Sunday, September 25, 2022

Those Weird Old Windsors and Their Fiendish Friends

The ascension of King Charles III to the throne heralds a whole new age for the UK, and for rest of the world to boot. See, as much as you may experience daily life just grinding on as usual, major tectonic plates are shifting deep below our feet and the political, military intelligence and economic power of the Crown and the City of London is playing no small role in these changes.

This excerpt from the most recent SSI livestream puts some of this into context, with a special emphasis on the, uh, complex moral character of the Royal Family. A topic which is especially relevant today, given how the funerary rituals for the Queen captured the entire world's attention for the past three weeks.

 Let me just say that those of you who see the kings and queens of Europe as a purely ceremonial vestige aren't seeing the entire picture. Their Empires never ended, they simply evolved away from the archaic, "boots on the ground" model into virtual empires of debt, surveillance and corporate colonialism. And Queen Elizabeth and her minions are in large part responsible for this innovation, make no mistake about that. 

My fear now is that good ol' Liz was blunting the sharper edges of this system all these years, and that the new management is itching to take the velvet glove off the iron fist. Go back to basics, if you get my meaning. And as we've seen these past two years, they tend to perfect their methods on the British people, not to mention their subjects throughout the Commonwealth.

The full livestream looks at the very strange backstory of the Windsor dynasty, as well as a veritable parade of predatory miscreants such as Lord Mountbatten, Ted Heath, Jimmy Savile, Robert Maxwell, Ghislaine, Jeffrey Epstein, Kevin Spacey and many more, all closely linked to the Royal Family. 

Savile, for instance, was one of the new King's closest advisers. Think on the implications of that for a spell.

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Here's the schedule for October:

Mandy and the Year that Broke Reality (October 8th): You knew this one was coming. We're going to dive deep into this modern horror landmark and the very strange and surreal year that inspired it. We'll touch on the inimitable career of one Nicolas Coppola, the bizarre worldview of Panos Cosmatos and the deep, deep undercurrents that conspired to break reality forever.

The Enochian Horror of Requiem and A Dark Song (October 15th): Traditional occultism lies at the heart of these two instant classics, both of which are essentially documentaries more than anything else. Objectively they might be classified as folk horror but both boast a level of detail that set them apart from the pack. We may even briefly touch upon some of the curious Frasejacency in Requiem...

An Introduction to Folk Horror (October 22nd): Some of my favorite films fall into this genre, which came into its own with the legendary Wicker Man back in 1973. But there are so many must-see films and TV series in a similar vein and we'll take a look at them, their effect on the culture at large and what they portend as the world rapidly repaganizes.

The Secret Sun Guide to The Shining (October 29th): Our Kubrick Deep Dive series marches on with a closer look at this 1980 horror staple. We'll look at the stories behind it and how the careers of Stanley Kubrick, Stephen King and Jack Nicholson all converged at this nexus of time and space. We'll look at little deeper into the tragic history of co-star Shelley Duvall and how the abuse she suffered on The Shining set contributed to her final break with reality.

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Tomorrow night a new video presentation drops on Bulwer-Lytton's Vril: The Power of the Coming Race and mind-boggling effect it has had on culture, all the way to the present day. Vril inspired everyone from the Theosophists to Anthrosophists, from feminists to fascists, and all points in between. 

Vril had an especially powerful effect on the young writers and artists behind the superhero revolution, particularly the whole concept of ascendant mutant races that undergirds and fuels the trans and Woke movements. Ironically (or not), you can see a lot of Vril in the Harry Potter Universe as well.

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