Friday, September 21, 2018

Twilight of the Mortal

Dolphins again...

OK, so I'm really trying to get this monster of a tome I've been writing for the past three years put to bed. I'm in the homestretch with the second draft but it's getting so huge I may have to go back and see if there aren't any darlings that might need killing. 

But having spent my entire career in publishing (such as it is) eyeing the word count ticker like a doomsday clock, I've resolved to give myself as much room as I need and let the stones fall as the will. 

For the time being, what I can most definitely say is that it's by far the best thing I've ever written. I'm tempted to say it's the only thing I've ever written, but by the same token I'm also tempted to say it's the best thing anyone's ever written in any language. I get a little carried away with myself sometimes.

Meanwhile, let's take a quick glance at what's going on in the alleged "outside world" (sic).

Ye-ahhh, I'm not buying this. I get the feeling this has been planted for its stopping power. Meaning no one will put too much energy into questioning the closing since the cover story is so radioactive. It makes no sense in the context of the rest of the situation as it's known. 

But if you make too much noise about how nonsensical it all is, you might get some CP stink sprayed all over you and become a fair target for all and sundry.

OK, so the military closes down a Federal facility because of some janitor and his alleged creepy pastimes? And yet he's neither identified nor arrested?

OK. Got it. Thanks for the update.

The problem with the post-truth era is that no one tells post-truths like the Government. As you may have noticed. 

And of course these days "the Government" means the media, the military, SiliCylon Valley, the intelligence agencies, etc etc etc etc.

I know the competition is pretty stiff but this may well be the winner for the Most 2018 Headline of 2018.

VERY interested to see where this is all headed.

This one's definitely in the running. Artificial wombs also means artificial sperm and artificial eggs and the rest of it. Meaning the breeding program prophesied by Huxley might beta-testing as we speak. Well for the masses, I mean. It probably went live on clandestine scale a very long time ago.

But you know, that lousy present standing in the way of the glorious unitary future. 

Oh, you didn't realize that non-binary actually means unitary? I don't blame you, why would you? But the people running this program sure as hell do. Bet all your Bitcoin on that, buster.

That's the whole point.

Here you go, future Earth occupants; a picture of your Mom for your mantle. 

She was so pretty when she was young, don't you think?  

A future where anyone can have a baby whenever they feel like it? Anyone, eh? Wow, that's quite a future. But maybe it's actually the distant, distant past. Like, I don't know, the time of Noah. Or Ziusudra, if you prefer.

Has anyone riding this train given any thought about the implications of all this? I'm thinking about some of the biological women out there in particular. Have they given any thought to, y'know, their own future? Technology might have a future in mind that they might want to sit down and have a good, long think about.

Technology had an interesting future in mind for blacksmiths, punch-card operators and lamplighters, didn't it? Sure did.

Well, there's a shocker. Who could have foreseen this? Oh, that's right; anyone who's even glanced at any of the literature. Of course, traveling to the Moon will do so as well, in case you didn't hear. It's part of the reason everyone's dragging their feet on their lunar landing projects.

Of course, we once had the technology to get through the Van Allen Belts but as NASA spokesman told us a while back, we lost it. I think the dog ate the technology, actually.

OK, good. But how exactly is this news? We all know octopi are extremely intelligent and rather anomalous creatures but do we need to be pumping them full of human drugs? How about we let them all be?

OK, I guess. But do note that the real Vulcan is in the constellation of Eridanus, home of the Eridanus Supervoid and sync'd up to the Sibyl and so on and such. I don't know what that all means but I'm sure we'll all find out soon enough.

Well, one answer is pulsars and such. Which of course brings me back to my old Supernova 1987A hobbyhorse. I'll have to make a video of that some day.

But what created that signal and what might be its purpose? I have no idea.

Maybe you should ask these people. They might know.

Indeed. Something to think about when pondering that previous story there. Timelessness. 

Oh, aren't those humans disgusting, with all their bodily functions? Get those frickin' birth bags running already. Some fresh Nephilim DNA code just arrived at Areceibo. Send it over to D::Wave so we can start incubating the new Terrans. Stat! 

If that doesn't work, start CRISPRing some this robot skin into the genome, for fuck's sake. I just can't take all that burping and farting another day.

I haven't really talked about mermaids lately, for the same reason I don't talk about telephones or electricity. Why report on something that's become entirely ubiquitous? I just thought this little thumbnail was interesting, given the sign this pretty young woman is flashing for us all. 

Truth in advertising is a good thing.

A bunch of folks have been sending me this image, which is admittedly rather evocative. I wonder if Mademoiselle Lavigne has been exhibiting any noticeable Fraserling tendencies lately? Keep me posted if she does.

Well, maybe not clowns, so much. More like clown. 

But is interesting that "killer" clowns  (okay, clown) are apparently storming about out there given that the godfathers of the modern killer clown archetype (another one of those new dominants we've been discussing) are storming about out there as well, concurrently. 

Maybe it's a fan having a LARP. Let's hope so, at least

Finally, I thought I'd post this short video with the guitar parts from Killing Joke's "Wilful Days." Now, I've said that I don't think Geordie Walker is a guitarist so much as some kind of psychic channel using sound to open portals. I've actually thought that for a very long time. 

This chap here has done a number of these videos, and he's mostly on-point here, but I just wanted people to hear these chords without Jaz ranting and the drums and bass and so on. Come to think of it, I'm not sure they're even actually chords at all in this dimension, because I've never heard them played by anyone else.

Or maybe they're not chords, they're calls. They're very dark and scary calls, but it's impossible to say exactly why. Not exactly the kind of calls Dee or Kelley would recognize.

Then again, angels are actually pretty dark and scary if you actually read your Bible. So maybe Dee would recognize them. Real angels are nothing like the Hallmark card fantasy people are familiar with today.

The thing that I've never been able to wrap my head around is that the guy who makes these insane alien dinosaur sounds looked like a Versace model (or at least a member of Go West or Bros) back in the day, not someone who should ripping open dimensional portals to who knows where with these insane, impossible chords.

Maybe to the clown dimension.

Title reference link here.


