Wednesday, February 01, 2017

The Shock Doctrine Comes Home to Roost

For the past 25 years, at least, Americans have sat by and watched as country after country were invaded, subverted and generally fucked with by the Globalist oligarchy, all in the name of the Neoliberal world order. 

The death toll has been astounding (born-again humanist Madeline Albright once chirped dizzily that a half-million dead Iraqi children were "worth it") and the financial costs uncountable, but it's been a bonanza for the super-rich, who've grown even richer from the endless shock and awe the rest of the world has sustained. 

Canadian political theorist Naomi Klein has given a name to this program, "the Shock Doctrine." It's a program of radical change through constant destabilization and trauma. And it has an origin that will resonate with readers of this blog.

Klein traces the Shock Doctrine's roots to MK ULTRA, specifically the Mengele-like work of celebrated psychiatrist Ewan Cameron and his extreme efforts to reprogram the human brain in CIA-funded trials in Montreal: 

The Shock Doctrine vividly shows how disaster capitalism – the rapid-fire corporate reengineering of societies still reeling from shock – did not begin with September 11, 2001. The book traces its origins back fifty years, to the University of Chicago under Milton Friedman, which produced many of the leading neo-conservative and neo-liberal thinkers whose influence is still profound in Washington today. 
New, surprising connections are drawn between economic policy, “shock and awe” warfare and covert CIA-funded experiments in electroshock and sensory deprivation in the 1950s, research that helped write the torture manuals used today in Guantanamo Bay
Shortly after Donald Trump's inauguration, Klein picked up the thread again in a piece for The Intercept and predicted that his presidency would follow the Shock Doctrine pattern:
This is the disaster capitalism blueprint, and it aligns with Trump’s own track record as a businessman all too well. 
Trump and Pence come to power at a time when these kinds of disasters, like the lethal tornadoes that just struck the southeastern United States, are coming fast and furious. Trump has already declared the U.S. a rolling disaster zone. And the shocks will keep getting bigger, thanks to the reckless policies that have already been promised. 
What Katrina tells us is that this administration will attempt to exploit each disaster for maximum gain. We’d better get ready.
And now the mainstream media is finally getting the hint that Trump is doing domestically- and more specifically on their political opponents (which includes the mainstream media, of course) what both Bushes, Clinton and Obama did with such extreme enthusiasm internationally. 

This went up on NBC News today:

President Donald Trump has blasted out controversial executive orders so quickly, it's been difficult for many to keep up. And some experts say that may be the point. 
All presidents work quickly to launch their agendas as they take office. But rarely has one made so many scattershot pronouncements all at once. 
"This is definitely bizarre, rapid-fire presidential policy making," says presidential historian Douglas Brinkley, a professor of history at Rice University. "It really is a 'shock and awe' strategy that every day there's a new, radical initiative, and it doesn't give journalists or the public a chance to get a grip on what just happened." 
The sheer volume of changes makes last week's stories surrounding arguments about crowd size or Stephen Bannon's "shut up" to the media — let alone news about Russian hacking or unsubstantiated allegations of voter fraud — seem old before they're even published, experts on political communication say. 
"It's like firing tons of missiles into the air so that your adversary can't figure out which missile is real and which isn't," says Anthony Pratkanis, a professor of psychology at the University of California Santa Cruz and the author of "Age of Propaganda: The Everyday Use and Abuse of Persuasion." 
"You don't know which missiles to hit. Is that a decoy, or is that for real? And that allows things that you might not be aware of to sneak through." 
The military strategy promotes the use of overwhelming speed and disinformation, among other things, to paralyze the opposition
So there's a method to the apparent madness. I don't think that will comfort a lot of people- certainly not his countless enemies-  but there you go.

But I've been thinking an awful lot about Spengler lately. No, not the neoconservative former LaRouche lieutenant but the German political theorist who predicted a period of "Caesarism" as empires enter a crisis point. The thing is that most people don't realize we have reached a crisis point.

But the signs are all there, if you know where to look. A story hit the news that essentially confirmed a suspicion I've been voicing over the past several weeks- that the new Cold War won't be with Russia but with China.

