Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Life's a Riot with Spy vs. Spy

Well, that was a surprise.

Like a lot of you I wasn't expecting that. But it makes more sense as we move on and more information comes to the surface. It may well be that what we just witnessed (though hardly anyone realized it, or will realize it) was the end result of a secret war between powerful factions of the Deep State. Well, perhaps not the end result but certainly a climax. 

There's probably a lot more secret warring to come.

I haven't written about the election until now because, frankly, I'm confused. I've been following the news as best I can and I have only questions for you, I'm afraid. But they're interesting questions.

I'm no fan of the Donald, never have been. I don't have high hopes for his time in office. I know some of you may disagree, but I've been watching this guy for a very long time. And I'm beginning to seriously wonder if, as I speculated, there is indeed a plan to render the country ungovernable. If so, they're off to a good start.

But first a reality check.

For Trump's friends and enemies I think we need to remind ourselves who exactly we're talking about here: this is a man who has spent his life in the belly of the Beast. He's swam in the most shark-infested waters imaginable: New York real estate, New Jersey gambling, professional sports, network television. He's survived because he's a shark too.

And this isn't an "outsider" we're dealing with here, this is a product of the System, through and through. The people he's been tapping for his transition team and Cabinet make that abundantly clear- almost to a one, it's a parade of standard-issue machine hacks, old ghosts from the political past.

I'm not going to go into the more extreme accusations and characterizations of him and his circle because I've heard this kind of thing all my life about every Republican politician. Like I said, I'm not a fan of the man, didn't vote for him and have no interest in defending him, but political correctness has not only gone entirely toxic, it's actually become profoundly counterproductive.

But anyone can drone on about that. I'm more interested in this strange fugue state that Washington and the media seem to be in. Is it simple shock or are there other forces at work? 

Why do I ask?

Because no one seems to behaving the way they have following previous elections, and certainly not the way you would expect if there truly were some dire threat to the Republic itself. Why?

The margins in so many of the states were achingly close for Hillary. Why didn't she ask for recounts? She apparently won the popular vote so why not wait to concede and challenge some of the results? Why give up so easily? Hasn't she wanted this all her life? Wouldn't her backers want some return on the billions spent on her election? Again, why give up so easily?

Why haven't either Trump or Hillary made an issue of election fraud? There seems to have been no end of allegations this year, so much so that even the mainstream media was forced to address it. What's up with that?

If Trump is indeed such an existential threat to the Republic, why have we seen so little pushback from Congress? Why is poor old Harry Reid (who- significantly, perhaps- is out the door at the end of this term) forced to play the attack dog? Why are the Dems spending so much time fighting amongst themselves instead of putting up a united front?

Why are we seeing this coordinated attack on Breitbart editor Steve Bannon after the election is over? He ran the Trump campaign, he was a known quantity all this time. Wasn't the time to try to take him down before he won the election? Why would they wait until now?

And why would they criticize Bannon for his extremist ties when they know it would open them up to a counterattack (and charges of hypocrisy) when they want to nominate a guy with deep ties to the Nation of Islam and other extremists to lead the entire Democratic Party? Is going after Bannon a preemptive strike? It's starting to feel like one.

So many questions...

Why is the media denying any connection between the demonstrations- and indeed, the riots-- and the party machine? Democratic pressure group MoveOn.org publicly called for demonstrations the day after the election. No one seemed to have a problem with that at the time. I'm sure Trump fans would have been marching if he lost, too.

But many of the rioters in Portland who've been arrested for smashing up their nice liberal city didn't even bother to vote, leading one to wonder if we're seeing an op here (ah, those Black Bloc boys, they sure do get around!). We've seen other agents provocateur in places like Austin as well.

After all, riots and traffic blockages and all of the rest of the mischief we're seeing only piss people off and turn them against your cause. It's simply bad strategy. Cui Bono?

Speaking of bad strategy...

Why did the head of the Securities and Exchange Commission, which regulates Wall Street, step down two years before the end of her term? She just happened to have been involved in the Marc Rich investigation, which the FBI inexplicably got involved with recently

Just a coincidence?

Why would a Democratic party operative criticize George Soros-- the de facto head of the party-- as ineffectual and out of touch in friendly press outlet Politico? Why hasn't Soros had his hacked position papers taken offline yet? If Russia really was behind that hack you can be certain that site would get yanked.

Why are so many Democrats sounding like McCarthyite Cold Warriors when it comes to Russia these days? Do they seriously believe Putin was behind the leaks? Indiana Senate candidate Evan Bayh lost his race after his connections to big money donors leaked to the press- was Putin eyeing a takeover of the Senate seat from Indiana too?

Why did Clinton lieutenant Sidney Blumenthal claim we've seen a coup, led by the FBI? Sour grapes? Conspiracy theory? This isn't some cellar-dweller we're dealing with here. Why would he say such a thing?

Who is this old Nixon hand going on Alex Jones' show and claiming there in fact was a counter-coup, allegedly staged by military intelligence against a different coup?

It's all so confusing. But there's one important question left to ask.

Is it at all possible that this weird fugue might have anything to do with this Pizzagate abomination? 

