Monday, December 21, 2009

Secret Solstice: The Lost Symbol of Ra

Wayne Herschel has been looking at the same memes and symbols in an ancient context that we've been seeing pop up like mushrooms in the media lately. Ancient or modern, it all points to the stars. Maybe it's no accident that so much of the symbolism lately has to do with the space program- maybe they've figured out the real meaning of the ancient mythology, using computers and telescopes. Herschel looks at the Key of Solomon here.

Somehow this seems very appropriate for this interim between the Solstice and Christmas. Enjoy.


  1. @ Eleleth, Crowley hu.

    @ CK, nice find. To bad that book isn't available in the states. I don;t know how much I agree or disagree with him , but he had me at "Sekhmet". He was going a bit fast and I love a good reference book with lots of pictures!
    I am most interested in the "Taurus leg" bit and the Face of Mars and Iran thing in the 2nd video had me in awe. Seems like this book is a must own IMO.

    Thanks and may the Goddesses shine upon your night my friend.

  2. You gon' post somethin about Brittany Murphy passin, drugs...

  3. Interesting, followed the youtoob link and feeling enlightened. Course, this star system seems prevalent in a lot of time tunnel/gate talk. Friend told me this was in Brown's book also. Either way, I'm stuck on the idea this reality can be anything and in a way we're taking star systems all onboard. More's the fun of it i suppose.
    Used to feel the obelsik as a time gauge, as if the numbers, the language, a code itself in the way we talk, measure motion, etc.
    Actually met a guy with crytals in his roof in the shape of the said system (but i cant spell pleidans). Could bust Chem trails, with a neat square above his house - quite funny really.

  4. Hi Christopher, Happy Winter Solstice 2009, I trust you are having a warm and cosy time in......not sure what part of USA you are, I must look at your profile.
    Anyhoo, I just wanted to say that Sirius, The Pole Star and The Pleiedes are all places that feature very much at this time of Cheer, oops I mean Year and I sure think that We Have A Key to somanythings now! Personally, I just need to digest all this stuff.

    I am soooooo affected by the Red and White of the 'Christmas thing' that I always get to thinking about the Bliss Receptors ( affected by Aminta Muscaria etc)that we all have in our Brain? or Body? or Heart?......Our birthright is to feel love and camaraderie for our fellow man, but it is so hard to conjour up with so much Woe in the World. However, I find that doing something caring, beautiful or heart-felt for some other being is the doorway to that connection. Soooo typical that we are put into anxiety mode and Buying/Consuming mode at this very beautiful time of year. Hey, do you think they '.ucked' with our Bliss Receptors? I think so.
    Whatever, I LOVE your blog and look forward to the next LIGHTENING installment.
    Blessings to you and your family