  1. Just a coupla links if u have time
    DARPA: Paralyzed Man with Brain-Computer-Interface Controls Multiple Simulated Aircraft
    Weird Coincidence: “The First” and Yusaku Maezawa

    1. those links are 404


  2. wikipedia has a page for 'Vulcan (hypothetical planet)' which says it's located between mercury and the sun. If you look at the kabbalistic tree of life between the mercury and sun spheres is the path matched with the devil card of the tarot in which the devil is doing the vulcan hand sign. What do?

    1. Forget wiki and the kablahblahblah and check this out:

    2. You're right! Always suspected that Spock was the devil, with those pointy ears, but that proves it beyond any reasonable doubt.

    3. In the novelized version of "Tomorrow Is Yesterday" (Enterprise accidently goes back in time to Earth in 1969) the captured U.S. Air Force pilot says [IIRC] "We should be able to get to Vulcan from here [Earth orbit]. It's supposed to be just inside the orbit of Mercury." Kirk explains that Spock is a native of "The Vulcan", a planet of 40 Eridani.

      I don't know if when the Star Trek writers first called Spocks planet Vulcan they had any idea of the name's earlier usages.

  3. 2nd time I took acid some of the music I listened to was off the album Lemuria by Therion. The music morphed into dolphin chitter chatter and I had a paranoid psychic moment where I thought someone was coming to see me in the dark late at night which turned out to be true. I was a teenager and my mom burst my bubble by asking what I was doing up so late listening to music at the computer with my eyes closed. This was 8 years ago.

  4. Regarding the Killing Joke video, too close to Lou Fred's Metal Machine Music and indeed some of Marc Bolan/T.Rex. Could Glam be on the resurgence?!

  5. Mysterious goings on at the solar observatory eh?

    Sounds like an adventure of the Famous Five - "if only those pesky kids hadn't stuck their noses in..."

    The funny thing about observing The Sun is that you assume The Earth is a solid and reliable base for your observatory, and so if you suddenly discover a problem in your assumptions, that it's not The Sun that is very slightly moving all over the place (impossible), but that the Earth is wobbling, you're going to freak out a bit and call the authorities - who will then send out 'black helicopters' to prevent the story spreading.

    And given on this blog, we observe more than one sun, we also find observations of the secret sun interesting.

    Khadir's suspicions that the secret sun is Sirius appear to have been confirmed by the following observations:

    It is of course true, that the secret sun does not precess, because it is The Sun's orbit about the secret sun that gives rise to precession.

    But, then Wikipedia says Sirius is 8.6LY away(1), but then it also agrees that Sirius does not precess(2). These things can't both be true.

    It's a bit like NASA saying that they once had the technology to send a couple of dozen chaps through the Van Allen belts, and a few of them onto the surface of The Moon, but they've now lost it.

    The Van Allen belts are impassable? We landed on The Moon? Both true?

    As Neil Armstrong (top level Freemason) said: "There are great ideas undiscovered, breakthroughs available to those who can remove one of the truth's protective layers"

    The thing is, the layer doesn't protect the truth from you, but you from the truth. If you peel that layer off, what you find underneath could be extremely disturbing. You have been warned! ;-)


    1. Zod, since you mentioned me, I guess I should point out: your second sun hypothesis depends on there being no Sirius B.

      Anyone with a good amateur telescope can see otherwise.

    2. Khadir, remember, it was you who kept asking whether Sirius was the secret sun.

      With the observations at you should be able to get the answer.

      The key determinant is whether Sirius precesses or doesn't precess. If it doesn't precess, then it's the secret sun. If it does, then it's just another star.

    3. Almost forgot: as for the idea (often repeated, almost never researched) that Sirius does not precess...I would invite anyone to read the historical records that, in Early Egypt, Sirius had its heliacal rising in early July. It now has precessed so that its heliacal rising is in early August. You can verify this by actually observing the heliacal rising of Sirius for yourself.

      I will believe my own eyes over anyone's theory, any day.

    4. That's good Khadir, because it now means that whenever I refer to the secret sun, you know that it can't be Sirius, because your own eyes tell you that it precesses like any other star.

      Are you going to tell Karl-Heinz Homann that he's wasted a chunk of his life and money incorrectly measuring the transit of Sirius, or shall I?

      After all, you have repeatedly suggested that it's easy for any skeptic to check the truth about Sirius for themselves, just get a telescope and look...

    5. @Zod: yeah, I'll happily tell Karl-Heinz Homann that. (What does he mean by 'measuring the transit of Sirius', btw? Using standard astronomical terminology, Sirius does not transit.)

      An appeal to the authority of Karl-Heinz Homann means as little to me as an appeal to the authority of NASA. People have wasted fortunes and lives looking for Noahs Ark, after all.

      And yeah, I've repeatedly suggested that people get a scope (or try to find a local amateur astronomy club) and check things out for themselves. What else should I suggest people do? Take Karl-Heinz Homann on Faith?

    6. Sirius doesn't precess (actually, precesses less than it ought to) because of its proper motion, which is rather large because it's only 8.6 years away. If I look outside the window while I'm riding the bus and I see a bird flying, and the bird doesn't move respective to the bus, two things could be going on: (a) there is a mysterious connection between the bird and the bus and (b) there isn't one, both just happen to go on the same direction at the same speed at that particular moment in time.

      As for this guy you mention that measures the transit of Sirius, I don't know who he is or whether he is doing a decent job. Lots of astronomers, professional and amateur, have measured these things. I did an astronomy course when I was at college, so I happen to have a fairly good idea of how serious astronomy works. Let's just say that I happen to have looked through telescopes and taken measurements myself, enough to trust the word of other astronomers on what they say, and I doubt Zod has ever done that in his life.

      I don't know where you got the info that the Van Allen belts are "impassable". It's perfectly possible to pass them, and not only the Apollo missions did it, also the Hubble telescope and any number of other probes. They aren't even that dangerous to humans, especially since a rocket wouldn't spend all that much time in the belt. They're more dangerous to electronics, and because today any mission tends to be rather heavy on electronics, it becomes a little trickier to pass them. A crewed mission may have to accept some time of electronics blackout while the rocket passes the Van Allen belts. Not an insuperable problem, by any means.

  6. The good old Illuminatus trilogy. Surely RAW was everyone's favourite CIA mind control handler. He made it fun for everyone.

    Rather than Star Trek we could look to the Hitchhikers Guide as a philter designed to make the masses love science fiction. The dolphins are there. And Vulcan? What is it other than the Vogon constructor fleet. The more realistic version of first contact with this cold and analytical race than Star Trek perhaps.

