Tuesday, March 14, 2023

The Truth About West Memphis is Hiding in Plain Rite


We're coming up on the thirtieth anniversary of the West Memphis child murders, so brace yourself for a full-court press campaign by Damien Echols (real name: "Michael Wayne Hutchison") and his co-religionists and co-fetishists in the media.

But there's something no one seems to notice, and that is the specific ritualism of the crimes. It's no small detail - in fact, it's rather extremely huge - and could well settle this case once and for all. 

What is that detail, you ask?

Why, it's the clear, unambiguous evidence of Druidic human sacrifice rituals in those bloody waters of Robin Hood Hills.

Maybe whoever slaughtered those little boys read this book: it was released by Simon and Schuster in 1991 as a mass-market paperback. Meaning you could easily find it at any bookstore or library anywhere in the country. Surely a major metropolitan area like Memphis. And it spells out many of the same gory details we saw in West Memphis just two very, very short years later.

I'm shocked Echols hasn't addressed this fact. Y'know, in the interest of finding the real killers, and junk. 

After all, the man was by his own admission extremely well-versed in Druidry and said in 1994 that Druidry was the true religious path the rest of the world turned away from.

Why, here's the quote right here, straight from the horse's mouth:
“I was interested in Stonehenge. It aroused my curiosity. So then I went and looked up the Druids. I would go off on, like, research binges. I figured, if they're the first, maybe they were right and we've just strayed off the path...”
I suppose he forgot to mention his Druid obsession in the years since. It happens. Man has a lot on his mind. You forget things too, you know.

Well, as an expert on the Druids and their bloody and sadistic rites, I'm sure Echols will want to take this information to the proper authorities in order to finally achieve justice for those poor boys. 

It takes a Druid to know a Druid, am I right? 

So get out there and bring those murdering Druid bastards to justice, Damien! Godspeed (whichever god you're praying to these days).