This story just gets worse and worse every time I look at it. I'm not just talking about the theorizing you might see on a 4Chan, I'm talking about the Facebook and Instagram pages of some of the subjects in question. I want to wash out my eyes. 
 With bleach.

Is this in fact the Sword of Damocles, currently hovering over Washington's head? Is this why everything feels so damn off? Is this why Trump seems to be operating relatively unmolested? Former Blackwater head Erik Prince seem to indicate as much before the election but, you know- Erik Prince. Not exactly a disinterested observer.

 This may well be the reason you're seeing this huge push against so-called "fake news" sites.  

Because if this breaks out the mainstream media might try to bury the story and leave it to the alt.media to cover, since the scandal could possibly lead to their doorsteps, given how incestuous media and politics have become. Which, of course, we know all about now because of the Wikileaks revelations.

I said before the election that all of this threatened to become the new Franklin Savings scandal but I was wrong. Oh, so wrong.

 If any of this pans out, it's much, much worse.

If any of this pans out-- and by that I mean makes it to trial-- this is the fucking apocalypse for American politics.

As a matter of fact I woke up in the middle of a troubled sleep the day the FBI would later send its letter to Congress and texted our Gordon that I'd been dreaming all night of the Apocalypse.

Those dreams may yet turn out to be prophetic.


  1. I also think some type of civil war is playing out amongst the elite. When Trump got backing a few months ago from James Woolsey, the curtain was pulled back a bit. This former CIA director is one of the most well connected "former" spooks out there (and apparently is keenly interested in the UFO question, if Steven Greer is to be believed). His backing of Trump indicated to me that powerful forces in the national security apparatus were supporting Trump, likely against the neo-cons and some of the Overworld business interests (i.e. Soros).

    Why the deep state would go after the Clintons is difficult to discern, but there are any number of compelling reasons --a realization that Hillary's foreign policy advisors are insane, that neo-liberalism and globalism are threatening the financial stability of the US (and thus its military superiority)or possibly something related to Podesta's curious interests.

    I think the attacks on Bannon are interesting in the context of Pizzagate. Trump's national security backers ran quite a scorched earth campaign against Hillary but they may end up burning down the entire circus in the process. This may explain the uneasiness the seems to be hanging over the Establishment, but seems to have little to do with Trump if market indicators are any indication. Hillary's defeat may prove to be a stark Pyrrhic victory if Pizzagate gets real legs underneath and the public at large are forced to consider its implications. An apocalypse indeed.


    1. I think now that his Cabinet is taking shape we can be sure that the military and the intelligence hotshots are actually the ones running the show. I think there's a tremendous amount of fear in Washington right now. People don't understand what exactly went down but I think we're looking more at a junta than an Administration. These are deadly serious people who are not going to fool around or waste time. It's amazing how open people in relatively more mainstream venues are about talking about the Deep State. I'd advise people to read up on it if they're not overly familiar with the term.

    2. Steve Bannon's a retired Navy man (1976-1983). Rose as high as "special assistant to the CNO".

      Can't find a single reference to his retired rank out there, but that's generally a career move that comes after a command position (i.e. so at least CAPT). Well on the way to an Admiral position. Pretty high pay grade.

      Navy pensions require at least 20 years of service.

      Odd to walk away less than 7 years from a generous monthly paycheck from the Navy for life, no?

  2. This is exactly what Ive been thinking. Its the only thing that makes sense if you dont get caught up in the current madness of the overt paradigm and let it cloud ones judgment. Definitely a behind the scenes power struggle. And Im not sure all the players in this power struggle know who all the other players are.

    @secret sun - I dont comment often but I read all your articles / posts.

    1. I dont think they do either. I think there are layers of power and the higher you go the more invisible you become. Those are the people who take everything away from you when you stick your nose in their business.

  3. How do you stay sane and focused. Whenever I try to look at this stuff. I get dissorriented and helpless.

    1. For whatever it's worth, I pray to my higher power. And I don't look at this stuff overly much.

    2. I accept my lot in life. Acceptance is a key facet of wisdom, which only comes through experience. Which is a euphemism for "fucking up."

  4. Interesting that you mention 4chan. Are you familiar with the cult of Kek, an Egyptian deity in the form of a frog, which has developed on the /pol/itically incorrect board?

    It is a like watching a complete mythology spawn before your eyes. It is astounding how the synchronicities and coincidences abound.

    It is, essentially, a religion of synchromysticism, numerology, digital physics, and quantum superposition in which the adherents adjust reality through "meme magic", casting linguistic audio and visual spells, rewriting the game code, as it were, in machine language while it is being executed...like Enochian magic, as I superficially understand it, for the digital age.

    Believe it or not Kek has been adopted/resurrected as a deity, both seriously by some and ironically by others, in the so called "alt-right". Kek's incarnate form is Pepe the frog (PBUH) which I am sure you have read about during this election cycle.

    I know this sounds ridiculous. This is the same board that brought us "Ebola Chan" a goddess meme to depopulate Africa. Some people literally have shrines and altars. 777 is the number of Kek.

    I thought that this might interest you.