    Honestly, there is no point denying it, I'm with the Vogons. We can demolish this whole neighbourhood and build something much better with the materials. It's only rational.

    One old science fiction story that keeps coming back to me is the street that wasn't there by Clifford D. Simak. I can't tell you why exactly.

    1. When I was a kid, I had a collection of stories that were supposed to come from a street in Paris that was accessible by going into a metro entrance in the ground, and then, because of some dimensional warp, you found this street wasn't underground, but in the open air. And then, you did that again, and you found this second street after a second dimensional warp.

      The odd thing is, when I visited Paris as an adult, I found the street. Very peculiar.

    2. I think that you would find that short story interesting if you haven't read it but it isn't exactly about that sort of phenomena.

      I remember dreams as a child where doors could lead to places hundreds of miles away. My mind doesn't work visually so it's hard for me to imagine realistic places to this day. Which is to say that any mundane directions to places are needlessly confusing to me.

    3. Peculiar or surely to be expcected in these times of "No Limits!"?

    4. You can't talk about The Illuminatus Trilogy without mentioning "The Illuminati Card Game".Another clue that we are all just characters in a story.

    5. OP again. Another 90s game rife with Illuminati references and predictive spookiness is the PC game Deus Ex although it's inspired more by Fahrenheit 451 than "Illuminatus!". They tried to bring it back later but as a sort of lame Robocop ripoff without as much thought behind it but nicer graphics.

    6. MR 4:58
      If that is indeed the truth than why do you post as you do?
      'Science' and 'Portal'??

  7. In other unlikely explanations, a fireball in the sky over Perth this week was caused by contrails.

    1. And a meteor strike just a week or so before, and 2 earthquakes to the south in the middle of a massive tectonic plate.


    'An affidavit filed in Travis County said the girl told police she met the 30-year-old on the website'

    '“Why u gotta make a lovely friendship ur headline?” she wrote. “U guys are weird… for real. ... “Im lucky to have people in the business extend their time to help me further my career and offer their wisdom and guidance. Im very blessed to have amazing people in my life. U dont get to choose that for me. Its nice to have people understand what I do [sic].” ... This post was quickly followed by a message to her supporters, which read: “I love you guys. Thank you for supporting me. Many thanks to u guys. Sending my love to wherever u are in the world.”'

    '“I don’t wanna ex-communicate anyone from this fandom,” he said. “But if you are for real you will not harass my friends, or co-workers. Y’all know who you are.'

    Effect of the cause:

    'The pair posed together as they pouted into the camera behind cute fluffy ear filters.'

    "Bewitched"? No need to go ahead with a do-over even if KUWTK, & It's associated chimeras, isn't quite as stellar in the ratings as It used to be, clones must drone though: 'On August 23, 2018, ABC announced that it had bought a pilot for a single camera Bewitched remake from Black-ish creator Kenya Barris. This is Barris's last new project for the network before his exclusive contract with Netflix goes into effect.'

    I thought that was Kiernan Shipka (the new "Sabrina The Teenage Witch"*, & also "Don Draper's" daughter) flashing the v for vanquished sign for the mermaids out-there but no, It's just one of her Birth-Bagged Twins.

    Red lights are the sci-fi hook reeling in nerd-otherkins for the forthcoming & trail-blazing boldly going 2nd series of 'Star Trek Discovery'.

    There's "nothing new under the sun" = Apollo as Cosmic Ray Architect = inspired to extinguish Life via birth-bagged extinction.

    (*Ressurected as "The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina", a "Netflix" production, "Chilling" / "Netflix & Chill" / "Why u gotta make a lovely friendship ur headline?")

    1. I knew it was only a matter of time before the other shoe dropped with that CEO of the 3-D printable firearm company. Here's the irony it's not the anti-gun people trying to take him down. It's the NRA, and gun manufacturers that don't want DIY firearms to become a staple in society that will cut their profits.

      Now I'm not saying he's innocent because if the reports are true then he's a pedophile. Strange shouldn't a site like "Sugar Daddies" be for legal adults only? What is an minor doing on an adult site like that one? It wouldn't be impossible that underage girl was a #honeytrap to get him caught up in a Federal case.

      Well even if he was possibly set up he's now a wanted criminal because he fled the country and is hiding out in Taiwan; "We know Mr Wilson frequently travels for business. We don't know why he went to Taiwan."

      "He said that Mr Wilson was not in custody and that he had "missed a scheduled flight back to the United States".

      "Taiwan's National Immigration Agency said Mr Wilson had arrived on 6 September, Agence France-Presse reported, but that there had been no US request for judicial assistance as yet."

      "There is no extradition treaty between the United States and Taiwan."

    2. As for Draco (Harry Potter reference) for Degrassi High he's clearly not too bright. Being from Canada he was never raised in a harsh environment especially coming from a music/entertainment connected family. Therefore I don't expect Drake to have a lot of street smarts but it's clear he don't have much common sense either.

      Drake is old enough to remember the hell that Michael Jackson was put through due to friendships with young people i.e. minors. And it's now public knowledge he's discussing relationship advice with a minor.

      All it takes is one sext that's even slightly risque photo fro his underage friend and Drizzy will be cutting his next rap album behind prison bars.

      Then again maybe it's an intentional leak of Drake's & Millie Brown's friendship as apart of the whole pedophilia normalization social engineering currently underway within Western society. The whole Transgender minors appears to be going over like gang-busters so I guess the next phrase of grown @$$ men with jailbait BFF's is ready for prime time.

    3. "groomed for Stardom", the groomies can go on to become groomers themselves, this trajectory's never-more obviously embodied than by those twinklers of the pop-cultural firmament, & in the dream factory of tinsel-town 'A Star is Born' again & again & again...

      "Roberts" Starmaking turn was as a whore in 'Pretty Woman', '...initially conceived as a dark drama about sex work in LA in the 1980s', It's the #1 'rom-com' in terms of domestic receipts. Julia's famously body-double-cut-n-pasted on the promo poster - It's not her derrière on display & 'has been named the world's most beautiful woman by People a record five times', these days though who could tell her & the 'prettiest star/'wonder woman'' Bruce Jenner apart?

