Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Alien: Covenant and the Cargo Cult on Rune Soup

On the latest Rune Soup podcast, Gordon and I discuss the disappointment that is Alien: Covenant. Then we speculate about its place in the cargo cult worldview and the conditioning agenda prescribed in 1960 by the Brookings Institution. I've been working on a companion post for this discussion, which I hope to have up by tomorrow night at the latest.

I do my best to keep up with Gordon but effort only takes you so far. I'm out of practice with these kinds of things ( I barely say a word to anyone most of the day) and I was experiencing some major fibro fog because of the miserable weather we've been having here but Gordon goes above and beyond to pick up any slack. Gordon is a bonafide genius (I don't use that term lightly) and gets my vote as the Mozart of Podcasters. 

Alien: Covenant has been cited as one of the major under-performers of the summer season and has been (rightly) trashed by YouTube critics but seems to be an important part of this 57 year-old acclimation program we've all been subjected to (slow and steady wins the race, apparently). It's probably more interesting for the things it doesn't say (but implies) than anything you're actually seeing on the screen itself.

Gordon and I also speculate as to whether the current Deep State civil war had some kind of suppressive effect on a planned-but-aborted multimedia rollout that may include the Tom DeLonge Sekret Machines program and the drip-out of news stories like the mind-boggling Jason Wright/Penn State paper on ancient aliens. I usually don't much go for the whole "disclosure" meme but if you're looking for evidence that such a thing is actually underway that's a pretty good place to start.

There's a lot we didn't get to and I'll try to address some of the points I had laid out in my notes for this show but didn't get around to raising in my next post. Looking forward to hearing your feedback about the film.