I'm no prophet. Prediction is a tough racket, given the random variables constantly swirling around, banging into one another like protons in an atom smasher. But I can say this- the powers that be played the Global game and there was one clear, unambiguous winner: Communist China.  
It's why China seems to be the odd man out at Davos this year, Monopoly board under its arm, forlornly trying to get an increasingly-reluctant world to play along again. 
And after a number of years-absence, China's horrific smog problems are headline news again.  
I believe there is a new Cold War coming. But collating all the stories and taking the measure of the Trump junta, I don't believe it will necessarily be with Russia.
And sure enough, this story leaked to the wire services for some mysterious reason, also today:
Steve Bannon, the assistant and chief strategist to President Donald Trump believes the U.S. will be at war with China within the next few years. 
Speaking on his radio show in March 2016, Bannon predicted relations between the U.S. and China would ultimately escalate to conflict over the next decade.
All of which got me to thinking, thinking thoughts that are no doubt heretical in many quarters these days. 

Start with this: what if Trump is being used as a vehicle for changes that the power structure already intended to make but couldn't feasibly do without upsetting a number of powerful constituencies? 

What if they (whoever "they" are, exactly) selected this walking, talking, shocking machine to usher in an entirely new paradigm for the economy, for the military, for geopolitics, for domestic politics? 

What if, like the Brexit voters- who I have no doubt are being scapegoated for a decision made at the absolute highest levels of power- the runaway Trump train will act as a release-valve and scapegoat for the inevitable bumps and bruises that are bound to pop up along the way?

What if, like Brexit, a decision has been made to disengage from a Global system that is no longer useful to either the powers-that-be or, more accurately,  to the newly-ascendant powers behind the Trump Junta?

After all, the power of companies like GM, ExxonMobil and Apple is ultimately contingent on the power of the country they are based in. Without the implicit punitive power of the US military, even the most powerful corporation is subject to the predations of corporate espionage, copyright and trademark infringement and plain, old-fashioned piracy (the "argh-matey" kind).

Read this, based on a CBS News 60 Minutes report:

Economic espionage sponsored by the Chinese government is costing U.S. corporations hundreds of billions of dollars and more than two million jobs

If spying is the world's second oldest profession, the government of China has given it a new, modern-day twist, enlisting an army of spies not to steal military secrets but the trade secrets and intellectual property of American companies. It's being called "the great brain robbery of America."
So maybe it's not just about a bunch of little islands after all.

You not only have major problems the hard power of the uniformed military but also the murkier power of the intelligence agencies and their surrogates.

The unalloyed beating US-backed rebels took in Syria seems to have been a wake-up call for a lot of people in the Deep State, as well as the alienation of crucial allies such as Turkey (who unambiguously blame the US for the coup attempt last summer) and the Philippines (whose President called Obama the "son of a whore").

There are also the unraveling of the NATO alliance and the moves by Putin to lure new countries into his orbit. In other words, the battle for the Earth Island is most definitely heating up.


When he's not throwing ideological bombs, Trump has been banging the drum for an America First economy, for manufacturing to return to these shores, for American workers to be put back to work.

Is this new onshoring movement coming out of some altruistic impulse on the part of the economic overclass? I don't think so. I think they've been looking at what's been going on in the world and feeling an awful lot like the Byzantine Empire. 

Powerful, sure. Rich, yes. Opulent, you bet. But the real fact of the matter is that their long-assumed dominance is under terminal pressure. From foreign competition, from demographic pressures, from military insecurity. 

Of course, with robotics, AI, 3D printing and the like there's no longer a need for cheap foreign labor to keep costs down. Eventually, maybe all that labor can be redirected into more military-oriented work.  And any problems with labor relations will be a breeze, seeing that the Left has now opted out entirely from representing the interests of labor.

And just as the Byzantines always saw themselves as Romans first and foremost, we're seeing this subtle projection of Roman symbolism along with this ostensible program to bring the economy back home after a twenty-five year Globalist experiment that only strengthened their adversaries.

Just as the Byzantines kept the plebes happy with massive public works projects, the Trump Administration is promising to invest a trillion dollars into our crumbling infrastructure. 

I guess bread and circuses are no longer enough.

I don't know if Trump is our Caesar but I'm sure he'd like to be. And I'm sure a lot of his advisers would too. The parallels are certainly there and as you saw here first, the symbolism seems to go back quite a while, strangely enough. But Trump lacks Caesar's military discipline and tactical genius, even if he shares his ruthlessness.

