Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Myth, Synchronicity and the Widening Gyre (UPDATED 2030EST)

Having recently discussed Hercules and shamanism and voyages to the underworld, I was flipping through one of my Essential Thor's, where I can upon this splash-page from one of the crucial comics of my early days. I was quite chuffed to see 'The coming of Hercules' plastered on a picture of Thor wrestling a 'witch-doctor' who found Thor's 'Norn-stone' and developed the powers of a 'demon'.

I figure Kirby was plotting these stories by this time and Stan was scripting them. The connections then make perfect sense, given whatever Jack had tapped into. Then there was the Eleusinian bit with Thor descending into the underworld to rescue Hercules, who'd unwittingly signed on as king of Hell. Interesting spin, there.

Journey to the Underworld- Cover dated July 1966

Which brings us to this story, that still boggles my mind: Falcons’ Elam has a ‘frustrating day’
Jason Elam left it in the bullpen on Sunday.

After what he said was his best practice week of the preseason and a good pre-game warm-up, the Falcons kicker had one of the worst days of his 17-year career. Seven points went missing.
Falcons? Elam? This is a joke, right?

The great Egyptologist Flinders-Petrie wrote that the Falcon tribe - who brought Horus into Egypt - came from the land of Elam:

The distinctive character of the 1st dynasty, which separates it from all that went before, is the conquest and union of the whole land of Egypt. It became thus subject to the falcon-bearing tribe of Horus, which was the natural enemy of the Aunu, the Set-bearing tribe. This falcon tribe had certainly originated in Elam (modern -day Iran), as indicated by the hero and lions on the "Araq knife handle". They went down the Persian Gulf and settled in the "horn of Africa."
Iran, the Persian Gulf, the Horn of Africa? Why, this Horus tribe seems to have hit all of the hotspots circulating in the news these days, no?

Finally, speaking of Horus, there's this story:
Nev. man accused of DUI for 3rd time in 17 days

RENO, Nev. – A 50-year-old Reno man has been arrested on suspicion of drunken driving for the third time in less than three weeks. Reno Police Sgt. Tom Robinson said the man was stopped Monday afternoon on a U.S. Highway 395 off-ramp...
Oh Synchronicity, such a saucy maiden...

UPDATE: This just in from Dubai...

UPDATE: Actually, this just in from Dubai. Seven stars for synch-searching SoapFan.

UPDATE: I'm sorry, this is f***ed.

The 43-year-old told the AP in a series of interviews this week that by the time the sweat lodge ceremony began, the participants had undergone days of physically and mentally strenuous events that included fasting. In one game, guru James Arthur Ray even played God.

At one point, someone lifted up the back of the tent, shining light in the otherwise pitch-black enclosure. Ray demanded to know who was letting the light in and committing a "sacrilegious act," Bunn said.

The account marks a significant revelation in the investigation because it portrays Ray as driving participants to stay in the lodge despite signs all around him that the situation had gone horribly awry. Until now, few details had surfaced about Ray's actions inside in the sweat lodge.

Interesting timing, given that Elizabeth Clare Prophet just passed away. Prophet's apocalyptic, authoritarian, neo-Theosophist, Christo-Buddhist cult was big in the late 80s but her predicted Apocalypse never came, as is so often the case with those stubborn ol' Armageddons. The problem was is that her followers quit their jobs and holed up in Montana with guns and such for the occasion.

Speaking of the Gyre, Prophet's Church Universal and Triumphant was most likely the model for the 'Church of the Red Museum' from The X-Files. Prophet was stricken with Alzheimer's for the last decade or so.

Here's an MP3 of Prophet's 'Invocation for the judgement against and destruction of rock music'. Enjoy!

UPDATE: Can some explain to me what this woman is saying? Does she think the sweatlodge deaths were a blessing?

UPDATE: From luxury to heartache:

VALHALLA, N.Y. — Former New York Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik is now just another number in the county jail. Westchester County jail spokesman Justin Pruyne says Kerik was given the number 210717 and a single-bed cell when he arrived Tuesday afternoon.

And of course Valhalla ties back to the Thorniverse, doesn't it?


  1. Hi Chris,

    Talk about hitting all the hot spots this morning!

    I meant to add over the weekend, air date 10-17 on Showtime pay television, the Enki Bilal film "The Immortal" aired! In the film Horus arrives in a flying pyramid. But this aired just after the Falcon Balloon boy story as well. If you can believe it I hadn't heard about the balloon story until I read it here and then to see that giant Falcon bird flying around NY City in the movie was a bit much for my synapses!

    Also, can you believe one of my old professors was a Dr. Elam...he taught us for over three years and now you give me the origin of his name...thanks, I think!

    Great work as always, Chris!

    Also, I haven't checked online but the Weather Channel is reporting a plane crash in Dubai this morning. You are really hitting all the pressure points!

    Thanks, Chris!

  2. Chris,

    You may know of this already but I just received my new Dell computer brochure in the mail with units using the new Windows 7 and there is a computer system called "Alienware" M17x...touted as "the most powerful 17 in. gaming laptop in the universe."

