Saturday, May 08, 2010

A Sirius Crisis in Greece?

By now you've all heard about the financial crisis in Greece, which is threatening the entire economy of Europe. But there's apparently a greater risk to the world economy, for reasons as arcane to me as any Medieval grimoire:

The even greater risk to the European banking system from a Greek failure is that it would bring very much into play Portugal, Spain, and Ireland. These countries, which between them have around US$1.5 trillion in sovereign debt, suffer from similar, albeit less acute, public finance and international competitiveness problems. And they too are stuck in a Euro-zone straightjacket that severely constrains their ability to deal with these problems in a credible manner.

In considering the timing of the Federal Reserve's exit strategy, Bernanke would make the gravest of errors were he to underestimate the potential fallout of a Greek failure on the U.S. and global economies. For not only would a further shock to the European banking system diminish U.S. export prospects by tipping the European economy back into recession and by materially weakening the euro, it would also all too likely be accompanied by a return in spades of risk aversion in global financial markets.

But amidst all of the chaos in the streets a new star has emerged- Rebel Dog:

It's a time-honored adage that anyone in Washington who wants a friend had better get a dog. But who knew that man's best friend would also be a boon to Greek rioters?

Amid the turmoil of the Greece financial crisis, photos and videos of street protests have turned up a kind of canine "Where's Waldo" figure: a mutt that may have some German shepherd genes, and clearly has a strong interest in civic disorder.
There's also a fascinating blog dedicated to Rebel Dog, with all sorts of fascinating riot scenes. Even more fascinating is this chart graphic, illustrating the PIIGS crisis. Quite a coincidence, don't you think?

In ancient times, the people of these countries would see Rebel Dog as a messenger of a god, or even his incarnation. Of course we know better today, with our high fructose corn syrup and our megachurches and our microwave corn dogs and our NASCAR races. Even so, it will be interesting to see how this all plays out, and if it eventually ties into the Sirius Rising meme we've seen so much of recently.


  1. That really is fascinating. It seems like global attention is focusing on these lands of ancient myths and tradition, they become "hot spots", so to speak. Love the star motif in the chart, does that mean Portugal is Betelgeuse?

  2. That is awesome. I saw this piece on the dog the other day but did not make the connection. Right on!

    I watched the movie The Box per your recommendation and was shocked. The way that movie was promoted its almost like they didn't want people to know what it was really about. I don't want to put any spoilers on here but I think all Secret Sun readers will love it. The wallpaper in that house...what a trip.

    I'm going to check out the original Matheson story and see how similar it is to the movie version.

    By the world taking notice of Rebel Dog and you blogging about it, in a sense we are seeing him/her as a messenger. Maybe not from God but there is something deeper there. As we know--there is no coincidences.

    Peace. David

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  4. At first blush that pentagonal diagram of the financial 'crisis' rather reminds me of the creative/destructive cycle of Five Element Theory from feng shui and traditional chinese medicine:

    This theory may provide an interesting alternative way of considering global affairs. It posits 5 basic 'elements' present and in motion in both the macrocosm (the 'universe' or all of creation, aka 'The 10,0000 Things') as well as the microcosm (Man/ aka 'Earth') which act as a simple-but-complex system of generative and destructive energies, checks and balances, which is itself related to the yin-yang symbol of duality-in-balanced-movement (which is, in fact, actually a graphical representation of 5 element theory). The key of it all is a dynamic (as opposed to static) 'harmony' (balance), of which the current state of global financial affairs appears to sorely lacking...

  5. hei i like it. greeting s from greece

  6. So, does that mean Sirians are Socialists?

    - or more importantly, does that make my cat a Libertarian?

  7. LOL, the Pentagon graph reminds me of a Federation starbase with starfleet vessels docked, LOL. Neat post.

  8. Hmm looking up dogs in mythology all I found is stories of dogs of protection. Not sure if that's what this dog is though.
    But that tidbit of this riot dog was incredible. Thanks alot :)

  9. Modern Mythology really

  10. レベッカ ..You Imagine cat in Revolution _


  12. The courageous canine in question, apparently is the long awaited Dog/Poet !

    No joke-