But a lot of people are afraid Trump represents a fundamental threat to American democracy, a change in the way decisions are made. I think they have a right to be, though they certainly should have spoken up a lot sooner. The Imperial Presidency has been in the works for a long time now and picked up considerable speed these last eight years.

I'm not ready to declare Trump the new Hitler but I can say for certain that the same tactics America has unleashed with fury and abandon on the rest of the world- and no one did so with more gusto and aplomb than Barack Obama- most certainly seem to have come home to roost.


  1. Watch this space! Opening salvo of sino-aggression emerges here:

    1. And expect to hear less and less about Russia.

    2. Iran looks to be first in line for a kicking:

  2. //So there's a method to the apparent madness.//

    Through and through. I never felt I understood anything about so-called 'chaos magic' until sometime during the election campaign. I'm not supposing anyone was actually using it to run a campaign, but it suddenly dawned upon me (to coin a phrase) Chnaos (sic) Я Good. Say what you mean, mean what you say, and at the same time, don't. I.e., get rid of any notion of truth versus lies and create a maelstrom of entertainment/disinformation/manipulation, using media and any other levers necessary. Foist this on a populace that is highly destabilized psychologically already. And voila. The 'chaos magician' (or client of political consultancy, possibly with an MK agent in high office) can have what they want.

    It's scary how easy social engineering of the masses really is, once you put the pieces (i.e., deputy magi) in place. Wandering bishops, dark knights and all that cr*p.

    1. And how little can be done by so few players. It's when you start to really perceive that invisible pyramid people like David Icke talk so much about.

  3. Hi Chris,

    Just watching the events of late, it occurred to me that perhaps somewhere in all that is becoming the Trump Administration, from the top down seems to be testing the envelope of the Constitution. For many of the Democratic Liberal voters who feel marginalized and threatened now that he is president, I can understand some of the concerns coming from the more thoughtful of the bunch.

    Same as it is from the Republican Conservative side who may not have necessarily wanted Trump but felt stronger about not having more of the same "Globalist oligarchy", as you so profoundly termed them, in control once more. Facing the choices of "imperium malum" from all sides, we Americans are apprehensive, to say the least, about the outcome and direction things will be going as our nation strives to move it forward, no matter how wounded we seem to be limping along right now.

    But, as the new administration tests the boundaries of what can and cannot be done, we have to cling to the checks and balances provided for in our framers designs. Now more than ever it seems, we (as in, 'We the People'--or in Trekker terminology, "E Pleb Neesta") will have to be the watch wardens of the safeguards holding this idea of the Republic together. The ideals of our government are great, but not so great as to crush us with the weight of the responsibility we share if we can stand together to make it work. Just some first thoughts after reading your great post. For that and all that you do, thank you for your service, Mr. Knowles.

    1. I'm just a lost voice in the wilderness, Bill. But I certainly called out the Roman/Caesar riff the Trump people are playing with before it was fashionable to do so and I was sensing this shock doctrine theme before it played in the media. I should've posted on it sooner but it's been a tough winter so far around here. Now the media is focusing on Bannon as the architect of all this provocation but I very much get the feeling he's not the Rasputin he's made out to be, but may in fact be carrying out orders war-gamed at a much higher level.

  4. I really don't understand where all the fear and outrage about Trump is coming from.

    Everything he has done is simply making good on his campaign promises. Exactly what the American people elected him to do.

    No deception. No Reneging. No bending over backwards to appease special interests.

    We are so acclimated to corruption, hidden agendas, and lies that perhaps some of us are having trouble recognizing what an honest, hardworking, effective, and patriotic President looks like.

    I could be wrong, but so far I find no fault with Trump.

    Can't wait for AG Sessions to be confirmed and start hammering the Satanic Pedos in D.C.

    Starting with Anthony Weiner.

    All hell is about to break lose...Er... Be sent back to hell rather.

    1. Agreed. Like caged animals unsure of what to do when released, these "protestors" seem poised at the door of their cages, shocked, frightened, confused. What a sad, pathetic sight.

    2. The Weiner thing feels like another shot across the bow, a kick at the lock of a far deeper chamber. Because no way is that guy going down alone. Look for all kinds of mischief and mayhem to well up if that guy starts talking.

