Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Fearful Enigmas

Dancing to the sound of the latest beat

Hordes and hordes of marching feet

Tapping out the rhythm on the barrel of a gun

Living in a world where we won't see the sun

So much for back to normal, eh? No, friends, this is the new normal. 

This is a world that by outward appearances is like the world you lived in, say, ten years ago. But it isn't. This is for all intents and purposes a parallel reality we all find ourselves in. You are now an exile from your old world and have to learn to live in this new one.

I'm not speaking metaphorically. I can't explain the science of it and I don't even care to. I don't rightly know if it can be explained. But here we are nonetheless. 

I'm sure there are a lot of people who tell themselves what we're seeing in Washington is a rational and proportional reaction to a bunch of unarmed LARPers who, after being egged on by all kinds of creepie-crawlies and then ushered in by the cops, ran around and acted like a bunch of assholes, exactly as the demon-driven freaks in the corridors of power wanted them to. 

But I don't think any of those people actually believe this makes any sense. They're just all too aware of the crushing penalties for letting anyone know they don't believe it.

It's so weird; when I was speculating that the election would be postponed or canceled, I was envisioning exactly what we're seeing in Washington. Mind you, I haven't a fucking clue "what's really going on" and I'm not going to bother to speculate. It won't change anything and I'm too busy working on the cheat codes to this new reality anyway.

Here's a good place to start. This is your immediate future: familiarize yourself.


And then, of course, there's the endless mad parade. We've been seeing a lot of weirdness coming out of Utah, which is already pretty weird as it is. We had the fake monoliths and the fake double-agent-provocateur in the Capital cosplay ball, remember. 

And then we had this atrocity, which was surely sick-fuck TV producers mocking a nice Mormon lady and taking advantage of her unfamiliarity with secular movies and novels like Silence of the Lambs.

Elizabeth admitted she found the experience "terrifying," which may well be what the show's producers were hoping for. 

One can never be traumatized enough in the new normal.

There are also the photos of a veiled Elizabeth Smart in the company of her captor, Brian David Mitchell, a man who seems to have been kind of a mini-Manson and may well have the kinds of contacts that Manson is now confirmed to have had. I find it interesting Mitchell took Elizabeth to San Diego, headquarters of the US Navy's massive Pacific Fleet.

And how familiar that veil looks now. Elizabeth could walk around wearing it today and be hailed as a solid citizen and not a brainwashed prisoner.

Of course, there's no real distinction between the two anymore, is there?

And weirdly, another blonde trad-mom - co-host of a reality show I'd never heard of called The Hidden Way-- died of an embolism before Christmas while pregnant with her fifth child. The cause of her death was revealed the night Elizabeth Smart appeared on The Masked Dancer. How odd she shared a surname with Elizabeth's captor.

And the hits just keep on coming: there's yet another Silence of the Lambs spinoff out next month, called Clarice. Note prominent use of moth symbolism in the opening.

The part will be played by an Australian (of course) 33 year-old Rebecca Elizabeth Breeds.

"Elizabeth breeds." Note her husband is also named Mitchell.

This warmed-over Dynasty villain is wearing Lepidopterae on her pie-hole diaper, probably to hide her ever-migrating dentures. Spot any spangles or plain tigers? I see some big-ass pearls around this obscenely-wealthy fraud's neck. I think she uses them to count out the constitutional amendments she wants to eliminate. 

You know, like an abacus.

You'll see a lot of pearls on Wednesday. Or not. It's looking very much like there won't be much of an inauguration at all. Because why waste any more money on this grotesque charade than you have to when there are so many Yemeni nursery schools that need bombing?

So Guinevere from the Block may not get a chance to wow the crowd with her swanky catcher's mask and/or Anais Nin cosplay. Or S/M getup, or weird occult symbol to be named later. Probably all of the above.

And yes, that's Pearly Cameron, widow of the Antichrist himself, on the cover of that old VHS case. Guess we know what our Ms. Lupine's designers and directors are working from.

Like the Ishtar/Babalon cosplay Jenny wore at Times (Baby III) Square on New Year's Rocking Eve. And it so happens she wears the same get up in her new video "In the Morning." 

