Thursday, December 31, 2009

Sync Log: Heavy Traffic

This is the kind of Synchronicity I hate...

I was out for a walk on Friday evening and was thinking about the rash of recent daylight UFO sightings. The sky was still light and there was a tremendous amount of air traffic overhead, most of it coming and going to Newark. As I walked towards the local 9/11 memorial, I saw three planes in the same small patch of sky. One was a jetliner that was obviously a good distance away but there were two small craft- one a plane and one something else, probably a helicopter- that looked set to collide. I stood dead in my tracks and thought "Oh shit, I'm about to witness a midair collision."

But it didn't happen, thankfully, though the other aircraft disappeared behind a massive cloudbank before I could ID it. I came home and told the missus about it, though I didn't mention I wasn't sure what the other aircraft was.

Then we're driving for a nice day out on Saturn's Day and hear news reports of a collision in the Hudson, not far from where Flight 1549 landed. The news kept saying something about "1 dead, 7 missing" which caught my ear. The missus and I discussed the coincidence in relation to the night before but I put it out of my mind.

I try to tread lightly with these stories, since these are real people dying and real families that will suffer with the aftermath. There's a tendency to look at these tragedies as grist for some semiotic mill, but this is human pain and misery we're dealing with. But two things caught my attention- the airplane took off from Teterboro Airport, which is on Route 17. And today is 8/8 not only another twin number, but also code among Neo-Nazis for "Heil Hitler." It made me wonder if the Hudson was the theater for some type of magical warfare between Masonic factions on the Left and extreme Right.

I also noticed that a plastics company called JM Eagle was sponsoring CNN videos on the story, who have taken Fleet Bank's old logo for some unknown reason.

Fleet is now part of BoA, whose logo has the hidden 33. And of course all of this took place smack dab in the heart of the American banking/financial homeland. Bank of America was originally the Bank of Italy, and the tourists killed in the helicopter were Italian. That beak is definitely a 7- where's the 1?

What does it all mean? Hopefully nothing.

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