    3. Maybe a guy can ignore the things Trump has said, but most women, when they hear "grab her by the pussy" know very well the type of man we are talking about. The one you never get caught alone with. The one you try to laugh things off and get away from as fast as you can. The one that has power and you can't make mad, but treats you with unbelievable disrespect. It doesn't have to be a long, deep conspiracy theory to get that.

    4. I am a woman and I really hate hearing this tired argument from my gender. Do you have a brother, good male friends? You know their shit talk. That is all it is. I've heard a lot worse and never bat an eyelid. It's because females DO have power in the sexual sphere, we always have had it. Oh boo hoo, sexist!

      Let me ask you, have you disparaged a man because of the size of his penis? His ability to make money? Maybe something he said to piss you off and YOU WILL NEVER forgive it? I have had far worse conversations with women about men, totally awful things, and if men heard them it would make their toes curl. And believe me, they would also want to get away from us as fast as they can.

      I assume you want equality? We already have it. I'm not sure dressing up as a hairy vagina helps anyone.

      P.S. Not a fan of any politician.

    5. No, sorry. I am a 50 yr old woman. I have had time to hear it all. I do not talk with other women about the size of a man's penis. I couldn't care less. You may say the office of this country has no responsibility to be better because you hear worse. But I do not act this way, and I do not expect my leadership to do so.

  5. It feels to me like the sum of the deep state decided to move their eggs to the Trump basket sometime shortly before the election.

    Everyone is so freaked out all of a sudden. The problem is not that they are freaked out, its why they are bothered, and why now. The greater American public still doesnt get it. They turn a blind eye as long its their team tearing things apart. Bush and Obama (as administrations) both paved the way, no, they created Trump, they created the unchecked power he is currwntly weilding. Maybe weve been played by a long con from the deep state all along. And even if that isnt the case, they set this up. And the greater American public ate it up as our constitutional republic has been systematically dismantled, one small piece at a time. First kidney pie, then chicken gizzards. Same meat pie in the end.

    Do presidents even realize how they are played by the deep state? Im not sure.

    1. Yeah, and the thing is that all these protests are not spontaneous but are organized and financed from the very top of the DNC hierarchy so the DS get you coming and going. We're watching a plan unfold, and it feels like it's been a long time in the making.

  6. Well, not China featured here exactly, but...

  7. Shock doctrine in foreign countries = business as usual.

    Shock doctrine at home = Hitler, Hitler!


  8. overtures to Putin could easily be seen as a gambit to isolate china (and north korea) in the event of WWIII, rather than watersports based Kompromat

    1. There's some subtle and sophisticated realpolitik at work, there're no two ways about it.

  9. Chris,

    I mentioned in a previous comment my feeling that an economic surprise is coming, a stealth move that will net the principal players billions. But, how will they get the Congress to go along so willingly? What will they get in return?

    Roe v. Wade.

    That's my two cents. Everything else - the borders, LGBTQ rights, visas, and so forth - they could really give two hoots about (for now). As long as this orange bull in the china shop gives them Roe V. Wade, the Republican congress will gladly pass a few economic dambusters. After that, the deluge.

    1. I guess we'll see soon enough. I knew the velvet glove was coming off the iron fist no matter who won the election.

  10. You might find this interesting:

  11. Since the end of ww2, especially since the end of the cold war. Every nation has been governed by managers. Managers do not change things, they maintain the status quo. On the left the managers are called neoliberals, on the right neocons. Of course they do not refer to themselves openly as this. They call themselves democrats and republicans.

    These managers do not believe in anything, they have no ideology. All they do is maintain the status quo, expand bureaucracy, and hold onto power.

    They do not believe in nations or borders, human beings are just cogs to them, this is why they do not care about race or nations and why they flood countries with cheap slave labor, oh sorry, immigrants.
    I mean, you cant expect the managers to raise their own kids or wash their own clothes, do you?
    Or why they outsource jobs to third world countries where they can pay people in pennies.

    So nothing ever changes, both parties are ruled by managers who in turn work for the oligarchy. Both sides of the same coin.

    But trump in not a manager, he is a nationalist, a take no shit shark who actually does what he says he was going to do.

    So as you can see, quite a lot of that class of managers quite dislike him.

    Trump isnt hitler, he is Caesar.

    The real left have been dead since the end of the cold war.
    Replaced by a polite, corporate, neoliberlism, which champions identity politics over class and economic issues.