    Is this weird or what? Alienware and "17"!

  3. That's bizarre, Soapie- I'll have to look that one up. I can't find the Dubai thing though - it must not have hit the online wires yet.

    Immortel is a very interesting movie- the first time I saw it I thought it was awful and then it grew on me. I've got a post on it somewhere in the queue...

  4. Chris,

    I found the Dubai crash this morning here. It was a Sudanese cargo plane, all six aboard were killed.

    Thanks, Chris!

  5. Hahaha... I dreamt last night that a huge hawk dropped a pearl in the grass in front of me, then I read this..
    Horus, I hadn't made that connection! Thanks!

  6. Not sure about conspiracy but it was reported James Arthur(Mushrooms and Mankind) hanged himself in jail after being arrested as a repeat sex offender. Anyone know more?

  7. NOW you tell me! Here's a link to a Rense story on him- take it or leave it:

    Interesting- I did a search on him and the Sedona Sweat lodge guy kept coming up.

  8. Erowid posted this, they seem pretty legit. Sad to see this

  9. Cheers, 77ie- I revised the post. I also remembered I'd seen a lecture with Arthur on the topic and wasn't overly impressed with his scholarship.

  10. Heya Chris,
    I get confused about the Underworld. Some synchromystic bloggers make compelling connections to OZ and the Underworld and Wonderland (from Alice in Wonderland) and Hollow Earth Theory. I'm never quite sure what exactly they're getting at; whether they are saying the Underworld is a golden place or malevolent.

    Also, when I first began reading of the paranormal the whole New Age culture seemed great. I actually thought they had the answers. Now I see much of it is overly simplistic and overly optimistic. Its too cultish too (some even actually creating cults from it..Elizabeth Prophet). I think most New Agers mean well when journeying for truth but their ideas become a Hallmark card.

  11. Chris,

    On the sweat lodge incident, Larry King Live did an entire story on it and James Arthur Ray. They had a Ph. D. in Native American studies who emphasized that the sweat lodge was a Native American ritual and was supposed to be led to specific rules only after years of training AND supposedly only by Native Americans. There were also lawyers on board who said Ray was in a lot of trouble...possibly for manslaughter! So he's really being brought to the fore on this incident for some reason.

    Also, I first heard of Ray because of his appearance in the law of attraction film, The Secret.

    Chris, also, this story hit our local news today:

    "A former Nasa scientist who helped discover evidence of water on the moon has been charged with attempting to sell Israel secrets about America's military satellite systems."

  12. Grey, I subscribe to Jung's view of the Underworld as an archetype for the Unconscious, particularly in this context. Otherwise, I'd take it on a case by case basis.

    Soapie- Yeah, I'm really not into the whole new age supermarket approach to things like sweat lodges. This Ray guy seems like he's a bit too full of himself.


  14. Can you give us the scoop on the link Eric?

  15. The Underworld and this world are one and the same; or, to be more specific, this world is a crystallization of it—from Yesod to Malkuth, as the Kabbalists might say.

    The Egyptians knew that this world was the land of the dead, and not the next one, as Birch notes in his introduction to the Book of the Dead:

    The deceased, in fact, lived again after death, or, according to Egyptian notions, did not die again in Hades. The first death of the soul was its birth into the world imprisoned in the human form, considered as the egg of the God Seb, or Saturn.

    The works of Thomas Taylor, and especially his dissertation on the Eleusinian and Bacchic Mysteries, explore this more thoroughly. In Taylor's words, "the death of the soul was nothing more than a profound union with the ruinous bonds of the body."

    In other words, this is the only Hell. The Eleusinian Mysteries is especially relevant, as Alice in Wonderland seems to be a retelling of Persephone's descent into the Underworld.

  16. Chris,

    I'm new to your site and find it fascinating, especially all the "17" references which I am now seeing popping up all the time (football scores, jerseys, time codes, etc.)

    In relation to the Underworld and death, I found this serialized short story on Daily Lit by one of my newest favorite authors, LAUREL DEWEY. Have you read her books? They are crime thrillers with a serious mystical twist. Her latest, REDEMPTION, strongly features birds as symbols of the path the killer takes with a RED TAILED HAWK leading the way.

    Anyway, Daily Lit is serializing five original short stories over the next five months of Dewey's, with the first one titled 'AN UNFINISHED DEATH." It features her tough, gritty heroine, Detective Jane Perry. The symbolism in it is outrageous, not to mention the connections talked about between this world and the next. I think people who have had near death experiences would love this story.

    Here is the link to the Daily Lit piece:

    (It takes seconds to sign up and then you are sent installments of the story in your email box. You can also choose to receive the story right away by clicking on a link in the email.)

    Here is Dewey's website:

    I read somewhere that her next novel in the series has to do with family secrets and how a bloodline can become "infected" when the secret is buried for generations. Fascinating stuff since the "external" stories in the books are all about murders and kidnappings.