Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sync Log: Eyes in the Sky

Sometime around 8 PM I saw the most stunning cloud formation on my evening walk- it looked the sky was filled with eyes. I returned home and looked up "eye-shaped clouds" but no luck. So then I wrote this on the Secret Sun FB page:
Tonight's the night I picked to leave my phone at home on my walk. There was the weirdest cloud bank in the sky as the sun was setting- it looked like there were thousands of eyes in the sky, with pupils and everything. Then the closer I get to my house the more wiped away it all gets. Anyone ever seen anything like that? 
Sure enough, others had (including Missus Wibble).

At the same time I had posted about the clouds, a group member had independently posted a graphic of a raw photo of the same phenomenon and then an artistic interpretation on his wall.

I had never seen anything like it before, at least I don't recall such a thing. It did occur to me that there was an eclipse today and I thought that might have had some effect on the clouds.

What I didn't mention on the FB thread was that before I went for a walk I had been performing a hypnogogic meditation (which I discussed on the Mystery Hour with Mike Clelland). And I didn't want to end it until I could clearly summon an image or an icon (which is a lot harder than it sounds, since it's impossible to actually consciously do so in that state). The image that came to mind was the eye of a bird, perhaps an eagle or a hawk.

Speaking of Mike Clelland, I first noticed the cloud phenomenon around the corner from my strange 2010 encounter.

I have at least a passing familiarity with cloud formation and meteorology, so while I was absolutely stunned by the eyes in the sky I was thinking about low pressure fronts and wind patterns and convection at the same time. I couldn't help but wonder what the ancients would have thought of such a phenomenon.

PS: There must have been something in the air tonight- a discussion of the Transformers movies kicked loose the fact that Ted Torbich had his own version of the original Secret Sun dream: "You mention a dream of a giant robot stomping on your neighborhood when you were a kid. That smacked me upside the head! I remembered instantly a dream that I had that was precisely that, that I had completely forgotten about all these years!"


  1. hi Christopher,

    obviously you didn't play the matrix online in beta.

    the eyes were in the sky to show that the beta version of the matrix was ending and the alpha release was coming seen.

    i can't see how anyone could read anything sychromystic into that.

    you can see screenshots by searching google image search for eyes mxo sky beta

  2. Hey Chris,

    Nice catch! I've noticed when you meditate in the between state between sleep and waking a lot of synchronicity occurs. Its either we are looking in to the ether what we will expect in the future or we are imprinting the ether with our thoughts. As in side so is the outside.


  3. Couldn't they have been mammatus clouds?

  4. If you have a passing interest in cloud formation what do u think about the clouds that are formed from the "exhaust"trails of jets?

  5. I know this phenomenon is real because I have both experienced it and photographed it first hand. The same thing specifically, an eye forming and opening in a cloud. I was blown away when I experienced it. Over many years of careful observation since, my perception of it is thus...the world around us that we consider purely a material construct is actually conscious/consciousness. The material world around us is teeming with spiritual life which in some cases could be called elementals. Clouds offer a wonderful visible gaseous and ever moving medium for the spirits to manipulate (as they exist primarily in the aether and only partially material) and it is then we can see in real time, movement such as eyes forming and opening and faces appearing.

  6. Found this at The Telegraph:

    Interesting how the chosen pic to promote this book is the classic lenticular 'saucery' cloud ;)

    Also, I'd direct your attention to pic #17...