      'Stranger Things II: Attack of the Clones'

      'People think Millie Bobby Brown is a doppelgänger for young Natalie Portman'

      'Portman says 'Stranger Things' star is "much more magical"'

      'Portman took on the role of the youngster – which was a humorous “sneak peak” at Stranger Things 3 – where she met a number of other characters whose powers were similar to her own, but not nearly as impressive and with far more extreme or embarrassing side effects compared to Eleven’s nosebleeds.'

      (the article references Brown's Annihilation of some of her own social media pages after a "homophobic meme" began making use of her)

      'For the first time since March, Millie Bobby Brown rules The Hollywood Reporter's Top Actors chart, as the Stranger Things actor re-enters at No. 1 on the Sept. 26-dated list.'

      'Millie recently got out of relationship with Jacob Sartorius, and now we're left wondering if Drake himself helped Millie through the breakup. We're sure he had some words of wisdom for her!'

      The lyrics to drake's "A Millie" include the lines:

      'I'm committing suicide
      If we're ever identical'

      So... at least from StarBorn metrics MBB is fully "supported".

    4. What's making many people side-eye Drake aka Drizzy is his current beau just turned 18 and some claimed he groomed her to be his squeeze; "Drake's New 18 Year Old Teenage Gf Bella B Warned By Fans To Stay AWAY From Him"

      Now as long as Drake had no sexual contact with his current gf before she was 18 then he legally did nothing wrong. Doesn't mean there isn't any pedobear creep factor. However, that business with being BFF's to Millie Brown is very suspect.

    5. The last link I included was to the '' site, the prose of which is a weird mock-teen/talking down kind of buzz-hyping, the article's written by a 'Jennifer Maldonado' whose most recent article is:

      "I loved The Little Mermaid. It is honestly one of my favorite movies of all time. I was obsessed with it when I was a little kid," she said. "It's just a rumor so we will see. I am an actor, I just like good roles. Things I can soak into and really sink my teeth into. I always try to find characters that I can find some human connection to.", 'Singing "Part of Your World" while sporting long, red hair that perfectly flows in the water. We legit need a minute to process this.'

      drizzy's quite the svengali:

      'side effects include #EUPHORIA. coming soon @Zendaya @A24 @HBO — Drizzy (@Drake) July 30, 2018', 'Sam Levinson of HBO's Wizard of Lies is writing the series.'

      Being a pop-super-star It's natural he'd be a Muse to the rising up & comers, right drake?

      "This is a different thing. The idea was to do a dark horror version of Sabrina, something that was more of a slow-burn horror, like The Exorcist and Rosemary's Baby and all those great satanic horror movies from the 1960s and 1970s,"

      Something else gleaned from 'j-14': Ariana Grande owns a number of dogs one of whom is called 'Ophelia', another 'Sirius'.

    6. & more shapeshifting make-believing role playing body-swapping twinning in the way, the only way, only Hollywood can:

      'Fresh off reuniting with new BFF Drake and overall slaying at the 2018 Golden Globes with a secret Stranger Things-inspired hairstyle and dramatic black Calvin Klein backless dress, Millie Bobby Brown arrived on the red carpet for the 24th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards paying perfect homage to the iconic Star Wars resistance general.', 'Tell us this look doesn’t scream,“Millie Bobby Brown, you’re our only hope.”'

      "...I would love a role like that. Because I want to do something far from Eleven..."

      'But would Leia really be that different from Eleven? She is, after all, a brave young woman on the run from a menacing father-figure and the armed employees of his technologically advanced military compound. Just swap Stranger Things's Dr Brenner for Darth Vader, and it's almost the same story.'

      'Leia Standalone 'Star Wars' Movie Already Has the Perfect Cast'

      'I think we can all agree that Netflix is home to some of the most interesting characters and personalities on TV right now ... Netflix's most familiar faces are individuals are compelling and lovable. '

      No mention of 'Desire' & on a related note:

      'Millie's first kiss was with her co-star Finn Wolfhard on "Stranger Things" ... For Millie, it was her first kiss... ever! "It was, like, my first kiss, so it was kind of weird. But then, like, when I'd done it, I thought, 'Wow. It makes sense for the storyline," Millie later said about the smooch.'

      suffering artist = broken vessel = transcendent moments captured for posterity = "the magic of the movies" = "A Star is BirthBagged".

    7. @KTV see the creep factor is far greater than Drake. I get the whole concept of tinsel town and star-vehicles for Hollyweird's A-list talent but it comes off creepy the fawning over young stars. Especially in light of Pizza Gate and Spirit Cooking that the mainstream media tries o claim is just "conspiracy theories" Heck the documentary "An Open Secret" is bad enough before we get into the more belief defying material.

  9. Chris,

    I have met working blacksmiths, punch-card operators and lamplighters in the present day. All were curios and most were employed as living museum pieces. Perhaps the future holds a place for birthers like something out of a Euro sci-fi movie of the early 70s, where a young couple conceive and carry to term a child in the old-fashioned way for curious museum patrons.

    Given our annual approach to Samhain has begun, I expect we'll be seeing a spike of "killer clowns" and other difficult-to-process appearances of nasties from, or at least controlled by things beyond, the void. 'Tis the Season!

    Vulcans - I always saw the races of Star Trek in a Tolkienesque mode. (works for B5, too) Vulcans are of course the Elves. That is, those Elves of Rivendell with their mystical overtones, as opposed to the Romulans who are the warlike Second Age kind. Is it a terrible surprise they are living with the Sybil? Wait till they get here and declare us all Orcs.

  10. Saw this article yesterday about the first exoplanets discovered by TESS (Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite) in the constellation Mensa:

    Check out the History of this modern constellation, particularly the last sentence about a Sinbad myth relating to the mountains the constellation is named after:

    Because of course...

  11. JB (of The Meta-Logic Café)10:14 AM, September 21, 2018

    So they want to get rid of all the women, replace them with birth bags and trans-gendered children who will grow up to be beautiful swans. In other words, total irreversible government population control, since overthrowing the one-world corporate government would mean the extinction of our species.

    But they haven't really thought things through, have they? If there's ever a massive electromagnetic pulse, natural (solar) or otherwise (terrorists/anarchists), and our civilization goes back to the 19th century WITHOUT REAL WOMEN who can reproduce, we're doomed.

