Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Week in 17: The 17th Hole (UPDATED 1300 EST)

ITEM: Reader Daniel turned us on to this bizarre photo. A little green man with 17 emblazoned on his chest? Yep, sounds like 2009 to me. More:
CHASKA, Minn. (AP)—Tiger Woods will be fined by the PGA Tour for his public criticism of a rules official after winning the Bridgestone Invitational...

European Tour chief referee John Paramor told Woods and Harrington they were being timed.

Paramor said the final pairing was well behind most of the back nine, but officials gave them time to catch up. They were still 17 minutes out of position on the 16th tee, when they were put on the clock.

ITEM: Speaking of overpaid athletes, here's the 8/10/09 issue of Sports Illustrated.

ITEM: There was a tragic air crash between a plane and a helicopter in the Hudson River on Saturday- a grim replay of the Flight 1549. The airplane took off from Teterboro Airport, which is on Route 17. The weird thing about is that I saw a near air collision on Friday evening, not so far from Saturday's event. Pretty freaky sync.

ITEM: Another air disaster of a kind:

MINNEAPOLIS – By its sixth hour sitting on a deserted tarmac, Continental Express Flight 2816 had taken on the smell of diapers and an overwhelmed lone toilet.

What should have been a 2 1/2-hour trip from Houston to Minneapolis had moved into its ninth hour, and the 47 passengers on board had burned through the free pretzels and drinks handed out early in their Friday night flight from Houston.


ITEM: Loren Coleman and others gave me the heads up on this weird story from India:
CHANDIGARH - No one knows exactly why it’s happening or how. But in Amloh, a dusty village of about 600 in Haryana's Yamunanagar district, one person has died every 17 days in the last four months. Now, a mortal fear has gripped Amloh, forcing people to go off sex, alcohol and even non-vegetarian food in a bid to purge themselves of what they call a 17-day death curse.
ITEM: More horror- a conspiracy behind the brutal murders of the "Parents of 17":
Investigators have linked Mexican organized crime to the murders of the parents of 17, perhaps answering the case's riddle: why was a Florida couple shot at home execution-style?
And the devil is also in the details:
“Tice admitted that he was selling cars across the border to be resold in Mexico and those deals were cash, under-the-table transactions.” The grand theft charge against Tice is for allegedly writing more than $17,000 in bad checks last year to Worldco Financial Services, a company owned by the Billings family.
ITEM: Not all 17 news has been grim- a reader tells us it was a lucky number for a repeat lottery winner:
Williams, who is single, has worked for almost 17 years ago for Johnson Controls. Before that, he served in the Marines. He said he has been playing Super Kansas Cash, Powerball and other lottery games consistently for 17 years.
ITEM: But not so lucky for the Michael Jackson estate:
The Lloyd's of London policy -- taken out by AEG in case Jackson didn't perform his London concerts -- did not cover death related to illegal drug use. According to the policy, obtained by the L.A. Times, "This insurance does not cover any loss directly or indirectly arising out of, contributed, to, by or resulting from ... the illegal possession or illicit taking of drugs and their effects."

The policy covered $17.5 million. AEG reportedly claims it's in the hole $30 mil.
ITEM: Speaking of 17.5, there's talk of Gil Grissom returning to CSI, since rating have dipped since he left the show. The first show after his departure garnered 17.5 million viewers an 11% dip from the week before.

ITEM: And speaking of dead pop stars, did you know the first Nirvana album cost $606.17 to record? It says so on the sleeve.

View Larger Map

ITEM: And speaking of Nirvana, how did I not know that New Age hotspot Sedona is on Interstate 17?

ITEM: Finally, speaking of exotic locales, check out 17 Questions, this week with alt-Egyptologist David Rohl.

UPDATE: Hey, guess what's out on DVD today?

UPDATE: Oh, you gotta be frickin' kidding me:
A Nasa space telescope has found evidence of a high-speed collision between two burgeoning planets orbiting a young star.

Dr Lisse and his team observed a star called HD 172555, which is about 12 million years old and situated about 100 light-years away in the far southern constellation Pavo (the Peacock).
2+5+5+5= nevermind.

UPDATE 2335 EST: Jason the Synchromystic Librarian informs us that there's a new exhibit opening in London, Ontario featuring life-sized animated dinosaurs. Guess how many?


  1. I wonder how many numbers he thought of before 17, kinda scary.

  2. Hey Chris,
    I went to the dentist today to get my head drilled on.I was #17 on their sign in sheet. And when I stumbled out the door of his office. With my head spinning from all the novacaine I noticed the office number #116. When I collapsed on to my couch feeling the integral parts of my eye socket like never before. I asked for extra novacaine. Then I saw the latest in military recruitment tool films being advertised. With the star tool of the movie proclaiming he's 17.


