Dark Knight of Our Soul, or The New Ambulance Chasers

Most people have a stereotype of "conspiracy theorists" as wild-eyed hysterics, who theorize first and maybe-- maybe-- ask questions later.
Unfortunately, there's an entire population of conspiratainers and their followers who are hellbent on proving that stereotype right, and then lowering the bar as far as possible.

Conspiracy research- as opposed to conspiracy entertainment-- is largely dead. In some ways the tools of the trade were adopted by mainstream journalists like Matt Taibbi and Glenn Greenwald. But the deluge of Evangelicals and New Agers into the conspiratainment sphere during the Bush years has ravaged the notion of questioning the reworded press releases the mainstream news media feed us as reporting. Gee, you'd almost think it was planned that way.

Social media has created a noise machine, in which unsourced rumors are taken as fact and old Neo-Nazi fever dreams are taken as established history. The end result has been a growing backlash-- especially among most geeks and other hipster types-- that looks on all conspiracy thinking as the province of pantpissing trailer trash.

Nowhere is the lack of a serious class of conspiracy researchers more conspicuous than in the aftermath of the increasingly frequent mass shootings we're seeing. No serious conspiracy researcher would start unleashing--within hours of an event-- a series of videos claiming that a shooting was a "false flag event" and would definitely never repeat the easily disproven claim that these shootings are staged to hasten draconian gun laws that by some dint of coincidence never materialize.

Even if a serious researcher has a strong suspicion, he or she would wait until the hysteria died down and then calmly and methodically begin sifting through witness statements, police reports, personal histories, and on and on and on before presenting a theory. And only when a mountain of corroborating evidence was attached.

Because a serious researcher would be very much concerned with their credibility and reputation, something that never keeps the new breed of conspiratainment shills up at night.


But of course what we are seeing now is a religion, that delivers freedom from accountability in place of salvation. The game to disempower the individual as much as possible so the believer can never feel responsible for the conduct of their lives. It's to create as many scapegoats to blame as possible, so the goalpost can be moved at will. It's the religion of surrender.

Half of the theorizing about the Aurora shooting that I'm seeing is religiously based and the other half is based in NRA paranoia. Jones must have some incredibly powerful people pulling his strings because he continues to push the gun law theory and is never, ever called out when he is wrong (just as I did when he was insanely wrong on Prometheus).

The UN treaty -- which needs a 2/3rds majority and not the simple majority Jones has implied-- is not about domestic gun rights. But Jones has spun the same exact story (see this, this, this, this and this) so many times that only the religious could believe it.

Jones and others have also claimed that Holmes couldn't have obtained body armor since he would need a Federal permit and a lot of money to do so. However, 30 seconds on Google produced a cornucopia of body armor, that Holmes could easily have obtained without maxing out a single credit card. And the line about the Federal law is total bullshit.

Remember Kevin Smith maxing his credit cards out to make Clerks? That netted him $27,000 dollars back in 1992. Holmes could have armed himself for a fraction of that.

Right now the only thing we do know about this guy was that he was extremely intelligent and very skilled at chemistry. That would explain the gas (most people who didn't read the labels before cleaning the floor know how to make tear gas) and the improvised IEDs.

And longtime Secret Sun readers are surely getting an Amy Bishop vibe off of this case. I've always said that the line between genius and madness is nearly invisible. And any first year psych student knows that catastrophic mental illness often emerges in one's early 20s (Amy Bishop committed her first murder when she was 21).

As we've seen in the past initial media reports are notoriously unreliable (and getting worse, thanks to our dumbed-down media) and the new ambulance chasers of Conspirastan always lose interest once the hit counter cools off. Because that's the only thing they care about- pumping the hit counter in order to fill their pockets.

Now, here's the deal: I don't know what motivated this guy. I don't know what is behind all this because we don't have enough information (and deliberately false information is being fed into cyberspace). I don't know if he had an accomplice or not. I don't know what is going on because he's not talking and the police have clamped down on leaks. We don't need to look any further than The Gangster Squad trailer-released in May-- for inspiration behind the act.

The information we have right now doesn't necessitate any kind of "false flag" scenario yet-- if you're a cogent, reasonable individual. I do know he has a look in his eyes that chills me to the bone. What's behind that, I don't know yet. I'm not going to form an opinion on the matter until I can look at the evidence. I will say that the fact that his brains weren't sprayed around the parking lot on the way to a police cruiser strongly argues against Holmes being a patsy. Because no one would have lost any sleep if they were.


I do know that is just more bad news attached to a Christopher Nolan film. This is a guy who puts forward psychopaths as his protagonists (Following, Memento, The Prestige) and cast a guy previously best known as Bateman, the American Psycho as Batman. He also seems especially fascinated with mindfucking as we've seen in Inception and the first Batman film (how people led Inception slide is beyond me). I do know this is a guy who revels in fascist, brutalizing imagery and themes in his work.

I do know that he deliberately created a brand new archetype with his Joker, the real protagonist of The Dark Knight. A figure of pure, wanton destruction- the killer that every Jugalo would love to be when they grow up. This was pure psychological manipulation of the worst kind, and has had terrible real world results.

Of course no one wants to think about that because a lot of the same people who immerse themselves in Conspiratainment want to play their ultra-violent video games and watch their torture porn. And their Batman movies.

They want to be unaccountable, in other words.

