Thursday, May 06, 2010

Inanna Montana, Revisited

"I'm not a mistake, I'm not a fake, It's set in my DNA"

Reader レベッカ brought this to my attention- Miley Cyrus' Lady GorGon move for her new video, "Can't Be Tamed." On the surface it's the same old Marilyn Manson rehash meant to gee up the same old outrage, but this time someone's come up with a quite a juicy (and timely) new twist. It all has to do with those wings young Miley's donned for the clip.

What is that idiot droning on about now, you may be asking?

Well, last year we riffed on an owl-print shirt Miley Cyrus wore in a publicity still, which led to all kinds of juicy semiotic dot-connecting. That post was "Inanna Montana," from 3/3/09. Here's a refresher:

Or could this (the owl shirt) be a subconscious identification of Miley with Inanna, the Sumerian goddess of music, sex and war?
This connection to the half-owl goddess Inanna was especially scintillating, given the name of Miley's alter-ego, Hannah:
Inanna's name is commonly derived from Nin-anna "Queen of Heaven"... In some traditions Inanna was said to be a granddaughter of the creator goddess Nammu or Namma. These difficulties have led some early Assyriologists to suggest that Inanna may have been originally a Proto-Euphratean goddess, possibly related to the Hurrian mother goddess Hannahannah, accepted only latterly into the Sumerian pantheon, an idea supported by her youthfulness, and that, unlike the other Sumerian divinities, she at first had no sphere of responsibilities.
See? The wings bit was further explored in an update, riffing on the Cyrus surname:

Her surname Cyrus has interesting origins as well. From - From Κυρος (Kyros), the Greek form of the Persian name Kûrush, which may mean "far sighted" or may be related to the Persian word khur "sun". It's also the name of Cyrus the Great, the only non-Jew to be called a messiah in the Bible.
Cyrus was commonly pictured as having wings, and there is a statue in his honor in Sydney Olympic Park, of all places. Cyrus was believed to have been crucified like Jesus and beheaded like the Baptist, and as a martyr, his tomb still stands in modern day Iran.

And surprise of surprises, Cyrus is a hero to the Freemasons, and many lodges are named in his honor. I'm almost given to wonder if Cyrus was something a little bit more than human, given the wings and all. And I also wonder why most people have never heard of this crucial historical figure (I'm sure 9 out of 10 Freemasons would have no idea why Cyrus was so important either).

So we have winged Inanna, the "Lady of the Sky" and winged Cyrus, the man of the Sun etymologically linked to this seemingly-innocuous pop starlet. Not much to write home about until said starlet actually takes on the appearance of one of those pesky old sky gods, who seem to be popping up so often these days.

Then it gets really interesting.


I was walking the puppy this morning and thinking about how dogs - like nearly all animal life on this planet- have these wonderful instincts that allow them to adapt to their environment, even without the benefit of other dogs to teach them. That got me to thinking how humans do not have those same instincts, which got me on my usual DNA-and-memory hobby horses.

That in turn got me thinking about how all of these mythic archetypes seem wired deep down inside us. Which then lead back to my usual obsessions about the collective consciousness as neural shareware and how these icons and symbols are roughly analogous to passwords, activating subroutines in these very complex software programs that seem to have come pre-installed in our squishy little bio-mainframes.

My point?

A lot of the stuff we see out there with this symbolism and the ritualism reminds me of a kind of semiotic phishing. People have figured out that all of these memes are some kind of code for a much more profound reality, though I'm not entirely sure that anyone (even those dastardly Freemies) really fully grasps what that reality entails. This is why so many of the people screwing around with all this stuff need to distance themselves with projection and drama (meaning they have to pretend that they're involved in some grand struggle with some invisible enemy to justify their own fascination with all of this occult business).

But the way things are going, weird will no longer be weird- it will be the new normal. And someone somewhere is going to stumble into cracking that password-protection, and everything is going to change.

And change - real change- is always a very, very messy process.


  1. If I may be so bold, the Secretsun thesis is that we have symbols implanted in our DNA, possibly by aliens or gods, and that drugs allow us access to these symbols.

    My chief question at this point is how much do hallucinogenic experiences overlap between individuals and cultures?

