Monday, May 10, 2010

Wyrd New Jersey: The Necropolis

The thing about New Jersey is that you never know what you might find hiding in plain sight. The place is so littered with arcane symbolism it's easy to take for granted.

For instance, this cemetery in the rolling hills at the foot of the Skylands caught the attention of even a jaded symbol-junkie like myself. That strange obelisk sans capstone is particularly interesting in and of itself, given that it's oriented to the cardinal points. Even more so when placed in context with some of the other items around it.

Like this interesting Masonic monument, displaying a Bible verse in such a way that it ends in "...of the Sun Forever." The marker is interesting as well- let's have a look at it...

"When you do ritual, why not do it right?" Hopefully, John's "corn, wine and oil ceremony" was done right.

Just up the road from that little landmark is this enigmatic fixture. A cobblestone path leading to a monument, made of black marble. Whatever could it be? (Incidentally, the path is oriented towards the north).

Hmm. It's a scale model of the Earth. Why is it in black? Why the path and the circular walk around it? Some ritual purpose, perhaps. If so, I hope it's done right. For John's sake.

If any of my worshipful and illustrious Masonic readers would like to shed some light on this, please do so. In the meantime, let's get a closer look at the mausoleum...

Facing the sunrise is - you guessed it- a mosaic of a sunrise, along with what looks like a fruiting tree of some kind. This is in the inner courtyard of the mausoleum. But what's that sculpture to the right there?

Why, it's an eagle, wings spread in glory. Well, kind of an eagle- its neck is rather long. You can't tell from this picture, but it has a bit of a tuft at the back of its head. Know what I mean?

Let's go to the other side of the building...

Facing the sunset is this lovely scene of the sea, with a lighthouse shining in the twilight as the sun sets over the waves. Now, the mausoleum is nondenominational, but I do know that the lighthouse is becoming a very popular symbol for Evangelicals. Let's get a closer look...

This is one fascinating piece of artwork. I wonder why the lighthouse become such a popular symbol these days. Take a long, hard look at it and see if you can't figure it out.

Speaking of strange symbols, anyone know what this symbol stands for? It almost kind of goes with the lighthouse, don't you think?

New Jersey- it's not just a state, it's a state of mind.


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    "Will and Magnus get trapped in an oil well with an angry sea creature"

    Its set in the Gulf on an abandoned oil rig...hmmm, with a pesky cephalopod.

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    "A series of earthquakes and eruptions have rocked a normally placid land. Strange creatures sighted in the dark of night raise fears across the already disturbed countryside. As tales of a lost race that once warred with the drow begin to surface, only the boldest adventurers dare to descend into the shadow darkness.

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    Strange, eh?

  3. Freeman has a video in Nashville(I could be wrong about location) with a giant black Earth exactly like the one pictured here

  4. Off-topic sad news:

    Frank Frazetta RIP

    I also tried posting the following video interview with Michio Kaku in one of your old 2001: A Space Odyssey synch posts but I believe that your blog comments gremlins sabotaged it. From around the 7 minute mark it gets pertinent to the 2001 theme, and from around 9 minutes; salient:

    Michio Kaku interview

  5. I want to say what I know but I can't, even though I am not bound by oath, I will respect those who are bound by oath, I will say that the person you are all looking for, is amongst us.

  6. @Professor [as per your request] Knowles:

    Wow, I never realized Freemasonry was so popular in New Jersey.

    [with all the syncs] you'd think Freemasonry would be popular in NYC, but it's actually considered frivolous. At least among the younger generation.

    - I find hipsters lean more towards that Kabbalah/Golden Dawn/“Mysticism for Dummies”.

    Adding ancient eastern symbolism to Pilates doesn't make it magical. It just means your Pilates class costs an extra 50 bucks.

    Uh, back on topic:

    That T within a Pyramid/Triangle sigil thing sure is freaky.

    It almost seems like the capstone of the pyramid is on top of the cross. [Jesus = pyramid capstone???]

    As for the Black orb Earth thing, I call out Feng Shui.

    Is the Eagle or metal spiked fence facing the the book monument?

    That becomes a poison arrow and bad Feng Shui .

    The orb will reflect and disperse the negative energy being directed at the book monument by the fence/bird. [alternatively, a laughing Buddha made of jade kept in the right hand corner would do the job of the Garden Orb, plus one]

    I wonder who built/designed the memorial?

    Assuming Freemasons aren't literal masons, it's possible they commissioned an “estoric, Mason-y looking memorial” leaving said designer to Google Freemasons [Heck, maybe said designer came across your blog!]

    Perhaps this is less of an example of Synchronicity, and more a case of Simulacra.

  7. There is a beautiful and exotic estate called Fabyan Park a couple of miles where I grew up in the Chicago area.

    It's full of odd Egyptian-style iconography.

    The guy who owned it was the son of a Chicago industrialist, and founded a really innovative Acoustics and Physics research lab in the early 20th century.

  8. Look at the podium where he is speaking... Michael Crichton