Monday, October 12, 2009

TVOD: The True Eye Addendum

Fringe is trying desperately to become my new favorite show- it lifts mercilessly from The X-Files, takes place in my old stomping grounds (Harvard Square was a particular favorite after-school hangout for me, what with The Million Year Picnic and all) and just to twist the knife, it moved production to Vancouver, as all sci-fi shows should be required by law to. It's also lifting riffs from Altered States, as we see again in this episode.

The Queen of Heaven...

Ah, yes- Alien Dreaming and the Widening Gyre- what The X-Files is really all about. And so too is Fringe. (Non-US readers, you know what to do...)

UPDATE: Californication had a mushroom subplot last night....

UPDATE II: This one's for Mike C!...


  1. And the return of Theresa Russell!!!

  2. I had a small dark eyed-junko land on my window-sill last night. It was dark outside, and it was lit by my kithchen light, and it was franticly tapping me on the glass.

    This drove my cat nuts, and they sat there, nose to beak, for a few minutes.

    This very cute bird may replace the owl as my animal totem.

  3. Did you see the first "The" and is the Disney remake this month on your radar?

  4. How does the X-Files episode 'Lord of the Flies' have a Syd Barret subplot?

    Trivia: Shape-shifter Francis is seen drinking mercury from a SLUSHO cup. SLUSHO was used as of the those viral clue for 'Cloverfield'

  5. I am interested in what this "The" is, and the fact that Disney is remaking it. I've always preferred the Disney versions, like their remake of "Horus and Set", I mean "the Lion King".

    Hmm, gonna have to check out that x-files episode. don't remember it. I might as well check out Fringe too. Always avoided it for the same reasons, it being an x-files rip-off and all.

    I gotta say, I enjoy the direction you've taken this blog. For a while I was stuck in that anxiety ridden conspiracy pool, but after reading cats like Joseph Campbell and Jung and stumbling upon your work, Its quite "eye opening" and has helped filter through a lot of the bullshit the conspirators are throwing everywhere and apply some critical thinking to these mysteries.


  6. just watched the season 2 premiere of Fringe. I have to admit I'm impressed. Some interesting notes on that episode: When the mad scientist and the Dawson's creek cat (who I'm assuming is his father?) were in the grocery store, there was a line of dialog that struck my attention, something like "you used to like it, you just don't remember". hmmm, 'you just don't remember'? anything established in first season of their relationship. maybe he experimented on him, some psychological abuse or something?
    also, whats up with the cow? has that ever been established? i would assume so. However, if I owned a single cow it would be for one reason and one reason only...
    also liked the mother goddess symbolism toward the end.
    over all a good show, I'm definitely hooked.

  7. The cow? Probably to help grow the mushrooms! =)

  8. precisely... that and maybe eat up all my grass so i don't have to mow the fucker

  9. As a huge fan of Star Trek and X-Files, I want to extend my gratitude for your site. I love to be challenged with different takes on the meaning of my favorite television shows and movies. I am not opposed in anyway to conspiracy type posting (you can't love the X-Files otherwise). However, I do find that each conspiracy theorist, applying different assumptions, can end up with completely different hidden meanings.

    Further, I have noticed the consistent ability of numerology conspiracies (17, 33, 88, pi, etc etc) to produce a deluge of possible links, regardless of the numbers chosen.