perceive this transformation in their fellows as a phase of conspiritardedness (brief to indefinite).

    3. Oh and wrt to eugenics, upon each eschaton it would make sense to tip off the more sapient of the sapiens, with a view to enhancing their natural selection.

    4. What you are describing is impotence and futility not preparedness. When the soviet union collapsed/transitioned it was not as if there were not many intelligent Russians who did not have a good understanding of the problems of their system. But when it happened it was not them who profited but the more criminally minded types who were prepared to act with brutal decisiveness.

    5. Thank you Zod.
      This I understand; makes sense actually.

    6. Zod--different anon here. Read thru that Reddit post you linked. Interesting how many agreed the government listens to us, but everything else is created by the imaginations of insane folks. Today someone told me that Fox News is mostly fake news, but they feel CNN is even on subjects. I just nod and smile. If I'm insane, at least I'm in good company. I rather question everything and be a conspiratard than a sheep being blindly led to slaughter.

    7. Whatever happened in the soviet 'transition' happened then - a different time, a different purpose.

      Ever unscrupulous, the missionaries carry out their multimillennial mission above all other considerations...

      It is not about profit, but preparation - as terrible as it may be.

      WHATEVER it takes - to escape the cycle of rebirth.

      Even so, there is still consideration for the possibility of failure - hence the eugenics (tipping off the intelligent, encouraging miscegenation via immigration, etc).

    8. Anyone's impotence or sense of futility is their own business. Ultimately there will be little difference between the wholly ignorant and the aware but willfully impotent.

    9. Anon 6:42; I agree, but how has it come to pass that the criminal underworld has a leadership role in world affairs?
      So we let the 'Mafia' (RCC) run the 'show' and profit by it's malfeasance?
      And then 'they' exert control/domination on all 'world' governments?
      Kinda like what is happening NOW?
      Oh and the ancient romans were SO noted for their humanitarian efforts; showing compassion for their fellow SLAVES, I mean, citizens!
      Look this is about consciousness; DARK and LIGHT.
      Actually one and the SAME; POLARITY.
      But WILL is key here!!
      And the activation/ACTION of such will.
      The 'red pill ANTAGONISTS' pushing the 'blue pill(ers) ' to DENY such.
      I think I need a cleansing enema.

    10. Your old friend 6:42 here.

      Generalising from Russia. Some times very bad things happen and most people fall to pieces. Now the cold blooded types will recognise that this is not, in fact, the end. They will see what has true value for the future and take whatever they can. Or maybe they will selflessly do what they can to help and give others hope like characters in some kind of goddam movie for children. Is this advice or a warning? I don't give either.

      Too many people are, I think, naively buying into the red pill symbology. The "two choices" trick is one of the oldest con games in the world. Enforced binary thinking, us and them, good and bad. All of our understandings of the world are largely fictional, they have to be, we are not built to understand anything else. The false team red or team blue binary encourages you totally "swallow" one of two authoritarian visions rather than creating your own stories.

      That's not to say that there is no good or bad side to take when you have to. But to me the most scary part of Twin Peaks is when Sarah asks, "It's a goddam bad story, isn't it hawk?" What do you do when the "official" stories tear any sort of goodness away from you? It's not simply that Sarah is saying something that paints her as a bad person, a naive nihilist, but she has enough fourth wall breaking awareness to see how bad her situation is. The strong do what they can and the weak suffer what they must.

    11. The argument that the red/blue pill (gnosis vs bliss) dichotomy is a false one, is of course a blue piller's refuge.

      The individual has a real choice of seeking to understand more about the world they live in, beyond the concerns they know, or to enjoy life in blissful ignorance.

      The felling of two towers marked the immanence of the eschaton, establishing a spur to trigger the separation of the wheat from the chaff - the red from the blue.

      Those who have shifted soon realise they cannot argue with, let alone shift, the unshifted, especially not the blue-pillers - those who have glimpsed and denied the red.

      So, when a blue piller visits a place of the esoteric to denounce red as an option, one should consider the likelihood they are a shill, i.e. someone employed to sanitise/attenuate esoteric fora.

    12. And for the record, yes, I realise I may well be responding to a chatbot.

      It doesn't really matter. I'm not here to evangelise, but to seek communion. If an AI can prompt new directions in my thoughts or those of the audience, all well and good.

  25. OMFG! I am just glad you and yours are OK! Sounds as if your corner of the globe got turned into one of Dante's circles for a bit! Now that Hamill has a star can Nick Cage get one too?! "Madame Summersisle!" "Madame Summersisle!"😛Both of them have the depth of Olivier and the swagger of Bogie after all!
    PS I will try to teleport some mugs of hot chocolate your way along with a genie that grants all wishes and shovels snow!

  26. Article in Daily Mail regarding assassinations in Salisbury: 'Inventor of nerve agent says it's hell'(or similar,I paraphrase).Commenter says 'Oh really, thought'd be like strawberry fields forever'. Video/promo clip for which I believe was filmed on military base on Salisbury plain where similar said nerve agents where developed.

