Monday, January 02, 2023

The Space Brothers Conspiracy Revealed


The Space Brothers livestream was massive, and filled with the kind of information Secret Sun fans crave. When it was over, I realized how relevant this issue still is.

Case in point...

It's funny; I remember reading The Stargate Conspiracy over and over because I couldn't see how all the disparate and often unconnected groups and individuals cited by Picknett and Prince constituted an actual conspiracy

The Space Brothers? Well, you have a lot of people who knew each other working in concert, including quite a few elite and aristocratic occult types.

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And as it happens, the authors failed to grasp the real conspiracy - between Hollywood, Silicon Valley and institutions like Esalen - that were and still are the core of the Council of Nine's sphere of influence.


As silly as Space Brother cultism can get - think Unarius - there is at the same time an intertwined cult-within-a-cult of the usual suspects: intelligence creeps, political extremists, and outright grifters. It so happens that the Space Brother meme has roots that trace back over 150 years. And there are some very deep pockets pushing the theme of interstellar policemen along to this very day.

I've been grinding away at this research and still feel like I've only scratched the surface. It's all still very goofy and highly amusing, but maybe more in a "Shriner Circus clown" kind of way.

Come check the massive FOUR HOUR presentation on the Space Brother Conspiracy. You're in for a VERY wild ride. 

As I said, I've been neck-deep in this thing and can't yet see the bottom of this Space Brother conspiracy.

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