Monday, June 08, 2020

The Rites of Spring

A while back, Gordon White and I were talking about the new mass ritual phenomenon and the implications of it all. I asked him how long before we see actual human sacrifice on television. He said we were about 10 years out, and I agreed.

But now I'm starting to wonder if that timetable hasn't been moved up.

I think any reasonable, rational person will agree that what's going on out there really has nothing to do with the police killing of George Floyd anymore, and that the alleged COVID lockdowns are not only fueling the unrest but are directly connected to it. 

There's a lot of theorizing this is all a major psychological warfare operation to oust Trump (and Populism in general), which may be true, at least in part. But it's all taking place during what is now called ''the Great Reset" (by Prince Charles, no less) and a major effort to disengage from China, if not the dawn of a new Cold War. 

And throughout human history these kinds of major paradigm shifts always drag high ritual in their wake, if you know where to look for it.

And the more I look at this situation the more it starts to look like a modern-day retelling of The Wicker Man, only on a worldwide scale.

Researchers have been looking into the incident that sparked this worldwide bonfire and, as usual, the waft of bullshit is all over this thing. There's a lot of speculation that George Floyd didn't actually die and that the whole event was staged. I don't really buy into that, personally. In a sense, it looks to me like this incident was staged, but not in the sense a lot of Truthers mean.

I realize I'm crazy and delusional and all the rest of it, but it almost looks to me like it was staged like a ritual human sacrifice. Like The Wicker Man.

Floyd himself is a bit of an enigma to me. However, the more I look at his life and death and put it into the context of the overall re-paganization process (more precisely, to revive the ancient cults of state)  the more he looks like a victim who was very carefully chosen-- or targeted, rather-- for very specific reasons and to bring about very specific outcomes.

Like the fact that his last known words were "I can't breathe," and he allegedly was infected with coronavirus.

On the other hand, Chauvin's whole story stinks on ice, and he looks more and more to me like an intelligence asset, meaning someone who intelligence agencies have on retainer to do dirty work for hire. 

The first huge red flag is the fact that that his neighbors thought he was in real estate. 

Didn't he ever come home in uniform? Or drive his cruiser home, at least on occasion? Suburbanites usually like having cops for neighbors, it makes them feel safer. Didn't they ever hear this guy was a cop on the neighborhood grapevine? Why did they think he was something as specific as a realtor?

This is like something out of a Tom Clancy novel. Plus, that surname.

Then there's the fact that Chauvin not only worked for 17 years (there's that number again) at a dodgy nightclub that some have linked to intelligence chicanery, but worked, at least for a time, with George Floyd himself. 

No one but the most deluded sellouts think this is a coincidence. Some think there may have been some bad blood between the two coworkers, but it's just as likely that when word went out on the networks to find the perfect sacrificial lamb that Chauvin knew exactly where to look. I mean, come the fuck on already.

And the clashing autopsy findings look like they have already guaranteed a hung jury, if not outright acquittal. The autopsy-for-hire by Dr. Michael Baden is going to be looked askance at in the courts, since any decent defense lawyer could argue conflict of interest on his part (meaning he was being paid by the family to write a report during a period of civil unrest).  

Which may in fact be the point. 

Minneapolis Attorney General Keith Ellison is a top Soros lieutenant and key figure in the Clinton Foundation/DNC networks, so don't be surprised if these guys are all let off the hook just before the elections (if there are elections, I have my doubts) in order to gin up a fresh round of outrage and unrest. 

In fact, if you want to bet on such an outcome, don't let me stop you.

The fentanyl thing caught my eye, since it's entirely possible to kill a man with a fatal dose of fentanyl through skin contact. I'm not alleging that one of the cops did so, I'm just saying it can be done. Cops are actually given special guidelines when dealing with the drug and its users to avoid poisoning themselves.

Having a very long and unhappy history with opioids (including fentanyl), I know all too well how they suppress the respiratory system. It's why I had to use a CPAP for years.

So where some people defending Chauvin claimed he wasn't actually suppressing Floyd's airways, pressing on the chest or neck of a person with a lot of fentanyl in his system can easily suffocate them.

But do note the hagiographic mural, since that will play into our exegesis shortly.

And as we've seen there are the emergent archetypal dominants that Secret Sun readers are familiar with, including the Twin and "Stephen" (AKA Garlands AKA Corona).