    "Yog-Sothoth knows the gate. Yog-Sothoth is the gate. Yog-Sothoth is the key and guardian of the gate. Past, present, future, all are one in Yog-Sothoth. He knows where the Old Ones broke through of old, and where They shall break through again. He knows where They have trod earth's fields, and where They still tread them, and why no one can behold Them as They tread."

    Are the old ones manifesting again?

    1. It's definitely astonishing to me to watch /pol/'s own weird brand of synchromysticism growing into something between the elephant in the room and the 400 pound gorilla. Even the most stuffy ritual magicians are starting to have to address Kek's enormous - and growing - gravitational pull. Now I'm not by any means old but I don't remember anything like this. Subgenius and Discordianism had the same self-satisfied glee as Kekism but as far as I can tell nowhere near the numbers and the scope of influence. This thing gives no appearance of being a fad that's just going to go away after the election.

    2. I know all about Kek and meme-magic and the rest of it. It's certainly an interesting subculture. But they're delusional if they think they played any part in the election. The people who pulled this off don't bother with such nonsense. But the Old Ones may indeed be returning. They just operate on a different timescale than the rest of us.

  5. I forgot to add that in my estimation both Kek and Ebola Chan are more akin to Egregores than deities. They are closer to being the manifestation of a group collective consciousness or a thoughtform in the noosphere... an autonomous psychic entity made up of, and influencing, the thoughts of a group of people in a symbiotic relationship.

    Once more, this election has been framed by the /pol/ community as a battle between the forces of Kek (Trump) and Molech (Clinton).

    Here is how one user described the relationship between Kek and the other gods of the pantheon:

    "The Antichrist is the Son of the Demiurge, Jesus is the Son of the Father of the Universe.

    Kek is an Ogdoad meaning one of the Aeons.

    They are above the Archons and the Demiurge is the Chief Archon of the 7 heavens.

    Kek is of the Eightfold.

    The Divine Autogenes is the Ennead.

    They all derive from the Monad.

    The Demiurge wants you to think that he is the Creator of All and Father of the Universe.

    But he is only an Archon.

    Kek is an Aeon so yes he is Above the Archons.

    But he is not the Monad."

    Again, here:

    "Kek is one of the Ogdoad. They are known as the Eightfold in Egypt.

    Kek is from the Eight Sphere in the Heavens.

    But the Hebdomad are the Archons of the 7 Heavenly Spheres.

    Meaning Each Archon was given a Planetary personification.

    But Kek is an Aeon of the Eighth and that is the Planet Tiamat."

    For any who do not know /pol/ is a central hub of the alternative right which is taking over the Republican Party, and the locus of much of the online memetic warfare that helped to propel Trump into the Oval Office.

    I find this resurgence of gnostic thought and its simultaneous amalgamation with Egyptian deities in the new right wing to be fascinating.

    I thought that you might find it interesting as well.


    1. It's definitely interesting. I'll be keeping an eye on it. I'm always interested when a new religion pops up.

  6. Pretty much this. A faction of the Deep State that (rightfully) fears a proletarian rebellion joined with a dissident billionaire who became convinced that he could leave his family more than billions of dollars - he could leave them a new dynastic house of politics. Trump is like an old school mafia don. Family first, loyalty is rewarded and disloyalty is keenly and ruthlessly punished. This might all sound like a bad thing from a certain point of view. But I think we have to accept that nobody is ever going to make it to the office of the presidency without greasing a few palms and busting a few kneecaps behind the curtain. The difference here is motivation. Trump has a motivation to do a good job, because the Trump name is now going to echo through history associated with either good or evil. Hillary just wanted one last plaudit she could stick in her already overburdened headdress before being dragged back into Hell by the powers she's consorted with for a lifetime.

    I can only hope prophetic dreams are floating around. I've had several this week that I got hired by the administration to help drive these monsters back where they belong at the tip of a sword. In my estimation, it'll be a mahakalpa before some of these names have vomited up enough evil for another opportunity to take up a human lifetime.

    1. I think your observation that Trump is like an old-fashioned Mafia Don is spot on. "We just elected 'The Godfather.'"

    2. Spoken like a real Yamantaka-dude.

    3. Ah, but remember, Ahk-N- Rotten - everybody loves those movies.

    4. I recommend that readers take the opportunity to read up on Ancient Roman history because, boy, is it ever relevant to these times. The Empire hit a crisis point in the Third Century and America is almost halfway into its third century as well. The parallels are endless, exacting and terrifying as hell. I recommend the work of Will Durant- readable, accessible, informative.

    5. The Empire in its third century saw, among other problems, a temporary breakup into four regions, massive disruptions in commerce and communications, religious persecutions, coups and assassinations, and seemingly endless civil and international violence. Only a tad like present times, eh? Only a tad...

      Previously persecuted or fringe minor religions would rise to take the fore, including monotheistic sects such as Mithraism, Sol Invictus, and of course, Christianity, the later eventually being chosen by Constantine as a kind of social glue to hold the reunited Empire together through the fourth century and, in the East at least, until the fall of Constantinople in the fifteenth century.

      If you want to know what the dominant religion will be in the next thousand years, look to the little ones being thumped in the present day. This includes kooky sects, cults and variants on major faiths. Your guess is as good as mine.