So Jones' kneejerk theories-- backed up by nothing but folklore and a few random Tweets-- lets them off the hook. They're not contributing to a culture of cruelty and dehumanization themselves, it's some phantom G-men who themselves are never caught and held accountable because they usually don't exist.

Face the facts- a gun-soaked culture serves the powers that be, which is why America works so hard to export it. Even the Obama Administration.

Video has emerged of Holmes from a science fair. Given that his obsessions dovetailed eerily with the plot of Inception, it's very much worth a look. Click here.

There is a much larger conspiracy at work in this case. It's one I've been aware of for several years now and has potentially devastating effects for all of us. It's one that the Alex Joneses of the world will never talk about, either. Click here.

UPDATE: Theorize first, ask questions later. Or never.
The forum members of Alex Jones' Prison Planet decided the Amy Bishop shooting was a false flag event too.

Many of the same mind control claims made about James Holmes were also made about Amy Bishop, though we soon learned she was a lifelong psychopath. I haven't seen any retraction of those obviously false claims.


  1. It is also the reason that I do not expect to see tighter gun laws after this incident. The culture serves the government and its needs; it is here to stay until it no longer serves the government needs.

  2. Strangely, I was discussing something similar this morning when hiking with a friend who works in sales and production in the entertainment industry. He's also of the opinion that entertainment, especially for children, has begun to desensitize viewers to violence and pain. I've never seen it as a cause, but, obviously, we have plenty of examples of exposure conditioning and hardening people to inhumane and inhuman acts.

    Of course, if you're a Palestinian in the Gaza Strip, or poor anywhere, you don't need television, movies or videogames since the trauma of existence is its own pressure cooker there.

    On the other hand, Marilyn Manson, responding to the Columbine shooting, makes a good point that media conditioning wasn't necessary to inspire brutality at any time in the past. All technology is an extension of the human body, Marshall MacLuhan writes. A city, maybe the ultimate technological device, is the human body and brain extended far into planetary space. Its walls are extensions of its citizens' skin. Its windows, their eyes. And its television, movies and now the internet are extensions of our mind -- and particularly our dreams.

    With the Web, the city covers the planet now - we are manifesting the metaphor of the "Globe". Nolan's Batman movies probably would be better entitled The Gotham Saga since the stage, the City, is as much a character as the hero.

    And, as your post here suggests, the movies evoke the literal dark night of that city's soul - the collective unconscious. A deep examination of the shadow where our inner monsters arise. Monster coming from a Latin root that means variously "a warning" or "danger" or, my favorit, "divine omen."

    In nearly each of his reviews for the Batman films, Mark Kermode brings up the oft cited Nietzsche quote, "Battle not with monsters, lest ye become a monster, and if you gaze into the abyss, the abyss gazes also into you."

    In psychological terms and with a kind of force that seems nearly occult - a "working" I think you've called it - Nolan's films seem to engage the "abyss" and I think Nietzsche's quote describes a deeper function of our new expanded experience of media and the mind-altering substance of projected light on a screen - it reflects our unconscious. Looking at the screen, the waking see a kind of dream. And in turn we find ourselves becoming its reflection as well.

  3. I don't see this shooting as a "false flag" event
    (not to say it isn't),but I did have a bad feeling about this films release just by the syncs that were cropping up around it for me.
    As for the London Olympics,I wouldn't be surprised by what kind of flag is run up the flagpole.

  4. John's comment touches on some very deep matters that I've been trying to figure out in recent months but still don't feel I understand fully. It starts with the fact that we humans engage both with the physical world outside ourselves and with the world of dreams and archetypes and myths inside our heads. But at every step of our evolution, that inner world has become more externalized, more concrete, and more permanent -- first in the form of story and art, then in written narratives, and over the past century in film and recorded music.

    And it's possible to foresee a time not too distant when we literally walk among the figures and landscapes of our myths on a daily basis, whether in the form of augmented reality or holograms or some of both.

    But when our dreams become real, and our dream-worlds start to consume the physical world around us -- what then? That's the point at which the implications become strangely elusive and difficult to fathom. At the very least, I suspect we will have to become far more accountable for what we dream in public, lest it turn into waking nightmares.

  5. actually, marilyn manson is a fucking liar, the media and propaganda have been used to foment violence from the beginning of "civilization."

    Great point about the ugly brutality of batman. It may be too soon to draw conclusions, but its not too soon to form hypotheses. These typical fat, stupid americans lined up and paid for a bit of the old ultraviolence and thats just what they got and then some. Sorry if my heart doesnt bleed for the loss of some hockey blogger, but Ive recently become enlightened by watching the x files.

    Like so many others, Holmes will be painted as a madman because, as you say, responsibility must be avoided at all costs. Suicide bombers and gangbangers are never portrayed as people with mental health issues, merely evil subhumans, but this guy was cream of the crop, and the mirror is shining a bit too close to home. Never mind the fact that the level and intricacy of planning, and level of awareness of such an arcane subject as media manipulation, suggest a level of sanity far beyond the capabilities of your average Batman ticketholder. Yet it was all a movie, a perfectly orchestrated media event, and the rubes keep lining up.

  6. Oh and I also hate fucking juggalos, so cosign on that. I remember hearing their tape in 94 and thinking, this is the worst thing Ive ever heard, good thing they wont be around long because no one in their right mind would listen to this. This is the culture now, serial killers as entertainment, work for a corporation, go home and play murder video games, and watch on TV as drone robots murder civilians in the name of freedom. It's full-on consent to the vampire class.

