Saturday, November 15, 2008

Yahooccultism: The Oannes Brothers

Did the boys at Yahoo get drunk last night and do MadLibs type semiotics? I literally LOL'd when that little montage popped up on my screen ("Sauron takes young starlet as bride/sacrifice"). 

The link between that distant Eye-in-the-Sky and a "Jonas Brother" (read: Oannes Brother) strikes to the very heart of what the Secret Sun is all about. That lovely young lady is Camilla Belle (née Routh), who some of you might have seen as "Evolet" in Roland Emmerich's Atlantis/pyramid saga 10,000 BC. Of course, any symbol buff worth their salt reads "Belle" as Ba'al, and knows that Camilla is a he/she name with a fascinating backstory:
Camillus and camilla were two Latin nouns designating children helping at religious services, much like altar boys. These young boys and girls were chosen among the children of the Roman nobility to attend the priests in the sacrifices for the gods.
So we see "Ba'al's Altar Boy/Girl" linked with an "Oannes Brother," linked to this distant planetary system with strange Masonic connections. I ask you again: Is there a Secret Sun fan up at the Yahoo! News office?