We'll get back to corona in a bit.

Then there's the fact that George Floyd did a least one pornographic video, which is tough to watch in contact of what's followed. 

But please have a look at his tattoo, which looks very much like a Phoenix. Interesting coincidences sure are interesting, don't you think?

The Phoenix Is associated with the Egyptian Bennu, which is in turn associated with the murdered, martyred god Osiris. Osiris has another archetypal role as well, which we'll also get to shortly.

But in the context of Osiris and sex, you may recall that ritualists-supreme NASA reportedly did some thing with a heart and Bennu and OSIRIS-REX and whatever-the-fuck-NASA-is-so-full-of-shit-it-makes-my-brain-hurt. 

But still, make note of this.


One of the major themes covered on this blog for the past few years has been how Woke cover is being used to derail any speculation on the blatant ritualism being rolled out over our heads. 

This is actually a very clever strategy, especially when you want to silence dissent from creatives and people in the management classes, who are most vulnerable to Woke witch hunts. And most susceptible to fads and fetishes, as well. 

Keeping that in mind, look at all the kneeling we're seeing during these protests/struggle sessions. The ostensible point of it all is get white men to be submissive and take the knee. 

But the fact that we're seeing so much of this from cops, especially cops who will take the knee before storming into crowds of protestors and dutifully kicking their asses, got my Spidey-sense tingling like you wouldn't believe.

Why? you might ask...

Well, precisely because I understand how pervasive Freemasonry is within many, many police departments. 

If you doubt that, just look at the seal of the Fraternal Order of Police, which is practically a Tracing Board in and of itself. I like the billy clubs taking the place of Boaz and Jachin. Cute touch.

In fact, I was once told by someone directly connected to a very high-ranking figure in state politics that at least at one point, New Jersey State Police were essentially forced to become Freemasons, especially if they wanted to get anywhere in the organization.

So while there's no shortage of humiliation and submission afoot with all this kneeling, I doubt very much the cops see it that way. I think this is all essentially Masonic signaling on their part, an in-joke paying tribute to the Widow's Son.

Taking a knee itself might be a gesture of respect and mourning to some people. But to the elite factions making genuflecting compulsory, it has an entirely different meaning. 

I mean, if you think Nike or the NFL or whatever multinational conglomerate is pushing the meme give less than half a shit about unarmed black men being gunned down by police, you probably dropped in here by mistake. I hope you find the site you were looking for.

Then there's the Secret Sunnery afoot...

Don't forget the modern practice of genuflecting was popularized by Colin Kapernick of the San Francisco 49ers. 

Don't forget that one of the central icons of that city is a giant obelisk. 

That's an important detail, so keep it in mind.

Don't forget that the 49erss cheerleaders are called The Gold Rush. And most certainly, DO NOT FORGET "In the Gold Dust Rush, I only genuflect."  

And don't forget that Proverbs 4:9 gives us both Garlands and a corona, either. 
Because, as the Initiates realize, there's a Corona swelling. So don't damage my altar.


There're other subtexts afoot. A lot of observers have noted that the white people taking part in a lot of these Woke protests almost seem to take great pleasure in humiliating themselves. 

Only it's not "almost."

Looks to me like there's a very ostentatious display of BDSM bottoming among these protesters. You'd have to be pretty naive not to assume this isn't a major sexual turn-on to them, and that a lot of this is being modeled from porn. 

I've always noted a heavy-- almost dominant-- strain of submissiveness and masochism among men who toe the mainstream line, whether Democrat or Republican. I suppose this is where "cuck" came from, yet another loanword from porn. 

Most aren't submissive on an interpersonal or professional basis, mind you, but it's still there as a kind of a sexual undertone. After all, it's a cliche that powerful businessmen are usually a dominiatrix's best customers.

But the obvious ubiquity of facemasks, especially in the context of these submissive displays, is another clue of what we're looking at, at least it is to me.

Covering the face is a very common occult practice, drawing on traditions that date back to prehistoric practices. 
The point is not only to hide the identity but also to cover the mouth, a symbol of silence and secrecy.

In fact, etymologists believe that the word "mystery"-- as in Mystery cult-- stems from a Hittite word meaning "to cover the mouth." 

Readers of this blog won't be surprised by that fact, as in ties in Crowley and Harpocrates and all the rest of it.

