Saturday, September 29, 2012

Comics are Magick: Daddy and the Pie

While I try to smack some sense into my life I thought it would be a good time to return to The Source, the initiation place of my younger days. Over the years I've written about the late, lamented Valles' News and the great Mysteries of the paranormal that I encountered there, but I realized that I haven't shared those Mysteries with you as much. What better time than now to do so?

I can't think of a better story to begin with than "Daddy and the Pie," an alien encounter story from 1975 written by the late Bill DuBay (himself a student of the Kabbalah) and drawn by the late Alex Toth (himself an art god). This story is sublime in so many ways but is remarkable in that it serves as a classic initiation narrative and leaves off at a point before the narrator reaches his ascension to occult mastery, which is obliquely- and ominously- referred to in the final paragraph.

Toth's art is beyond cinematic- beneath his trademark ruthless economy, you know that this drama exists fully formed within his mind. If you don't see the reality of his vision at first, just give it a bit of time. Once your eyes adjust you will be stunned by the poetic reality of it all. Note that Toth depicted the alien as a classic Grey type years before they became cliche.

Both DuBay and Toth would have influence far beyond the cloistered walls of comicdom- DuBay was a top figure for Marvel Animation in the 80s and Toth was the main designer for Hanna-Barbera's superhero cartoons, including Space Ghost, Jonny Quest, The Herculoids, Super Friends and many, many more.

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  1. Wow, how awesome was that story?! That was beautiful. Great artwork and great writing. Cheers, Chris.

  2. Fantastic story! It's sort of like a more realistic twist on The Day the Earth Stood Still, in a way.

  3. Chris,

    Were these pics all done as black and white / gray tones? If so, a master of shadow.

    Be well

  4. Thoroughly enjoyable read. I want to know what the boy did in later years with Pie's gadget! Thanks so much for sharing this personal treasure.

  5. RE:
    " Toth depicted the alien as a classic Grey type years before they became cliche."

    True.But I think that there is something fundamentally important about the blue colour of the alien as well.I don't know what that is though because it's like a forgotten memory that I know is important,but can't access at the moment,but I'm trying to prise it out,slowly.Don't get me wrong though,I'm not saying that I'm an abductee or anything along those's just that images of blue skinned people have always evoked something in my mind like an important memory that I can't fish to the surface.

    And speaking of blue beings,fish and Bill DuBay. Look at this short comic I just found on a Google search -

    And look at that freaky owl on the first page and the blue genie on the second page (tall and blue?)

    The thing I find freaky about the owl is that my son found an owl trinket in a treasure hunting game played with cell phones and I kept it because it reminded me of a Bluesfest poster with a similar blue owl on it.And that poster was from the year of the weekend my son and I went down to see Bob Dylan play there.
    All weird syncs to me.
    You can check the pic out on my blog here of the owl syncs -

  6. Just a footnote to my above comment.
    With the owl trinket that was found in the cell phone treasure hunt game that my son plays.
    I was looking at the names of previous teams/players that had found the location,and the last team/person to find the location 17 days prior was called
    "Team Pi (Andy)"
    Blow the photo up and look for yourselves,I'm not making this up.
    Life is way stranger than fiction...well mine is anyway.

  7. CK1- Thanks for sharing yet another amazing comik. You have literally and figuratively opened my eyes. That is an awesome power.

    "Illumino, who came to earth with powers and abilities far beyond those of humankind. Illumino, who can change the course of mighty livers, bend the real in his bare hands. And who, disguised as Chris Knowles, mild mannered reporter for a major Fortean website, fights the never ending battle for truth, knowledge, and the astrognostic way!"

    (Sorry too much nicafcannabifeinotine too early.)

  8. There was a sequel, "The Pie and I," but by a completely different writer and artist. Generally thought to be much lower quality than the original... see synopses here.

  9. I was struck by how you say your origins are linked to the Valles News. I reflect, also, on how Jacques Fabrice Vallée (born on September 24, 1939) has been there as important influence in your background too. No life is a straight line, but the connections are certainly noteworthy.

    When your 1975 comics story was published, Vallée's works The Invisible College: What a Group of Scientists Has Discovered About UFO Influences on the Human Race (1975), and
    The Edge of Reality – Jacques Vallée and Dr. J. Allen Hynek (1975), both came out.

  10. I have loved that story since I first read it as a kid in a UFO comic magazine I found on a newsstand while on a family vacation to the beach in the '70s. Alex Toth is a master.

    That beachside newsstand in Nag Head, NC, was the only place as a kid where I could find Warren magazines. It's where I first discovered Eisner's The Spirit, as well as Creepy and Eerie. And Marvel's Doc Savage comic magazine.

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