  7. I want to know where the safety-pin crowd was when the for-profit prison industrial complex was being constructed. I guess passive gestures and social media machismo/hand wringing is a little easier than actually DOING anything about the destruction of communities and the funneling of minorities into prisons.

    1. Spot on. As a former working class activist, the hypocrisy and double standards of the trendy lefty masses is too much to swallow.
      For that matter, where were all the protests/riots when the DNC conspired with Clinton,inc. to steal the nomination from Bernie ?

    2. Never mind the prisons, how about the fact that not only are the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan still raging but our "Peace President" expanded them to Syria, Libya and Yemen as well. Or the fact that US arms sales have doubled under Obama as well. The carnage this country has wrought in the last 8 years in mind-boggling.

    3. This safety pin thing is a perfect symbol- safety pins are for diapers.

    4. Ha ha good one. But yeah, US foreign and domestic policy under Republicans and Democrats has been so atrocious that one can only roll one's eyes over the Trump histrionics.

  8. Personally, regardless of how the election played out, I now think there's another game in play here... Trump being set up to take a fall perhaps? There's this professor with an interesting record of predictions you should check out:


    RICO lawsuits are pretty serious matters btw, never mind the piles of other things he's in trouble for. Also, there's the economy to consider. Whoever our next president was going to be, things weren't looking good regardless, for the US or the world:


    Thing is, if Trump does get impeached, his VP Mike Pence is a VERY scary guy. Further to the right than Trump with a very specific agenda:


    As a Congressman, he opposed federal funding to people suffering from HIV/AIDS. On religious grounds. Let THAT sink in. That's who's a heartbeat away from the presidency.

    & surprise, surprise, he's good buddies with the Koch Brothers:


    At least we now understand his stance on climate change. & who may be behind this whole shadow puppet theater.

    1. Puppet theater, you say? Why do think the GOP cleared the way for him to win? Remember there was enough outrage in the party to deep-6 his nomination (hell, look what happened to Bernie). They negotiated for Pence and Trump had buyer's remorse the night of his announcement for VP. As VP, I predict Pence is going to make Cheney seem like an absentee VP. If Trump is impeached or resigns — all the better, for them. This is going to be a power struggle, and the irony might be that reasonable folks end up rooting for Trump (against the threat of a Pence tyranny).

    2. Trump's campaign was riddled thru & thru with Koch Brother loyalists. Wasn't just Pence in their pocket:


      The Koch Brothers are handling this like a hostile corporate takeover. & as early as July (before the RNC Convention), they weren't too thrilled with Trump as a candidate of choice.

      Honestly, & I'll probably catch flack for saying this, but I really do think the whole Alt.right phenomenon & Russian hacker angle are nothing but pawns/diversions/psyops. As are the current protests. Lots of deep pockets at work funding a whole lot of fear & disinformation. But I do agree with a comment Chris made earlier about the infighting within the establishment. & someone rather important within the intelligence community said that the whole Russian hacker thing was an elaborate ruse to conceal the fact that the hacks of the DNC in question may have in fact originated from within the NSA itself:


      Edward Snowden has said as such independently, but since he's Putin's "permanent house guest", his credibility is stretched a bit thin. Regardless, there IS a war going on between different factions of the establishment, this much I believe to be true.

    3. Forgot to post this earlier. This, I believe is the endgame the Koch Brothers want:


      A new Constitution = Full Spectrum Corporatism. Eat your heart out Mussolini.

    4. The morning after the election I met a guy at work I hadn´t seen for a couple of years. He´s a kind of a funny, intense sort.

      "Your wife, she still working as a psychic medium?", he asked.
      "Yeah, I answer, she´s a real pro. Why?"
      "Well I´ve always been having these dreams about what´s gonna happen and some time back I dreamt Trump would win. But he wouldn´t be the one to rule."
      "No, some other guy. Kind of straight looking."
      "What does that mean?"
      "I don´t know!"

    5. I definitely think we're up to our eyelids in psyops. There's no two ways about that. But I don't know about the Koch Brothers- they're pretty radical open-borders activists. And they were not Trump supporters at all. But by the same token, I think Trump was merely the lead singer for a large and powerful orchestra, hiding down there in the pit. What power he will actually have remains to be seen. But I wouldn't put much stock in the Kochs as being involved in all this. Not their style.

  9. & for those unfamiliar with what the Koch Brothers have been up to:


    They have an endgame in sight. & its not pretty.

  10. Chris you do know/gno how to stir up the hornets nest. Cascadia is real, Portland will be the capital of the left coast! Now is the time for all synchromystics to read Gordon's, Star Ships. Chris, you rock the boat! Time to be present and aware me thinks. Shine forth brave souls!

  11. Yeah, Thank you (@Dennis) for the hornets, Chris. Never has a booming, buzzing confusion of poisonous meme-vectors sounded so ominous. If truth is medicine, it can also be a poison if it finds the right target. Let's hope the truth is really on our side with all this, because as long as it is, Pandora's box is open. It's only a matter of time then [wrings hands and cracks knuckles].