    Is it merely hubris? I'm thinking the mermaid/goddess is NOT a feminist. In fact, she doesn't want any competition whatsoever from all those other b*tches. She wants to be the ONE and ONLY woman for all the men to worship.

    1. It's the antiLife agenda, It doesn't care - because It's diseased & insane - that It commkts suicide.

    2. JB 10:14
      Yes "She" is "Lucifer".

  12. For anyone who thinks that radiation is an insurmountable obstacle keeping us trapped here on Earth, well... dont believe the propaganda without doing your own research. This might be a good place to start:

    For thirty years now, I've been used to a regular cycle of popular science articles proclaiming that new data show radiation more or less makes travel between planets impossible...followed by rebuttals by aerospace engineers pointing out that No, that's actually one of the easier nuts to crack when it comes to interplanetary travel. Strange the way the engineers- you know, the people who have to deliver real world results actually building things that work- never get any press...

    Just for comparison, I can name two things that, statistically, are *way* more dangerous than the cosmic radiation you could expect to be exposed to on a round-trip mission to Mars: one is the truck in my driveway, the other is breathing the air in any mid-sized American city. Yet we don't consider automobiles, or cities, endeavors too dangerous to attempt.

    1. I love when NASA scientists & engineers attempt to troll the public for being so inferior to their superior intellect. Yet when looking at the actual tech something as simply ice i.e. crystallized H2O can cause a major disaster within a space launch resulting in a deaths of all the space cabin crew. However, we should just take Never A Straight Answer solemn word they got that entire lethal cosmic radiation issue licked.

    2. As I understand it the problem is one of time scales and advances in technology. If you shoot a piece of lead at Mars then you don't have a problem. But if you shoot a nanometer scale silicon wafer over there then it might stop working after a while.

    3. @Emmanuel Dark: actually, NASA is one of the culprits propagandizing about the danger of radiation in space. You might be interested in "The High Frontier" by Gerard O'Neill or "The Case for Mars" by Robert Zubrin. Neither worked for NASA, both accused NASA of deliberately sabotaging the effort to get a permanent human presence established in space, and, most importantly, both took great pains to show their math, so to speak.

      NASA is one of the chorus saying that we need a godzillion dollars and 30 more decades study before we can try Mars.

    4. @khadir are you also commenting as Maria? Been noticing your comments are similar in both wording and tone.

    5. @Anon8:53 Seriously? Other than the fact that we seem to share a basic grounding in science, I just can't see that at all.

      For the record, I don't post under any name but Khadir; which (also just for the record) isn't a screen name, but actually what people call me.

      I've never understood the whole sock-puppet thing. If I don't believe something strongly enough to put my name to it, I don't need to post it to start it.

      Also: I'm really really hoping to get credit for coining the term "ontological paranoia", once it gets into everyday use.

    6. @khadir - Yes, seriously. Wouldn't ask if I didn't notice striking similarities in your tone and writing style. It's not paranoia, or "ontological paranoia", it was just a question. Assuming otherwise might be, well, paranoid. Good day.

    7. @Anon3:59 I think you've misunderstood me. I wasn't saying that your question was ontological paranoia (it seemed harmless enough, even if I just don't see the parallels myself). Rather, I meant that since "ontological paranoia" was a term I've coined (and used numerous times in the comment section here), I post only under my own name, so that, when *everyone* talks about ontological paranoia, I'll be credited as the source! Cheers.

    8. @khadir - Thanks for the clarification and that makes more sense. Lots of interesting information to digest from both Chris and the commenters. Cheers.

  13. Hi, i read your blog from time to time and i own a
    similar one and i was just wondering if you get a lot of spam remarks?

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  14. Clandestine artificial wombs? But of course! Those indigo children had to come from SOMEWHERE. Or was it the Boys From Brazil? I get so confused sometimes. Designer kids these days I tell ya'...

    1. "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" an 'MGM' production.

  15. Islam has a very different take on angels, esp. Sufism, which the great scholar Henri Corbin compared to Gnosticism in this regard:

    Lots to ponder there. The Sufis had an entire initiatory tradition tied to lucid dreaming & guided meditation/trance; almost like Jung's "active imagination" work. & Corbin's research on the "Mundis Imaginalis" is fascinating in its own right.

  16. Also see:

  17. It's funny how every history class in public school, USA, ad even in college they told us the Nazi's lost the way but it's clear their Eugenic programs to create the Übermensch real supermen never stopped. I guess it's time for me to sit down and finish watch Gattaca all the way through.

    Speaking of Naziesques things Season Three of Amazon's adaption of Philip K. Dick's "The Man In High Castle" is coming back in a few weeks. It has a very prototypical-D::Wave vibe as this season has a Slider/Stargate-like plot of the Alternate Nazi-dominate Universe invading our timeline. As balls deep crazy contemporary times are that may not be too far from the truth.

    1. I meant.... Nazi's lost the war.... etc.

    2. Who are the nreal dun0dun duuuuuuuuuuurrrrrrnnn "Nazis" eh?

    3. KTV yeah we really need to ask ourselves that question. We know about Operation Paperclip and Nazis that went to NASA but I think we missed a bunch of them; "John Lennon's self-portrait of himself as Hitler sells for $54k - There are several known self-portraits taken from Lennon's personal sketchbook which incorporate Nazi iconography"

      "The rough sketch, reportedly created during the Beatles member’s time attending the Liverpool College of Art in the late 1950s, shows Lennon on a podium with his hand raised in a Nazi salute and the words “Heil John” repeated several times, with the implication they are being chanted by a crowd."

      ^^^^Funny I never read nor heard Beatles' devotees speak about one of the iconic members being into Nazisploitation.

    4. In the U.S school system,we were told Adolf had dark-brown eyes and shown photos of him with a very thin toothbrush style mustache.Currently,he has light-blue eyes and a thick, bushy mustache.

    5. I watched the 1st episode of the 'TMITHC' adaptation which was more than enough, the 3rd season, the trailer of which is soundtracked by a clone of u2's "Pride (In The Name of Love), makes use of a cut-up Swastika subverted & spliced as 'peace symbol' (as originally designed by 'Gerald Holtom as the logo for the British Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament').

