Saturday, December 23, 2023

And Now for Something Completely Different...

You know, when podcasters want to talk the Bible and Christian Metaphysics, my name is always the last on their lists. I can't blame anyone for that, mind you. I wouldn't risk having a mystical loose cannon like myself around either. I never know what I might say.

Luckily, Jasun Horsley was kind enough to invite me on to his Children of Job podcast and talk on any number of Godly topics. It was a rollicking good time, since I studied Christianity for years ("my Jesus books," as my wife used to call them). I always enjoy when I'm given the rare opportunity to let my old Methodist-boy mojo flow.

Here's Jasun's synopsis:
Free Christmas Jobcast with Chris Knowles of The Secret Sun, on Chris’ Christian upbringing, Jasun’s socialist background, the myth of Patriarchy, the end of the Antichrist System, watching the train wreck of modernity, death of a thousand cuts, the common ground of Christian community, after the collapse, Revelation and demons, a host of spiritual viruses, metaphysical evil, Apocalypse as good news, the devil vs. human nature, cycles of decline, death and nature, reincarnation. 
Jesus’s mission, bringing the kingdom of God to Satan’s kingdom, faith, trust, & patience, the heresy of less is more, chronic fatigue and the purgatory of health, the orientation of the body and the soul, acknowledging the wisdom of the ancestors, suffering as the cure for narcissm, dissing Darwinism, back to Job, the transhumanist folly, accepting impurity, grace under fire.

And check out my Chrisknowlesmas playlist at the Secret History of Rock 'n' Roll blog!

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