    By the way, speaking of the Deep State, its literal and veritable (if largely unrecognized) Deep Throat has died this past week...and left us a last testament, _You Want it Darker_. I have every personal reason to affirm, there was a man who knew the deep state the way we know an uncle on the police force, or in the state department. And as it happens, via 1 degree of separation, I've been singed by that midnight sun directly. So by rivers dark, we panic on...One can mine the man's last three albums for a wealth of synchromystical prophecy and comment on such incidents as (need one mention) Sandy Hook and others...and also, the title track from _The Future_, as always. Someday perhaps I might blog my own back story in that regard...but I'll still have to wait until after 2025.

    1. If we haven't crossed the Rubicon yet we're about to. Can the union survive? Well, I've been predicting for years that TPTB want to split up the US into more manageable parts. This election may be the first step on that road. I don't know how people so different can be forced to live under one roof.

  12. Insightful commentary, as always.
    As in all previous civilizations, there are forces at work behind the scenes that us, the little people, will never be fully aware of. Astute observers can see hints and clues, but I agree that there may very well be a war going on between various factions of the Deep State and the results of this strange election are only the most obvious manifestations.
    As a former working class leftish sort who largely abandoned Progressivism once confronted by the overwhelming hypocrisy and contradictions, I have to admit I gained a strange satisfaction from watching the prestige media and trendy Left establishment get a punch on the nose.
    Unfortunately, the DNC and the establishment Left have decided that doubling down on the toxicity of Identity politics is the answer to their defeat.
    IMHO, they couldn't be more wrong.
    The whole KEK phenomenon is fascinating. I encourage anyone interested in synchromysticism to look into it, in particular the statue of KEK with what appears to be an individual seated at a computer terminal engraved at the base of the statuette.
    Google it.
    Also, in Egypt, and alternative pronunciation of KEK was KUK, synched to the spontaneous use of the word cuck by the alt right to describe standard issue conservatives.
    Strange days indeed.

    1. I found the unusual amount of media and campaign focus on Pepe the frog to be almost surreal.

      Lest we forget, Clinton's official campaign website had a page devoted to a critical analysis of Pepe while Trump, controversially, retweeted an image of a self styled Pepe, supposedly as a frog whistle to the alt-right. This actually became a news story, believe it or not.

      Rachel Maddow on MSNBC devoted an entire segment to Pepe, other networks, including CNN, followed suit. Internet and print media outlets were also actively pursuing this seemingly pointless and trivial story.

      An image of Pepe even graced the Economist magazine.

      Finally, the SPLC placed Pepe in the database of hate symbols, looking rather incongruous, almost silly, being listed in the same category as the Schwarze Sonne and Hakenkreuz, like it was mocking their gravity.

      "Their land swarmed with frogs, even in the chambers of their kings."
      Psalm 105:30

      For anyone interested, you can search the /pol/ archives for threads about Kek here:


      I warn you in advance that, like Andy Dufresne, you will have to crawl through five hundred yards of foulness for every pearl that you find.

      This year has, indeed, been a strange one. Can reality become a parody of itself?

      P.S. I have never posted on the Secret Sun previously, but I have been reading it for years. I just want to thank Christopher Knowles for sharing his tremendous insight and knowledge.

    2. Thanks for weighing in. The whole Pepe/Kek thing has been extremely bizarre. I haven't written on it simply because so many other people have that it seemed redundant. But I'm sure a new icon will replace it as soon as it plays itself out. Things move very quickly on social media.

    3. Did you see the cover of the Economist? With the Tarot deck? Very eye opening.

  13. Hey Chris,

    Some more excellent work. Personally speaking I really do believe that 2012 into 2013 represented a cognitive shift of some kind, something far more oblique than doomsday or ascension, but still a lifting of the veil in a sense. I would offer that you are indeed onto something. From my own perspective the issues of esoteric government vs exoteric government, the UFO/NTI situation and the abuse/slavery issues implied by the whole Pizzagate situation are fundamentally connected. In a sense there is more than one breakaway civilisation. Most of these enclaves are connected, because real power travels in small circles, and they have created a predator-culture along with the military-intelligence apparatus to support it. These are utterly debauched worlds unto themselves. As I said in my comment on your previous post, Evil is the ultimate mercenary. We’re talking about a psychopathy that has festered for so long, gained such momentum that it has essentially become vampiric in nature – made an egragore of itself - attracting unseen dark energies and entities into its milieu in the process, sometimes intentionally. Sympathetic resonance, possession, indirect and direct communication. This doesn’t have to be ritual. It just has to be dehumanising and ugly, and it is. And as I said before, Evil, by any conception, will almost always use our imprecision with language and symbolism against us. Anything you could rightly call a demon or a dark angel is fluent in the language of abuse and domination, on either side of the veil. It’s absurd to me that we’re still so frightened by this word ‘evil’, that we don’t yet seem collectively ready to have mature and nuanced conversations about what that term might actually mean or imply. The spiritually literate can discern the presence of these things, and have done throughout history. But when strangeness and off-kilter energies gather such pace as they have through 2016 – and when, as you say, parapolitics starts going mainstream – take it as a sign that allegiances are shifting, in this world and others. Revealings are often painful, frightening things, especially in a realm as apparently archonic as ours. The Secret Sun continues to be one of the bravest and most laudable blogs out here in this wilderness.