      'The symbol is a combination of the semaphore signals for the letters "N" and "D", standing for "nuclear disarmament"', 'Between 1968 and 1971, the John Birch Society circulated rumours about the origin and meaning of the symbol, claiming it was a sign of the devil and a Nazi "rune". In 1971, Peggy Duff, who had been the general secretary of CND, re-affirmed Eric Austen's explanation of the symbol, saying that the inside was a "runic symbol for death of man" and the circle the "symbol for the unborn child". But it's actually just an upside-down Tree of Life (Sephirot) - therefore, a Tree of Death or the unholy lower realms (Qliphoth).'

      Mixed-signals, a perfect sign to usher in the current age of intersection/confusion & collapse.

      & It's another '9' sync with Lennon's channelling of Adolf - a "Revolution 9" / "#9 Dream"?

      'It is known that Hitler and his evil scientists were obsessed with the possibility of cloning the ideal blond hair, blue eyed Aryan type.', 'A conspiracy theory has since grown up based on sinister Third Reich experiments that they developed the ability to clone.'


      'Love Island's Kady McDermott reaches siren status as nude bikini turns see-through', 'Kneeling on a paddle board, the 23-year-old posed with her hands up, looking like the photographer had caught her unaware.'

    6. Some believe "The Nazis" didn't lose WW2, or at the very least enough managed to keep themselves from capture/discovery/paperclipping (& kept the dream of The Reich alive), going on to be the real rulers of the world - but not overtly as 'TMITHC' salivates, & these "Nazis" are the ones machinating to bring about the rainbow-hued 6th extinction, via killing with kindness, which will drag Humanity down in It's wake = complete & total crushing & final victory over untermensch.

      Where's their HQ though? The far-side of the moon? Thule? Agartha? Hyperborea? Manhattan? Strasbourg??? Perhaps no need for an actual physical location if they've mastered the occult arts as ultimate Wunderwaffe, smart chaps those "Nazis".

    7. @KTV I won't hold it against you given up on Amazon's Adaption of PKD's "The Man IN High Castle"because season one is ridiculously slow watching paint dry happens faster than plot development. In fact I don't get the feeling of dread watching it; because the Nazis within the USA seem almost too cordial but maybe that's the point.

      I did make myself to watch the entirety of season one hoping for a payoff but I felt it was anti-climatic at best. Season two while an improvement didn't feel quite as like the season one trying to stir a jar of molasses. The payoff that was hoping in season one came at season two which set up the whole crossing between parallel universes that will be hopefully be the central plot of season 3 as hinted at by the newest season trailer.

    8. As for Nazi's on the moon that brings us back to 2012's Finnish-German-Australian satirical film Iron Sky.

      In that film narrative the Moon Nazis invaded the Earth in 2018 (I'm not even touching that one). There's a squeal that's in post-production called Iron Sky: The Coming race that picks up where the first film left off and deals with Nazi/Thule society in Antarctica and of course with dinosaur-human hybrids.

    9. KTV 10:18
      No they just shifted the world conquest from one dominated by war to one dominated by financial manipulation; show me the MONEY!
      Smart and SAD simultaneously; one a good 'business' decision and one that just JACKS 'humanity' in the process.
      Dino and 'reptilian' are hand in glove; in my opinion so it is obvious that this 'influence' is strong here.
      I would say that true 'mammals' do not behave in such a way, and resonate to a very different 'tune'.
      You have to wonder if the SS, and Hitler for that matter actually had mammalian genetics??
      I have stated this for years concerning the rise of the fourth reich here in 'Amerika'.

  18. Hello Chris,

    Speaking of artificial wombs and such, Japan is paddling ahead with the in vitro gametogenesis. A recent paper shows they're one tiny step closer to producing human eggs from induced pluripotent stem cells.

    I think Huxley saw way into the future.  'Anyone can have a baby whenever they feel like it'? If by 'anyone' they mean 'the State' and by 'whenever they feel like it' they mean 'when a new unit is needed' then they're getting close to what Huxley was talking about.

    Looking forward to reading your new book!


    1. Unitary / Singularity / "We're All One".

      Quite a war's waged against Humanity.

  19. Hey Chris, very much looking forward to reading your new book.
    I’ll be ordering and actual hard copy, done with ebooks; can’t trust that shit.

  20. We should also give a shout out to Mary Shelley author of Frankenstein or the Modern Prometheus. According to real-life Oracle Sophia Stewart, Shelly was actually a seer and she wrote done her precognitive visions of the future as fiction that became one of the greatest works of Modern Western Literature.

    Another historic note Mary Shelly was good friends with other historic authors and John William Polidori. Shelly along with her husband, Lord Byron, & Polidori spent a summer hanging out (ahem) swinging and most likely engaging in occult practices.

    Some may think I'm taking the piss, as the English say, about that
    group being Occultists. John William Poidori is no slouch as he accredited with creating the vampire genre of fiction. Beside Frankenstein being filled with occult motifs.

    Now here we see two staples of Hollyweird movie monsters coming from the same time period via a group of esteemed writers that almost all are associated with social scandals but that's not the icing on the cake yet.

    Lord Bryon's only legitimate child a daughter named Ada Lovelace is regarded as the worlds first computer programmer. Lovelace wrote a computer algorithm for the first prototype computer known as a Analytical Engine. Sadly the Analytical Engineer was never physically built also making it the world's first vaporwear.

    That historic progression alone is a strange series of events that could very well be a future functioning D::Wave-esques/Solid State Intelligence screwing with past reality to create it's on existence. I know insanity for sure but is it anymore crazy than 30 plus genders or birth bags right out a Matrix movie?

    1. Lovelace died of cance rof the womb, Alan Turing (inspired by her) committed suicide after chemical castration, these two are the mother & father of the D:Wave birth-bagged 'Modern Prometheus' that is this age of obscenity.

    2. @Emmanuel Dark: one more small synch to add to your impressive collection: Mary Shelley also wrote what is (arguably) the world's first post-Apocalyptic novel, "The Last Man", in 1826.

      As for the group being practising occultists, in a personal letter from that Summer, Percy Shelley mentions building an altar to Pan on the hillside behind the house in which they were staying. Am still trying to track down a reference, though.

    3. @Emmanuel Dark, KTV, and Khadir - such great comments. You are right on time with referencing Mary Shelley! The anthology TV series "Genius" which featured Albert Einstein in 2017, and Pablo Picasso in 2018, will focus on the life and times of Mary Shelley in 2019. @Khadir, the altar to Pan is so resonant with Jack Parsons, another Pan devotee.

