Friday, September 21, 2018

Twilight of the Mortal

Dolphins again...

OK, so I'm really trying to get this monster of a tome I've been writing for the past three years put to bed. I'm in the homestretch with the second draft but it's getting so huge I may have to go back and see if there aren't any darlings that might need killing. 

But having spent my entire career in publishing (such as it is) eyeing the word count ticker like a doomsday clock, I've resolved to give myself as much room as I need and let the stones fall as the will. 

For the time being, what I can most definitely say is that it's by far the best thing I've ever written. I'm tempted to say it's the only thing I've ever written, but by the same token I'm also tempted to say it's the best thing anyone's ever written in any language. I get a little carried away with myself sometimes.

Meanwhile, let's take a quick glance at what's going on in the alleged "outside world" (sic).

Ye-ahhh, I'm not buying this. I get the feeling this has been planted for its stopping power. Meaning no one will put too much energy into questioning the closing since the cover story is so radioactive. It makes no sense in the context of the rest of the situation as it's known. 

But if you make too much noise about how nonsensical it all is, you might get some CP stink sprayed all over you and become a fair target for all and sundry.

OK, so the military closes down a Federal facility because of some janitor and his alleged creepy pastimes? And yet he's neither identified nor arrested?

OK. Got it. Thanks for the update.

The problem with the post-truth era is that no one tells post-truths like the Government. As you may have noticed. 

And of course these days "the Government" means the media, the military, SiliCylon Valley, the intelligence agencies, etc etc etc etc.

I know the competition is pretty stiff but this may well be the winner for the Most 2018 Headline of 2018.

VERY interested to see where this is all headed.

This one's definitely in the running. Artificial wombs also means artificial sperm and artificial eggs and the rest of it. Meaning the breeding program prophesied by Huxley might beta-testing as we speak. Well for the masses, I mean. It probably went live on clandestine scale a very long time ago.

But you know, that lousy present standing in the way of the glorious unitary future. 

Oh, you didn't realize that non-binary actually means unitary? I don't blame you, why would you? But the people running this program sure as hell do. Bet all your Bitcoin on that, buster.

That's the whole point.

Here you go, future Earth occupants; a picture of your Mom for your mantle. 

She was so pretty when she was young, don't you think?  

A future where anyone can have a baby whenever they feel like it? Anyone, eh? Wow, that's quite a future. But maybe it's actually the distant, distant past. Like, I don't know, the time of Noah. Or Ziusudra, if you prefer.

Has anyone riding this train given any thought about the implications of all this? I'm thinking about some of the biological women out there in particular. Have they given any thought to, y'know, their own future? Technology might have a future in mind that they might want to sit down and have a good, long think about.

Technology had an interesting future in mind for blacksmiths, punch-card operators and lamplighters, didn't it? Sure did.

Well, there's a shocker. Who could have foreseen this? Oh, that's right; anyone who's even glanced at any of the literature. Of course, traveling to the Moon will do so as well, in case you didn't hear. It's part of the reason everyone's dragging their feet on their lunar landing projects.

Of course, we once had the technology to get through the Van Allen Belts but as NASA spokesman told us a while back, we lost it. I think the dog ate the technology, actually.

OK, good. But how exactly is this news? We all know octopi are extremely intelligent and rather anomalous creatures but do we need to be pumping them full of human drugs? How about we let them all be?

OK, I guess. But do note that the real Vulcan is in the constellation of Eridanus, home of the Eridanus Supervoid and sync'd up to the Sibyl and so on and such. I don't know what that all means but I'm sure we'll all find out soon enough.

Well, one answer is pulsars and such. Which of course brings me back to my old Supernova 1987A hobbyhorse. I'll have to make a video of that some day.

But what created that signal and what might be its purpose? I have no idea.

Maybe you should ask these people. They might know.

Indeed. Something to think about when pondering that previous story there. Timelessness. 

Oh, aren't those humans disgusting, with all their bodily functions? Get those frickin' birth bags running already. Some fresh Nephilim DNA code just arrived at Areceibo. Send it over to D::Wave so we can start incubating the new Terrans. Stat! 

If that doesn't work, start CRISPRing some this robot skin into the genome, for fuck's sake. I just can't take all that burping and farting another day.

I haven't really talked about mermaids lately, for the same reason I don't talk about telephones or electricity. Why report on something that's become entirely ubiquitous? I just thought this little thumbnail was interesting, given the sign this pretty young woman is flashing for us all. 

Truth in advertising is a good thing.

A bunch of folks have been sending me this image, which is admittedly rather evocative. I wonder if Mademoiselle Lavigne has been exhibiting any noticeable Fraserling tendencies lately? Keep me posted if she does.

Well, maybe not clowns, so much. More like clown. 

But is interesting that "killer" clowns  (okay, clown) are apparently storming about out there given that the godfathers of the modern killer clown archetype (another one of those new dominants we've been discussing) are storming about out there as well, concurrently. 

Maybe it's a fan having a LARP. Let's hope so, at least

Finally, I thought I'd post this short video with the guitar parts from Killing Joke's "Wilful Days." Now, I've said that I don't think Geordie Walker is a guitarist so much as some kind of psychic channel using sound to open portals. I've actually thought that for a very long time. 

This chap here has done a number of these videos, and he's mostly on-point here, but I just wanted people to hear these chords without Jaz ranting and the drums and bass and so on. Come to think of it, I'm not sure they're even actually chords at all in this dimension, because I've never heard them played by anyone else.

Or maybe they're not chords, they're calls. They're very dark and scary calls, but it's impossible to say exactly why. Not exactly the kind of calls Dee or Kelley would recognize.

Then again, angels are actually pretty dark and scary if you actually read your Bible. So maybe Dee would recognize them. Real angels are nothing like the Hallmark card fantasy people are familiar with today.

The thing that I've never been able to wrap my head around is that the guy who makes these insane alien dinosaur sounds looked like a Versace model (or at least a member of Go West or Bros) back in the day, not someone who should ripping open dimensional portals to who knows where with these insane, impossible chords.

Maybe to the clown dimension.

Title reference link here.