Which ties into my thesis that what many now see as the "Cult of Woke" is actually a modern Mystery religion that enforces the discipline of silence by proscribing thoughts, ideas and word themselves. 

A demonically-insane and brutishly-authoritarian Mystery cult, but still.

There's been a lot of comment on this blatantly-cultic behavior up there, which looks more like a Evangelical tent meeting than the Maoist struggle session it actually is. 

It reminds me of an article I once read on some leftist news site-- Slate or Vox or somewhere-- that Hugo Chavez was successful with his Socialism were others failed because he incorporated Catholicism into it. 

That may be why Communism ultimately failed in Russia and Eastern Europe, places with long, proud religious-- and mystical-- traditions.

All of which is to day that this is all going to end very, very badly, so please; start to prepare yourself now.

But being familiar with the rituals of Mystery cults, I couldn't help but notice this video, which outraged a lot of people on the ideological Right and Left, albeit for different reasons. 

But heavily armed soldiers dancing and prancing during a mass ritual protest event? I think some of my readers might recognize that right away:
THE SAMOTHRAKIAN KORYBANTES (Samothracian Corybantes) were seven rustic demigods (daimones) who presided over the Korybantic dance of the Mysteries of Samothrake.
 The korybas was an orgiastic dance performed by armoured men with clashing spear and shield, accompanied by the beat of tambourines and drums and the cries of the mystic devotees.
See? If you know your history you actually come to expect this kind of thing. Nothing really changes and the Empire never ended.


One of the central tenets of ancient paganism -- aside from blood ritual-- is Phallic worship. In that light, I can't help but notice that the SpaceX Dragon launch was scheduled Twin days after George Lloyd's homicide. 

I can't help but notice it because SpaceX's rockets have always looked like giant vibrators to me, much more so than other rockets. 

So having the Falcon's phallus return the Dragon to the stars with Twin astronauts that particular week can't help but get my attention. Same goes for the 17 minutes. 

Remember that Horus the Falcon returned Osiris -- who died on the 17th day -- to the stars.

The launch was rescheduled for the day after the anniversary of the Shepherd Boy's drowning death in Memphis under the giant glass pyramid on the banks of the Wolf River.

Do note the NASA flack telling us "we're at the dawn of a new age." He's talking about a hell of a lot more than rockets, believe it. 

Note that the Dragon docked with the International Space Station (ISiS), giving us all kinds of Revelation 12 symbolic overtones.

The launch came a day after Bene Frasserit High Priestess Grimes offered to sell her soul to the highest bidder, which some might argue she already has. 

Do note she recently gave birth to a son, making her the symbolic Isis in this Mystery Play. Note her Osiris hails from a country whose name was once shorthand for interracial tension.

So if we identify Musk as the Dragon, it connects us yet again to the Revelation 12 cycle.
1 And there appeared a great wonder in heaven; a woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, and upon her head a crown of twelve stars: 
2 And she being with child cried, travailing in birth, and pained to be delivered. 
3 And there appeared another wonder in heaven; and behold a great red dragon, having seven heads and ten horns, and seven crowns upon his heads. 
4 And his tail drew the third part of the stars of heaven, and did cast them to the earth: and the dragon stood before the woman which was ready to be delivered, for to devour her child as soon as it was born. 
5 And she brought forth a man child, who was to rule all nations with a rod of iron: and her child was caught up unto God, and to his throne. 
6 And the woman fled into the wilderness, where she hath a place prepared of God, that they should feed her there a thousand two hundred and threescore days.
Oh that's right. Crazy Chris and his childhood churchin' again. Just can't get all that Bible crap out of his system. 

Granted, that's true. But in case you think Grimes and Musk are oblivious to this symbolism, maybe you need to watch this...

Finished? Then read this: 
7 And there was war in heaven: Michael and his angels fought against the dragon; and the dragon fought and his angels, 
8 And prevailed not; neither was their place found any more in heaven. 
9 And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him.
So, yeah. 

This Grimes thing sure looks to me like something I've told you about again and again and again: rich and powerful people trying to rub the Sibyl all over their spellwork, as kings and generals always did with Oracles and Sibyls in ancient times. Even if (as in this case) it's only second-hand Sib.

But do note we've previously identified the Sibyl with the Woman of Revelation 12, and Grimes' video version thereto is soundtracked by one of the most Fraserish tracks she's ever made.