    4. Turing failed his own test, what hope for the rest of us in these "fake it 'til you make It" times?

  21. Chris, here's a strange one:

    It's a preview of a recent talk about the Australian aborigines' myth of 'the end of days' - there's also mention of whales (cetaceans, like dolphins - as you know).

    Apparently, their 'end date' is a couple of years from now.

    So I hope you get a big advance for your completed book, and don't have to wait for royalties. :-}

    On the subject of royalties and careers in publishing, it may tickle your fancy to know that I once argued against the Chief Executive of The Publishers Association in a debate held at a top law firm ('magic circle').

  22. This is a topic that's near to my heart... Many thanks!
    Exactly where are your contact details though?

  23. 'Amnion' = C17: via New Latin from Greek: a little lamb, from amnos a lamb

    'See also chorion'

    'The outer membrane that encloses the embryo of a reptile, bird, or mammal. In mammals, the chorion contributes to the development of the placenta.'

    Dearest Lady of Pearlescent Waters Save Us from Ourselves, or at the very least save us from that which makes Itself manifest through Us, if that means tabula rasa then so be It

  24. "...murdered my pet kitten."
    "She turned me into a newt!"


    It's just part of the "STD" Season 2 promotional strategy.

    'It might not be a coincidence that the term UFO (unidentified flying object) and some of the phenomena that surrounds it – abductions and impossible technologies – are relatively recent. Before the 1940s, reports of sightings of objects in the sky were extremely rare.'

    U don't say?

    'The pair meet at a trial for a radical new drug intended to eradicate all unnecessary human pain and suffering, which – with the participants put under in their pods – will provide the launchpad for the cross-dimensional border stories of the coming episodes.'

    'Actors, of course, are all maniacs.'

    U don't say!

    Dear Lady?!?


    'They have been commended for their genre-fluid approach to guitar music, incorporating elements of dream-pop...', 'Guitarist Joff Oddie said winning the prize was “the closest thing to an actual dream-like state – it sounds like such a cliche but that’s what it felt like for me.”', 'Wolf Alice were presented with the £25,000 prize at the Eventim Apollo in Hammersmith, London.'

    'Coca-Cola only learned of the candid behind-the-scenes shots by celebrity photographer Harold Lloyd last year after they were found in, of all places, the archives of NASA.', '“We standardised Santa,”', 'Coke began life as a cure-all medicine and contained cocaine until 1903. The medicine link is now coming full circle as the company is considering producing cannabis-infused “wellness beverages”.'

    1. Ah the true original Coke formula.... it may not have cured all but it sure had the recipient feeling good. Now today we got high fructose corn syrup as an abysmal replacement which actually causes more medical problems than the cocaine. Go figure right.

      As for the lost "coke ad" being that we live in a world of deep fakes/holographic modeling/VR then how do we know that footage is real? Granted one can argue it's not that serious but that would open the door for all sorts of questionable suddenly discovered.

      Also if I'm not mistaken 1953 was a major UFO flap; "The disappearance of Felix Moncla and Robert Wilson - U.S. Air Force pilot and radar operator and their F-89C disappeared while pursuing an unidentified radar return"

      So US Airman disappear in 1953 chasing a UFO and decades later a Marilyn Monroe lost Coke ad is found from that year in NASA archives. Talk about what sorcery is this?

    2. According to the Tom Hanks/Kevin Bacon/Bill Paxton & Ed Harris co-constellating "Apollo 13" "Marilyn" has a mountain named after her on The Moon, not "Monroe" though, It's for "Marilyn Lovell". It's a movie in which Hanks as Jim Lovell has a vision of Moonwalking as the stricken craft of a pressurised cannister he commands orbits the silver-light satellite.

      The set & effects (especially Hanks' acting) are really convincing!

    3. It's, as a certain singer would channel, "Even better than The Real Thing".

  27. A Human Life Amongst The Big Tech-Social Media-MSM Borg...Scientists discover how to 'upload knowledge to your brain' reboot - article date September 20 2018 The 15 Best Sci-Fi Movies Adapted or Inspired by Philip K Dick

    1. Aha randomly applying shocks inside someone's head can cause a lobotomy if the voltage is a tad too high. Yeah that one is right up there with head transplants. They been successful transplants of monkey heads but it usually paralyzed or dies shortly after such invasive surgical procedures. Oh well baby steps right?

    2. Here's a good article debunking the "brain as computer"

    3. Following up on the aeon article, I'd strongly recommend it for PKD fans in particular as the actual brain "program" is one to forget and remember only what is needed, not to process and store detailed maps of reality.

      In other words, this process would seem to describe the very vulnerability to mental "sleep" that PKD mentions and how awareness really means forgetting less and remembering more of those things the brain tries to trick us into not remembering.

  28. I found Threshold a few months back. I watched the first episode and immediately searched your blog to see if you had said anything about it. Of course, you didn't disappoint. I thought the biggest selling point was Data, God and the guy from GOT.

    The multi-dimensional crystalline form and the later forest of crystal trees which manifests in the dreams of those exposed to the form reminded me of Annihilation.

    It seemed more intelligent than a lot of the fare on current TV, which is why I tossed our last tv out in the street. The themes of terraforming, or bioforming by exposure really resonate, as this is not the ecology that I remember from my childhood in the 1970s. Where are the butterflies, and the pheasants, the quail, the sweet petrichor after a rain? It feels as if we are posting from the event horizon of the process.

    Regarding Beyonce, I saw the headline and rolled my eyes. By late afternoon, the discourse had changed to "so That's how she gets her hair to look so good," and "Other Celebrities Who Are Occultists." The sleepers are just going to keep snoring.

    The New York Times just posted a lovely feature about groundbreaking artists who create installations underwater. The thumbnails looked like something Plato would have been familiar with.

  29. Speaking of channeling musical entities, this woman Michal Elia Kamal is really're welcome

    english lyrics here:

    would also mention the Floyd at Pompeii...something other-worldy definitely went on there

    -Echoes featuring a bare chested Dave Gilmour giving his best Zeus impersonation:

    Careful with that Axe, Eugene with Roger Poseidon WATERS at 3:33 howling like a demon:

  30. "What might be IT'S purpose"?
    Come now my Chris friend, the publishing veteran.
    And yes, proper spelling is considered "oppressive" nowadays.
    By the same elites who are showering us with all this dehumanizing, transhumanist, alien-invasion claptrap this blog has boldly called our attention to.