Or as I like to call it, "In the Morning Star."

Do note that Brian Mitchell renamed Elizabeth Smart "Esther," the Hebrew rendering of Ishtar.

Jenny's letting us know her new clip is in no small terms "full of symbolism." Meaning symbolism so obvious your cat could grasp it. 

And near as I can tell so far, the angel she's transforming into is exactly who you might guess. Art by Pearly Cameron, based on her Marvel.

Aside from the angel and Siren symbolism, Jenny serves up some (When Mama Was) Moth's....

And a pearly, dewey Teardrop on the fire. Lest you believe this is all happenstance, let me disabuse you of that misapprehension...

... as we open on this little tableau, one that I've seen a million times...


...and here. So I'm the thinking the odds all that other symbolism is there by sheer happenstance is about a trillion infinities to one. But I suck at math and your sums may vary.

Either way, I'm not sure mixing these metaphors is overly wise, seeing they're trying to draw energy off the one whose very last command was to "send Lucifer to Hell" and later set about to blow up said Tower of Babel in The Millennium Dome Show. Something always gets overlooked. There's always an error in the calculations.

Oh well, some folks gotta be burned to learn.


So odd, all of a sudden we have all this corporate product encouraging to search for symbols and secret messages. I guess they'd rather have folks busy searching for Ishtar eggs then poring through Tom Hanks' Instagram or something. 

So, if you're going to undertake such an enterprise, why not go with both a Witch and an Elizabeth? Spare no expense.

Especially an Elizabeth who sends out cryptic messages about strawberries (fraisiers, for our Francophone friends) on Twitter?

And make a strawberry a central plot point in your stuck in an alternate reality sitcom, as reader Thorn informed us?

Then you can throw in a butterfly, possibly a Plain Tiger or Monarch?

And some Pearls on your Elizabeth because they're cheaper than ruby stars.

Then you can really go for the royal flush and have your Elizabeth bear Twins. Because why the hell not? You gotta be in it to win it.

I can't wait for the episode where they go to Las Vegas. 


So I can't help but wonder: was dressing Elizabeth Smart up as a moth a signal of some kind that the makers are fixing up some more spangles? How would one go about that? 

Well, why don't we petition the Sibyl for a prophetic revelation? 

Do note how this video is just an electrified variation on Virgil's description of an oracle being a young girl howling enigmatic verse in the darkness:

With such words, the Sibyl chants fearful enigmas, 

from her shrine, echoing from the cave, 
tangling truths and mysteries as she raves 

Nothing ever truly changes, just the dimensional vortices. Did you know Sibyls would go from city to city and sing their greatest hit prophecies? Meaning they went on goddamn tour.

So what then is the spangle maker, Our Lady?
It's the droplet,
It is the droplet on my tooth
It's the spangle
It is the spangle maker
Hmm, Seeing the first song about this kind of transformation (in "When Mama Was Moth") sounds very much like ECT (at least to me), I can't help but notice that you use something that sounds an awful lot like LSD or GHB to make yourself some pipin' fresh Spangles. 

Seems Brian David Mitchell sure did with his Elizabeth. Not to mention Loretta Bender, Sidney Gottlieb, Ewen Cameron, George White, Joly West, et al. 

Mind you, "The Spangle Maker" was released at least ten years before anyone heard of MONARCH. So was "When Mama Was Moth," "Plain Tiger," "Pale Clouded White," "Great Spangled Fritillary" and "Melonella."

Something to think about now that MKULTRA v. 2.0 is fixing to get bad and go nationwide, this time without all those nosey old fogey's (and pesky civil liberties) holding everyone back. This time it will be run by all those hip micro-dosers (and their demonic familiars, of course) in the Valley. Or Portland, or Seattle, or whatever.

Only problem is that pumping sexually-traumatized young girls full of strange drugs and wines that foam usually spits out Laura Palmers, not Liz Frasers. Not that there's always a huge distinction between the two, but still. 

Midnight has only just begun, brothers and sisters. Upside? These people haven't a clue what they're fucking with and it will all end in tears for them.


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