• Have you happened to notice how this fascination with black folk-- especially with black folk in the 'hood-- among the elites and Wokenoids seems to be totally at odds with the way they actually live their lives? 

Yes_ No_

• Have you gotten the queasy feeling that these alleged Wokelords and Wokeladies treat black folk as fetish objects and fashion accessories, kind of in the way a lot of narcissistic women treat gay men as pets or possessions? (ie., "I love my Gays!") 

Yes_ No_

• Have you ever noticed a lot of these Wokesters have no idea how to talk to a black person as if they were an actual human being and not a child or an intersectional robot? (like Mayor McSoycheese in the above video)

Yes_ No_

• Have you ever noticed the Wokesters never seem to get very worked up when a black woman is killed by a cop?

Yes_ No_

• Have you ever noticed how the Woke -- especially Woke Karens-- always seem to circle around to their fantasies of black male endowment and use it to attack white men?

Yes_ No_

• Finally, do you know what the acronym "BCW" stands for? (Don't look it up if you're at work).

Yes_ No_

So maybe what's going on among the occult substrata has nothing to do with George Floyd, or any other black man killed by a cop. 

Maybe what is really being spoken here in the symbols is about Phallic worship and the common stereotype of black men as well-hung sex machines.

Not that that substrata gives two shits about George Floyd (or any other black man who's not a multimillionaire), mind you. It's all about the Sacred Phallus and its elevation in the new Cult of State. 

Maybe all this ritual humiliation imposed on white cucks is just a replay of the ancient castration rituals, and the disproportionately-trans Antifa are the new Galloi.

In fact, you may have heard about the Egyptologist who suggested their own castration ritual by instructing protestors how to pull down a Confederate war monument and then suggested they do the same with the Washington Monument. 

Reaction was predictable but knowing how many Egyptologists often secretly come to drink their own Kool-Aid and buy into the old faith, I have to wonder how much of this was Parcak being political and how much was them being devotional.

Judging from the many pictures of this person, I would not be surprised if they performed a version of this procedure in microcosm. Or maybe a trained professional did it for them.

Since the Woke Mob will never rest until they've destroyed the Universe, this Parcak individual was called out for their hypocrisy, since they work in a field indelibly connected to Imperialism and plunder. Which a startling number of the Woke in fact do.

Parcak ritually humiliated themselves on Twitter, but it didn't impress me. People like them are all fucking astronomical hypocrites.


There were many ancient gods associated with the Sacred Phallus, but the most visually striking of them were Priapus, who gave his name to a medical condition in which flaccidity is unable to be achieved. 

If you have to you can look up other depictions of him, but this is a family blog. Do note the Garlands, though.

Festivals to Priapus were held in June, coincidentally enough. His sacred animal was the Donkey and his Roman name is achingly close to Mutiny, or rebellion.

Or "Resistance," if you prefer.

Since the world is ruled by symbols, I should point out that the female performer in George Floyd's pornographic video has a butterfly tramp-stamp.

And since there are so many symbols all over this story that it's all I can to not see this man's death as an elaborate human sacrifice ritual, I'll note there's also a Priapus butterfly as well. It looks not unlike a Spangle, oddly enough.


Cylon Francisco is one of the cradles of Woke and I've heard tell it isn't totally unfamiliar with Phallic worship. 

So it caught my attention when the Golden Gate Bridge-- the other SF icon aside from the Pan Am Sacred Phallus-- is making odd sounds when the wind blows, apparently because of recent renovations.

Note there were protests and rallies on the hills overlooking the bridge.

This especially interesting because Hermes was not only a god of gates-- and presumably bridges-- he was also another Phallic god.


A week of worldwide protests and rioting was capped off by a lunar eclipse and the Strawberry Moon, or La Lune Fraisier, if you're French.

La Lune Fraisier rose at 8:29, if you were on the East Coast of the US.

8:29. Hmm. Why does that sound so familiar? Help me out here.

That Darn Ella.

Finally, there's this story: the statue of a 17th Century slave trader named Edward Colston made headlines across the world when it was dumped into the drink in Bristol, Twin days after the Strawberry Moon.

This feels like it means something. I just can't put my finger on it. Isn't Bristol connected to someone else we've discussed here before?

Shit, it's on the tip of my tongue.

UPDATE: Looks like I'm a bit behind the curve. Ex-NFLer Larry Johnson seems to have gotten there first.