Thursday, May 23, 2024

Nephilim Brainwash Continues Apace

For those of you who clutch Knowles' Laws to your bosoms, you will see exactly what is afoot here. We've seen a lot of it in recent years.

This hideous giant puppet is being dragged around under the ridiculous cover of "refugee rights" or whatever, but anyone who tells you this is anything but pure Nephilim entrainment is either a liar or a fool. 

The people behind this sort of thing don't care about anyone's rights. Rights are something they want to abolish forever. Don't even dream otherwise.

Weird hand signals there...

Let's be absolutely clear about it: GloBa'alists want crime, they want chaos, they want riots, they want poverty, they want murder and worse. All those are features, not bugs. 

The GloBa'alists' ultimate goal is to make the entire world fall apart so completely so they can usher in their dark gods as the solution to the problems they've created themselves. That is the actual purpose behind all of it, and anyone who tells you otherwise is delusional.

Of course, they'll present their genetically-engineered ultraterrestrial meat-vessels as space aliens,  and that will probably fool all the desperate, hungry and frightened masses. As you know, that particular entrainment program is running concurrently with the presentation of all these gigantic idols. 

Not even close to coincidentally, mind you.

And very soon no one in Europe or the so-called "Anglosphere" will be able to even see this post.

Here's a useful primer on the nature of the situation we are faced with.

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