Monday, August 29, 2022

I'm Not Crazy. You're the One That's Crazy.

My main man Mark had me back on My Family Thinks I'm Crazy to discuss the Sorcerarchy, Siren cults, and successor ideologies, but we also spent quite a lot of time discussing the Mystical Mindset, the reality of the Spirit World, the glory and beauty of Nature, ways to stay strong and positive, and a whole lot more. 

Here are the show notes:
Chris Knowles, Author, Artist, Blogger, Musician, and Synchro-Mystic Supreme, joins me to discuss his latest revelations which provoked an even deeper dive into the Siren Saga, he shared some corrections of his previous research in this realm and hinted at the next twists in this already twisted tale of ancient occult orders and their meddling in the music industry. 
Chris shared his journey through darkness overcoming an addiction by re-connecting with nature and allowing for Synchro-mysticism or "the shimmer" to guide him into the next chapter of his Hero's Journey. Chris expressed his mission to expose the darkness without sacrificing his own light.

This is a long one, so feel free to listen to bits at a time.