    In the lefts absence trump swooped in and took the working class base the democrats took for granted,the same that have been mocked and ignored and had their way of life destroyed culturally, socially, and economically, by technocratic managers, Hollywood, academics, elitists.

    All trump did was acknowledge their existence.

    The alliance between the liberal establishment and finance was a perverse one which has associated diversity, immigration, minority rights, with the same corporatism, globalism, neoliberlism, elitism, that has been pushed the past 40 years.

    Which trump took advantage of.

    Chris speaks of silicon valley a lot.
    Did you know that companies like apple are so rich that they dont even pay taxes, its all off shore.
    The system isnt working anymore, even for the managers.

    1. The Globalist system incentivized companies to move wealth offshore and to cheat on their taxes. And the Democrats totally surrendered to Wall St and Big Business and papered over the cracks with identity politics, which they used as weapons against the working classes. I always say we have two Republican parties now, the Goldwater and the Rockefeller. But I don't think Trump is going to work out the way some of his fans think he will. I get a strong sense he's more like Mitt Romney than he might want us to believe. I'm enjoying the scorpion fight but I don't trust the GOP, no matter who is in charge. The difference now is that I don't trust Democrats either.

  12. Chris-

    Excellent post! This is pretty much on par with my own thoughts. I really think the major dispute between the elite factions was one of Russia vs China.

    On the whole, this is an old debate stretching back to the end of World War II. The old Eastern Establishment's power base was always highly dependent upon Europe and as such they imposed a Europe-first policy on the US at the onset of the Cold War amid much opposition.

    But the power dynamics have changed a great deal since then. The emergence of Silicon Valley was probably crucial in the pivot. While they're currently up in arms about Trump's visa program, they have more to gain than anyone from the pivot to China. No one is hurt more by China's epic corporate espionage than tech and their stranglehold on the market could be seriously challenged by China in the near future. And of course, China has all those rare earth materials so crucial to tech.

    I think the purpose of Trump's first term is effectively to put the US on war footing. Rebuild our factories and infrastructures so that they'll be state of the art when the time comes. Finish off what little domestic dissent is left in regards to the Imperial presidency. Condition the America public for overt rule by the military.

    With the help of the Shock Doctrine, the program is off to a vigorous start all right.


    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Bannon runs the show, served in the Pacific fleet, and the Chinese aren't white. I doubt the reasons for his China-hate go much deeper/subtle than that.

      As for the "Money People" in the US: They thought China would be their next great 'financial colonization'... but it turned out the Chinese could play that game better than they did.

      Whether the second camp chooses to back the first remains to be seen...

  13. Yes, you and I both agree that there's a military glaze to this Administration, more than that, actually. I wasn't trying to be entertaining when I said that Hillary and Podesta's original sin may have been pissing off the S4 crowd. It has nothing to do with ET per se and everything to do with the real source of power for the secret government- ultra-high technology, the kind even the SV boys don't have access to. And I think the S4 crowd ordered a course correction because the Rockefeller agenda was only empowering China. That might be fine for all the hedge fund boys who are deep into China but then you have the ever-enigmatic Soros shorting China and predicting a hard landing for their economy (I'll just go on the record and say that man is NOT what he presents himself- and his organization- to be). The problem is that we're all in for a lot of pain and autocracies are never good places to live under. But by the same token nothing is written yet in stone so we don't know yet how it plays out, we can only read the tea leaves. But there is no question Trump is assembling a War Cabinet and is conducting a strategy of tension-styled propaganda war on a daily basis. What I wonder is who is filling all the sub-Cabinet posts, the undersecretaries and assistants and bureaucrats and so on. If it's military and Xe types then we know we're in for a rocky ride.

  14. Spot on. Also, Trump & Saudi King Salman are thick as thieves & are planning for more interventions in Yemen, Syria & elsewhere, esp. w./regards to countering Iran, with Netanyahu's blessings, that much is certain (& that's in addition to further hostilities with China). I do wonder though, keeping that all in mind, about the possibility of a subrosa conflict going on between the energy corporations & the big international banking conglomerates being behind a lot of the recent chaos in the world. (Possible source of some of that ultra-tech? Who knows what some of those corporations are sitting on.)

