Thursday, November 29, 2007

Hercules/Superman redux

Part one of the Superman/Hercules presentation is up on Comic Book Resources.

I was hoping to hand this off and move on but that's the way it always goes. It's been fascinating watching some of the reaction on the message boards. It really reminds me of the old debates in the AOL religion section, particularly when it came to polarized topics like biblical inerrancy. It's all clarified things in my mind and helped solidify ideas I've been mulling over.

Part two should be up today.

Quote for the Day:

But the coming Superman is of the type of the Masters: They are Masters of Compassion; not only Masters of Knowledge, but of love and knowledge together, which make Wisdom, and it is Wisdom which shall be the characteristic of "the Coming Race". - Annie Besant, 1917

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