    1. You know what else is oppressive? Understanding the difference between spelling and punctuation. I hear coherent syntax is problematic as well. Not to mention the construction of proper paragraphs. All very patriarchal, I'm told.

    2. With all your book-writing is the Man keeping you down?

  31. R.I.P. the French media theorist Paul Virilio = their Delphic historian of virtual empire.
    We belatedly learned that Virilio died on September 10. He wrote about the fundamental shift from science-as-truthseeking to science-as-Olympian-stuntmongering or hi-tech ‘performance art’ (in ‘Art and Fear’ for example) among many other vital topics... of all those chic French theorists he was the most McLuhanesque and the only one who bothered to meet MM (he even came up with his own version of ‘the medium is the message ‘: “the vehicle shapes the course as well as the discourse”)... in Negative Horizon he analyzes ‘the Metempsychosis of the Passenger’, the foetal/infantile bliss of being carried along, an instinctive trance enhanced by looking out windows (or screens)... SPEED AND POLITICS - Dromology and Dromocracy... a significant passing for many reasons, part of the vortex of circa 9/11/2018.


      'How would it be if what we take for human advance were simply a technological progress that literally leaves us out of its equations? What if progress is not humanity striking out bravely towards the future, but an ultimately destructive force?'

      'The events of September 11 reflect both the manipulation of a global sub-proletariat and the delusions of an elite of rich students and technicians who resemble the ‘suicidal members of the Heaven’s Gate cybersect’. And, in this post-humanist dystopia, we are morally rudderless before the threat of biological manipulations as yet undreamt.'

      "undreamt" as so Deeply buried so as to appear forgotten rather than never having manifest some age prior?

    2. Well, KTV, the elite who organised the felling of the twin towers (representing Sun & secret sun - and the end of a cycle - summoning The Elect - to the new world order/new order of the ages) may be deluding themselves that they can contrive h sapiens to escape Saṃsāra (with the help of an unwitting proletariat), but they're making a concerted effort all the same.

      And yes, no doubt in the next age, as in ages past, genetic engineering technologies will vastly exceed our current levels. But then, we don't have to worry about that now. Far more pressing, is the immanence of the eschaton...

    3. #Emmys2018 brought the house down with the staged backdrop opening up as two tall doorways, from out of which "stars" emerged, positioned so as to occlude/reveal, *wink* even, the letter 'y' in 'Emmys'.

  32. Killing Joke songs to inspire, raise consciousness and increase syncro-mysticism: Honor the Fire, In Cythera, The Raven King, Tribal Antidote, Pole Shift, Endgame, Lightbringer, Euphoria...

    1. Talking of pole shift and the endgame, this time last year...

      "Nothing happened on September 23rd 2017"

      Well, yes, it did. The king of kings (Jupiter) was born from the virgin (Virgo) when the three wise men (wandering sages: Mercury, Mars, Venus) visited her.

      "So what?"

      Sounds a bit like 'the second coming of Christ' don't you think?

      It will soon be time to sort the wheat from the chaff, I guess...

      "How soon?"

      Within a generation - or sooner...

  33. Beyonce a witch?
    Well fu**in duh peeps lol


  34. "UFO" over Queens - strange glowing light captivates residents!

  35. Mark the 4th of October on your calendars. The London stone is moving to it's new home.

    “You laugh, but the last time it was restored the Cuban missile crisis was sorted out,” said Stephenson. “Mind you Kennedy was assassinated shortly afterwards too.”

    So the London steve, sorry, London stone, needs to be consecrated with the blood of the lord of misrule? The feast of fools is coming to an end?

    1. lord of misrule - world turned upside down - pole shift.

      After the 24th night [24 millennia], the 12th night [12 millennia] is epiphany/apocalypse - and this is why we've celebrated the nativity [jupiter/virgo/mars-mercury-venus] to remind us as to the sign we are to look for. the lord of misrule reminds us what happens.

  36. Could it be that there is something to the "Sunspot" shutdown dew to the "janitor" being in possession of something they ought-n't?

    "Possession is nine (or eleven) points of the law"


    'Archaic. a doorkeeper or porter.

    1575–85; < Latin jānitor doorkeeper, equivalent to jāni- (combining form of jānus doorway, covered passage) + -tor -tor

    C17: from Latin: doorkeeper, from jānua door, entrance, from jānus covered way (compare Janus 1); related to Latin īre to go

    1580s, "an usher in a school," later "doorkeeper" (1620s), from Latin ianitor "doorkeeper, porter," from ianua "door, entrance, gate," from ianus "arched passageway, arcade" (see Janus) + agent suffix -tor.'

    Quite the gatekeeping role to take on, unbeknowst to this doorkeep perhaps they were hired, via shell-company sleight of handery, so as to be "possessed" by something "inhuman" hinted at by astronomical investigation, if there is "somewhere out-there" lifeforms with any interest in our species may too have among them those that engage in obscenity & this "usher" acted as convenient conduit through which to gain access to "adrenachrome", or whatever the orbiters of 'ASiB2018' call It, in an all new flavor-profile.

    1. Two thoughts about the janitor. Given his access it at least seems possible he could have been the first to learn of something suspect seen by the telescope.

      Second, based on that same access, perhaps the story has been "flipped" and instead of being a solo perv downloading for kicks he was an uploader for a dark network of pervs. His ravings about killers make a bit more sense if he exposed their operation.

      And maybe the PO connection is that's where he was getting his upload "material" mailed to. If he's downloading for himself the PO otherwise seems irrelevant.

  37. Two-thirds of animals extinct by 2020! Almost 20 tons of dead fish along with a shocking amount of dolphins, manatee and turtles on Southwest Florida shore from red tide Hundreds of thousands of Atlantic surf clams washed up on Revere Beach Massachusetts along with multiple dead whales

  38. 33: So, in enlil enki myth... innana was one of first nebiruan n humanoid ppl... taught how to use sex to uplift consciousness of human kind when dad flew back mad they had broken saction they could only make clones n non sexual reproducing entities... odd detail.

  39. 33: angel of death flying low. Heads up.

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    you penning this post and the rest of the site is very good.