Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Aykroyd on UFOs/ETs

Dan Aykroyd seems to be pursuing a second career as a UFO researcher. Or at least a UFO expounder, as Unplugged on UFOs documentary stems from a series of interviews taken by David Sereda, whose own ruminations we looked at a week or so back. Interesting in light of the Sumerian and secret society mythology he wrote into Ghostbusters or the UFO/MIC connections in My Stepmother is an Alien, which Jake talked about here.

Fascinating guy- these little chats are well worth watching whatever your stance of UFO and ETs may be. Aykroyd seems devoid of idealism and Hollywood piety, always a good thing.

Secret Sunny tidbits- Aykroyd costarred in movies with both Mulder (2001's Evolution) and Scully (in House of Mirth). Also appearing in Evolution was Julianne Moore, of The Forgotten fame.

Aykroyd also put in one of his best performances ever as a manic-depressive hitman in Grosse Pointe Blank (which starred John Cusack) in which he recited Revelation 13.

UPDATE: How weird is this? Soapie informs us that Dan Aykroyd was on Martha Stewart today, fixing up some sacrificial Easter lamb.


  1. He really has some solid scientific points, however it bothers me that he delivers all this in such a theatrical way, it might just be my disbelief of him knowing all this stuff so perfectly, or on his side his perfectionism as an actor to get every line down solidly. This interviewer guy, where have I seen him before?

    Anyway, entertaining and inspiring as all your posts are.

    Check out new docu 'Kymatica' while I'm at it, truly awesome stuff of spiritual growth in collective consciousness.

    Surpass Ego

  2. Popular legend has it that Aykroyd has in his possession the only video of the notorious O'Hare Airport UFO incident. Also, his promo for Crystal Head Vodka (a triple distilled beverage inspired by the Crystal Skulls)is a hoot, worth checking out if you haven't seen it.

  3. I must admit I had the niggling suspicion that the crystal skull vodka was a joke but have heard back from people who bought one. I think it is partly that I'm so used to seeing him in comedy roles but there is also something about his delivery which gives the feeling that the whole thing is done with tongue firmly planted in his cheek.

    It looks to be an awfully impressive object and, even though I no longer drink booze, I could be tempted to pick one of those up if I saw it.

  4. Dan has actually been into that shit for a while... He helps fund MUFON which is the biggest UFO research group in the world. It's based here in CO and if you open up some Newspapers here you'll see a MUFON ad with his picture. I've been studying UFO's for years now and kept coming up on him... Recently I saw that he was up in Winnipeg signing for his liquor(Jim Sanders mentioned it I think) anyway, I'm gonna see if I've seen this video yet. I know I saw one where he mentioned Brittney Spears and MIB's in the same sentence... Weird shit.

  5. Great posts here again, Chris and Aykroyd was one of the first outspoken celebrity believers that I believed in too.

    BTW, he was on Martha Stewart's Easter episode this morning in apron...roasting lamb. You are definitely, in tune with ALL.

    As an aside, my local newspaper is going bonkers. Example of region section headline on grasses from ag extension: "Make It Green" juxtaposed beside picture of our yellow sun! And today's region article on local bee keepers titled: "Secrets From The Hive!" And these are all local stories by junior writers at the paper. It really boggles!

    Thanks for all you do, Chris!

  6. Gah! Another crazy day here- I'm wondering if this is the new normal. Thanks as always for your always-awesome comments and I promise I'll catch up as soon as I can.

  7. I agree with Immortel. (as disclosure, I post at rigorous intuition and routinely wake up wondering if *I* am a disinfo agent). Something about Dan's delivery is, well, a delivery. He's got a heavy schtick, and it's almost like that's part of it. He seems so sure of what he's saying that it's very suspect.

  8. Sometime back -06 or 07 I rented a DVD with Akroyd talking about UFOs-I forgot what it was called but I did find it entertaining and valuable -The UFO phenomenon is one that always gets my imagination going and I love to hear different theories about them. best to you as always!!

  9. Just wanted to point out one of his funniest roles in the film "Sneakers", where he plays "Mother", a guy who's so far into conspiracy theories that it's made him a little kooky.