Thursday, January 07, 2016

Beyond Synchronicity: Reading the Signs

As I wrote in the previous post, 2015 had some hard lessons for me. But sometimes those are the lessons we need. One thing you will notice is that the more you tune in to what is happening beneath the surface of consensus reality, the more pronounced your experiences become, whether good, bad or in-between. 

 And 2015 taught me that there were some attachments I needed to disattach myself from in order to focus on the real work that needs to be done.

I had a very long talk with our Gordon last night, much of which will hopefully make it to his podcast. We talked quite a bit about Synchronicity and Synchromysticism†, in part because I've been going back to basics and doing the kind of personal Synchromystic work (for lack of a better term) I did for a long time before I started blogging. It's been an interesting experience in that whatever is driving this phenomena often notices you and will begin to engage you in conversation. Synchromystics refer to this as the "Sync Wink."

But we both agreed that Synchronicity was a useful term to encompass certain kinds of phenomena but doesn't really offer much tangible guidance as to the origin of that phenomena or recommend what you can actually do with it.  

It's here that we find ourselves on shakier footing, dealing with the realities of psi and magic. 

I bring this up because while doing the work I noticed an interesting synchronization that said a lot about my recent experience. I had big plans for last year, but 2015 thought otherwise. I didn't just have plans, I did a tremendous amount of work on a fiction project that I announced here. 

I planned to complete the first volume of this project during the autumn months but was floored by a bout of chronic fatigue the likes of which I hadn't experienced before, thanks in part to the brutal, unrelenting pollen season.

It was only while mulling over the events of the past year that I realized the wisdom behind this hard discipline, since I hadn't paid attention to the first warning sign that my 2015 plans were not very good plans.

You see, the fiction project had an interesting, if not predictable, genesis. It was born out of a pitch I was working on for an X-Files comic series. Just as I was about to begin executing those plans (meaning start putting together pages of the outline I'd written), IDW Publishing announced their own X-Files comic series, which was in some ways remarkably similar to what I was working on, less so in many others. Many, many others.

So rather than give up I worked on a new pitch, which was called The X-Files: Declassified. This pitch would be set during the early years of the series' run and delve into the histories of characters like The Well-Manicured Man, Diana Fowley, Max Fenig, et al. But IDW had other ideas, like X-Files/Ghostbusters and X-Files/Ninja Turtles crossovers and so on and I thought, umm, maybe later.

But I had a lot of good ideas that I didn't want to go to waste so I went back and began from scratch. I ended up a long way from where I started before but also delving deeper into the corporate world order, the military-industrial complex, mind control, elite secret societies, satanic cults within the military, child abuse and experimentation, weaponized psi, interdimensional entities and so on than I could in the context of a licensed property.

I had all the pieces of the puzzle for the first volume ready to assemble when I announced the project here. Then 2015 had a little surprise for me: not two days later, The X-Files TV revival was announced.

Timing, as they say, is everything.

You see, my book project was designed for a world in which The X-Files no longer existed. I took the concept very far afield, but it was still locked into its basic DNA (meaning it was an occult detective story with political overtones). No wanting to give up after coming so far I resolved to finish the project once my schedule cleared up. 

Of course once it did, I was flat on my back. It was almost as if something was trying to tell me something, a message I ignored back in March. 

Once I (mostly) got past the fatigue issue, I came to my senses and realized that as much as I loved the work I'd done, it had been rendered moot by circumstances beyond my control. I also came to realize that the time wasn't right for it in other ways as well. It simply wouldn't resonate right now. The world is otherwise occupied. (This process actually repeated itself in microcosm but I won't bore you with the details)

Because of the Sync work (as well as other methodologies), I now realize that veering off into fiction or going back into comics would not only be a detour from the work I should be doing, it would also a phenomenal waste of time, energy and money. I can't explain exactly why I've come to that conclusion only that I am fully confident in it.

I don't regret the (incredible amount of) work I did on the novel project. Actually, I hope to publish it when I think its time has come around. But I've got other, more salient projects, some of which have been idling for quite some time, that I very much want to concentrate on instead. 