    Also, Bannon seems to function in an analogous fashion for Trump what Dugin does for Putin. Dugin certainly has some esoteric & occult ideas in his toolbox, not sure about Bannon, but his possible Naval Intel background certainly raises some concerns, speaking of war cabinets. With regards to Russia, some of the tactics being deployed by the Trump crowd seem inspired by Putin's other Rasputin-esque advisor, Vladislav Surkov, who's approach to propaganda takes a page from the world of conceptual art. Its all about keeping everyone as off balance & as confused as possible. Seems to play right into the whole "Shock Doctrine" concept at any rate.

    & of course, the upcoming Superbowl seems right on target with war symbolism: Patriots vs Falcons. Should be...interesting.

    1. With regards to Bannon's M.O., he seems to subscribe to a neo-Spenglerian, US-centric worldview:

      Never heard of William Strauss and Neil Howe before. Anyone familiar with their work?

    2. I don't know how esoteric-minded any of these guys are but if so it's almost certainly towards the martially-oriented philosophies. And yes, the Super Bowl comes through again with the symbols, which is probably a troubling sign at this stage of the game. And Lady Gaga doing the halftime show? Ay yi yi. It's 2009 all over again.

    3. You're dead-on calling Bannon "Trump's Dugin". Lots of Dugin on YouTube: IMO, best described as "weaponized French Postmodernism", merged with a dream to re-establish a sort of "neo-byzantium" (with Moscow rather than Constantinople as its cultural/polical center).

      Did not know about the Strauss & Howe connection: They were big during the 'Generation X' years, sort of an Armstrong-esque attempt to find decades-long generational cycles.

      They did seem to get progressively darker with each book.

  15. Yeah, I think you pretty much nailed it, Chris. Shock Doctrine is right.

    1. Not very fun to be on the receiving end of, my friend.

  16. I love your choice of 'roost' when this is the year of the firecock.

    In fact was just sharing a quote about eight-pointed stars from that with our man The Great White...

    Which speaking of sharing on twerperz, I wanted to share here rather than merely there that

    You appeared to me in a dream this morning, helping me with tips on writing my book on this Tool album and the philosophy it espouses, once re-arranged a la artist Phil Riehl's groundbreaking fibonacci reveal. Uh. It's getting really intense...

    Have you noticed the syncs around Levenda and Trump and Pepe the Frog, ATL Carver and yours truly, etc et al, at all?

    1. No, I've been in a bit cocooned as of late. Care to share the deets? I'm all ears...

  17. "What if, like the Brexit voters- who I have no doubt are being scapegoated for a decision made at the absolute highest levels of power-" Oh yes. There's been anti-European fringe parties in the UK for decades (Referendum Party, BNP etc.) and the mainstream Labour party in 1983 had a manifesto promise to withdraw from the (then) EEC. They were obliterated in the election and the fringe parties were left on the sidelines until the mid 2000s. Recent referendum voters insisted they were never given the chance to vote on the European system yet they clearly were (more than once).

    The current Euroskeptical wave looks less like a working-class rebellion and more an underhanded means of taking down Western Europe as a powerful political entity, leaving the remnants free to be picked apart by multinationals. I even get the sense that ISIS is some sort of mercenary army working for as yet unknown powers to bring forth this collapse.

    Don't get me wrong, there were certainly huge problems afoot with the EU but the Brexit vote seemed to have unleashed a torrent of irrational political moves that make little sense on the surface. Trump & May promising to work together for a quick trade deal is particularly illuminating, judging by how long normal trade treaties take to put in place.

    The press are telling us everything is okay, boom time is here and we've won a WW2-style victory for freedom.

    Methinks when reality kicks in there will be trouble.

    1. I think the Royals and their bankers decided the EU was surplus to requirements and decided to bail when the bailing was good. Europe has some serious problems that have been a very long time in the making and Lizzie and Co. may not want to get caught up in the crossfire. And if it all goes sideways they can always blame the plebes and change course again. It's that evil Windsor genius that keeps popping up, time and again.

  18. Excellent post. Spot on.

    To me, Trump is their fall guy - im sure down the line they will trash and consolidate the economy and that big orange fuckwit will take the hit. Luciferian tool owes people...he has favours to return and debts to pay. He signed his name in blood long ago.

    Anyone who thinks the people have any say in this circus is a fool. Gangs and cabals of elites and occultists run this shit.

    They only way to not to play the game.