    1. Porton Down is 7 miles (11 kilomoetres) nor' east'erly of Salisbury.

  27. Ride it out, cowboy

    1. Trump is being blackmailed by the CIA for visits to Pedo-Billionaire Jeffrey Epstein's lolita nambla Island.The child sex trafficking by the CIA/FBI must be stopped even if we must take up arms and storm their offices! New CIA Director is a WOMAN, whom is wanted for arrest in Europe on torture charges. MELTDOWN DC 2018.

  28. Wow! You got hit with what looks like a year's worth of snow. I'm glad to hear you safetly made it through this late winter apocalyptic blizzard.

    I haven't seen that Amazon ad, although I remember you had mentioned it (and maybe had a screen grab) in a previous article. I could maybe chalk up the Lucifer figure and cutesy Terminator endoskeleton figure to a coincidence, but then there's that gold reptilian figure. Creepy, and almost too obvious. It makes me wonder if this 'being so obvious' about it all is a sign they're getting ready to fully declare this new/old religious paradigm shift or whatever the duck is going on. Or do you think they're a bunch of kooks with way too much money, and the whole ancient astronaut cargo cult or something like that applies here?

    The Katy Perry thing is disgusting. I took a peek at another article on that whole mess. It ends up there was another buyer who had dealt with the nuns, yet this person had to pay approx. 5mil in legal penalty fees, some to the church and some to Perry. Doesn't Katy Perry already have a bajillion dollars already? Yet these famous folks' minor legal paydays over some messy paperwork end up paying out more than a lot of people make in an entire lifetime. Sickening.

    I'm seriously sick of these overrated mega-star pop music singers. Anyone like this or Beyoncé who achieve that level of wealth, power, and influence just by singing... Probably shouldn't be trusted as anything but a conduit for something or someone lurking in the shadows. How do those types of artists/performers even relate at any level to their fans anymore? Fans who would pretty much be mostly blue collar and middle class working folks. These mega-pop-stars must be so cut off from the normal everyday experience of contemporary life, I just can't imagine it to be honest. Who in their right mind wants to still listen to that kind of music?

  29. Oh, you know Perry Rhodan! It's actually ONE huge novel published each week since 1961. And despite computer games and streaming it's still quite successful here in Austria and Germany. Sadly only a small fragment of this literary universe is translated into English:

    All the best with the terrible weather you are having!

  30. A storm provides perfect cover for a landing/manifestation/inter-dimensional incursion.

    What's on the t-shirt of the chap in black on the Hamill snap? He's flanked by two dogs too!

    As for Pearly, can you really be opposed to witch burnings after what she's done to those nuns Chris?

    & you may well need something with a bit more *bang* for your bucks than a generator if the next snowday's even worse.

    1. I was trying to figure out what was on that black shirt too. Skull made out of cats?

    2. It has something of a Crowley's 'LAM' look to it, a definite big-brained beastie, maybe one of 'The Brights' Dawkins counts himself among?

      & speaking of which 'Stephen Hawking' died today, the '30th Anniversary of Pi Day' or so google says so.

  31. In regards to the lab grown meat, Arthur C Clarke's short story - "Food From The God's", is brought to mind.

  32. But my favourite is when Arthur and Marvin the paranoid robot finally get to the end of the universe (or something like that) and the meaning of it all is in neon letters on a cliff -"Sorry for all the inconvenience." And one of the letters has turned off...

    I recall reading some sort of piece, where some angle or a demon or something finally gets around to explaining to the human race "Will there be a rapture? Oh dear, I'm afraid not. Already happened. You're just the ones who got left behind."

    Or the old story prompt, which I believe The Twilight Zone probably used -"You're the last man on earth (for those of other persuasions, "You're the last xir/cur/sher/LGZQBLT on earth") and then there's a knock on the door."

    Oh, you know what they say about predicting doomsday - you only have to be right once. Mind you, the part that sucks is you can't throw an "I told you so" to anyone.

  33. Not sure if anyone noted this: Scott twins' DNA changed while they were in space:

  34. Hi all,

    I have to tell this story.
    The other night, I brought my son over to his buddy's house to hang out. I love this family. They are just a "regulah" Italian American family from the Bronx, moved to the suburbs, just like most of us here. They are loving, hilarious, generous and tell it like it is.
    So I sit down to have a glass of homemade wine and the mom who is a friend, says to me, "Can I show you something?"
    I said sure, and she took me downstairs to her 20 year old daughter's boyfriend's room. He is staying with them because there was some situation at his home and he was invited to stay for a while.
    We go into his room and she opens his closet. There, inside the closet, was an enormous shrine to every possible mishmash of Gods you can imagine, including baphomet and a large ornate poster of Alister Crowley. He had an extensive library too--I remember seeing Terence McKenna, Crowley's Golden Dawn, among other Crowley books.
    To me, this all seemed like a twenty-something year old experimenting with alternative philosophies and spirituality.
    Meanwhile, for about a year now, I have been learning about all of this stuff and can't really let on that I actually know any of it...not in my neighborhood.
    Then she takes me up to her daughter's bedroom and opens that closet door to show my another shrine, to Mami Wata, which is pidgin English for Mother of the Water, the siren, mermaid. She is a central figure for coastal Nigerians. There was Saint Martha too with offerings of soda, food, letters, and I think different found objects from nature.