 Gordon and I agreed that Synchronicity and all this other stuff we talk about it is only worth your time if you actually use it for something. Synchronicity, or whatever you want to call it, can act like signs on a highway if you learn its language. I've lost count of the decisions I've made because of a "sync" or a symbol or a sign, decisions that altered the course of my life in powerful and wonderful ways.

Gordon sees it all in the context of magic and I can't argue with that. My only caveat is that magic should always be a means to an end, not an end to itself. 

You see, Synchronicity was popularized by Jung, who seemed to be Aleister Crowley's Janus Twin, the light to his shadow. It's remarkable how alike the two men were, how similar their obsessions were. But Jung seemed to take a turn in which Crowley could not, and lived a life Crowley could have had but denied himself. 

I recently read Francis King's magical biography of Crowley and saw it as a classic tragedy, a brilliant man undone by hubris.*I believe that learning to read Synchronicity- or psi or magical signs, whatever you prefer- properly requires you to let go of that kind of ego, to throw yourself into its currents.

 I can't help but wonder what would have become of Crowley if he let go of this illusion that we can impose our will on forces we still can't even properly identify, never mind control. I think the beginning of wisdom- and magic, even-  is acknowledging how powerless we are in the face of them, just as much as we are in the face of the tides, the winds and the movements of the plates of the earth.

A surfer doesn't impose his will on a wave, he learns how to read waves and how to then let them take him where he wants to go. It takes a lot of skill and practice but also a kind of sixth sense as well. I think that's still a powerful metaphor for dealing with these more ineffable currents.

† And not at all about Jack Kirby or The X-Files.

*This is a topic I want to return to; having read quite a few magical biographies now, I must caution that very few- if any- seem to have happy endings.


  1. Hey Chris. I don't know from magic, but when the Universe sends you messages like you've gotten, I think we do well to listen. The book project sounds exceptional, and I'll love to read it when it's time comes.

    I think you'll know, when the time comes right. :)

  2. Thank you very much, Anna. I was very happy indeed with what I'd done but I realized that was the easy, fun part. Then there was the going out and selling it part. And I just realized it just wasn't the right time. Of course, I had to learn the hard way, but I still came out ahead by my reckoning.

  3. Learning the hard way is better than not learning at all. There are some things that respond to bold action, and some that have to wait.

    Sometimes we don't know for sure which is true until after we've tried.

    1. Very true. And any time spent writing is time well spent. Especially if you're doing imaginative writing. It flexes totally different neural muscles and opens you up to all kinds of interior landscapes.

    2. I need to get working on my stories again. I'm kind of different, I have a "multimedia" approach, part prose, part art, and even crafty/scale modelling go into my storytelling.

  4. I followed the link to Rune Soup and was interested to see the vids about RAW and Cosmic Trigger in Liverpool - I live in Liverpool and saw the play Cosmic Trigger performed back in 2014. I have a whole slew of Synchronicities around this going back to like 1977 - well weird. They involve Killing Joke too!

    1. I'd be surprised if you didn't! Feel free to share.

  5. Why he's a typo! I meant our Gordon of Rune Soup fame. It's been a rough day.

  6. I've been struggling with the dreaded fibro fog today- dumb mistakes and "word loss" are just two of the annoying side effects.

    1. Don't worry, it seems to have been magically fixed now, anyway. ;-)

  7. It was a bit of a Freudian slip as well- Gordon was harshing on Graham Hancock's fiction writing during our recording and I guess I was internalizing some of that....

    1. When I first read the post I thought that maybe you were talking about Graham Hancock, as that's the first Graham that springs to mind when someone mentions the name Graham to me, as I'm a big fan.
      I also thought that you may have meant Gordon instead of Graham, as I know Gordon writes the Rune Soup blog, so I thought I better ask, as there seemed to be a fly open in the soup, so to speak, and that I should give you a chance to close it, before it became embarrassing.
      Sorry, I just couldn't resist an old fly in the soup joke here.
      I'll bet Gordon will have a chuckle if he reads this comment.

