Wednesday, July 06, 2022

Post-Gnosis and Imperial Collapse on The Higherside Chats


The free portion of my recent Higherside Chats appearance is available on YouTube now. I always love talking to Greg and this one may be my favorite THC so far...

Just some of the subjects covered:
• Post-Gnosis and the Fullness of Nature
• Overcoming modern alienation
• The essential fraudulence of the Imperial economy
• The fraudulence and total lack of innovation in Big Tech
• The fraudulence and total lack of innovation in Hollywood
• How Big Tech and Hollywood killed California's soul
• The unbearable mediocrity of the Davos Doofus class
• Klaus Schwab's sci-fi delusions
• Ukraine as crucible for the Virtual Empire project
• Fourth-Generation War and overrated militaries
• The laziness and ineptitude of the modern elites
• Elite decadence as harbinger of imperial collapse
• How imperial cities always become death traps
• The emergence of the World Island Empire
• Russia's irreplaceable natural wealth
• How Big Media suicidally sucked on the Woke pipe
• Social media as our modern tophets
• The Siren Song of Geek Culture
• The babies thrown out with the Enlightenment water
• The reality of prophecy
• Sibyls always emerging in times of societal crisis
• Taylor Hawkins and the stabby-wabby
And much, much more.

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