  7. Aurora means Dawn in Spanish and Colorado means Red - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Red_Dawn the movie is about citizens in Colorado taking up arms against commies. Their militia is called The Wolverines. According to this reuters article http://www.reuters.com/article/2012/07/20/us-usa-shooting-denver-profile-idUSBRE86J19H20120720 Holmes played for a soccer varsity team called Wolverines ... His player number was 16.

    Did I beat the synchromystic crowd to the punch?

  8. Ok, I'm trying to understand here...in previous posts you've praised the work of David Lynch, who has literally made horror movies about incest, yet you're blaming the shooting on the violent imagery in the Batman movie? Really? Fire Walk With Me is one of the most disturbing horror movies I've ever seen, even compared to ultra-brutal stuff like Hostel. It doesn't make much sense to point out the voyeuristic hypocrisy of the conspiratainment crowd if you're doing the same thing yourself. Personally, I agree that the abundance of violent imagery in pop culture is a sign of a sick society(not excluding myself), but it starts veering into very dangerous territory when you state that this depiction is the sole underlying cause of a senseless shooting. I don't like the neofascist ideology of the Batman movies either, but holding the filmmakers responsible for this atrocity is heading awfully close to a to tolerance of the kind of ideas that form the basis of mass censorship campaigns.

  9. You are deliberately misrepresenting what I said, Sierra. At no point do I claim Nolan or the Batman film is responsible. The shooter is responsible for the massacre. What I am talking about is a general dehumanizing culture and a level of psychological manipulation that is irresponsible and unwise. These mass shootings don't exist in a vacuum- they exist in a culture that reduces human beings to targets to be mowed down. This is something I believe we ALL have to take responsibility for and be accountable to. I don't like it, I've never liked it.

  10. "I do know that he deliberately created a brand new archetype with his Joker, the real protagonist of The Dark Knight. A figure of pure, wanton destruction- the killer that every Jugalo would love to be when they grow up. This was pure psychological manipulation of the worst kind, and has had terrible _real_world_results_." The "real world results" you linked to is a list of killers and other disturbed people who adopted the Joker persona. Stating that these murders are an effect of the movie takes responsibility away from the killer and places it in the hands of the filmmaker, and I think that perspective is irresponsible and unwise. Ideas like that can easily lead to the conclusion that depiction of violence and actual violence are of equal moral weight, the same mistake made by Vigilant Citizen, Jones and all the rest when they talk about "predictive programming".

    And you have yet to address how it's not hypocritical to criticize the "dehumanizing" themes of Batman while praising the incest-themed horror movie, Fire Walk With Me. At a certain point, it becomes obvious that attraction to difficult subject matter is a part of the human condition, and attempts to repress that instinct are not only unhealthy but dangerous. Whether or not that attraction becomes problematic is all about context and providing a healthy balance, since either extreme ("fear porn" or fluffy love and light) can result in dysfunction.

  11. I enjoyed your analysis. Thanks.

  12. Yes Chris, you are right that this stuff is very nasty and tends to create a kind of sado porn for the masses. I remember the first time I saw Resovoir Dogs and found the torture scene set to music deeply nasty. I have since refused to watch it again as I consider it moral debasement. Yet you now get clever arse members of the public laughing along to it as if it's such a lark and so ironic. They don't seem to realise that they're not as bright as they think they are and they are allowing themselves to absorb something deeply subversive. When you find torture cool and ironic something is wrong with your thought processes. It feeds into society as an "anything goes" attitude.

    It is all part of a process of infantilising the general public and goes hand in hand with a left wing agenda to infantilise the public through extreme political correctness where the idea of victimhood is driven into the publics consciousness especially into non-white consciousness. So everybody is a victim and everybody has rights but they don't like responsibility. However you should remember that when society is driven to one extreme it usually eventually swings to the opposite extreme. Think of the Weimar Republic being followed by the Nazis family values.

    I personally think they may use mass immigration and economic and moral collapse to bring about such a swing and the left wing tolerant crowd are falling hook line and sinker for it. Even the lack of a backlash against this sado porn is based on the idea that we have the right to watch it and that all boundaries are there to be pushed to the extreme. But do you have a right to watch it if it's morally reprehensible and it undermines society?

  13. A friend and I have once discussed where Roman Polanski, by engaging directly with the Occult and Satanism in “Rosemary’s Baby,” had somehow conjured the horror that claimed his wife and unborn child. Certainly Manson was a manipulative psychopath. And we know the chain of meetings that led him from Dennis Wilson’s den of iniquity to the house on Cielo Drive that Polanski and Tate had just rented. Yet, as the artist responsible for cinematically constructing the tale from Ira Levin’s book, is it possible Polanski midwifed the Devil’s spawn much as the Satanists did for Rosemary? On a larger scale, the Manson Family might be seen as the Shadow to the hippie’s flower power and free love that brought about a decisive end to the Summer of Love. We can examine the facts, question motivations, and hunt for conspiracies, but the narratives we construct to help us understand these events emerge from the depths of the collective unconscious and follow archetypal patterns. And these narratives are, for better or worse, shape our individual and collective experience.