    Then you drop the green man, it's all about the green man! Here's a fun list of 17's I ran across.



  3. I was gonna send you that David Rohl 17 but i see you got that one, lol.

    Did anyone catch the North American Summit pyramid symbol this week? it was everywhere behind all 3 of them but I could only find one small picture from a local paper with it in the background...


  4. Funny how 23 got replaced by 17 over the years.
    Still... just another number.
    Im sure one could also spot root 36 somewhere if he/she looks hard enough.
    Another proof of our great mind beeing able to see what it wants, once its "convinced" of something.

    This could be the first steps towards beeing able to create simply by thought (what creation is anyway)

    Greetings from Germany

  5. Michael Jackson's ambulance number - I couldn't help smiling on the day.....


  6. Heh a 17-man in spandex? Too crazy

  7. What do you think this increased awareness means?

    I found dynamitrios' comment about it being the first steps to creating with thought to be interesting.

    As a species we're obviously strongly linked to numbers emotionally and spiritually (9/11, year 2000, 666, 21, 13 etc). It must mean something. Any ideas?

  8. Venus Flytrap: Terrestrial or Extraterrestrial?

    Quote from article:

    "In the search for extraterrestrial life, we have always searched Space, but we may have the proof of extraterrestrial life right here on Earth-in the Venus Flytrap.

    Even though we have yet to see the gigantic, man-eating creature from The Little Shop Of Horrors, the most dramatic case for possible alien life landing on Earth is not aliens landing in flying saucers, but the Venus Flytrap. Also known to botanists as Dionaea Muscipula, the Venus Flytrap is one of only a few plants capable of rapid plant movement, one of only a few carnivorous plants, and the only carnivorous plant capable of rapid plant movement.

    The Venus Flytrap is the third fastest plant in the world, capable of closing its trap within 100 milliseconds-less than a second. The two fastest plants are the Dogwood bunchberry (the flowers open and shoot pollen in 0.5 milliseconds), and the White Mulberry tree (the flowers can shoot pollen at half the speed of sound).

    Even though the Venus Flytrap has been successfully transplanted to other regions all over the globe, it is only found naturally in a 100 mile radius around Wilmington, North Carolina. Enveloping only a couple of counties in North and South Carolina. It thrives best in heat, and in swamps. The strange thing is that in the middle of the Flytrap's natural territory, there appears to be several small impact craters from a meteor shower. These craters-and the fact that the Flytrap's native territory is so small and surrounds these craters-is only part of the evidence of the Venus Flytrap's extraterrestrial origin."

  9. hmm venus flytrap, i used to have one myself, maybe the clue's in the name?

  10. Hey Christ,
    old news, but:

    Dead Mom Walking: The "lady" in red is shown renewing Irene Prusik's driver's license in May. But Prusik has been dead for six years. Her son, Thomas Parkin, dressed up as her in an elaborate scam to collect $117,000 in government benefits, prosecutors said June 17. Parkin told the New York Post that it was not him in the video.

    apologies, but can't find a linkable URL for this

  11. BTW, off topic but "owl" related:


    sorry if it was already posted around

  12. 'City of Ember' Boats behind center locker 17

    Genesis 8:4
    And the ark rested in the seventh month, on the seventeenth day of the month, upon the mountains of Ararat.

  13. I am a regular on to this blog and other synchro blogs. And I get it that on the 17th month Osiris was resurrected. But someone please tell me what is the significance of the number 17?! I think it represents rebirth. But is there something else, what do all these 17s mean in the news? Everyone seems to get it but me. Can someone explain it to me?
    I was born 11/17 too, in eighty-eight. Anything?

  14. Well, my first story from my new place of residence. A baby T-Rex (or a facsimile thereof) made an appearance at Masonville Place, a shopping mall just a few kilometers from home in northern London, Ontario. It's part of the "Walking with Dinosaurs" show, which has guess how many dinosaurs.

    The whole story is here.


  15. Chris has defiantly made 17 more interesting to myself but for me it and no number will ever replace 23. I get so many 23's in one day it's pointless for me to even mention it anymore. My whole family who doesn't even "follow" things anything like me all notice it and have to mention it when they are with me cause it happens to much everyday to be marked even in their mind as a coincidence.

    IMO I think Chris has created some "Magic" here on the internet with 17, and anytime I see that number it usually ties right in with something I have read on this blog in particular, like it's his personal "call number".

    I was born on 7/7 and just recently embraced the number 7 and it has been resonating quite well.