    1. The economy was always going to collapse no matter what. The dollar is, in essence, a Ponzi scheme, with a tiny amount of value holding up a giant constellation of debt obligations that can never be paid back and will never be paid back. That's what makes me wonder about all the Goldman characters Trump has brought on deck. Trump's made noises about this being a bubble before - does he know what he's been saddled with? Contrary to popular liberal opinion, Trump is not a stupid man. He's an extraordinary wily man. If we're talking Hitler New and Improved, maybe he's setting up the Jews to be the fall guys when the economic shit hits the fan.

      I'm pleased to report that /pol/ is now presenting Trump's team with the bill for services rendered during the campaign. Money or jobs would be nice, but that's hardly what we're really after. We are demanding a say in policy and we have ways of making people uncomfortable; they made a deal with the devil (us) early on, apparently without being fully cognizant of our demands. Our first order of business is to demand Iran stop being poked with a stick. Iran did absolutely nothing wrong and defended its regional interests in a responsible fashion, and BTFO Salafist terrorists while Obama was busy arming them.

      If Trump does turn out to be New Hitler, you can rest assured that there are certain countercultures who will be ecstatic.

    2. There are some people in the alt.research community who are cautiously optimistic about Trump being some kind of closet libertarian- maybe a bit less so now- but I'm not one of them. Never have been. I freely acknowledge that the neolibs and neocons are insane and evil but I have no reason to believe he's going to be any more magnanimous than other GOP politician. I'm not sure what the best-case scenario is in all this but I see a lot of damage and turmoil between then and now in any event. I know one very smart fellow thinks the US is being broken like a wild stallion- well, that's never a very pleasant process for the stallion. Or even for the wrangler.

  19. War and rumors of war. Seems everyone talks of war like atomic weapons are off the table. Too late for that option. Like we would take the South China sea with a couple of air craft carriers and some good luck. The atomic weapons would be unthinkable? Just conventional war posturing will suffice? Steve Bannon taking the place of Joint Chiefs in the war room? Off the charts, bat shit crazy. Insane! Shine forth by day. 87

    1. Well, I don't buy all the crap we're reading in the media about this lot. Too many top Deep Staters in the Cabinet to buy the party line about some unhinged ninny flying off the rails. Which brings us to this China thing. How long have those plans been in the works? Very, very unsettling.

    2. I can't say with any certainty what will come of our involvement in the South China Sea. But, for the record, let us remember that the US military has a lot of experience dropping atomic weapons on remote Pacific islands. A handful of low-yield nukes would obliterate those man-made in an hour, and if coordinated with regional powers could leave the PLN in a very angry but limited position to react. Even better, an underwater detonation would create a tsunami and potentially go undetected - a tactic the US developed some time ago.

  20. Great post.

    You might find this documentary by John Pilger called "The Coming War On China" interesting.

    1. Pilger is a brave man, one of the last real journalists out there. Who will replace him and his breed?

  21. "The Shock Doctrine"? Sounds like someone plagiarized Alvin Toffler's "Future Shock".

    1. Not plagiarism. It's a reference to Ewen Cameron and his use of electroconvulsive (shock) therapy.

  22. Chris Hedges has been talking about this for some time now-- that the mechanisms of power that Empire uses to control the world eventually and inevitably come home for domestic purposes. It's gonna get uglier and uglier.

  23. On the subject of "The Shock Doctrine" I saw some real bizarre "shocking" (literally) synchronicities play out in real life last December, which I wrote about in a post titled "Riders on the Storm?". It involved an American couple that had set off on an "Adventure of a Lifetime" touring Australia for a year, only thing was their tent got hit by lightning on the top of Mt.Warning and one of them was killed. But here is the weird part,that same mountain featured in the 'Coldplay' video "Adventure of a Lifetime". 'Coldplay' were playing in Brisbane just up the road (100 miles up the road) that same day, opening their Australian tour. I got in touch with the director, Mat Whitecross, who shot that video and asked him about his shots of Mt.Warning in the video and he told me he didn't know if it was Mt.Warning, but that it could be as he had used footage from the Attenborough documentary series 'Life on Earth' (which Attenborough did film around Mt.Warning for the series). The kicker here is that Mat Whitecross is the director of the movie version of Klien's book "The Shock Doctrine". You probably needed to see the images of the mountain in my post to get how eerie this synch is in a cosmic way -