    On another note, last night I listened to a Buddhist Lama discuss Tibetan Dream Yoga which he described as a practice aimed at developing states lucid dreaming that erase the line between the waking world and the dream world. I couldn’t help but be reminded of Inception minus the mind-control theme. For the Lama our everyday reality of forms is more limited and illusory than the dream world and the realms beyond. I think the more we embrace such understandings from the East and elsewhere, the more we may come to see the fundamental flaws girding Western materialism and our consensual notions of objective reality.

  14. Let's remember that it was Ledger, not Nolan, the one who came up with the idea of giving The Joker that incredibly powerful 20's era Side show voice. When he first explained this idea to Nolan, Nolan wasn't sure it would work, but then Ledger started talking over the phone with his newly conceived Joker voice, and Nolan's skin started to raise goosebumps, and he knew that Ledge had stumbled upon something.

    >"This is something I believe we ALL have to take responsibility for and be accountable to. I don't like it, I've never liked it."

    I agree with that. In fact, that's one of the 'morals' (if you can call it that) the viewer can extract from the 2nd movie: The Gotham's mobster are afraid of the Batman, and that's why they allow The Joker --who is more an uncontrollable force of Nature than a person-- to take care of him for them. A very short-sighted decision, obviously.

    The Joker came because we ALL invited him.

  15. John Henning-- a very eloquent and interesting response!

  16. 'Dark Night of the Soul' is an album by DangerMouse and Sparklehorse - who committed suicide.

    The first track is called revenge
    "the more i try to hurt you
    the more it hurts me"
    "the more i try to hurt you
    the more it backfires"

  17. Motivational Fascist rhetoric is in every comment stream at sites like Alex Jones. I tend to rate the Blogs I peruse by the quality of it's comments section. Thank you Chris for focusing on this recent shooting and the whack media response. The militarist/mercenary institutions thriving in this free world are bound to produce these solor flares from our collective psyche. Our world governments cannot wipe out people from drones without collateral damage to our souls. Thank you Chris to expose the soul less and psychotic movie thought machine(Freaking Bat Man)for what it is. Wake up and stand up to such tomfoolery. Shineforth brave souls. Dennis

  18. These discussions about responsibility all strike me as being distorted by the Western cult of hyper-individualism.

    We humans inhabit a collective reality. Solitary confinement and other forms of enforced isolation drive people mad. And reciprocally, people who are going mad listen only to the voices in their own head and become closed off from the collectivity.

    I'm not sure of the full significance of what I'm calling the "collectivity" -- but I do know that it's more than consensus reality. It may be the totality of the human organism, or maybe even the world-soul, and it's what normally acts as a balancing-wheel and prevents people from doing terrible things.

    But even the collectivity can become unbalanced -- or at least isolated chunks of it can when cut off from the whole. This can happen on a small scale when peer pressure leads a group of young people to do things that none of them would do individually -- vandalism, bullying, gang rape. It happens on a larger scale during wars and invasions -- or among pedophiles or vulture capitalists and other deviant groups. In these situations, a localized subsection of the collectivity that normally keeps people sane gets twisted in such a way as to make them insane.

    And a similar kind of twisted validation can also happen as a result of particular works of fiction that seem to justify acting like a psychopath. Stranger in a Strange Land definitely influenced the Manson murders (though perhaps not as directly as was once assumed.) Taxi Driver influenced John Hinckley. James Branch Cabell's The High Place influenced the Leopold-Loeb murder in the 1920s. Any story which makes a hero of someone who kills people without remorse can easily make a susceptible person think it's okay to act on what would otherwise be only disturbed fantasies.

    As I say, I'm not quite sure of the details -- but I'm fairly sure that "responsibility" is not some kind of individual moral virtual but is just another name for being appropriately tuned into the collectivity. People and groups who have lost that connection no longer feel any sense of responsibility and no longer act sanely and decently. To use an archaic way of speaking, they have "lost their souls."

    And perhaps the most frightening part is that the entire thrust of present-day American culture is to isolate us from one another, isolate us from our own society, and isolate us from the rest of the world. As a result, we are all less sane, less capable of acting responsibly, and more inured to horror. And that cannot end well.

  19. Speaking about responsibility, I was watching my Dark Knight DVD at a very ungodly hour this morning, and it occurred to me that seeing The Joker as the villain of the movie is terribly simplistic.

    To me the real villains are the corrupt cops that allow The Joker and the Mobsters to get away with their twisted schemes. Detectives Wuertz and Ramirez, who were the ones who allowed the death of Rachel, and the disfigurement of Harvey Dent.

    Without decent people falling in temptation, the monsters of the world would be easy to control. That's the moral I'm taking from Nolan's saga.

  20. Cory,

    I like the conclusion of your comment, and I think overall we need to be tuned in to a "collectivity", but this "collectivity" has become distorted and more people find themselves alone with few people to whom they can relate to.

    Family has always been a touchstone for me.


    and one on one real-life conversations.

    Apart from that it can be hard to delineate between individual and collectivity which is the hallmark trait of schizophrenia.

  21. Just to mention -
    Watching the first appearance of the Aurora shooting suspect in court this afternoon -He appears to be MOST seriously DRUGGED. If you'll watch the video of him later in the day, you'll notice that Holmes at least appears to be struggling to keep his eyes open. Not sleepy, but struggling to focus, even to keep his head up. His hair is indeed bright orange in this video. But seeing him in court just raises more questions for me - but then, each time I've seen his face in photos, it's been an odd experience. Something - even the news anchor on CNN noted that he seemed drugged...