    1. 2nd that. It really does. Blows my mind every time. May the muses long be with you Chris et. al.

    2. What bothers me isn't so much Pizzagate itself, it's that we know that there are tens of thousands of children in Europe and North America who are basically unsupervised and untraceable and have been scooped up by traffickers. This is boom time for pedophiles. And concurrent with this is this flirtation with evil, this dalliance with taboo violation. I don't think any of it makes for a reassuring outcome. And still we see efforts to normalize behavior that any healthy society would consider beyond the pale, because of the provable damage it leaves in its wake. We're sailing into uncharted territory in a flotilla of leaky boats and have no map home. I don't see a positive outcome to any of this at all.

  14. As soon as pedophilia entered into the news cycle I instantly knew that it would go dark.

    Hate to break it to you but they are never held accountable for these atrocities. It is THE most holy sacrament in their satanic religion. Above all else they will protect their own with the exception of throwing a few under the bus. There will be no breaking stories, no major indictments, no blowback.
    This entire debacle of political theater was orchestrated. There are no conflicts between deep state actors.
    There is only ONE master of these people. They're willingly or unwillingly controlled and orchestrated by the dark ones. They are not all powerful or omnipotent but they are indeed in their realm of power will continue so until Mr. Apocalypse decides otherwise. I'm not saying I understand how the webs all interweave but I know there is a continuity and direction to these events which seem so disparate and random at times.
    If it causes anything but love then it's connected. That's it.

    1. You may well be right. I know that the FBI took over NYPDs investigation into the Weiner issue and that might be a signal that any truly damaging scandal is going to be quashed. After all, any dirt people in power have on anyone can be used to control them. So it may be more advantageous not to lance that boil but to let the infection spread and sicken the host. Who is more vulnerable, after all?

  15. I will say this. The underground stuff and the connections cannot handle cross purposed warfare.

    It is not the surface stuff. It is the exposure of the traffic beneath.

    Those remote viewers and funny lights in the sky were not sniffing out the nukes. They were tracking the guns and drugs and kids being marched back and forth.

    Those tunnels are written down in hard copy off the books.

    Perhaps that concentration of trade will sacrifice anything on the surface to avoid exposure.

    1. Very well put, Neal. Something to think about. Especially when you think about some of the issues that lurk in the backgrounds of the people who went after the RVs. Interesting.

  16. Chris,

    Thanks so much for that aside about the FBI taking over the NYPD investigation of the emails. That explains a lot. The last I'd heard was that the NYPD had incredibly damning info they'd copied verbatim from the original hard drives that they were going to release (and that their normally jaded outrage levels had gone into the red over both the images and the text they were looking at, such was the incredibly vile nature of both.) Thanks FBI, we can always count on you to protect the concerns of the most innocent. VERY reminiscent of the Finders case in Florida when the CIA took over from local law enforcement.

    And Chris, you deserve yet another shoutout since weeks ago in the comments here you were the very first researcher to point out the interesting "coincidence" of the possibility of the pedo rings taking advantage of the refugee situation worldwide, pointedly with the ridiculous numbers of "misplaced" refugee children. And this indeed appears to be taking place, tragically.

    I find it ironic that Raj is telling me (and others like me) one week that we don't use enough nuance and discernment, extolling the virtues of all things Peter Levenda, and then here is practically quoting me when he says "from my own perspective...the UFO/NTI situation and the abuse/slavery issues implied by the whole Pizzagate situation are fundamentally connected." Uh, until this week Raj, that wasn't YOUR perspective, that was MINE.

    Go back and re-read the comments to Chris' prior Election 2016 post and see how Levenda magically pops up from nowhere to rake me over the coals, and why. Listen to this very carefully: "I am not certain what you mean by what you find suspicious in the (Clinton/Podesta) emails, or where there is the intimation of pedophile rings, etc." This is Levenda speaking in reply to me.

    So what on earth is going on here, seriously? How transparent does someone's agenda have to be before we call them out on it? Something has fundamentally shifted regarding Levenda, and not for the better. How else can you parse such willful ignorance, especially when at the time he said it, the information was flooding out there, everywhere?

    Once again, the entire Levenda appearance only came about as a result of my querying the nature of his and Tom DeLonge's relationship with Podesta. It's literally all there in the comments, and tells a curious, much larger, story. Especially when you consider the amateur sleuths at 4chan and Reddit were busy putting one of the premiere esoteric researchers of our time to shame.

    That something is going on here and that it encompasses hidden elite pedophile rings speaking in coded language to each other seems now all but certain. Chris and others deserve our applause for seeing this for what it is, and most importantly, for saying so and refusing to drop the ball. But the "nuanced and discerning" Levenda is completely missing it. The only remaining, and most troubling, question, is whether or not he's missing it on purpose. And why.

