Monday, August 17, 2009

From the Fifth Element to the Fourth Kind

In a year jam-packed with alien-themed movies, this trailer seems to have hit a certain chord. The Fourth Kind certainly gives off a strong X-Files vibe, similar to The Mothman Prophecies and The Forgotten, so you know I'm there. But I'm not exactly sure why it seems to be so resonant- it's not like abduction phenomena has been circulating in the culture lately.

It could just be that The Fourth Kind looks like a solid scarefest, Close Encounters meets The Exorcist. But it could also be that added AAT dimension (or the suggestion of it, with the cuneiform) is beginning to seep into the collective consciousness, no matter how desperately some still try to laugh it all away (the Brookings Report seems more and more prescient every day).

I was fascinated in the whole owl motif, seeing how we just discussed that here on the Sun. And I'm impressed with the leads, semiotically speaking: Milla Jovovich (certainly for her role in The Fifth Element), Will Patton (from Mothman) and Eleas Koteas (from The Prophecy, Crash and Exotica). This looks to be a solid genre outing, not a cheeseball horror cash-in. It will be interesting to see how it resonates after its release.

UPDATE: Liza turned us on to this ad campaign, which I noticed today as well.


  1. Did you see this news today?

    Close encounters... UFOs made 600 visits to the UK in a single year, according to MoD 'X-Files'

  2. A snippet from Dr Anothy Peratt’s his bio at:

    work on cave art and plasma science and the OWL

    By way of proof, the authors offer up numerous Native American and other ancient rock carvings of a squatting man that proponents claim greatly resembles a 'plasma instability.' Apparently these ancient people witnessed 'an episode of high-energy plasma incursion into Earth's atmosphere' and made drawings of it, which unenlightened anthropologists mistook as squatting human figures. Other familiar drawings from antiquity, including the famous Athenian Owl, are plasma discharges as well.

  3. Anon - I love that kind of stuff. Joseph Farrell writes about it, but sees them as signs of ancient warfare, not just a natural phenomenon.

    That's what the gods' "tridents" supposedly were, too...

    The Fourth Kind: "There's no owls, it's not an owl!"

  4. There seems to be an interesting bridge between fiction and reality; Milla introduces herself as a model/actress (reality), then cuts to the movie (fiction). This can subconciously embed into our minds and our memory will not necessarily discern between the two. The addition of the "reality" element in the film could render it as reality in our (collective) unconscious... Reminds me of the Red Ice post on how movies affect our model of reality; how information recall from film works.

    Looks like a sweet flick.

    ...also note the 3:33 repetitions being slung around.

  5. Speaking of owls and preparing the public for whatever's teen daughter and I went shopping today, and I saw SO many t-shirts with owls on them for sale. Reminds me of the owl t-shirt that the infamous teen trendsetter, Miley "Stripper Pole" Cyrus, wore some time ago.

  6. Yeah I was kind of surpised they thought the 333 thing was a big enough selling point to feature in the trailer.

    Also noticed the uk ufo disclosure stuff being released today. Similar to how Russia did it a few weeks ago, looks like disclosure's gonna be done very gradually, sigh...

  7. the owls are not what they seem.

  8. Bringing in Atom Egoyan, via Elias Koteas and Exotica.

    Look what else Egoyan directed...


  9. 17 mention from Quentin Tarantino.


  10. I was thumbing through a mag after reading your post and found this ad that I had to scan.

  11. a serious, sirius, space party

    in the lyrics... everybody come to me to the 2001 space party... hmmm. interesting lyrics.

  12. see the Air Wick commercial here. I like how the video shows purple haze and you've got Jim Hendrix below.

    That Giant link was 1:24 long

  13. wow owls, 3:33, alien abduction and disclosure of sumerian artefacts. plus an mk ultra 'kitten' in the lead role. heavy stuff indeed.

  14. Hormone -disrupting air chemicals to destroy the DNA quality of humans. So wise!!!

  15. The trailer is damned creepy, especially the mysterious recording in Sumerian. I know X-Files already covered the whole ancient language bit, but still...

    So, I got to thinking about the connection of Salome with Sumeria. Sure enough, I find this piece about "Oriental" dancing, with both Salome and Ishtar prominently mentioned.

    Speaking of The Exorcist and Salome, looks like William Friedkin has also done his own production of Strauss' opera. What film director is next?

    And don't forget the femme fatale. Several of them have already been topics of discussion here, and it might be useful to consider more.


  16. Thanks, Jason. You really start to wonder what the secret meaning of that Salome opera is among certain people in the know.

  17. "A scale of measurement"???

    Say what! Is that the same as a wandering star? Or one cast down to Earth? Woe to the inhabitants?

    Or a reference to Zec 5:11?
    "This is an ephah(measure or Weight) that goeth forth. He said moreover, This is their resemblance through all the earth. 7 And, behold, there was lifted up a talent of lead: and this is a woman that sitteth in the midst of the ephah. 8 And he said, This is wickedness.

  18. I own many recordings of Salome, listen to it quite a bit, and have read much about its cultural and social significance... both its story and Strauss' rendition of Wilde's play. And yet, I still can't figure out essentially what its pull is on me.

    Strauss was a master at orchestration, but there's "something" that just resonates with me. It's gotten even stranger, now that I have discovered (via The Secret Sun) potential connections to a number of topics in which I have been interested for years. Needless to say, I Want to Believe was a sucker-punch with all the severed head imagery (and the Oannes references to boot).

    Salome is not as well-known among the general public as other operas (Carmen, various Italian fare, etc.), but it's not quite obscure to opera fans. Some see it as an acquired taste, and it's not something you can just catch at the local opera house every few years. (At least in the U.S., you're more likely to find performances in major metropolitan areas.) Some chalk up this rarity to difficulty finding singers who can do the title role justice.


  19. Ok, I never paid the owl thing that much notice, it never really resonated, but nowadays the owl thing is tripping me out a little, for several reasons:-

    1. I saw two ufo's in late June and early July, I heard owls twit-twooing a lot at night throughought this period.

    2. The owls are the symbol of Leeds in england, the city I grew up in- our town hall is surrounded by golden statues of owls.

    3. The film The Labyrinth, the cgi owl that appears in the beginning and end always intrigued me.

    4. Christopher KnOWLes, are you the owl king!?!

    5. Those Twin Peaks clips I'd totally forgotten about.

    In all seriousness I've always thought highly of owls and regarded them as the wisest birdies in the bird kingdom. (though the exorcist style 360 degree head turning thing kind of unnerves me)

  20. Heh, little owl sync. Reading the post and comments with owls on the brain. Suddenly remembered while reading this that I had not peeked in the new pop up book I bought this morning for my son. Opened it up and this was on the first page, literally leaping out at me.

  21. I'm so stunned right now! I'm a christian and I've felt like GOD has been showing me NUMBERS since 2006. These are the numbers in sequence that I've felt GOD showing me since then :

    2006 I saw the number 28

    2007 I saw the number 333

    2008 I saw the number 37

    start of 2009 I saw 10:13 everywhere!

    If anyone has any clue what these mean, or if they correlate with each other somehow please contact me :

  22. Did you see album cover of Owl City's Ocean Eyes?

    Here it is: Google Image Search

    I think it's a perfect match for your theories and it's quite mainstream, targeted younger audiences.