  22. Could be. He may also be suffering from catatonia, which is brought on by exhaustion in people who have schizophrenia and bipolar conditions.


  23. Could be. He may also be suffering from catatonia, which is brought on by exhaustion in people who have schizophrenia and bipolar conditions.


  24. Madonna decided to use fake guns in her Scotland performance, post-Aurora.

    I guess she cannot cause enough controversy with sex anymore :-/

  25. That oh-so-untimely/inappropriate trailer they had to pull at the last minute from other theatres- is what housed the hypnosis used on the audience- it enabled them to act correctly as they "hurried" in a "frenzy" out of the theatre.

    Why is no one bellowing- these mugshots are ALWAYS emotioneer'd photoshopp'd.


    How appropriate it is that these random kamikaze shooters always leave some very obviously fake and static web-trails....laughner...totally reinforces the simulacra for the spectacle.
    These guys are totes fake yo!
    Don't listen to the witnesses- just watch their eyes lie.

  26. Great stuff. Thank you, Chris.

  27. Chris, why go to catatonia? And link it to disease?

    You know the effects of psychotropics and how prevalent. Even Britney spears is on seroquel which I accidentally took and saw Lovecraftian critters behind curtains.

    Apparently my uncle was put on it when forced into a state run nursing home (evil family) and he very eloquently remarked "I just sat in the bed all day and asked "what am I doing?" they had me locked" No history of mental problems.

    As much as I want to not let the feasters fester on illuminatiporn- this news is KONTROLLED, thes people on the news, even the anchors, KONTROLLED.

    there's a middle ground here between mind control victims and Denzel...or IS there?

    I don't want to hear that "it'll get you no where" when you are lumping your idea of what others are doing, many take an even scanter eye at it than you do. Eventually the intricacies of the barely chipped at truth are revealed.

    I just feel like you're steering a bit more than usual and it's weird. Because EVENTUALLY we'll find out why there are silicone robots on our tv or why it's always astoundingly obvious that so many teen starlets have been sexually abused since childhood.

    Give it Five years or maybe months. I believe some very proud announcements are about to be made, regarding a special class of citizen or non-citizenry, whatever. .

  28. I do not think James Holmes suffered from catatonia at the court.
    A person with schizophrenia could never plan a shooting like this. I think the police just use sleep deprivation as an interrogation method. James can sleep again as soon as he talks.

    By the way, I think that Sierra Peterson had a fair point and your response was really weak.

  29. Ad- Stay on-topic and stick to the facts at hand. I've seen this same kind of theorizing after every single mass shooting of the past 20 years and its never followed with any kind of serious investigation. And I might add Jones is definitely back-pedaling and we're getting into silly season with the Corporate Plagiarist doing his snakehandler song and dance.

    Diederik, please study the Amy Bishop case for comparison. Sierra is entitled to her opinion, but I can't talk about the power of art without acknowledging its dark side. That is nothing but pure intellectual dishonesty.

  30. I have no answers, only questions.

    1) how can an unemployed school dropout afford that kind of arsenal ?

    2) What happened to the witness' statement that he saw someone open the fire exit door from inside?

    3) What happened to all those initial reports about 2 gunmen?

    4) Why is orange hair being associated with the Joker since the Joker has green hair?

    5) Are there any cameras in and outside the cinema?

    6) Can someone develop schizophrenia overnight?

  31. 1. Credit cards. Didn't we cover that? Mike Jones is deliberately inflating the cost of the equipment in order to sell his theory, but the sad fact is anyone can buy a personal arsenal over the internet and it's definitely a buyers' market.

    2. One witness. No one else seems to have corroborated his statement. It could be he saw Holmes leave dressed one way and return in his gear and interpreted it as two different people.

    3. When you import the weapons of war to a domestic setting you also import the fog of war.

    4. Who knows?

    5. Almost certainly.

    6. No. But I haven't seen a single bit of evidence to the effect that this kid wasn't always a bit off.

    Again- we won't know what happened until more information is known. But nothing- and I truly mean nothing- offends me more deeply than this idea that "Oh the killer is a victim too!" It's a slap in the face to the real victims. It's up to the theorists to prove their theories, not try to bolster them with more theories.

    There's a constant need to throw around "mind control" theories, especially by people who have no understanding of mental illness, never mind control. We saw the same thing with Amy Bishop, it turned out to be a tissue of blatant lies which no one ever apologized for.

    If there is something deeper behind this massacre, it will only come out through research and investigation, not armchair theorizing and digital rumor panic. That means names and dates and real data. But the fact of the matter is that nearly everyone will have forgotten this story by summer's end.

    Except the victims and their familes.

  32. suki - I never knew the exact details, but when my cousin developed schizophrenia, my aunt initially told everybody he was in the mental hospital (I think Bellevue) because he'd had a nervous breakdown after being jilted by a girlfriend. I hadn't been close to him since we were little kids, but as far as I know he'd been quite normal (though on the nervous side) up till then and it was a sudden break. He would have been about 19 or 20 at the time.

  33. 1.Look at the guys eyes! "The eyes don't like.."


    3.Studies neuroscience. Dude knows the mechanics of the brain and he was in the cutting edge of it due to his research connection. This means he probably knew he was "crazy".

    4.Introverts are very dangerous because they create a world of their own inside and expect the world to conform to it. And usually no body wants to conform to it and than in turn causes more frustration with the introvert.