    For if widely different cultures share the same drug-induced images, then the likelihood increases that there is a universal code or program behind them. However, if these images have the individuality and banality of regular dreams, then there is little likelihood of a program.

    Case in point, I have dream after dream involving the highly specific and completely ordinary people and places of my suburb. If the aliens/gods created DNA implants, they won't be broadcasting images of my accountant in the line at the local Denny's!

  2. Wow Mr. Knowles, thank you for mentioning me! *giggles*

    ...prepare to mention me again:

    there's a freakier sync.

    According to Wikipedia, the Ancient Ugaritic word for underworld is "Mirey".

    In Japanese, L is substituted with R. [It's a neurological phenomenon, actually. The letter L is not defined in Japanese, so if one does not learn English by a certain age, it's nearly impossible to distinguish the two]

    So, Miley = Mirey.

    What's Innana's main mythos?

    Heading down to the Underworld!

    I swear, this so proves my theory of Enki sipping a bottle Jack Daniel's while messing with the Tower of Babel...[it was either him or Marduk, can't remember]


    What would the Ancient Gods have against Suburbia?

    Or Denny's, for that matter!?

    At Denny's, you can order a complete breakfast at night <- now try to tell me that isn't magical!

  3. How the fk did that Sumerian Goddess ever end up in Sydney , Oz! I live here and the olympic site was built in an old industrial and waste area of sydney used to incinerate medical waste and also as an abattoir for all diff types of animals mostly cattle. Part of the site was not built on due to the find of a rare 'frog' and they had to supposedly move the site because of this. Go figure im sure it relates to something but my pea brain cant associate anything - any thoughts?

  4. It's the illuminati, it's the jesuits, it's the church, the royal families, the reptilians,etc...
    ahahah sorry chris, I just had to say it because humans tends to look for culprits everywhere, I'm in the stage where I'm just waiting to see what the future holds and live my life as happily as I can. I know (my very personal feeling) that when everything is revealed it will be one heck of a party.
    ps: have you caught this gem, binladen elevates falcons ahahha

  5. What a day Chris, what a day,
    and sorry in advance if it had been posted before,
    apparently "A Russian MP has asked President Dmitry Medvedev to investigate claims by a regional president that he has met aliens on board a spaceship."

  6. I like what you said about true change being messy. Think of any relationship that something has to change; it usually means a loss of something to someone. To the free the only change can be loss of freedom, if you are free how could you be more so? Change in my accent also sounds like chains somewhat. Chains are the only change you can get from politicians and governments.
    I saw Inanna on the beach yesterday in a pink bikini and she had tattoo wings coming out the front of the bottoms, the wingtips reaching up to the points of her hips. From the dimensions I could tell where they began or ended, very interesting indeed. Hopefully change for us will be the loss of ignorance.

  7. You ARE cracking the password-protection my good friend,
    and everything IS changing!

    Keep up the delightful work...!

  8. This may be somewhat related. Recently came across this music video featuring an alluring, mystical Indonesian chanteuse performing in front of a blue Stargate-

  9. It really has become the new normal. The now censored South Park episode featured Barbara Streisand as mecha Kali destroying South Park and at first I was skeptical that she really was meant to be the destroyer but then Krishna turned into Neil Diamond and sang a duet with her to calm her down and keep her from destroying everything and I was like...really, really?

  10. Wow Chris,

    "the collective consciousness as neural shareware"


    "the symbolism and ritualism reminds me of a kind of semiotic phishing"

    I think you are really onto something.

    When Paul Stamets talks about the mycelium beneath us connecting the earth like the internet and then I think of the collective super conscious that binds us all, I realize they are all like mirrors of each other. the earth, the technology we create and the thing that connects us all.

    This leads me to think that the assimilation of technology into the human body while simultaneously practicing the use of hallucinogens could give us the answers we seek.

    thats just me thinking out loud.

    I love your work. My favorite stuff comes when you sum stuff up like at the end of this blog. It was great in OGWS as well.

    on a side note--isn't it great how a walk outside can let the mind think. Lately I've been thinking that plants/trees converse with us silently and we don't know it but they are actually assisting us with problems, issues etc. Yah, I'm a bit out there, but aren't we all...

    Thanks. David.

  11. Hey Christopher Knowles - you should seriously go to - hosted by Bryan Kemila who talks a lot about the symbolism of Montana and Inanna...and what is going to (and already is) trance-spiring...