    All my friend had to say was, "Oh my gawd! There's my red candle!" I really didn't think I could begin to explain anything that I already knew about this stuff to her, much less the Cosmo-demonic AI chiming everywhere around us!

    It was a little dizzying. It is astonishing to think that regular kids in Putnam County NY are dabbling in this while their mom is at Home Goods buying duvet covers and their grandma is cooking up some pasta in the kitchen, two rooms away. But, not really, if you're an edgy young adult, bored with the status quo.
    Maybe they are just exploring freedom from their suburban backgrounds.
    Had to share!

  35. This comment has been removed by the author.

  36. No joke, i just saw a SJW ambiguously gendered person at the pool in the dress shirt and arm band.

    1. The armband fiasco looks like another oversight by "the planners" showing us they're slipping. Those who remember when America had a real anti-war movement also remember armbands. Since a true anti-war movement is something our industrial-strength death cult fears greatly it was very fortunate they had a nice Nazi diversion to duck behind and shut down inconvenient discussions like comparing the moral value of being anti-war with just being anti-gun. In the meantime, if they had any perspective left these brainwashed kids would see they're acting like a bunch of anti-suicide activists protesting the sale of anti-freeze.

  37. Nothing like a cyclobomb during the Apocalarp-con! I hope everyone effected gets out from underneath this crystallized pearly dew drops drops.

  38. Stephen Hawking dead at 76. 03/13/2018

  39. Chris, When I first heard her singing I thought she sounded like an innocent child. She was singing a song about Confectionery – sweets. I listened. Drops are sweets. Lemon Drops, Pear Drops, Acid Drops, Mint Pan Drops , Cherry Drops etc. These hard sweets are meant to be sucked over a period of time to allow slow release of flavour. These Drops are also called boilings. Boiling is applying heat below, around or near a single physical substance or multiple physical substances held within a container and causing a change to occur to the contained substance or substances – a change in odour, taste, colour, a thickening, a thinning, a bubbling etc. Pearly Dew Drops Drops must be some sort of imaginary poetic boilings. Wonder what they would taste like.
    This song was therefore linked in my mind with The Spangle Maker which is another song about a type of boiling sweet, the Spangle. Spangles are UK sweets very popular in the 70’s. They are square shaped with two circular, concave indentations in the middle of either face of the hard sugar sweet. Circle in the square Soul in the body sweets. Who makes them? Mars. He is that Spangle Maker. Mars the red man. Mars. The God of War. The Iron Man. The Blooded Man. He’s Heard a sound above the sound of battle a beautiful sound from far away and he’s fought his way across continents to reach its source. He stands before his White Bride Venus. His Alchemical Bride. The red man and the white woman. Beauty and the Beast. Look at Him! She Smelled him first! He stinks! I bet he hasn’t bathed for months! And look he’s carrying weapons of war onto her island of peace where the Muse can visit anytime and not have to look at fright sights like him. Look at his hair! All that military equipment and no comb! He’s presenting himself to Her, Venus The Great Goddess Of Love, as consort looking like a beggar. She’s shouting at him now. If he wants to marry this Goddess, to be her soul mate, the first thing he better do is have an Alchemical bath in her Venusian C. and the next time they meet he better look a lot more civilised and respectable.
    The iron must turn to gold for the Alchemical Wedding.
    Robert the Smith sent YOU an invitation (Friday I’m in love – The Cure) by way of this Symbolic Alchemical Mind Fuck Extravaganza Wedding Feast Video with glitter, severed heads, bubble machine. Everything really… accompaniment to this marvelously joyous outpouring of happiness in the form of music and song. Take it away. Hey, there’s the bride offering you a pint!
    All this is what happens after you put that Fraser strawberry flavoured, Mars, red Spangle in your mouth.
    Anyway, back to reality. All these Gods arriving at the door and I haven’t even offered them as much as a cup of tea! I need to go shopping, do housework, etc. and O.M.G. Italy is rumbling and smoking.
    O. Did I mention I found half a plastic pearl in the street after the snow melted last week? I picked it up, its lustre a little bit scratched from the boots of workers making an early pathway, but beautiful nonetheless. Half a talisman. Fortuna smiles. Now, where is the other half of my plastic pearl? And how to keep Fortuna smiling.
    All the best in the whole wide Universe to you and yours, Chris.

  40. More orange: 'the guardian' has taken to haloing It's commentator photos with an orange background.

  41. The Grim Reaper is tailing Atheist-Cannibal Richard Dawkins (age 76) and Hillary / Hilary Clinton after the recent death of famed Atheist Stephen Hawking / Hawkins.

    1. Hillary, Hawkins and Dawkins sounds like an evil law firm.

  42. The Great Baby Boomer DIE-OFF of 2018 "Bye Bye"