    5.He is 24 a very prime age for the unfolding of his genetic "psychosis".

    6.All that gear, weapons, and knowledge to build improvised explosives can be the result of a very lonely dude with a lot of time on the internet and the reliance of his bio-chemistry. Which he would have to know to be a grad student in neuroscience.

    If you read the news media and whats out there other than the nut crazy conspiracy theorists you will realize that there was no second shooter on that he was smart enough to enter the theater with a bought ticket and open the emergency exit door while the audience was busy with trailers and movie (distracted). And who would suspect.

    8.It was in the midnight the cloud of darkness and the black outfit with the car parked next to the emergency exit is a tactical move. Perhaps learned from rpg games i.e.call of duty where you throw a gas canister before entering the room.

    This is an intelligent sane psycho. Not an insane nut case but a sane nutcase.

    Dude was obviously got trapped in his own world. I would coin it virtual bleed through. The idea that a 1/4 billion dollar movie would be powerful enough to allow these nutcases to bleed into the movie and into our reality.

  34. What bugs me the wrong way about the unfolding of this event, is that every time the US society faces these type of challenges, it always responds IN THE WRONG WAY:

    *Removing the trailer of the film in which shooting inside a movie theater is shown.

    *Banning the wearing of Batman-related costumes inside a movie theater.

    Just any kind of asinine counter-measure, instead of going for the REAL root of the problem: just how easy it is to get a gun in America.

  35. The second shooter theory can be explained by bullets going through to the next theatre making it seem that there was a shooter in each theatre.

    Yes it does seems strange that a fan of Batman (they found all sorts of Batman related stuff in his house) who identifies himself as the Joker would get the hair colour wrong. But hey, he is a crazy genius, so who knows indeed. Maybe the store ran out of green dye that day.

    Actually I found many accounts of him being normal right up to his exit from college. Had/has friends; goes snowboarding; goes camping; volunteers for youth camp...so maybe we are not reading the same mainstream news.

    Kuga, I don't know if your message was meant for me, but if it is please refrain from making assumptions and being patronising. Fear not, I watch and read the same crappy mainstream drivel that you do. It doesn't stop me from asking what I consider as legitimate questions.
    Jeez you guys, for people who keep saying that they "don't know", your minds seem to be pretty made up.

  36. you read me wrong me. the comment was meant for the general audience. dude = the nut case shooter

  37. Maybe if this guy had listened to this and let it sink in he'd have realized that he wasn't alone and that there were others who understood what he was going through:
    The lenses inside of me that paint the world black
    The pools of poison, the scarlet mist, that spill over into rage
    The things I've always been denied
    An early promise that somehow died
    A missing part of me that grows around me like a cage
    A missing part of me that grows around me like a cage

    In all your science of the mind, seeking blind through flesh and bone
    Find the blood inside this stone
    Well, I know I've never shown what I feel, I've always known
    I plan my vengeance on my own - and I was always alone
    (from the song "The Anarchist" by Rush)

    As far as responsibility goes,I think the moviegoers should take some. This is intense, emotionally charged, psychoactive material - the chances of someone losing it is real. Not terribly different than going to a bar where people intentionally alter their consciousness with a drug (or drugs).
    I can strive to understand and I can offer compassion to those who are struggling in this dark night of the soul but in the meantime I have to take responsibility for my own safety:

    "38. Keep yer guns close.
    I don’t care what they say,
    there ain’t no tellin’
    when there’ll be call for ‘em.
    An armed man has a shot."
    - The Cowboy Havamal

    (And pay attention to where the moon is at, fer crying out loud! :))

  38. Gun control, yes, if everyone had a gun, this kind of thing wouldn't even happen! But the real underlying cause isn't guns, it's violence/violent tendencies. What is the root cause of someone wanting to inflict pain on others, or mental illness itself? There are a lot of 'causes' that could be attributed to this horrific event. We can speculate endlessly.

    However, there does appear to be more to it than the mainstream is admitting.

    Holmes clearly had hugely dilated pupils, the cause of which must have been medication of some kind.
    Of course he could not speak or acknowledge anything - he could barely comprehend his own existence by the look of him in the courtroom - he was coming out of some kind of trance-like state.

    But the 'theory' of a second shooter/multiple shooters cannot be dismissed so easily. As I've found while listening to the police audio transmissions online, on the night 'someone' had reported to the police that 'one of the shooters' is wearing a 'white and blue plaid shirt'!

    We know Holmes wore an orange/red shirt under his SWAT gear, so who reported this, and why have we not heard anything more about it?


  39. Had the rest of the theater been armed, the death toll would undoubtedly have been much, much worse. Tear gas floating around, dark theater, flashing images on the screen, Holmes wearing body armor.....you can't tell me that with him and a bunch of other people firing guns there would not have been more death, not less. Frankly, if someone is crazy enough to do what he did, they are not going to much care if the audience is all carrying, they are going to do it anyway (since life in prison or the death penalty didn't deter them, what makes you think the audience being armed would?). At best there might have been a few less deaths and injuries.

