Wednesday, October 14, 2015

The Skies Aren't Right

It seems like yesterday. 

Nine years and change ago I was relatively symptom-free. I was that way for several months and thought I was out of the woods with a problem (CMPwFM) that was on-and-off since I was in high school (it was diagnosed then as "growing pains," if you can believe that). 

I was doing daily power walks of several miles a shot and feeling generally pretty good. Then around late June something went wrong. We had a stretch of hot, wet weather and all of sudden I wasn't doing too good at all.

Looking back I came to realize that the weather brought up a new strain of mold. Or maybe it wasn't just the weather. Just like everywhere else I've seen the planes and seen the wide, discolored bands of crap spread across the sky here. I'm not an idiot and I know what contrails look like. I also know what they don't look like. 

As with everything else we've seen a lot of nonsense about chemtrails, a lot of what looks like phony planted hype meant to steer people away from the real issue. 

I decided a long time ago that they were spraying reflective metals into the air to bounce ultraviolet and infrared radiation back into space. It was the only explanation that made any sense to me. (You can check out Dane Wigington's site for more information on this- I sould also credit Richard C. Hoagland for ID'ing chemtrails as weather modification several years ago)

It seems to have worked because starting around 2001-2002 winters started getting real cold again after a long stretch of warm, mild weather. We started seeing huge snowfalls on a regular basis, in late fall and early spring. The 2003-2004 winter was especially long and unrelenting- I remember seeing frost on my windshield in May. The weather got back on a relatively predictable, though definitely wet pattern.

But people are getting sick. A lot of people are getting autoimmune disorders or having their existing autoimmune disorders aggravated. A lot of people are experiencing chronic pain, too many. 

Is there a connection? It seems like a hell of a coincidence. But I did read one scientist observe that the largest science experiment in history is being conducted, exposing human beings to all manner of chemicals whether they want them or not. This is one example no one can escape. You can stop drinking water out of plastic bottles- you can't stop breathing. (The drinking water out of my tap smells like a swimming pool- it's noxious)

Some people think the droughts out in California are because of the spraying.  Is that true? I don't know. It's above my paygrade. But I stepped outside yesterday and nearly went into anaphylactic shock because of the mold pollen (the pollen reports are a joke and have nothing to do with the paved-over wetlands that this town is). 

I used to smell it in the wooded preserve at the end of the street. Now I smell it everywhere. It's killing me. Something isn't right. I know I'm not alone.

Maybe there's an upside in that we're seeing a lot less hurricane activity, but again, above my paygrade. Maybe El Nino will bring a wet winter to California and the Southwest. But we have more problems than that. I think the best thing you can do is ignore the (planted) hysteria and read up on the actual science being done on this important issue.

UPDATE: Check out Gordon's yeoman's work on the topic.