Wednesday, June 21, 2023

The Horrible Truth(s) About Superheroes!

My boy Marc Clair asked me on to give him the horrible truth about superheroes, their ongoing march to oblivion and the collapsed comic book industry. And believe me, I took full advantage to give him and you the inside scoop. 

Occultism, MAPery, wokeness, psyops, out and out fraudulence? It's all there and it's far worse than you think. Now the real story can be told.

And don't forget...

This coming weekend will see the Second Annual AstroGnosis Conference splash down in beautiful Wheaton, Illinois and you can immerse yourself from the comfort of your own digital environment.

Here's the schedule for all those of you thirsting for insight:
Ready to meet (and defeat) the Archons from the comfort of your device? Astro Gnosis: Meet The Archons is now available for streaming.

Ready to meet (and defeat) the Archons from the comfort of your device? Experience over 15 hours of immersive, exclusive, and premium scholarship and spiritually helpful content on the Demiurge and his Archons concept. Just as engaging, understand/overcome the nature of evil and suffering from a Gnostic/Hermetic worldview. As the only conference on Gnosticism, you won’t find this information anywhere else or from better experts in the field. Meet The Archons will be streamed from The Theosophical Society, Wheaton, IL. 

Tickets include:

• Live event access remotely on any device

• Ability to participate/ask questions to speakers via the chat function

• Replay available afterward to listen at your convenience

Schedule (Central Time Zone)


09:00 AM: Miguel Conner/Ivan Rosales - Welcome Speech (includes “Who the Archons And Why Do They Matter”?)

10:00 AM: April DeConick: Know Thyself, Know Thy Enemy: What the Archons Can Tell Us About Gnostic Politics

11:15 AM: Richard Smoley - The Archons in Your Mind: Gnosis and Human Cognitive Structures 

02:00 PM: Mitch Horowitz - Archons of Materialism

03:15 PM: Sarah Elkhaldy - The Forces of Involution: Archons as the Negative Trickster Archetype 

04:30 PM: Chris Knowles: Our Transdimensional Archons


09:00 AM: James True - The Oracle of Mythology

10:30 AM: Steven Snider - 1974: The Year the Archons Revealed the Time War

01:30 PM: Discussion Panel and Q&A - All About the Archons

03:00 PM: Workshops and Video Content

04:00 PM: Closing Remarks/Sponsorship

You don't want to miss it so get your tickets today!