    As to psychosis, I witnessed first hand that someone can indeed go psychotic overnight. It happened to a roommate of mine. He had come home from the funeral of his best friend, who had committed suicide. My roommate was a pal bearer, helped carry the coffin. That night he seemed a little "off", but of course I figured that was how it would be for anyone who just experienced what he did. The next morning he was washing his feet in the sink with just a backpack harness and his underwear on. I said good morning and he just looked at me with a face I can only describe as completely crazy. He laughed, and within a couple hours was completely off the handle, talking to himself as if he was two people, barricading himself in the den (with couch cushions and chairs), and bursting into laughter at random intervals. My description here really can't relay the utter strangeness of all his behavior that day. He later ran out of the house, and eventually was hit by a car when he ran into the street and stopped dead. He wasn't hurt much because the car had almost stopped when it hit him, but the paramedics on the scene knew something was not right with him. He spent a year in an institution and when I saw him again he was so drugged that it was hard to believe it was the same person I had known before that fateful day. So, yes, people can snap overnight. He did have a history of drug abuse, so that was likely a factor, but he never seemed "crazy" to me, or unstable at all.

    In any case, I'm with Chris on this one......people have been reading things into this since the moment it happened. It is entirely possible there were more shooters or that there is more to this than we are being told, but until evidence and proof of such things are presented, we can only speculate. I prefer not to do so wildly. Truth be told, just a few years ago I would have immediately assumed it was some sort of government false flag or MK Ultra mind control type of deal. I still wouldn't rule anything out, but jumping to conclusions only clouds the issue (much like the suggestion that he was a right or left winger, in the immediate aftermath......which has no bearing on why he did it and no bearing on the character of right or left wingers generally anyway). Perhaps our militant national character and our governments preference to solve all foreign policy issues with extreme violence has something to do with our populaces tendency to violent action?

  40. Really, this has very little to do with watching a violent movie/movies. Keep in mind, unless Holmes was in Canada or Finland on the night of the 19th, he hasn't actually seen The Dark Knight Rises!



  41. Holmes had seen the first Dark Knight, and identified himself with the Joker. Nolan isn't making movies- he's indulging in psychological manipulation. People seem so locked into the spectacle that they can't see that. Ultimately, the fault lies with the criminal. But we have a toxic culture that is killing our economy, our society and our soul.

  42. >"But we have a toxic culture that is killing our economy, our society and our soul."

    So let's make a difference then. One person at a time.

    Let's help the victims of the shooting, like this guy Caleb Medley. He lost his eye, suffered brain damage, and his first child has just been born.

    Oh, and he's uninsured, too. Fantastic to see how the most powerful nation in the world can't seem to have the means to give free medical assistance to its citizens. But hey! they can still nuke the shit out of any foe, right?

    I haven't had the chance to see the 3rd Batman movie. But I still remember the most important message of the 2nd one: the moment where the citizens of Gotham and the prison convicts, who were trapped in separate river ferries, decided to have the courage to do what's right.

    I think that's the thing we should focus on.

  43. Hey Guys,

    As a writer and artist whose own work explores dark themes, complex psychology and the nature of ambiguity, I could be classed as a horror or dark fantasy artist.

    But I feel the need to point out that, for me, these dark subjects explored through art should be forms of exorcism, processing, healing and integration. If you are dealing with dark material, and intend to be provocative, personal responsibility is of the utmost importance.

    It's a fine line to walk, and as artists we must convey to the recipient that we are not simply wallowing in darkness or filth - we are trying to illuminate hidden connections, repressions, insights, etc. Each individual has to make a subjective judgement as to whether the artist in question is genuinely attempting to do this.

    I think it's fine to explore taboos and the thrill of the dark side, if that's not ALL you are doing. That's why most horror movies suck, because they often lack a subtext or they replace suspense and intelligence with pure gore and violence (they lack balance, in other words).

    There is a difference between dark, edgy material and outright pathology. I guess we all have to make those judgments for ourselves. I believe that dark forms of art should be thrilling, provocative, but also intelligent and illuminating in some fashion.

    In my opinion, Christopher Nolan's work is very sophisticated in a clinical, mechanical way. I find it to be very cold, knowingly manipulative and very dubious. But this is simply my opinion. The Dark Knight repelled me, whereas say Halloween does not. On the surface Halloween is a more graphic film, but I found it compelling and imaginative in a way that seems lacking in TDK - a 'superhero' film that tries to wear its maturity and self-seriousness on its sleeve.

    In this instance I'd have to agree with Chris. I think you could make a strong argument for the presence of a very strange, unsettling energy in Nolan's movies, but in TDK and Inception especially. And I personally think this strange, unsettling energy is there by design.

    Ultimately, artists need to remember that they are also magicians, creating magical Workings that can affect reality in powerful ways. And they must always be aware of the responsibility that comes with that power. Otherwise they're a hack, an irresponsible magician, or even something more sinister.

    Again, I say all this as a huge fan of Horror, Dark Fantasy and Gothic art.


  44. Chris,

    I once tried to go a couple of months without caffeine, alcohol, and came to the understanding that once you taste something its hard to go back to the normal because its boring and dry.

    Nolan is just feeding the appetite of the masses. We are addicted to sensations that can thrill us. Now a days 1/4 billion dollar movies have the power with the right director to bleed through in to reality. I mean the movie theater massacre is basically like the safety mechanisms on the enterprises holodeck turned off. I mean you got this guy who is the "joker" killing ppl in a batman movie. Then you later get the "hero" christian bale aka batman visit the victims...talk about mind altering reality. This is some kind of a freak of nature where the virtual world (the movie) and the mind world of the insane individual merges in reality as the tragic event.

