Friday, October 31, 2008

'Tis the Season for Gothic Goodness


 Siouxsie's become the Goth Madonna these days. She's still looks great but her music is strictly for the cabaret set. But once upon a time she was killer, and had one of the most accomplished bands on the scene. This snarling performance features the late, lamented John McGeoch on guitar. From the absolutely essential Juju.


 Bauhaus broke up too soon- another year or two and they would've been huge. They were Bowie at a time when Bowie himself was not, and Peter Murphy and Daniel Ash had that Jagger/Richard chemistry down pat. When they wanted to scare you they put old Sabbath to shame. This is one of my favorite videos ever.


 Ahh, old school Tool. One of the scariest videos ever made.


And here's Killing Joke to remind us that the real horror show is four days after Halloween. Note: this video came out in 1996, yet eerily prophesies the Bush/Gore fiasco in Florida in 2000. Remarkable batting average for the Jokers.


 And here's your Lullaby...