    Thanks and regads

  12. I've always had a certain attraction to Inanna--and you weaving all this together just makes me like Miley even more (I really should take something for that...)

  13. Nancy- Is this THE Nancy Botwin? =) It's a bit deeper than your usual dreams. I recommend you read Graham Hancock's Supernatural- he can explain that common-vision thing much better than I can. But he got me started on all of this when his description of ayahuasca trips lined up with some of my childhood hallucinations. There are mysteries within mysteries locked inside our brains- and our DNA. Where exactly they come from is anyone's guess.

    レベッカ- Mirey- Miley, eh? But the more important question is where's the Anime reference in your comment? ;-)

    Awaken- It's actually Cyrus, not a goddess. But do a search up top on Sydney- it will all make sense in very short order.

    Daniel- Well, it's a lot like that gay-bashing Family Research Council guy and his "hot, sweet, tight" vacation boytoy. When you start to drift from your programming all of those guilt-fear failsafes kick in, which all have to be vented and then projected on some scapegoat, preferably elusive, all-powerful and unaccountable. So just like the porn addict and the closet case are often "just doing opposition research" for their war on sin when immersing themselves in porn and rest stop liasons, the closet occultist is always preparing for his battle with the "Luciferians." while memorizing Crowley's lost grimoires. But somewhere along the way the closet case loses sight entirely of his original programming and becomes totally lost in the most obscure esoteric doctrines, meaning most of the Bible quotes vanish even though the "great struggle" rhetoric never changes. But their take on all of that occult material is always more exciting and dramatic than your average Thelema or Golden Dawn types, which is all part of the game in some strange way. Most occultists I've come across are neither rich nor powerful.

    Algiz- And where are the jpegs of this encounter?

    Transcend- Thank you! I shall try my bestest!

    Trueblie- Oh yes. Very alluring, indeed!

    DDJ- Thank you very much indeed, sir. And a walk outside on a beautiful day with a very cute and frighteningly intelligent puppy really gets the synapse firing!

    Xinjuey- Thanks for the link.

    Wolfster- Well, wait until she's legal and get back to us with that ;-)

  14. Yeah, that's right I said "synapse." Stay in school and don't do drugs, kiddies.

  15. Cyrus was believed to have been crucified like Jesus and beheaded like the Baptist, and as a martyr, his tomb still stands in modern day Iran.

    There are many legends regarding his early life and death. He sounds a lot like a real life Paul Atriedes.

    However, in the "crucifixion and beheading" legend, he was killed by Queen Tomyris in battle after she accused him of treachery and called him out.

    Legend also holds that she kept his head in a wineskin filled with blood saying she had promised to finally quench his thirst for blood.

    Unlike Jesus, he didn't come back from the dead.

  16. So many flying miracle men back in those days. Bonus geek points for the Dune reference.

  17. @ Mr. Knowles:

    Anime reference???

    I'm not really a fan of 'toons, just my few childhood favorites [Sailor Moon, Cutie Honey] and cyberpunk.

    Was it my icon? *changes icon*

    Anyway, I have another translation sync [I guess it could be related to Anime]:

    In Japanese, the word for blossom/flower, 花 is pronounced “Hana”.

    It's a common Japanese girls name, especially for characters in teen dramas or comics; flower blooming=growing up.

    It's almost a pun.

    Miley Cyrus certainly “blossomed” into her alter ego, Hannah [more like defictionalized, if that's even a word].

  18. Christopher - it is X-I-N-Y-U...not however you spelled (101)

  19. I am waiting for your whole take on the NYC times square thing, it happened that I was on the way to "Return of the King" on 45th and 7th at 6:15, on the 2nd, if the bomb had gone off I would not be here typing to you now to my fave blogger, Chris, how does the show HERO's meme with the "incident" if it has a meme at all I am talking about the Japanese fellow in the show, he has to STOP A BOMB, also saw the statues you had on your blog, there all over the place...I believe there is a group of "angels" that are here now and there changing the world and they don't even know it...


  20. レベッカ- Thanks for the info, but drop the Mr. Knowles, please. I'm not a high school teacher! Please, call me "Professor Knowles."

    Xinyu- Do you prefer Xinyuie to Xinyuey? Your call.