    This ain't some MKULTRA or conspiracy its just the outcome of a powerful franchise and the "short circuit" brain of an individual.

  45. "4.Introverts are very dangerous because they create a world of their own inside and expect the world to conform to it. And usually no body wants to conform to it and than in turn causes more frustration with the introvert."

    Beware the introverts!! They are dangerous! Ha!

  46. Talking about personal responsibility is all very well when applied to people who know better. But I'm not sure it has any meaning when applied even to the typical Wall Street sociopath -- let alone people whose sanity has completely jumped the rails. Conscience depends on empathy and on the ability to see others as real people, and when that is absent the idea of personal responsibility becomes meaningless.

    I agree with what I take Chris to be saying when applied to petty thugs, corporate flunkies, doctors who monitor the health of torture victims, and anyone else who knowingly does bad things under the excuse that society/their job/peer pressure made them do it. But then I'm probably an extremist that way -- I also believe that killing is murder even for soldiers, and that no one should join the military unless they are prepared to give up any pretense of being a decent human being and identify as a cold-blooded killer.

    However, for people who are completely round-the-bend crazy, those kind of moral restraints don't apply. The safety is off, and they're free to act out whatever dark fantasies are floating through on the ether. And in those cases, I think the real question of moral responsibility points to not to them but us -- what we allow ourselves to fantasize under cover of the assumption that of course we know better and would never act out those fantasies ourselves.

    Perhaps what I'm groping for is some kind of extension of Kant's Categorical Imperatives. Kant advised not to act in any manner that we would be unwilling to see become a universal moral standard. I would suggest being just as careful about what your fantasize, or what fantasies you implicitly endorse, by asking yourself, "Would I be comfortable with the crazy guy down the block taking this seriously and setting out to act on it?"

  47. The Dark Knight Rises turned out to be a damn good movie and actually not nearly as psychologically manipulative as expected. Really, on the whole it reminded me of a modern version of the Tragic Trilogy of Ancient Greek Theater. In the end, it achieves a catharsis - an expulsion of all the conflict and tensions brought up in the film and the previous films.

  48. Cory,

    In my previous comment I was referring specifically to artists; the power and responsibility that comes with that. But you present some very interesting thoughts in your own comments. I agree when you write:

    "Conscience depends on empathy and on the ability to see others as real people, and when that is absent the idea of personal responsibility becomes meaningless."

    I think it becomes meaningless in a spiritual, moral sense, but obviously not legally. No matter how crazy a person is, if they shoot up a movie theater they should be held accountable, as I'm sure you'd agree. But I get that you're saying normal human empathy won't apply to sociopaths or folks who've gone completely batshit crazy.

    I also agree with being careful of what you fantasize about. Being mindful of what you consume is just good common sense, as well as good magical practice. But these are personal judgments because personal thresholds differ.

    Trying to craft a serious work of Gothic or horror fiction, for example, is worlds apart from indulging in violent fantasies.

    I think we are both discussing the need for intellectual, artistic and social maturity in our world, just from different angles.


  49. To further add to the discussion:


    Not an easy problem. Just think that back in the day society also condemned the Waltz, novels, comic books and Rock & Roll as the worst kind of youth corruptors.

    And I'm certainly not too crazy about people trying to use the Internet to 'early detect' potential mass killers. Minority Report anyone?

  50. This is from the article by Tom Wolfe- you provided the link- Sorry But Your Soul Just Died :

    “...As a result, people would loathe not only one another but themselves. The blind and reassuring faith they formerly poured into their belief in God, said Nietzsche, they would now pour into a belief in barbaric nationalistic brotherhoods: "If the doctrines...of the lack of any cardinal distinction between man and animal, doctrines I consider true but deadly"—he says in an allusion to Darwinism in Untimely Meditations—"are hurled into the people for another generation...then nobody should be surprised when...brotherhoods with the aim of the robbery and exploitation of the non–brothers...will appear in the arena of the future."

    Nietzsche's view of guilt, incidentally, is also that of neuro–scientists a century later. They regard guilt as one of those tendencies imprinted in the brain at birth. In some people the genetic work is not complete, and they engage in criminal behavior without a twinge of remorse—thereby intriguing criminologists, who then want to create Violence Initiatives and hold conferences on the subject.”

    Gee Chris this article looks like it was written back in 1997… and it is unfortunately at least in part still news to me… almost a generation ago!

    Most of us that look at this blog of yours are, like myself, from a place a little different than where most of our culture seems to be… science is a good thing. But what we have done with it… its not a good thing.

    We have sucked it dry and what animates real science well it is definitely not what I would call the religion of the atheists… here is your comment about this link:

    “UPDATE: There is a much larger conspiracy at work in this case. It's one I've been aware of for several years now and has potentially devastating effects for all of us. It's one that the Alex Joneses of the world will never talk about, either.”

    Now your post about the batman movie appeared in 2012… here I am reading about the “IQ cap” and how we are ‘hard-wired’ for … well a lot of different things...

    Wolfe’s article has appeared in a lot of places now. We live in a pretty shallow culture… I am sure not news to most people that come to this blog. And there is an awful lot that has disappeared from our lives over the past handful of generations. It is the same conspiracy Mr. Lafferty talked about… the same one Mr. Dick talked about… it is insidious and leaves in its wake our civilization of clones… many of us are adrift now, have lost our moorings... all of the comments above are worth reading again...