  8. One thing I realized, and everyone oughta know about synchs: THEY'RE LIKE REAL LIFE. You can have the most amazing life possible: Rockstar, you name it. BUT YOU CAN ALWAYS CORRUPT IT BY GETTING BORED. That's when "perversion" comes in. So, whatever amazing thing you have, this can be forgotten/co-opted. What does this have to do with synchs? THE SYNCHS, as you honestly admitted it, CAN BE A KIND OF PORN, even fear porn. No matter how amazing they are, you wind up wanting more. You want more of the same brand experience but in their core synchs don't work like that.

    So you gotta realize your "lotus jewels": Synchs are Subjective Self at work: they can't be co-opted, better yet, they can, but shouldn't.

    I know knowles will instantly understand this.

  9. I can relate on a number of levels, I have been working on a film project, and The X-Files announcement kind of derailed certain plans regarding the project, but I'm a big believer that things fully gall into place when they are meant to, I don't really know if you can consider it 'God's will' or Synchronicity or what, as long as you steer in the right direction.

  10. Sometimes the most excruciating advice the universe can give you is, "Hold this position." Even if it's not filled with chronic pain; financial destitution; or any particular lack or need - it's easy to feel as if you're not getting anywhere, no matter what's going on behind the curtain.

    1. A lot of life can be summed-up as "Hold until relieved". Not always fun, not often fair, but it is what it is.

  11. "like X-Files/Ghostbusters and X-Files/Ninja Turtles crossovers"

    It is amazing how, in just a short string of words, a feeling of nausea and be created.

  12. I want to read your novel, Chris. Like sooo frickin' badly. Come on time-and-place, move your ass! :D But Im a patient man. Great work as always, brother.

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  14. I read this blog a lot —I first heard you chat with Mike Clelland). This is my first comment.

    I had years of experience with chronic fatigue before I learned in an unexpected way that I have Lyme.
    And you live in an area rife with Lyme and rife with doctors who have not yet learned how to diagnose it.

    If you have not explored the possibility that Lyme is what is ailing you, you may wish to consider it. Let me know if I can be helpful.

  15. Sometimes that is not mind over matter.
    Immunology and entanglement within and without is not control. Just parlay, and negotiation.

    Immunology is higher and lower rhetoric. Called magic.
    Best to retain some sense of humor. Mass during Wartime, and such.

  16. I know that your X-Files project delay will turn out for the best. Most likely your excellent ideas (WMM, etc) WILL come to fruition, likely as a follow up to the new series, even going on sale at the same time the ENTIRE collection goes on sale as the entire series on Blu-ray or whatevertech format is standard come the time. Keep those ideas. I'll be more than looking forward to reading the. Imagine, your legit, true to the mythos series, the labor of love (not money-grubbing /universe- connecting) (what, is that Harold Smith reading to his pet turtles?) purity ethos will be critically-acclaimed and packaged as part of the definitive ultimate X-Files official cano, where these meager ghost writers will be busted by space, time, and love itself. Victory is already yours. - Occult Fan

  17. You seem to store away unfinished books like an artist does paintings. Something's telling me I need to take up writing, or find a sensible way if documenting ideas and experiences. I rarely watch TV and purposely avoid horror or anything remotely scary as I can't help but see enough of that in real life. I've found there can be a lot of symbolic meaning in synchronicity and I'd say being able to store, or memorise the odd things that happen around you can give a deeper meaning to life.

  18. Well, the books are unfinished because of the force of external events and conditions. If I had my way all I would do is sit around and write. But life has other plans.

    1. It's mid winter now here in gloomy England and you'd think it was spring. It turned from autum to spring and they keep promising winter but I'm not convinced it's coming you know. The spring flowers are going over and I saw a fluffy bumble bee today, the kind you only see in the summer. When it comes to reading signs I'm not sure what to make of that. Things are looking rather confused right now.

    2. I think something heard me, winter arrived the next day. Great tribute to Bowie, a very remarkable character.

  19. Yeah, I noticed that years ago. Magicians tend to become poor, friendless, and unhealthy. Which would tend to belie any claims made as to the advantages of studying and practicing magic. Yet, people still find it compelling for some reason. I make vision collages and use basic brainwave stuff sometimes, a bit of meditation and lucid dreaming. Then again, I am lower income and in less than perfect health. I have been involved in a lot of remarkable situations though.