    16 & 33 follow me around quite abit to.

    But even for example last night I was watching "Lord or Illusions" for the first time with my cousin and I turned my TV volume to 75 and said well that sure doesn't make me think of anything (the number 75) and maybe 5 seconds later the main character walked into a building (A Tarot Reader) with the address 75 on the outside, lol.

    I also keep looking at the clock for the past few weeks and see 11:11, 1:11, 2:22, 3:33, 4:44 & 5:55 way to much.

    There is defiantly something magical about numbers I think you just need to open up to them and maybe some numbers resonate better with certain people.

  16. While reading this post there occurred to me another interesting 17: Laurence Fishburne, aka "Morpheus" in his earliest big-time role, as Tyrone "Clean" Miller in Apocalypse Now-- if I recall correctly, his first word in the film is "seventeen"

  17. Quick addenda- Anyone not understanding the 17 enigma, simply click the tag for archived articles.

  18. I just walked past a security desk in my office building and saw that my department now has a new internal emergency number (i must have missed the memo). In bright red letters "132227"

    Like "C" though, 17 hasn't supplanted 23 in my affections.

  19. Personal Note: I grew up in Sedona and moved to Portland, OR when I was 17 (yes, via I-17). My old life sorta "died" since I had my house burn down and my brother had trouble with the law. I actually left on December 17th and arrived to Portland on my B-day, December 20th (winter solstice, Saggitarius/Capricorn cusp). Sedona has been a stronghold for all sorts of New Agers as well as unconventionally minded people; the harmonic resonance. I was totally uninterested in any activities in that realm being adolescent and over-active. Funny how 17 years since I moved from there I have come to an interesting point where my current interests connect to Sedona "residents" like David Hatcher Childress, Orson Wells, Jose Arguelles, etc. The only similar interests I did have back then was art and archeology and that has been "revived" recently as well thanks to David's work in part.

    Interesting to note Sedona's mention/importance in MilleniuM episode "Dogs" and it was where the X-files episode "Anasazi" was filmed too. Anasazi being the ancient natives of the area (ari,arya, aryans), in Arizona: Ari-Zona; Land of the Ari.

  20. And still i will play the skeptic once again, and say dont let your mind become specialized in perceiving only the same signals (17s), one can get pretty lost in one single reality tunnel.
    Specialization is the insects domain, not ours.
    An indicator of some sort, in this case 17 aint the whole picture.

    The roadsign isnt the destination, even if it says the name of your destination, the map isnt the real territory.
    Dont get lost in numbers my friends

    Greetings from Germany

  21. No one's getting lost in anything. Nobody is saying anything about a destination or the whole picture. We're all just having some fun.

    PS the first numbers we see in the movie The Number 23 add up to 17.

  22. A few months ago vibing on Tarot XVII (The Star) and how her placement in the Qabbalah even looks like the Arabic 17 (Pointing up and to the right) ... thinking of the directions to Neverland (first star to the right, straight on 'til morning) ...

    I took a spin through the use of "17" in pop music:

    Beatles - I Saw Her Standing There
    Stevie Knicks - Edge of 17
    Stray Cats - Sexy and 17

    then on the avant garde tip:

    La Monte Young - Dream House 78'17
    ex-KLF man Bill Drummond on 17
    The there's The Fall's Mark E. Smith's alter-ego:
    "I am Roman Totale XVII
    the bastard offspring
    of Charles I and the Great God Pan."

    17: Sex, Stars, The End of Time

    While at NYC loft show last week an Assyrian furniture factory was having a late-night hookah and bonfire party across the street and raising spirits under the stars. Two street addresses visible on either end of the party: 17, 23

  23. i'm surprised they let freaks access golf tournament,the most conservative sport there is.this adds to the strangeness.

  24. Synchromystic Librarian... Might be a good blog title.

    I've been keeping my eye open for weird synchs in the area since moving to London. Here are a few.

    1. Some company along Provincial Highway 401 (near Exit 189 at Highbury) with "Transformer" or "Transforming" in the name, and lettering that might be familiar to fans of certain shapeshifting robots. I suppose they're just capitalizing on that, but still...

    2. A flier that keeps appearing in the mail for a GoodLife Fitness club that will open in the Masonville area (same place as the mall). On the same flier, a slogan for GoodLife's 30th anniversary.

    3. The strangest has personal resonance for me. My wife and I have been Unitarian Universalists for about five years, and the only fellowship in the city is located at 557 Clarke Road. Add the numerals and note the name.


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  27. im not like two plus years behind, its just that youre two plus years ahead. love me some green man...http://youtu.be/i1Ji8RRiREs