  17. This was enlightening: https://rielpolitik.com/2016/11/18/shadow-government-occult-forces-behind-trump-still-aiming-to-continue-their-rule/

  18. Yo, wordman, are you kidding me? Nothing in my comments was directed at you, or anyone like you. Don't flatter yourself, dude. All I said was that I agreed with Levenda's notion of precision with terms, and that I recommend his books highly. Our lack of precision with terms and symbols is part of the reason we're in this hideous mess, no? At what point did I extol Levenda's virtues personally? Or denigrate you? I don't know the guy, never met him, but his books are required reading in many people’s opinions. He collated a ton of important information in his books. How is that the same thing as what you're suggesting, as though I’m somehow vouching for him personally and denigrating you in the process? Come on. I think you’re missing the subtleties of what I wrote. If you’re suspicious of someone’s motives, Levenda’s or whoever, then take it up with them if you can, or conduct some research regarding your suspicions. But Levenda’s private beliefs and motives are his own. They’re not my beliefs or motives because I’m not him. You're quoting my comment like it was your opinion and I'm stealing from you. It wasn't YOUR opinion, dude. It was mine and has always been mine, which is why I wrote it. I also said this in the previous post:

    The horrifically commonplace abuse, desecration and trickery that we see all around us is banal and ugly in the extreme. And yet, it too has its own more spiritual antecedents and emanations. So neat lines and discreet boundaries are often difficult to draw.

    Tell you what, go read some of my blog, Amid Night Suns, then come back and see if you can still accuse me of this. Or just take a look at my many comments over the years here at The Secret Sun. Sorry pal, but my comment had nothing to do with you. I call for nuance and discernment because I know how quickly this kind of stuff can get out of hand, and how innocent people on the sidelines can get sucked into its dark gravity just by virtue of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. I've been researching human-trafficking and its connections to military-intelligence circles for 22 years, since I was fifteen. I don't know everything, obviously, and have never claimed to, but I know more than the average person about these awful topics because I’ve done my homework. Maybe you have too, and have just come to slightly or very different conclusions. I don’t know, so I don’t put words in your mouth. So, I didn't just suddenly decide to rip off 'your' opinion, whatever that means. Look, man, I'm assuming you're not a bad guy, and it seems like you have your heart in the right place, so I'm not too bothered. I'd suggest that if you actually care about the safety and well-being of the kids potentially being abused here, and it seems like you genuinely do, then we're not enemies, dude. Just don't expect me to passively sit here while someone makes baseless accusations about me from behind a computer screen.

    1. Wordman, if you're going to insist on picking fights with people I'm not going to post your comments anymore. You can get your points across without sneaking in these attacks on other commenters in. It reflects incredibly poorly on you. Stop it now or don't comment here anymore. First and last.

    2. And let me just say that I understand that some people might see Pizzagate differently- there was actually a long debate on it on the FB group. I strongly disagree- I think what are seeing is a clear example of signaling, no doubt about it- but I don't think people who disagree with me are doing so out of a sense of complicity. Some people just see things differently. It wasn't until I saw the full dossier on the issue that I myself realized what was going on. We need to be a little open-minded when it comes to variance of opinion, all the more so in this environment where polarization has become endemic. I think we should concentrate less on attacking people with differing opinions and more on persuading them.

    3. Where can I see the full dossier? I have studied the Franklin cover up extensively and to a lesser extent the Dutroux affair and from what I've seen this walnut pizza and McCann police sketches (as if the bigwigs do the actual kidnapping...) don't look like much to me.

    4. There's a subReddit dedicated to the topic. Poke around and you'll find what you need. I can't link directly to it for legal reasons.

  19. Remember the days when a candidate's campaign could be destroyed by an act of college plagiarism? I miss those days.

  20. Dear Raj and Chris,

    I most certainly apologize for stepping on any toes with what for me was a stream-of-consciousness missive that I can undoubtedly see as being easily able to be interpreted as sneaky. That was certainly not my intention. I have literally been reading both of you for YEARS and value both of your opinions highly. And as I've told you before Chris, I consider what you do right up there with Jeff Wells, and if you knew how much I think of that guy you'd know how much of a compliment that is on my part.

    Raj, I truly appreciate your comments towards me being so open and magnanimous after my snarkiness. In my paranoia over the Levenda stance I ended up throwing the baby out with the bathwater, and I put you in the mental crossfire when I shouldn't have, and for that I heartily apologize. After reading your blog for so long, I don't just think you're a good guy, I KNOW you are. Forgive me for not keeping that uppermost in my thoughts. Zero tolerance shouldn't make me blind to the good-hearted.

    I DO take this entire pedophile ring thing VERY seriously. Granted, perhaps TOO seriously for my own good. Not because of anything that has ever happened to me personally -- perhaps another life. I tend to view this area as either black or white; any gradations or shades of grey I approach with caution, any vacillations in viewpoint are seen as tantamount to treason, which is precisely why Levenda's outpourings and obfuscations vex me. I can't honestly think of 3 volumes any more steeped in the undercurrents of occult research than Sinister Forces, and yet, given all that, the blinders he has on over certain areas, for sure including these emails, have me stumped and grasping for reasons why. I've tried to engage him and even invited him to my blog to continue the (civil) conversation -- all to no avail. Perhaps that's just the way it's going to be.