    Fstarr- Well, we've talked a lot about Times Square here, but I was really busy with work when all of that went down and couldn't really pay attention. So I'll have to demur. I know some people are pointing to its fishy smell, but its geopolitics- it's all fishy.

  21. Hecate = frog kenneth grant is one source 'hecates fountain' the frog that leaps from front to back of the 'tree' but. . . I have seen a really nice car driving around past few months with masonic symbols on the back and with a lic plate of '89frog'. And 89 represents 0siris. -sky-

  22. Miley Cyrus as ancient Sumerian Goddess of Sex and War? Gee, goddesses ain't what they used to be.

  23. Just Xinyu would do fine, thank you very much for asking...

    Thanks and regards

  24. If you ask me, Miley is just another Disney protege turned temptress as soon as she crossed the age of consent. Looking at her video made me think it was 1985 and the set of a Scorpions video got accidentally dumped onto a spare set for Michael Jackson's Thriller. Hollywood seems to be trying to be as unoriginal as humanly possible.

  25. I stand corrected. I better stay of the vino' when reading this gear. :)

  26. meaning they have to pretend that they're involved in some grand struggle with some invisible enemy to justify their own fascination with all of this occult business

  27. Very cool post and really cool comments. Cyrus is a meme (seems so anyway) that is popping up a lot lately. Jake Kotze talking about J.C. and his new movie Cyrus. Loved the way you put this as a programming code-unlock, really cool. Love the way you can put your thoughts into such great articles. Thanks Christopher Knowles, LOL. Cool first name, by the way, LOL.

  28. Hi Christopher,
    Hope you are well. They are joking with some of the imagery in these videos! So interesting the way that these Disney "products" are shaped from childhood, as "cute" little girls/boys, then when they reach 17 thrown straight into extrovert sexual diva identities.

    Here is a ridiculously loaded video that you might have missed. If you want to cover it, in Secret Sun thoroughness please do!

    All the best Peace

  29. Here's a tip for you Chris - in the movie 'The Men Who Stare at Goats,' the character played by Ewan MacGregor doodles the Eye of Horus/Pyramid on his reporter notebook. This is noticed by George Clooney's character, who then reveals the same motif as a tattoo on his chest as a 'third eye chakra' symbol. Clooney's character calls himself a 'Jedi Warrior.' Food for thought...

  30. When you were talking about your walk, and how dogs adapt by instinct to their surroundings, and we, as humans don't, it immediately made me think of Leonard Shlain ( This brilliant, brilliant man (too much to put in this post - neurosurgeon by profession, art and humanities enthusiast at large) has written several books which I think would be of interest to SecretSun's readers. In one, "The Alphabet Versus the Goddess," the premise is set forth that before there was written language, we were much more in tune with both sides of our brains. As writing developed, the left side became predominant. It is more masculine, aggressive and focuses on concentrating on one thing at a time - like when we read, are trying to shoot a gun and very specific tasks like that. This took us out of balance from our right side, which is more feminine, intuitive and "big-picture" thinking. It's also the oral/spoken-word side. This is seen in societies - Egyptians, Greeks, Jews, Romans - whenever they learned writing, they moved from Goddess worship/agrarian societies to Male god and warlike ones. (That's a very crude summary, but if you want to dispute it, read the book first, then post your own summary.)
    Anyway, the point I wanted to make was that he, as a neurosurgeon, theorizes that as we became smarter over thousands and millions of years, our brains kept getting bigger. BUT, the birth canal didn't, and many women started dying in childbirth. So, "evolution" (his words - please no debates) decided that the only way to keep the species going was to get rid of some of our intelligence. And, since we are one of the only social creatures who have living grandparents (think about it), some of our "instincts" could be socialized later by both them and our parents, then that was the compromise. That's why humans come out helpless - we can't cling to our mothers, walk or swim within a week, like almost all other animals on Earth.
    Anyway, I've got several theories about how this this could tie into things like alien intervention, occult symbolism... but at the very least, I thought you "Secret-Sunners" would be interested.

  31. Someone mentioned it above. It needs to be mentioned again. may be the ONLY correct information I've EVER encountered on the internet. Correct, and more importantly, COMPLETE. Don't fall for the GRAND ILLUSION (us)...