    Anyway, Raj, and Chris, you two guys are the greatest, I mean that. And thanks for putting up with my (what must seem like bipolar) ramblings. Getting banned here in this venue would mean I'd be losing two of the best friends I've never met. Hanging together with you guys beats hanging separately any day!
    With utmost admiration, Robin

    1. I know you're passionate and engaged and I respect that. But you need to train your fire on the proper targets. People are going to disagree and see things differently. Taking aim at people because you think they're insufficiently outraged is a dangerous tactic and is only going to make you miserable in the long run. Some people don't see this issue the way you or I may. Some people might just realize that they have no power to move the needle one way or the other and choose to move on to other things. That's just the way it goes. I know some people are nervous this is going to lead to another "satanic panic" but I think that is A., a bit hyperbolic and B., dismissive of the fact that the first "satanic panic" didn't just pop out of the ether, as I wrote about in depth here. There were satanic crimes, there were satanic groups involved in abuse. That didn't mean there were satanists hiding under every rock- not even close- but there was a surfeit of satanic themes in the media at the time and that influenced a lot of sick individuals. I think Peter has earned the right to see things the way he sees them and since he's not a prosecutor it doesn't really change the situation one way or the other. All I ask is that you respect the other commenters here and keep all that passion and anger focused on the real offenders.

  21. I just wanted to add here that in my personal opinion what we’re looking at in 2016 with the elections, pizzagate, the untimely deaths of UFO researchers and human-trafficking investigators – it’s all connected. Not in some fuzzy, vague way either. We’re getting glimpses that only appear disparate, of a predator-culture and the military-intelligence apparatus to support it that has been in existence since before the American Civil War. But it was the twentieth century that really allowed these elite black-market interests an unimaginable scope.

    I’ve written about the British expression of this same hideous situation on Amid Night Suns before, a situation connected to Jimmy Savile OBE and his connections to law enforcement, spymasters and royalty. We’re potentially seeing the same thing now in the US. But to really understand how any of this is real or possible, you need to really understand slavery. The economics and the psychologies behind it. Human-trafficking in all its sick expressions arose directly out of the culture and interests that created the Atlantic Slave Trade, which in itself arose out of even more ancient elite interests in slavery and the sexual abuse of men, women and children.

    To my mind, people don’t even really grasp what slavery in the US, Britain or Europe even was, or the awful legacy it has left us with today. Africans were the largest target group, and the hardest hit, but by no means the only targets. The awful fact is, issues like Chris points out regarding missing child migrants potentially falling into the hands of traffickers – this has all happened before. Traffickers know that if a war is to be engineered, or a country destabilised, there will be collateral damage and thus opportunities for them to expand their activities. It’s standard practice. So, imagine the dark spiritual gravity generated by this kind of blood-money economy – a predator-culture built on and around this kind of abuse.

    If any of these revelations turn out to be even partially true – and I believe it’s far worse than we know – then we are indeed dealing with a situation that could change the American landscape forever, in so many ways. But what I’m trying to convey here is people should research the lesser known and supressed aspects of historical slavery. It doesn’t make any of it less hideous and ugly by any measure, but what it will hopefully do is make people feel less helpless and overwhelmed. There were abolitionists in the 19th century with tales very similar in theme if not in detail to the kinds of revelations we’re seeing now.

    Just know that we’re not alone. We’re part of a historical spectrum of people who didn’t want this, people who fought this every step of the way, tried bravely to expose it, all against overwhelming odds, and often lost their lives for another’s freedom. Parity, kindness, compassion, justice, friendship, community, family…these are things the real angels have always been fighting for. And when placed against such abyssal darkness we realize just how important those things really are, and the actual price of the few freedoms we have today.

    It’s warming to me to know that men and women before me, most of them lost to history, cared enough about future generations that they were willing to peer at the ugliness directly, without fear, and resisted it. I hope this comment helps anyone who feels deeply shaken or afraid right now.

  22. a story in the Telegraph has Trump opening up the final frontier. Wonder if there are some big announcements coming?


  23. Dear Chris and Raj,

    Chris: Thank you so much for the sage advice above and being so tolerant and kind.
    Raj: Your observations immediately above are right on the money.

    Chris, I think you've pegged me pretty much 100% accurately as taking the view that the entire world is insufficiently outraged and/or not paying attention, with the notable exception of you and a few other stellar individuals. Unfortunately, it's my "you're either part of the solution or you're part of the problem" mindset that I've been laboring under since, oh, when did I first hear the Clash? 1977? (And don't they and the entire punk movement seem even more vindicated now post-Savile?) Kind of makes you wonder what they knew and when...I always thought that outrage extended towards much more than mere economic discrepancies and class distinctions.

    I'm honestly trying now for more of the Elvis Costello vibe: "I used to be disgusted; now I try to be amused."

    Unfortunately, it's not working out much better for me than it did for him. Is that a blessing or a curse? It seems in life you can either choose happiness or a calling. A true calling.

    Thanks again Chris, everlasting mad props to you and yours, and let's never stop talking about these things. It just might be the way the world changes one fine day. Hope to see you on the other side. And btw, these are truly words to live by, for all of us:

    Til next time, Robin